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Over the Rainbow
February 7th 2000
by Papa C

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Ally and Billy are each working late. He says he is because he hates going home to his empty place and he says she is because she always hopes, each time she hears the ding of the elevator, that Life is going to come find her. She starts to argue about that, but at that moment the elevator dings and a charming man speaks to her... but he is delivering papers: Georgia is suing the firm for contributing to the break-up of her marriage with its atmosphere of a "sexual arena".

Of course it comes before the judge instantaneously, as usual. The entire firm attends. Georgia's attorney does some damage when he points out that there's been wattle-fondling and knee-pit-fondling, partners with sexual relationships (John and Nelle) and the unisex bathroom. Cage admits on the stand to perceiving women as sex objects. Billy admits that he thinks Georgia is doing this because women are men-hating and vindictive. He asks John about his hiring a call girl, and spanking Nelle. (For some reason, all this is allowed.) They leave distressed.

Ally talks to Billy. [During this conversation, they flip back and forth between adult Billy and Ally and child Billy and Ally.] He is unhappy that he's turned out a lawyer with a broken marriage, with a bleached head. She reminds him it's all his own doing, and he can fix it.

Cage is out for revenge, and gives as good as he takes when he cross-examines Georgia on the stand. He asks her about kissing Ally's father; about why she never asked Billy to stop working there when he was working with Ally - someone whom she had described as possibly the love of Billy's life; about how she and Billy had sex in the office twice themselves; and how she never even talked to Billy about his and Robin Jones' kiss, much less sought marital counseling. She had taken off her ring and walked off, never calling Billy and never responding when he tried to instigate a peace talk.

The office is upset that John was so hard on Georgia. Richard in particular is saddened that this group, started as friends who wanted to work and play together, have become entrenched in a war. [They show child-Richard sitting at the desk, as he complains about growing up.] Richard later decides that they should become a normal law firm and delegate specialties, protect themselves against this kind of suit.

During the closings, Georgia's lawyer claims that the vulgarity in the office would prevent any relationship from lasting. John talks about how, when he was 6, his father went to a funeral for a co-worker. John had asked him if the man was a good man, and his father replied that he didn't really know him well. They had worked together 17 years. John says he is proud that his firm are all friends; he considers Ally and Richard his best friends, loves Nelle, knows about everyone's peculiarities. He says everyone there has kissed each other at some point. Then he looks at Georgia and tells her that she was part of the group, and everyone still adores her. If her suit is about making someone share her pain, she's won, but they all know better than to think the firm is responsible for her divorce.

During the judge's deliberations, Georgia approaches them. She tells them that no one gave her a good-bye cake, no one has called her.

They're called back in, and the judge is in favor of Cage and Fish. As they're leaving, Ally tells Georgia that they do care about her, and they should work on maintaining that friendship. They're all going out to dinner - won't she come? Billy encourages her. She agrees, and they all walk off together. [They are then shown as children, all walking along beside one another.]

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