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The show opens with Ally looking out a window remembering her past with her childhood sweetheart, Billy Allen Thomas. She recalls them as little kids, all the way up through college. She remembers in detail their first kiss, and then their first time of lovemaking. During the voiceover we learn that Ally really didnít want to be a lawyer, she just followed Billy to law school. Ally said she must have studied too hard, since she made law review before Billy. Billy decided to attend school in Michigan, so he could clerk there just in case he didnít make law review. Ally chose the law too, but in Boston.

Ally is still recounting the past through flashbacks, and remembers her old job working at the firm with Jack Billings. She liked her job just fine, until her boss starting touching her buttocks. At first, it was so slight she thought it might just be her imagination. Then one night when she was doing research (while standing on a stool) Jack approached her, and grabbed her buttocks, and she yelled at him to never do that again. Ally went to the big boss to report about what Jack did, and he was fired. Jack threatened to sue, and he did. Jack claimed that he was suffering from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, which meant he felt compelled to grab womenís buttocks. The firm didnít back Ally up, since Jack was their
"rainmaker" . Allyís firm chose to keep Jack, and fire Ally.

Now weíre up to speed. Ally is walking out of her law firm with her stuff, and runs into an old law school buddy- Richard Fish. Richard is pleased to know that Ally was fired from her job- since he just started his own practice. He wants Ally to join his firm- today. Ally is uneasy about the offer, she remembers Richardís main goal in life wasnít law, it was making big piles of money. Ally decides to go for it, and Richard shows her around the firm. He says that sheíll like his partner, John Cage, but she wonít be able to meet him today. Ally is introduced to her secretary, a woman named Elaine Vassal. Elaine starts interrogating Ally on her preferences, and Richard interrupts saying that theyíre throwing Ally right into it, and tells her about the first case sheíll take. A man walks in, and heís introduced to Ally. His name is Billy Allen Thomas, and the look on Allyís face is indescribable, as she locks eyes with her former boyfriend and lover. Billy breaks the ice, saying that they know each other. Richard finally makes the connection, and canít believe he hadnít sooner. Billy says it wonít be a problem working with Ally, and Ally gulps, saying it will be fine. Ally excuses herself to go to the bathroom, where she is still in shock over seeing Billy. Richard walks in, and Ally tries to get him to leave. He explains that it is a unisex bathroom, itís open to both sexes. Ally tells Richard about her lawsuit against Jack, and he says itís no problem to do it from his firm, theyíd be happy to lead the charge. Ally asks who is his best litigator, and of course itís Billy. Richard says he doesnít know the whole story behind her lawsuit, but if she really wants to get this guy, she should go with Billy. Richard says (about Billy),
"Heís your man."

Ally is talking with her roommate Renee, while in the bathroom applying her makeup. Renee doesnít think itís such good news to work with an old boyfriend, and tells Ally that sheíll spend a good half hour in the morning on hair and makeup alone. Ally disagrees, but Renee says thatís why she is changing lip liner, and wishing her breasts were bigger. Ally agrees with that, she wishes her breasts were a little bigger. She imagines them getting bigger and bigger until they burst.

Ally and Richard are talking about the upcoming case, and Elaine is trying to fill Ally in on the material sheís prepared for her. Ally isnít too pleased with Elaine, since she seems to be pretty full of herself. Ally has a visual image of people like Elaine, she sees their heads get bigger and bigger. Richard is talking about an upcoming case, saying that he thinks Ally could be a big help. Ally wonders how, thinking of Richardís two main tactics in landing clients.

One, he sympathizes with them, letting them be heard, and two, promising anything to get what the client wants. Richard says that the client needs to believe that theyíll come out of this paying less taxes. Billy walks up to Ally, and suggests a cup of coffee. They take it into Billyís office, where he says that he will be handling her deposition. They catch up on each otherís lives, and Ally sneaks in a pressing question, "Are you seeing anybody?" Billy says heís married, and Ally is upset at hearing that. He says he doesnít have kids. He asks if sheís ok with knowing that, and she assures him sheís fine. (Sheís definitely not.)

