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The show opens in the office, with John and Nelle talking. They are discussing fresh breath. Nelle demonstrates hers by kissing John, but Ling interrupts them with a growl. She tells them they shouldnít be happy, theyíre in the workplace. Ling and Nelle go off to talk.

Richard and John are talking to their client, Bonnie Mannix about her case. Sheís very angry that the lawyers have suggested she settle the case. She asks them if they have ever experienced infidelity, and Richard says,
"Many times, though not as the victim." Bonnie says she doesnít care if her husband beats her in court, but she doesnít want to settle. He hurt her very badly, and she wants him to suffer. Bonnie wants to countersue that her husbandís infidelities caused her emotional distress. John warns her that the claim will probably be thrown out.


Ally is in her office, singing to music, and Ling walks in her office. She wants to know why Ally keeps listening to music about things being over. Ally just says she likes Boz Skaggs. Elaine is eavesdropping, and both her and Ling know Ally is upset about Greg.


Judge Walsh reminds John that this is a no fault state, his client canít sue for infidelity. He decides to dismiss Bonnieís counterclaim, and move forward on the original claim, which is property damage. Bonnie destroyed some of her husbandís prized possessions. The jury is brought in.

Ally is still listening to her sad music, and Ling interrupts again. She says that she must be sad about something, and that she can help. She says that she owns a male escort service, nothng sexual, just an escort service. Ling suggests that she hire one of her escorts, and stop trying to forget about Greg. She should be making it harder for *him* to forget about her. Greg will think twice about Ally, if he sees her with someone else. Ling says itís a scientific fact, men get jealous.

Ally and Renee are eating lunch, and talking about Lingís escort service. Renee cannot believe that Ally has hired an escort to make Greg jealous. Ally tells her to stop seeing everything with logic, and Renee lets off this zinger,
"Shouldnít criticize something youíve never tried, Ally." Ally goes off on this long winded speech, (which gets progressively louder) mainly saying that she works too hard, and doesnít pay enough attention to her private life. Sheís going to make more of an effort with it, and try new things. She wants to get married, and have kids, etc.. She finishes her speech, and the whole restaurant cheers.

Billy walks through the office, and stops when he sees two men looking upwards at something. He smiles, and looks up too, and sees Georgia. She has on a low cut, long black dress, which is slit up almost to her waist. Billy gets jealous instantly, and rushes up the stairs, and has a talk with Georgia. He thinks sheís crazy to be wearing the dress to work, and tells her so. Georgia says that Ling designed it for her, and she likes it. Billy tells her to take it off. Georgia canít believe that Billy said that, and Billy repeats himself,
"Iím your husband, TAKE IT OFF." Georgia then starts to take off the dress, with Billy looking shocked. Georgia tells him itís his choice, on or off.

Mr. Michael Mannix is on the stand, talking about how rocky his marriage to Bonnie was. They had been married for almost 11 years when the incident occurred. Michael came home to find his prized Steinway piano suspended by a crane over his precious Porsche. According to Michael, Bonnie was up in the crane cabin screaming like a banshee. He pleaded with his wife not to destroy his possessions, but she didnít listen, and let the piano drop on his Porsche, causing total destruction. John takes his turn, and asks where Mr. Mannix was coming home from, on the night in question. He admits that he was coming home from a party, where he had been with another woman. The police refused to arrest Mrs. Mannix, since the property could be considered to be partly hers. Mr. Mannix really is more concerned with his property than his 11 yr. marriage to Bonnie. He says the lawsuit is about property damage, not the failed marriage.

Ally is still listening to music, when Ling comes in again. Ling announces that she has *him* there, and Ally scrambles to make herself presentable. Ling introduces Kevin Wyatt (Antonio Sabato, Jr) to Ally, and sheís stunned. Heís in a dark, well cut suit. (Boy is he gorgeous!!!!!!) Ling leaves them alone, and Kevin says, "So, we need to make a green monster." Kevin gathers some information about Greg, and they plan their strategy. Kevin says that heíll be an actor, professional men are more likely to be threatened by someone in the arts. He asks Ally how she feels about being affectionate, and kissing him in public. Ally says this might not be too easy, her and Greg donít travel in the same circles. When Kevin asks her about kissing, she imagines herself sucking his face and head in. Ally says she might be able to fake it.

