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The show opens with the gang congregated at Ally’s place watching an infomercial. This is Elaine’s big moment, they are watching the infomercial of Elaine’s "Miracle Face Bra". The infomercial shows several testimonials from satisfied clients who have used the bra. Elaine then uses the phrase like the Hair Club for Men commercial, she’s not only the owner, she’s also a customer. The gang has some mixed feelings on the infomercial, but don’t relay them to Elaine. Elaine tells them no matter how rich she gets, she won’t leave the firm, as "You people are my life."

Richard is holding his morning meeting in the conference room, and they talk about the newest case involving sexual harassment, Sharp vs Volpe Packard. Billy says that he’ll have Ling work with him on the case. Ally asks why are all their cases about sexual harassment, and why do they always represent the harassers? Billy says that the case isn’t about harassment, their client didn’t force anyone to do anything they didn’t want to. Billy says that women always make themselves out to be the weaker sex. Men don’t try to change their bodies, and if anyone should condemn the women worrying about their bodies, it should be the women. Nelle asks Ling why she doesn’t object to the case and she says it’s because she brought the client in. Then when she makes partner, she can put an end to the rampant chauvinism that goes on. Elaine comes in sporting her face bra to give Ling some early projections on the face bra orders. Ling looks pleased when Elaine says she already has 800 orders. Elaine says that they want to interview her for some cable consumer show. The meeting ends, and John asks for a moment of Richard’s time. Barry White is playing as John asks Richard if he notices the change in him. John says there’s definitely a change in him, and he’s more bold than before. He senses a reconnection with Nelle, but is uptight because he doesn’t think she’s noticed the change. John wants to know if he should try the kneepit technique on her?? Richard says that’s not something to mess around with, but if he does try it, Nelle’s sure to notice a change in him.

Elaine is pleased to see that her Aunt Gladys is at the office to see her. Aunt Gladys is there on business though, and has her attorney with her. She claims that Elaine stole the idea of the face bra from her daughter Martha 4 years ago. Elaine protests that, and says she didn’t steal the idea from Martha. Ally intercedes and says that she will read the complaint against Elaine, and then the lawyers will talk. Elaine tries to say something, but Ally shushes her.

Vicky Sharp is on the stand, telling her side of the story. She says that her boss, Mr. Volpe implemented beach day one day a month and she didn’t think it was relevant, considering she works for a software company. She didn’t want to go to work in a bathing suit, but felt ostracized by her fellow employees since about 70-80% of them followed the beach theme. Vicky says that by not conforming, she’s drawing attention to the fact that she’s not too thrilled with her body, and it’s not fair. Billy takes his turn, and Vicky says she felt harassed just by the fact that other women wore swimsuits to work. The beach day theme wasn’t a mandate, although most people conformed to it. Billy reminds Vicky that the theme was for men and women alike.

Ally and Georgia are talking to Elaine about the complaint. Elaine stresses the fact that she didn’t steal the idea from her cousin. Ally is behind Elaine, but Georgia doesn’t really seem to be on her side. Georgia asks Elaine if there’s anything they need to know going into the deposition, which offends Elaine. She again reminds them the face bra was her idea. Ally says they’ll do a quick patent search and then go from there. Ally says she might want to put the cable interview on hold though.

John is again walking through the office a changed man. He walks up to Nelle, who looks glad to see him. John then drops his pen, which gives him an excuse to get down to floor level. He eyes Nelle’s knee pit, and then moves in to try the technique. John then tries the move, which causes Nelle to scream, and fall backwards. Her heel hits John squarely in the eye, which causes him to wince in pain. Nelle screams at John,
"What the hell was that? Were you trying to get me off with that stupid knee pit thing?" John apologizes and makes a hasty exit.

Ally is in with John now, putting an ice pack on his eye. She asks what is it with that knee pit thing, and then goes on to talk about how everyone assumes she doesn’t like sex. John says she has a new record, she went 8 seconds without talking about herself. He came in to talk about his problems, and she turned things around to hers. Ally sees her tongue coming out and extending over to John, slapping him in the face with it. John asks Ally if it’s really true that women like to be dominated? Ally says no. John says that Richard says that when it comes to relationships, he should listen to his
"southern compass." Ally says that he definitely shouldn’t rely on Richard’s advice. John asks Ally if she’s alright, and Ally tells him that she’s upset that she blew it with Greg. John says that maybe she should try a second run with Greg. John reminds her that she’s almost 30, and it’s time for her to make it happen. Ally mulls that idea over.

