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Turning Thirty
May 1st 2000
by Papa C

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John and Mark defend a young woman, Ms. Flood, who has been charged with murder in the death of her wealthy elderly husband. The extremely large-busted young woman is accused of smothering her husband with her breasts as he slept.

The only evidence the DA has is a bite mark on her breast. Her physician testifies that it is virtually impossible that she could have slept through such a bite, harming her defense that her husband and she often slept with his head nestled in her cleavage, and that she was asleep, unaware that he was suffocating. She testifies that she awoke and found he wasn't breathing, called 911 and tried unsuccessfully to revive him.

John tells Ms. Flood that the case is not looking good and she should consider a deal. She then lets them in on a secret: she was having an affair, and her lover is the one who had bitten her - earlier in the day - not her husband. She admits this under John's questioning, revealing that she had lied to the police about that earlier because she knew it would be damaging for her were it known she was having an affair. However, she says her husband knew about the affair.

John's closing points out that the prosecution's only evidence - the bite - has been disproven, and all that's left is innuendo. The jury decides in her favor. She tells Mark afterwards that she really didn't do it, and asks if he cares. He doesn't, so she hugs John but not him.

It's Ally's 30th birthday, and the firm, against her wishes, is planning a big party at the bar. Elaine asks Renee to sing with her, and they immediately fight over who's lead and who's backup. Richard tells Mark his name has been drawn out of a hat, so he has to sing that night. Elaine tells John he should do something special for her, because he's changed so much since she came to the firm. He responds that Elaine never knew him before Ally came to the firm; she says, "Exactly". Elaine has no luck getting Nelle to join in, and Nelle is condescending and rude to her.

Meanwhile, Ally is fretting about aging. She goes to see a cosmetic surgeon, who turns out to be Billy's neurosurgeon trying to make extra money by expanding his practice. She goes in to inquire about collagen injections around her eyes, but he convinces her to get collagen injections in her lips. The results are disastrous. She appears in court, trying to hide her face, but Mark notices and loudly asks what happened to her, assuming she ate some bad shellfish! The entire room laughs at her, and she excuses herself from the case. She goes back to the surgeon and makes him "drain" her.

She then goes to the church with the gospel choir we've seen before, and wants to "find God". The minister is irate with her for only coming to find God when she's between relationships. Lisa (Jennifer Holliday) talks to her and tells her the same thing. Ally leaves, upset that they're questioning why she's there. She strolls along and peers in a shop window, holding a conversation with her vision of Billy about how she should get on with her life and take control. She realizes she's got to stop talking to "Billy". Lisa stops by later to apologize and they chat, and Ally invites her to her birthday party.

Ally stops by Mark's office and catches him practicing the song for that evening on a karaoke machine. She tells him his name wasn't really drawn out of a hat - they're playing a joke on him and just want to embarrass him. He looks hurt. She adds that it's an initiation thing. He thanks her, and tells her no one in the firm likes him. She denies it, and says it's just that they're.... she can't find the right word. "Close knit?", he offers. That's it. He thanks her again and leaves, looking disappointed.

The party is on. Elaine and Renee do their number, and end up wrestling on the floor because each is trying to hog the limelight. John gives a touching speech and sings a song from "The Music Man" to Ally, referring to her as his best friend, and singing how he never heard and saw the beautiful things all around him until he met her. Nelle is visibly jealous and upset. Then they all dance, Ally dancing with Mark.

After the party, Ally is in her office and takes a call from her dad. She responds that the party was okay, it wasn't too awkward without Billy. No, she's not thinking about him that much anymore. She gets choked up and says she has to go. Then she has one more imaginary conversation with her vision of Billy, and he offers to walk her home. She declines his offer, and walks home alone.

Previews for next week: it appears the girls are trying to meet that special someone over the internet.

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