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"Prime Suspect"
March 20th 2000
by Papa C

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John is working in his office, and is startled by the sudden appearance of the large transvestite from the group he represented in a recent discrimination suit. (This group of "oddballs" had been fired because of their unusual appearances and quirks.) He tells John that Paul Potts, the one from the group who has an obsessive disorder, clapping and repeating words uncontrollably, has been accused of the murder of their former employer, Mr. Schofield.

John visits Paul in jail. Paul tells him he was at the movies with Benny (the "scary looking" one of the group) on the night in question. However, when Ally, John and Richard meet with all of the group, they reveal that isn't true. Paul admits he had lied because he knew it would look bad to admit he was alone that night, with no alibi.

There is a probable cause hearing, during which Mrs. Schofield testifies that she was in the shower on the night of the murder and heard bumps and thumps. Someone dressed in a hooded cape opened the shower door and drew a knife on her, but then ran away. As the figure fled, she heard four claps. While the group works on this latest information, Paul is held without bail, and his nervous tics are worsening by the minute. The woman from the "oddball" group tells John that it's possible the wife committed the murder: Mr. Schofield was having an affair with another woman at work, and was planning to leave his wife.

Returning to court, John cross-examines Mrs. Schofield, and presents Mr. Schofield's mistress, as well as the Schofield's cleaning woman, who has overheard a heated argument between the Schofields about this woman. Mrs. Schofield is flustered, but there is another piece of evidence against Paul: a pen with his fingerprints.

Ally decides the mistress might be the killer, and she goes to talk to her wearing a wire. John and Richard listen in from the car. The woman reluctantly lets Ally in, and Ally tells her she doesn't believe Paul did it. Maybe the wife did it? The woman says that Mr. Schofield was not going to leave his wife for her. When Ally implies that the mistress could have done it, since she knew Paul and was aware of his clapping impulses, and had even called him that day - to perhaps ascertain that he'd be alone that night, without an alibi - the woman gets angry and tells her to leave. Suddenly, Ally has a hunch and quickly opens the woman's hall closet. There is Debra Schofield! Ally puts two and two together and announces that these
women were having an affair, and the heated argument between the Schofields must have been about Debra leaving HIM for this mistress. They were in on it together! She then tries to leave, but they tell her she's going nowhere. Right then, Richard and John burst through the door with the police.

Back at the judge's chambers, Ally presents this latest evidence, which isn't airtight against the women but gives enough doubt to the case against Paul that the charges are dropped.

Meanwhile, Billy has been having hallucinations. First, he mistakes the large, bearded transvestite for a sexy young woman and comes onto him, twice, only to realize his error and almost get himself punched. Then he kisses Nelle, mistaking her for Sandy. Billy apologizes and says he should see a doctor. Nelle leaves, but returns a moment later, rudely getting past Sandy, who tells her Billy wants to be alone. Nelle tells him she has made an appointment for him with an excellent neurologist who is also a friend of hers. Billy says he can't go that day: he has a meeting with his top client (the one for whom he got the Billy Girls). Nelle tells him he'll lose the client if he meets with him in this condition.

Billy keeps his appointment, and they run a heat CT. He continues to hallucinate, seeing Georgia everywhere. He tells the doctor that he's become irate and chauvinistic lately, too.

Nelle meets with Billy's client, telling him that she's a better corporate attorney and she even lets it slip that Billy's seeing a neurologist... but his problems won't affect his work, of course.

Elaine can tell Nelle's up to something, and so can Ling. Ling confronts her. Nelle says some changes need to be made around the firm, and she has to be in a position of power in order to make them.

Billy stops by to see Georgia. He tells her he has a brain tumor. End of show.

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