Mr. Volpe is on the stand saying that he implemented beach day to lighten the mood, and as a result, the employees would be more energized and efficient. He doesn’t think that Ms. Sharp should be offended by it, it wasn’t created to embarrass her. He doesn’t think it hurts anyone to have beach day.

Ally and Georgia are talking to Elaine’s aunt, Gladys Clavins (??) about the face bra. Gladys claimed that Martha was talking about making an infomercial about it the day before she died. Ally asks her if Martha had any evidence that the face bra was her idea, and Gladys produces some papers. She has a copy of the patent application, and drawings of the bra itself. Everyone looks a bit uneasy at that revelation. Afterwards, Ally, Georgia and Elaine talk privately and they ask her if she stole the idea. Elaine still stands firmly that she did not steal the idea. Ally believes her and says that Martha must have lied to her mom about it. Georgia clearly doesn’t believe Elaine, she thinks they should settle. Elaine says it was her idea, and they aren’t going to take that away from her. Ally says they have one more cousin to depose, then they’ll go from there.

Elaine heads into the unisex where she walks right in the path of John who’s doing his familiar dismount. John hits Elaine and it sends her face first into a toilet. Elaine tells John it’s unbelievable, last night was the best night of her life, and today she’s got her head in the toilet. Nelle comes in the unisex, and John apologizes for the knee pit thing. He asks her out again. Nelle accepts, but says that they aren’t going to the bar this time, she’ll pick the place. John reluctantly accepts that.

Ms. Tyler, a female employee of Volpe Packard, is on the stand. She’s saying that she felt some pressure to wear a bathing suit, but since she was new to the company, she conformed to the policy. She’s been there a while now, and feels less need to have to conform to the policy now. She says that the employees don’t give those who don’t wear suits a hard time. She’s gotten to know her employer better now, and doesn’t doubt his motive for creating beach day. She agrees that he created it for fun and spirit, not to hurt anyone.

Ally and Renee are at a restaurant and Ally is talking about society, and how women are perceived to be the weaker sex. The conversation switches to Greg, and Ally is upset that he hasn’t called her. She’s called him 11 times, but he hasn’t returned her calls. Ally says that there aren’t many good men out there, and she had one, but let him get away.

Elaine’s cousin Casey is telling her side of things now. She says that Martha told her she was afraid that Elaine would steal her face bra idea. Casey is uneasy about talking freely, but then says that when Elaine was younger, she was desperate to be noticed. She loves her, but no one trusted her with their men, they were afraid she might steal them. She loves Elaine, but what she’s doing is wrong. Elaine looks ticked, and she leaves the room.

John and Richard are looking out the window with binoculars talking about John’s date with Nelle. John tells Richard he’s uneasy about leaving the building with Nelle. Richard reminds him that he’s going out with a beautiful woman, and he should enjoy it. John says that Richard brings him comfort, and maybe they could double-date.

Ally and Georgia are talking about Elaine, and Georgia still thinks they should settle. Ally knows that Elaine might be alot of things, but she wouldn’t lie. Georgia says all the evidence is against her though. Elaine walks in, and Ally says her deposition is scheduled for tomorrow. Ally asks if there’s any reason why Martha would lie about the face bra. Elaine says that Martha must have been more desperate than even me. Elaine says that no one was even kind to Martha when she was alive. Elaine says that she had to throw a birthday party for her, and none of the family would even come. That gives Elaine an idea, and she hurries out of the room.

Vicky Sharp’s lawyer is doing his closing, and says that Vicky should never have had to be in the position to have to decline to wear a bathing suit that day. Billy does his closing, and says the beach day theme wasn’t put in place to titillate, only to generate some office spirit. Billy says that women weren’t being singled out, since the men were able to dress in the same manner. Billy says that every person had the right to choose if they would like to dress that way or not. Billy says that Mr. Volpe chooses to bring in some beach items one day a month and he’s being sued for it. Billy says that Ms. Sharp was never pressured to participate, but still felt objectified. Billy says Mr. Volpe’s method was not chauvinistic, or sexist, and the plaintiff is taking things too seriously.

