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The Musical
May 22 2000
by Papa C

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Ally thinks she may be in love with Brian, the British attorney she has been dating. She arranges to have dinner with him and her parents, so they can meet. Her father is not welcoming towards Brian, and Ally gets annoyed and leaves. She stays mad at her father, who insists he wasn't trying to ruin the evening, but he still is having trouble adjusting to his little girl having another man in her life besides him.

In her anger, she calls Brian and has him come over right away. She wants to make love, right then and there. He tells her that will hopefully happen sometime in the future, but not because she is mad at her father. They discuss it, and she calms down. Then he's interested, but she no longer is.

Ally's mother comes to her office to talk about the argument between Ally and her father. Ally lashes out at her, wanting to know why she - who before said she actually resented the fact that Ally was always more special to her father than she herself was - wants to help them resolve their differences. Ally demands to know what's in it for her mother. Her mother sadly says it's because Ally's father is HER only link to Ally.

Brian and Ally are still hitting it off, and they even sing the song from The Music Man which Ally and her father always sang together when she was young. Her father comes in to her apartment and sees them singing and playing the piano together, looks on wistfully, then leaves unnoticed.

They discuss things again later in the unisex (her parents are popping up everywhere tonight!). She is angry that he doesn't want her to be happy. He insists he does. She is still angry that he didn't attend Billy's funeral. He tells her he wrote a song for her. She has to leave.

Later, she comes home and finds him waiting in her apartment. They talk, and he admits he wouldn't have come to Billy's funeral even if he'd been free - he couldn't bear to see that pain in her. Ally asks him to sing the song he wrote for her. He sings it for her, and she cries.

John and Nelle -
It's John's birthday, and he's not pleased about it. He talks to his therapist about it. The gang plans a party at the bar, with lots of singing and dancing.

Nelle decides she wishes she hadn't left Cage and Fish, and that she had been happy working there. She tells Hope this. Hope helps her get Fish to agree to listen to her. Richard warns John, who is still extremely angry with Nelle. Richard reminds him that he insulted her in front of everyone before she left, but John says that her breaking up with him in front of everyone, while he was stuck in the elevator, was unforgiveable. Nelle walks in and tells him that he hurt her, too, by not accepting who she was. He disliked her, and disapproved of her. He wants her out of his office, he tells her. She goes to her office to pack up.

John comes in and talks to her. Nelle tells him she was more hurt than he, because he disliked who she was deep down, and he could never love her like he loves HER (meaning Ally).

Later, at John's party, everyone is gathered while Elaine, Renee and Georgia sing. Hope and Nelle join them. Nelle apologizes and tells them she wants her old job back, she misses them and wants to work with them again. Richard says it's up to John, and John says it's okay by him. Nelle sits with them, proceeds to get drunk, and then passes out. Later, as she comes out of the restroom, John begins a new policy of true honesty with her, and informs her that she has vomit on her nose.

Meanwhile, Richard and Ling dance, and she tells him she wants him back. She misses his shallowness. He misses her too.

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