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Do You Wanna Dance
May 8th 2000
by Papa C

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Renee hears moans coming from Ally's room, and goes in to find out what's
going on. She takes a look at Ally's face and announces that Ally just had
sex - she says she can always tell by Ally's face. Ally says there's no one
there with her. Renee looks around the room, and Ally repeats that there is
no one with her. Renee's expression indicates she gets the point and she
turns to leave, but then she notices Ally's laptop is open to an email page.
She starts to look, but Ally slams it shut. Renee, of course, inquires
further, and Ally admits she has just had computer sex, and it was great.

Ally and an unidentified male (known only as "Thunderthighs") have been
corresponding by email for four months and have talked about everyday
topics, but suddenly their conversation turned to a sexual topic that night.
Renee says that, if she knows him that well, she should have met him by now.
Ally says she's convinced he must be married, for that reason. Renee thinks
that's adultery. She presses Ally to meet him in person and find out what's
going on, so she proposes to Thunderthighs that they meet. He agrees to
meet after work, at a local restaurant.

At the office meeting, John is extremely hostile and insulting towards
Nelle. Nelle responds in kind, and announces she wants to be made partner.
Ally takes John aside and explains that, as a partner in the firm, he could
be sued for sexual harrassment for the way he's treating Nelle, in view of
the fact that he had a romantic relationship with her and is her boss. He
isn't about to calm down, however. Richard talks to Nelle and explains she
is not going to be made partner, because that would mean less money for him.
Nelle then tries to persuade Ling to start another practice with her, and
take their clients. Ling has no interest - she's happy where she is,
getting to dress to impress and not having to deal directly with clients.
Nelle says she may leave.

Mark asks John whether he thinks Ally and himself would make a good match.
John immediately says no. He asks if he should ask her out, and John says
that's the only way to find out, so go for it.

John tells Nelle he knows she has been meeting his client, and telling him
he'd be better off with her. She admits it, and walks off. Richard
overhears the whole thing, yet does nothing.

Meanwhile, Ally and Mark are handling a lawsuit in which a husband is suing
his best friend for emotional damages: while he was travelling a lot over a
two year period, his best friend - whom he had asked to look out for his
wife - had an affair with his wife. The attorney representing the defendant
is a tall, dark-haired man with a British accent. Ally keeps looking at him
and catching his eye. She tells Renee later that she's become convinced
this guy is "Thunderthighs". Thunderthighs is 33, and this man looks about
that age, and he managed to slip into the cross-examination her email
nickname twice. Her nickname is "LoverLips", and he has mentioned the two
words in succession twice. When she meets him in the hallway, he asks her
if they've met somewhere; she doesn't think so. He said he thought perhaps
they had, since she keeps looking at him. Her response is that she always
does that to the other side's attorney: she stares him down as if she wants
to rip off his clothes, just to distract him. He asks her to have coffee
later - perhaps the next day, as he has a meeting after trial today. She
smiles, thinking the meeting is with her.

Ally goes to the restaurant with Renee, who is supposed to sit at a nearby
table and come rescue her if Thunderthighs is a creep. She waits a long
time, and finally a very young man sits down across from her and announces
he is Thunderthighs. She tells him she expected someone older; he says he
is 19, but wanted to meet someone older so he had lied about his age. She
admits she is also older than the 25 she had claimed herself to be. She
starts to leave, announcing that this was a bust, but he asks why she won't
continue their meeting just because he's young. He asks her to just have
dinner with him. She agrees, but wants to go somewhere else. As they rise
to leave, police come in and arrest her, announcing she's under arrest for
statuatory rape. The young man's mother is present, and she discovers he's
only 16!

Richard and John, with Renee, attend her probable cause hearing. The judge
decides there is enough evidence for a hearing.

During the lawsuit case, the defendant's attorney crosses and points out
that the plaintiff neglected his wife, and they were having trouble. Mark
crosses the wife, and becomes angry when he tells her she broke her vows to
her husband. Ally later asks him if he's okay. He's clearly upset, but
says he is fine. He's working on his closing. He starts to ask her out,
but doesn't bring himself to do it.

Ally meets the defendant's attorney in the hallway and he again asks her
about coffee. She explains she has to go to a hearing. He says he hopes it
isn't her own, and she bristles. He said he was only kidding, but she
admits it is her own. She tells him the whole story.

At the hearing, Ally is embarrassed but the case is dismissed because it is
clear she had no suspicion that he was a minor. The judge tells her that
she's absolutely insane to be meeting someone she only knows through email.

Back at the lawsuit trial closing, Mark points out the betrayal of the
friend, and the wife. The defendant's attorney says that the courts should
not assign blame when a friendship, or a marriage, fails, and reminds them
the defendant and the plaintiff's wife never meant to fall in love. They
rest their case. The jury finds in favor of the plaintiff, and awards him
$10,000 in damages. Mark is disappointed that this is the price they would
put on a marriage, but the plaintiff is satisfied. The defendant's attorney
and Ally speak, and he still wants to go out with her. She suggests she
buys him a drink. Mark watches, sadly.

At the bar, Ally and the British attorney dance, and appear to be having a
good time. Renee and the Biscuit dance, and Elaine dances with Richard.
Mark watches them, sitting alone.

NEXT WEEK: Looks like Nelle is declaring war.

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