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Just Friends
January 17th 2000
by Papa C

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Ally & John

Ally has a dream in which she is working late at the office and, when she goes to leave, meets John Cage. The two chat, and then John asks why they don't drop the charade and admit what they've known all along... they drop their briefcase and kiss passionately. Ally wakes up at this point, and tells Renee she thinks John is "The One."

At the office, Ally behaves more oddly than usual and John asks her repeatedly what's bothering her, as do Ling and Elaine. She tells Ling that she thinks she's found The One, but he's dating someone else. Ling tells him to go for it. Elaine figures out who she means, and is supportive.

Ally finally tells John, who gets flustered and confused for awhile. She feels guilty for mentioning it, since John seems so happy with Nelle. She apologizes to him, because she realizes that sometimes being honest is really being selfish. He tells her that they're very much alike, so of course they're going to wonder from time to time about what would happen if they got involved, but they probably each need someone more stable to even themselves out. He says their friendship is too important to risk in finding out, anyway.

At first, Ally is hostile and rude towards him, but at the end she apologizes and says she was just hurt. They agree to be friends forever, and walk home.

Elaine -

Elaine has a hot date - a mutual friend suggested that this guy call her. She puts on her pheromone-marinated pants and tells Ally you have to "make it happen." He arrives, and he looks promising, so she tells him to make it a dinner date instead of a lunch date. He agrees, and they go out later. They hit it off really well, and he walks her home. He wants to come in, but she tells him not tonight. Then he blurts out that she let some other guy come up on the first date, and she realizes he got her # from a guy she slept with on the first date. She is crushed that this is what this guy expected, and tells him to leave.

At the office, she asks everyone what they think of her. Richard, as sensitive as ever, tells her he thinks of her as easy, but that's okay: he likes sluts. She's crushed. She decides to change her image, and wears a sedate black dress with her hair up. The guy comes back to the office to apologize, and tells her neither is what the other expected, but he really felt they hit it off and he wants to take her out again, and he'll be a gentleman. She says no, you don't act like a gentleman: you either are one or you're not.

Ally finally tells her she doesn't have to change her image. She likes to put forth her sexuality, but that doesn't mean she's easy and if that guy thought so, he was wrong, that's all. Then Ally asks if she can take Elaine to dinner, and they walk off together, arm in arm.

Meanwhile -

Billy still has the Robert Palmer girls. Sandy, his pretty new secretary, says she wants to resign, and when he asks why, she explains that he's acting like a jerk and it makes him look silly, which in turn makes her look silly. She takes her career seriously. He tells her he'll get rid of the Palmer girls, and she stays.

Georgia shows up and delivers divorce papers. He's stunned, but doesn't appear hurt about it. He immediately asks Richard to get a team working on his case so he doesn't get taken to the cleaners. He later runs into Sandy in the bar, and he walks her out - though they both make it clear that's all he's going to do.

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