Ally and Renee are talking about Kevin, and how good looking he is. The conversation then turns to Greg. Renee mentions that maybe Greg really is involved with the woman Ally saw him with. Ally says happily that heís not, it was just a date, she did some digging.. Renee wants to know how she knows that. Ally says,
"Ok, so Iím a stalker." Renee suggests they throw a party for Johnís birthday, and invite Greg to it. They decide that sounds like a good idea, and they put their plan in motion.

Renee tries to convince John that a party is a good idea. John disagrees, and then Renee reminds him of the "change". John nods, and starts to hear Barry White, but then shrugs it off, and says no. Renee comes clean with John, and says the party is just a ploy to get Ally and Greg together. Ally will be there with another guy, attempting to make Greg jealous, and hopefully want her back. John says that in theory, they are adults. Renee says that they arenít clinging to that theory. John is then saying that,
"The idea that jealousy makes people more attractive....." Renee sees Nelle approach, and pulls Johnís head into her breasts while Nelle comes charging in. She tells Renee to "Get his head out of your breasts." Renee looks over at John, and says ĎSee, thatís jealousy, thatís what we need from Gregí. John looks at Nelle, and the words just wonít come out. He stutters around a little, then excuses himself. Nelle continues to glare at Renee.

Mrs. Mannix is on the stand, saying how she was sure her husband was cheating on her, but had no definite proof. Then, on the night in question, she received a phone call from a friend. Her husband was supposed to be working late, but the friend confirmed that Mr. Mannix was at a party with a woman. Her friend also confirmed that Mr. Mannix had been having an affair with the woman for quite some time. Bonnie Mannix then called a construction friend, and had him suspend the piano above the Porsche. Then when her husband came home, she dropped the piano on the classic car. Opposing counsel takes her turn, and confirms that Mrs. Mannix definitely did the damage on purpose.

Georgia is modeling another of Lingís fashions, a tight, skimpy, black and gold dress. Billy walks in and asks, "What the hell is this?" Georgia explains that itís evening wear, and Billy asks, "As in lady of the evening?" Billy says that obviously sheís going through a phase, to which Georgia replies, "The phase I was going through, was this little corporate tressy thing. What I am, I can no longer deny." Billy, "What are you?" Georgia, "HOT!" Billy follows Georgia out of the room and tries to put his coat around her. Georgia keeps walking and says, "I say Iím hot, you think Iím cold?"

John and Richard are talking about the case again, and John is trying to convince Richard that they need to settle the case. Bonnie Mannix hears that, and says no way will she settle.

Renee is at the hospital trying to convince Greg to go to Johnís party. Greg says he hardly even knows John, but Renee really pushes him. He asks Renee if this is some trick to get him and Ally together. Renee says no, Ally met someone new anyway, an actor. Greg looks surprised, and asks, "She did?" He looks a little sad when saying that.

Renee tells Ally the good news that Greg is coming to the party tonight. Ally is surprised, and says the whole idea is kind of stupid. Ling walks up, and learns the good news. She says that Kevin is ready, and will be downstairs. Renee asks if this will actually work, and Ling reminds them-
"Science." Allyís foot brushes something by the desk, and she bends down and sees a foot, Elaineís foot. Elaine has been hiding under the desk, eavesdropping.

Ling, Elaine, and Renee are down at the bar when Ally and Kevin walk in. Allyís upset that John isnít there, she said it wonít look good. Ally and Kevin practice their nose nuzzling. Georgia and Billy join them, and Ally says they donít need to know whatís going on. Ling tells them theyíre celebrating Johnís 35th birthday.

John and Richard are upstairs, trying to settle their case. Mr. Mannix has arrived, and Mrs. Mannix is still trying to convince the lawyers she doesnít want to settle.

Downstairs, the gang is trying to act natural since Greg has arrived. Ally is totally ticked when she sees Greg walk in with another woman. Greg introduces the woman to the gang, her name is Kimba. He wants to know where John is, and Renee says heís in a meeting, but will be down soon. Billy looks less than pleased to see Greg again. Ally tells Kevin that her name is Kimba, rhymes with bimba. Ally and Kevin practice their nuzzling while Elaine says,
"I smell a great evening ahead."


