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"In Search of Pygmies"
February 14th 2000
by Papa C

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Ally and Her New Guy
Ally sees a cute guy in a car, and read-ends him in order to meet him. Not being very subtle with her questions about his personal life, he figures out that it was intentional rather quickly and is appalled. She tells him that she's almost 30 and still single, but as hard as it is to meet a decent guy, it's nearly impossible to meet a nice single woman in Boston, too. He tells her she's crazy, and she responds that the good ones always are. He is stunned... then amused.

He shows up at the office, and apologizes to her for being so upset earlier. He says he would like to take her to dinner if she's still willing. She happily accepts.

At dinner, she discovers that he's not seeing anyone and is a research oncologist. She can hardly believe someone who's good-looking and cures cancer is available... until she finds The Flaw: his laugh is very noticeably odd.

Ally decides to ask Nelle about it, when Elaine announces that Dennis is there at the office looking for her. She decides to have him join them in the unisex, so she can get Nelle and Elaine's opinion about his laugh in a place with good acoustics. They all try to get him to laugh, and he politely chuckles at Ally's bad jokes. Elaine is about to give up and turns to leave, saying "Now you know why she had to rear-end somebody to get a date", and Dennis laughs hysterically, snorting uncontrollably. The women are floored.

Ally tells Dennis that she doesn't want to see him anymore. He presses her to tell him why, and she finally admits it's because of his laugh. He is amazed, and leaves. He returns later wearing a neck brace and is escorted by his brother, who is also his attorney. He is suing Ally for $25K because of the intentional accident. The firm all sits down to discuss the matter. While Ally admitted the accident was intentional, Dennis had also already said that he had not been injured. Somehow, something amuses Dennis and his brother, and both start laughing hysterically, the brother's laugh equally obnoxious. The whole firm winces. Ally tells them to pay up, just to shut them up.

Ling and Her Old Guy
Richard is following Ling, as she disappears every Wednesday afternoon quite mysteriously. She pulls out dark glasses and a fake cane, and, pretending to be blind, stops traffic so she can cross. Richard catches up with her, and she puts the folding cane and glasses away. He asks where she's going, and she takes him along. She meets with the residents of a nursing home for dancing every Wednesday afternoon. One resident in particular is her dancing partner: Marty. They have been dancing together for eight years.

Marty tells her their dancing must end. He is being forced to leave the nursing home because he excites the other patients with tales of pygmies and ghosts which come out at night and attack. While most of the patients accept his tales as fun distraction, there are patients with dementia who believe him. Ling decides to sue the nursing home. Marty has entertained all the patients for years with singing, dancing and stories, and it gives them reason to keep their spirits up.

During testimony, Marty is put on the stand. While speaking, he has a vision of pygmies running towards him with pointed weapons, and he runs around the room screaming. Things don't look good for their case! They later ask the judge to come to the nursing home to observe, and he comes in while Marty is leading them in song. He then turns off all the light, dons a protective helmet and tells them all to be careful walking back to their room because of the pygmies and ghosts. The judge tells Ling that, while she and even he might choose to keep him if they were the administrators of the nursing home, it is the director's choice if she thinks he disrupts the lives of the other patients. Ling tells Marty he must come and live with her.

Ling, Marty, Richard and John walk along en route to Ling's place. Suddenly, Marty has another vision of attacking pygmies and runs, screaming, right into traffic. He is struck by a car.

At the hospital, the doctors tell Ling his brain and spinal cord have been irreparably damaged, and he is brain-dead and paralyzed. They want to disconnect the respirator. She gets opinions from 3 other neurologists, and still wants to keep him on the respirator in case they can help him later. She has been made executor of his estate, so it's up to her. Another nursing home patient reminds her that Marty did not want to live without dignity, and tells her she must remove the life support and let him be with God. She realizes this is true.

John and Richard are among those with her when she tells him goodbye and gives her consent to remove the life support. Marty dies.

Previews for next week: Billy makes the moves on his secretary. [Groan!]

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