Ally is walking to the courthouse, and talking to herself about Billy. A man bumps into her on the street, and Ally goes ballistic on him when he attempts to say he was sorry.


Ally is having flashbacks while listening to opposing counsel make his speech. The case is about a minister whoís suing a magazine for things printed about him. Ally is remembering all the times she watched her father in the courtroom. Ally takes her turn, and although she says she has the constitution on her side, she loses the case.

Ally is back at the office, where Richard is shocked that she didnít win the case. Ally uses the excuse,
" The judge just seemed to have an agenda, contrary to law." Elaine tells Ally that she has already filed the appeal, and Ally sees Elaineís head getting bigger as Elaine continues to talk. Billy joins them, and says that heís sure Ally did her best. Ally gets defensive about that, and tells Billy not to stick up for her. They exchange words, and Richard interrupts, saying, "Bygones" and tells them they need to concentrate on the upcoming International case. Richard tells Ally to brush up on her tax law.

Ally is looking at some notes, as Billy comes into her office. He wants to know what happened back there. He says the breakup must have left her with some residual feelings, and Ally says the residual feeling was hope. She apologizes, and says she has a small problem adjusting to change. A blond haired woman comes into the office, and Billy exclaims,
"Georgia!". Billy introduces her to Ally, she is Georgia, his wife. Georgia reminds Billy of their reservations, and he just wants two more seconds with Ally. He gives her some papers, and Ally says that Georgia seemed nice. Billy says that theyíve known each other long enough to know that she was hoping that Georgia was ugly, or missing some teeth or something. Ally nods in agreement, but says that Billy needs to give her something more. Sheís trying to pry some "dirt" from Billy about Georgia. This is obviously one of the private jokes between them. Billy finally consents, saying that Georgia snores, and has a bunion. Ally looks satisfied with that.

Ally and Renee are dancing at a bar after work. During a voiceover, you hear how Ally and Renee talk about some of the people dancing. There are two dancing twins, that the girls like to dance with. They are back at the apartment now, and Renee is telling Ally that she needs to get Jack Billings, to keep him from grabbing other womenís buttocks. There is a knock at the door, itís Georgia. Ally looks surprised to see her. Georgia would like to talk to Ally alone, about Billy. Georgia says that Billy told her that they had gone out on a few dates. She thinks that Ally might still have some feeling about Billy, and that makes her uncomfortable. Ally says it was more than just a few dates, they were exclusive in high school, and at Harvard. Georgia is shocked when she learns that they were also lovers. Ally says that she shouldnít worry, itís all in the past anyway. Georgia spots a picture of Ally and Billy on the mantle, and tells Ally she hates her. Ally says thatís ok, she hates her too, and they both laugh.

The next morning Billy has come to get Ally for the Billings deposition. Jack is representing himself during the hearing. Jack doesnít take the hearing very seriously, so they go off the record, where Jack is still downplaying the buttocks grabbing episode. Afterwards, Ally and Billy go into the unisex, and argue about the case, and she mentions Billyís own downplaying tactics. Ally says that Georgia told her how he downplayed their relationship, she thinks he should have told her the truth. The truth being that Billy loved Ally. She then gets insecure, and asks if Billy did love her. He responds that he did, so much so that he would leave an open phone line at night, just to hear Ally breathe. Richard then appears out of one of the unisex stalls, and Billy is outraged that Richard heard that conversation. Ally goes flying out of the unisex, followed by Richard. He brings up the airline case again, and Ally tells him she canít do it. She says she has a problem with conference room meetings, she gets insecure, and shrinks.