Elaine is showing Ally and Georgia a videotape of the birthday party she had for her cousin Martha. It clearly shows that Elaine is talking about the face bra, and Martha is asking her about it. Elaine forgot she even had the tape until she started talking about Martha’s birthday. Ally says that she should definitely not settle, and the tape can be used as evidence.

Nelle has taken John to a club that’s playing rap music. Nelle is dressed in skin-tight clothes with her hair in a bunch of braids. A man asks John, "Hey man, is that your daughter? She’s fly". John says the place troubles him. Richard gives two girls a hundred bucks for their sunglasses, and says that they’ll fit in better wearing them. John and Richard get into the music, and they start dancing and everyone is watching them. Nelle looks shocked, but then she joins in with him. Afterwards, John asks Nelle if going there was some kind of test, and she says yes, and he passed. John gently kisses her, and we see Ally on the street, watching them.

Ally is back home now, telling Renee that she saw John and Nelle. Renee thinks that Ally was bothered by the kiss, but Ally says no, the kiss was sweet, and that couplehood is good. Ally says that John’s change was all about attitude, and she’s going to have her change too. The next morning, Ally leaves the apartment with a new attitude. She’s hearing "Big Girls Don’t Cry" and looks confident as she’s walking to work. Her new attitude seems to be working, she turned a few heads on the way to work.

Nelle and John are in the unisex and she asks him if he has plans for tonight. John says no, and Nelle says she’d like to make dinner for him. John instantly hears his theme song, Barry White, that starts off with, "We’ve got it together baby.." John accepts the dinner offer, and Nelle leaves, with a big smile on her face.

Gladys is watching the videotape for the fourth time. She tells Elaine she doesn’t know what to say, she’s so ashamed. She can’t believe that her daughter lied to her, and she apologizes to Elaine. Ally tells Elaine that she was a victim of one person’s lie. Ally reminds her that she believed her. She says that Elaine has learned the first negative thing about success, that people come out of the woodwork. (DEK, is that a jab towards the public’s inquiries into Calista’s life???) Georgia apologizes to Elaine for doubting her, and then Elaine leaves for her cable interview.

Billy talks to Vicky in the hallway while waiting for the verdict. She tells him that she could tell by his closing that he really meant what he said. She says that men aren’t judged by their bodies, but women still are. She tells Billy that he just doesn’t get it.

John is telling Richard about his dinner date, and Richard says that means that Nelle wants to sleep with him. Ally comes into the office, and Richard asks her, What does it mean when a women cooks for a man, and Ally responds that it means she wants to have sex. John says it wasn’t right last time, but this time it is, he really likes Nelle. John says that Ally should talk to Greg in person.

The verdict is read, and Billy’s client wins. Ling tells him that, "We never lose, that’s why we charge alot." Ms. Sharp looks over at Billy, and has a disapproving look on her face.

The gang are in the office, watching a tape of Elaine’s cable interview. Elaine speaks highly of her friends and family.

John has arrived at Nelle’s apartment. He apologizes for being late, and hands her a bottle of wine. Nelle tells him that she was afraid he wouldn’t show up. She was nervous that John would be scared that she only wanted him there to have sex. John looks a little surprised, that she didn’t invite him there for that. She asks if he wanted that, and he says yeah. She says at the minimum they need to eat first since she’s being slaving over the meal. They kiss then, and dinner seems to be forgotten.

Ally has taken John’s advice and has taken a cab to the hospital to talk to Greg. She gets out of the cab, and sees Greg from across the street. He’s with another woman, and they’re holding hands, and then Ally sees them kiss. (BTW, Greg’s face is clean shaven)

We flash back and forth to Ally walking on the street alone, to John and Nelle making love, and Elaine walking on the street. Ally makes it home looking very sad, and Renee offers her ice cream as the credits roll.

summary by allyfan98

It is so funny we laugh hysterically, yet other parts can make you cry.
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