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"Seeing Green"
November 8, 1999
by Papa C

(season 3 - episode 3)

Ally is having more hallucinations, this time about Al Green (singer). She sees the therapist who is filling in for Tracy (this role played by Betty White, who is absolutely hilarious), who urges her to take anti-depressants. The therapist actually has quite a supply of every brand available, and says love and money don't make one happy: pills do! She tells Ally she takes them herself, in suppository form (it gives her a "quiver!".) Ally insists she doesn't need them. She talks to John about this later, who says Ally has never been happy since he's known her; Richard butts in and agrees. Renee also encourages her to consider taking the medication. Ally says she likes her hallucinations and doesn't want them to go away.

Meanwhile, a high school student and his parents meet with John and Nelle. The son has been suspended from school because he kissed a girl at school; he didn't know her and was just trying to make a romantic impression, but apparently she wasn't interested in him. They meet with the principal, who says they should try to get the parents of the girl to withdraw their complaint. They meet with both sides, and it is apparent that the girl's main concern is the embarrassment of having been kissed by this unpopular fellow in public and the assumption of the other students that she would actually be dating him. The boy is absolutely humiliated. Nelle and John disagree in private later about the situation, and she is still angry with him for spanking her last week after he overheard that she fantasized about being spanked. John obviously feels sorry for the boy. Nelle speaks with the girl, and John comes in and offers a story from his own past about rejection at that age, and how it can stay with one for life. The boy is allowed to return to school. Nelle goes to school to check on the boy, and, in order to help him impress all the other students, she kisses him publicly and tells him everyone will envy him.

Billy decides to attend a meeting for male chauvinists. He admits that he doesn't like his wife wearing sexy clothing, and that deep-down, he wants a wife who will stay home and worship him. Richard comes along to his second meeting, and he tells all the men that what they are feeling is normal: men and women want different things - the men want sex, the women want money - yet both really want the woman to stay home and raise the kids and for the man to bring home the salary. He tells them they're whipped, and tells them they have been emasculated by their wives. Billy goes back to the office, embarrassed by Richard initially, but when Georgia asks him about where he's been he decides Richard was right and he should speak out about what he wants, unashamed. He tells her he wants her to stay home when they have children, she shouldn't even be thinking about trying for partner in the firm, and some other equally brilliant things which escape my memory at the moment. After recovering from the shock, she meets him in the bathroom and argues with him, then asks how feminine he thinks her now, as she punches him and knocks him to the floor, then leaves. Elaine comes out from a stall and gives the fully conscious-appearing Billy mouth-to-mouth, in a non-medical style.

Ally has more hallucinations about Al Green, and finds herself dancing and singing out loud, which makes everyone look at her with much concern. She gives in and decides to take the Prozac. Elaine stops by, and unlike everyone else thinks Ally shouldn't take it if she doesn't want to. Ally says she's made up her mind... but she ends up flushing them down the toilet. Her therapist is disgusted with her, upon this news - she disapproves of the waste of good pills! Ally goes back to the office and meets Elaine. Elaine eagerly tells her about Georgia and Billy's big fight, including her assistance in the matter, and tells her he's alone at the bar. Ally tells her she's going home, but Elaine should feel free to go tongue Billy some more, then. She declines Nelle and John's invitation to go to the bar, and goes home alone, enjoying another fantasy about dancing with Al Green for awhile, then walking alone.

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