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Boy Next Door
March 27th 2000
by Papa C

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Billy reveals to everyone at work that he has a brain tumor. Everyone is shocked and they try to figure out how to digest the information. Richard asks Ally if he should be taken off their divorce case; she broaches the subject to Billy but he refuses, saying he can handle it. Ally and Georgia go with him to his specialist, who tells him he feels the tumor is benign so the plan is to monitor its growth with MRIs for a month.

Billy and Ally's case is about a husband suing for annulment after finding out his bride's breasts were "fake" and she'd had cosmetic surgery. He argues that their marriage was never real since she had misrepresented herself. Billy continues to have hallucinations while arguing the case.

Meanwhile, back at the firm, John has somehow gotten himself stuck in an elevator shaft, with his bottom half sticking out and dangling. As they wait for help, Nelle decides to break up with him in front of everyone. She says he thinks she's a snob, and she thinks he's just plain weird. She figures she might as well break up with him while he's distracted.

John is eventually rescued and hospitalized for observation. Nelle comes to visit him, and is a little too perky and jubilant in contrast to his depression. He asks her why she had to break up in that fashion. She said that, when doing something others find unpleasant, she finds she actually enjoys being a real *itch. He says to her: "Well, onto bigger and better things", and she seems pleased with the idea and, smiling, leaves.

Billy's hallucinations are now becoming much more frequent. He tells this to the doctor, and he says they will have to operate after all, because it's clearly growing too fast. They schedule the operation for a few days later.

Back in the courtroom, Billy seems to now be living in a complete fantasy world. He argues that someone's appearance doesn't count - marriage is all about the love. Then he goes off on a tangent about how he and Ally have been happily married for 12 years, with kids, and he's never loved anyone else. They've never spent a day apart. It's all about the love. Then he says he's feeling tired, and collapses. Ally rushes to him and tries for about 2 seconds to give him CPR, then becomes hysterical.

She returns to the office and announces that Billy has died from a cerebral hemorrhage. Everyone is shaken. Georgia comes to Ally and wants to know if Billy really died peacefully. She tells her yes, and then lies to her, telling her Billy's last words were "Tell Georgia that I love her". Georgia smiles and is touched. Then Ling comes to Ally and offers her friendship and support.

They all attend the memorial service, where Ally gives a touching speech, and then the gospel choir sings a perky rendition of "When I Die" that gets everyone lively.

Ally and Georgia both show up at Billy's grave later that night. They hug.

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