The settlement conference has begun, and the nasty words are flying between Bonnie and Michael. John says theyíll never be happy trying to get each other, but Bonnie says she will. Sheís still bitter about her husbandís indiscretion.


Greg is telling a joke, and appearing to have a great time. That makes Ally upset, but Kevin says that he really does seem to be having fun. He asks Ally if she can sing, and she says a little. They go up on stage, and sing a duet together. Renee tells Ling that her idea flopped. Ling wants to know where theyíve gone since the plan canít work if theyíre not there. Ally and Kevin are singing the song, " All I Have To Do is Dream. " Elaine tells Renee that this is what the bastard did to Ally last year on her birthday with you (to Renee). Greg looks a bit ticked, and then excuses himself. The women are excited, since their plan seems to be working.


The settlement conference continues.....John tells Bonnie that itís time to get over the hurt of her husbandís infidelity. She wants Michael to hurt, after she gave him eleven years of marriage. Bonnie laments that she made it easy for him to leave her.

Ally is back at the table, and canít believe the plan worked. A new song begins, and itís Greg up on the stage, singing. Ally just canít believe it. He walks out in the audience, and gets Kimba, and they sing together. Miracle of miracles, the woman can also really sing too. Everyone is watching them sing, and Elaine says, "It just gets better and better."
Georgia tells Billy sheíd like to sing too, and Billy tries to discourage her since he says she canít sing. Georgia asks,
"Canít you support me in anything?" and heads up to the stage.

Ally is getting a drink, and Greg just happens to be there too. They exchange small talk, and then Ally yells at him for bringing a date. An awful sound comes across the room, and itís Georgia singing. Sheís not very good. (but believe me, Iím worse, LOL) The funniest thing is the look on Vondaís face, itís almost like the music hurts her ears. She encourages the audience to join it, probably to muffle out Georgiaís voice. Georgia doesnít get it, she thinks she sounds great, and that the audience loves her. She then suggests another song, and starts singing. The audience joins in again. Billy looks around to make sure no one is laughing at Georgia. Greg has gone back to sit with his date.

Finally, the closing begins on the property damage case. Mr. Mannixís lawyer stresses this is a case about damage. John tells the jury that Bonnie definitely went too far, but consider what she went through. Bonnie canít sue her husband for his indiscretions. John reminds the jury that Michael betrayed Bonnieís heart, and heís in here whining about a Steinway.

The next morning, Greg has come to see Ally. He says they havenít finished their fight, and he thinks thereís a little bit of game playing going on here. He has to go, but suggests that they have coffee, and talk things over. Ally looks pleased, and Greg says heíll call. Elaine is standing at the door when Greg leaves, and congratulates Ally for getting Greg the old-fashioned way-manipulation. Ling and Kevin also have come into the office. Kevin says heís come for a follow-up visit. Ally said the date was a success, Greg asked her out. Ling puts her hand on Kevinís chest, and says,
"He did? Thatís fantastic. My star." Kevin says that his job is done. Ally stutters around, sheís jealous that Ling is touching him. Ling tells Ally, "Donít keep him too long, I have another job for him." Ally tells him that sheís hitting on him, and she has a crush on him. He says he canít date her since sheís a client, Ling would fire him. Ally says she could clear it with Ling, but he says that it would be unprofessional. Ally says itís ok, since sheís nearing 30, sheís taking chances. He then says she could always hire him again. He turns to leave, and Ally says, "Oh, hell." and kisses him.

The verdict is being read, and itís in favor of the plaintiff. Mrs. Mannix is ordered to pay her husband damages in the amount of... Drum roll please.. 35 cents. She asks if she could appeal, but John reminds her that they won the case. John then makes Bonnie give up the keys to the crane, and tells her she really needs to move on. Richard gives his pearls of wisdom, "You crushed his Porsche, next best thing to his penis. Bygones."

Ally and Renee are talking, and Renee says that Ally is stuck in no manís land. She used Kevin to make Greg jealous, and ended up wanting to be with Kevin, who canít/wonít date her. Ally says sheís hopeless, but it is funny. They start singing and dancing as the credits roll.

summary by allyfan98

It is so funny we laugh hysterically, yet other parts can make you cry.
Special thanks to allyfan98
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