Vonda Shepard is singing at the bar where Ally and Renee are at. Ally is telling Renee her troubles, and Renee thinks Ally should quit the job. Ally says she wonít do that, she would appear weak. Renee tells Ally to stop being in love with Billy, and find someone else. The music is triggering some flashbacks about Billy to Ally, and sheís not so sure she can let go of him.

walking on the stree

walking on the stree
Ally is walking on the street, with a cute little scarf around her neck. Ally is in court, doing her appeal on her case. She is on a roll, and really gives an impressive speech.

walking on the stree

walking on the stree

Ally is now back at the office, and spots Richard talking to Jack Billings. Ally is outraged, and goes in to see whatís up. Richard explains to Ally that he has offered to double Jackís salary if heíll join their firm. Jack is the kind of lawyer that is better on their side, than against it, since he is so convincing with his tricks. Ally says that sheíll quit if Jack is hired at the firm. Ally and Richard argue about Jack, and Richard says that he assumes Jack made up the whole OCD thing, and Jack confesses that he did, but he didnít hear that from him. Richard then produces a tape player, and looks victorious. The whole thing was an excellent set-up! Richard says that the lawsuit will continue, along with this wonderful little admission.

Ally is elated while talking to Renee on her cell phone. She says that Jack will have to settle. She is going to meet Renee, but first goes into her office. She goes in to find Georgia sitting in her office. Georgia says she shouldnít have gone to Allyís apartment, she was wrong about that. She just wanted to admit a difficulty about Ally working in the firm. She is sure that it will get better with time. Elaine and Renee interrupt them, and Renee gets mouthy with Georgia. Richard butts in too, while Elaine fills him in. Billy then comes in, and Richard says they need to all go to lunch and then concentrate on the airline case. Georgia apologizes to Ally before leaving.

Billy is talking with the clients on the airline case. Ally is watching him from the other end of the table, thinking how cute he is. She speaks up, with her plan of action, and everyone looks pleased with her thoughts. Next, Richard, Ally, and Billy, are toasting each other, they have landed the client. Billy brings up a toast to Ally, for joining the firm. Ally excuses herself, and goes to her office. Her thoughts are interrupted by Billy, who comes in saying that things wonít work out. Ally says that Billy should leave the firm then, but he says he came all the way from Michigan. Ally says
"Well if you hadnít gone to Michigan in the first place." Ally says she still loves Billy, and isnít afraid to admit it. He says he still loves her, but he also loves the woman heís married to. Ally excuses herself to get some work done, and Billy leaves. Ally goes to close her door, and repeats the mantra while hitting her head on the door, "I have my health." Ally leaves to go home, and Richard joins her in the elevator. Richard says that love is something you canít bank on, the only thing you can is- money. " Make enough money, everything else will follow." (This is Richardís first Fishism)

Ally is walking home while Vonda is singing her song, Neighborhood. Ally is having flashbacks about Billy. Ally is talking through a voiceover, and says that she isnít sure she even wants to be happy, what else is there when youíre content. Sheís just happy now with the quest, and that keeps her going for now.

going for now.

Errant thoughts:
Iím writing this summary after viewing it for the second time. I tried to remember the thoughts I had back then.
  • I felt so bad for Ally, you could just feel the tension between Ally and Billy. It seemed to me that Billy has some residual feelings of his own to deal with.
  • Ally and Georgia tried to pretend that they hated each other, but they canít deny that they both have the same good taste in men.
  • Elaine comes off as such a busybody, just watching this show from the start. Glad that sheís developed into more than that.
  • Renee is outspoken, but obviously loyal to her friends.
  • Richard is so funny, and on the hunt for the big money.

Some great lines:

  • Richard, to Ally . "Iím nothing if not redundant. I also repeat myself."
  • Ally, about Billy, "Men are like gum anyway, after you chew, they lose their flavor."
  • Ally, about herself, "Sometimes Iím more persuasive when I lack conviction."
  • Richard, about the Jack Billings case, "Itís not just winning, itís winning ugly that matters."

summary by allyfan98.

It is so funny we laugh hysterically, yet other parts can make you cry.
Special thanks to allyfan98
Photographs courtesy of Fox Network

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