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The show opens with John mentally preparing himself in the unisex. Of course he’s hearing Barry White as he fixes his hair, and straightens his clothes. John has a different attitude, and he’s feeling very confident as he strolls into Nelle’s office. John is still marveling over the fact that Nelle got Barry to appear for his birthday. He tells Nelle, "I just want you to know, that was the high point of my life." John also says that he’s reconsidered his position on her, maybe he can fall for her. Nelle brushes him off, saying she can’t because "My romantic muscle doesn’t really engage when I’m in trial." John then says aloud that Nelle hasn’t noticed the change in him.


The gang is having their morning conference, and Ally and Richard are arguing about a case. Ally is saying she doesn’t want to be window dressing in court, and she doesn’t want to represent a law firm which discriminates against women. Ally tries to push off the case on Georgia, who says she’s busy. Richard ends up making a fool out of himself going on about how women can’t perform their jobs as well as men. John finally volunteers to work with Nelle on the case. Richard tries out his "knee pit" technique on Ling, who just about moans with pleasure. John is very interested in the technique.


Ally stops to talk to Elaine before going in her office. Ally learns that Elaine was supposed to be in a dance contest tomorrow, but her dance partner got hurt. Elaine is really upset, and is crying because she really wanted to be in the contest. Ally tries to think of some solutions for her. Ling is eavesdropping on their conversation.

Mrs. Harper is on the stand being questioned by her attorney. She says she was on the partnership track, but got pregnant and left the firm in her 8th month. She returned to the firm 4 months after giving birth. About 6 months after returning, she was told that she was no longer on the partnership track. Nelle tries to stress the point that she isn’t putting in nearly the amount of hours that she used to, which contributes to the fact that she’s not on the partner track anymore.

Georgia and Billy are at Dr. Hooper’s office (played by Rosie O’Donnell) office. Billy is trying to defend his actions, saying that most men cheat more than he did, he only kissed Ally. Dr. Hooper tells Billy he’s an awful person, and if he were her husband, she’d kick his ass. During this session, Dr. Hooper is chewing gum, and blowing the biggest bubbles while throwing her two cents in.

Ally tells Elaine she has called everywhere, she can’t find anyone to be her partner in the contest tomorrow. Elaine just about gives up hope when Ling walks in and says,
"I can swing." Elaine isn’t too sure about having Ling as a partner, but Ally talks her into it. She says at least maybe she’ll qualify, then she can get her old partner back for the actual competition.

Nelle, Richard, and John are having a conversation about the case representing the law firm. John says that seven women were candidates for partner, until they got pregnant. How could they possibly want this to go to verdict? Nelle tells John that the woman wasn’t fired because she was a mom, but because she couldn’t do the work. John and Richard can’t believe Nelle is taking this side of the issue, since she *is* a woman. Richard to Nelle, "Just.. Nelle.. The first time I saw you, all I could think about was rushing right over to perpetuate your genes." Nelle surprises them by saying that not all women want to get pregnant and have kids, she personally doesn’t want any. That troubles John and Richard, and they both take a moment.

John is riding in the elevator again hearing Barry White. He’s doing some of his dance moves as he gets himself ready for court. Richard has to explain to their client what John is doing. John exits the elevator and runs into Renee. She tells John that he looks different, maybe it’s just from him turning 35. John is pleased that Renee noticed the change, and suggest that maybe they could go out, "If you think you’re woman enough." Renee looks surprised at John’s confidence, and he says he’ll confirm the date later.

We’re back now to the therapy session. Dr. Hooper is asking Billy and Georgia about their sex life. Billy instantly gets annoyed that she asked that. She just wants to know, because sex is very symptomatic of other problems. She just wants to know,
"How is the sex?" Billy answers "Indifferent", and Georgia says it’s "Whatever".

Nelle is questioning their client, Mr. Bibliko about his former employee. He says that once a woman becomes a mother her priorities change, and not to the benefit of the firm. The woman puts in less hours, and isn’t nearly as productive. The same goes with a male employee, if he were to scale back his hours, he wouldn’t be on the partnership track either. Mr. Bibliko doesn’t think Mrs. Harper should be given special treatment just because she’s now a mother. And if he did give her special treatment, that could cause the men to file lawsuits for discrimination. Mrs. Harper’s lawyer takes a turn, and asks if he would rather hire men than women. Mr. Bibliko says that if a woman’s smarter, he’d hire her, but all things considered, he would rather hire a man. John objects, and is reprimanded by Whipper.

After court, John suggests that Mr. Bibliko settle the case. John says that his testimony went against women in general, and he’s a dead duck. Nelle disagrees, saying the plaintiff’’s lawyer has yet to make the burden that Mrs. Harper deserves to be made partner. They agree to wait until after the next witness testifies before making a decision to settle.


Elaine and Ling practice their swing dance moves. They’re doing pretty good, but then Ling stops, and says she can’t do this, she forgot it involved sweating. She apologizes, but says she can’t help Elaine out. Elaine looks crushed at Ling’s speech.

Billy is telling Georgia that he’s tired of having to initiate sex. Georgia can’t believe that he said that. Billy says that he thinks there’s been an erosion in their relationship. He starts rambling on about not having any other relationship to compare theirs to, except his with Ally. Dr. Hooper listens to him ramble, and says she would like to meet Ally, it would really help the theory she’s working on.

Nelle is talking with John and Richard about the plaintiff’s next witness, a Margaret Camaro. Nelle says she’s one of the best women’s rights advocates in the country, and she will paint their client as the poster boy for chauvinism. She’s being slipped in as a witness for employment patterns. John says they should settle, and he disagrees with Nelle’s reply. Richard decides he will question Ms. Camaro since he’s good with tough women.

Ally has gone into the unisex to beg Ling to be in the dance contest. Ally checks the stalls to make sure they’re clear, and then pretty much begs Ling. Ally tells Ling that she thinks this contest would be great for Elaine, since she’s kind of pathetic, always coming up with crazy inventions. Ally says this could really make Elaine feel good about herself. All of a sudden the toilet flushes, and out comes Elaine, with a nasty look on her face.

John has come to tell Richard he has some reservations about him questioning Ms. Camaro. Richard tries to put John’s fears to rest and says he’s good with tough women, he even has made Ling into putty in his hands. John decides this is a great time to ask Richard about the knee pit thing. John tells Richard that he has a date with Renee tonight, and could he please teach him the maneuver. Richard is shocked that he’s actually going out with Renee, and says the knee pit thing is dangerous in the wrong hands.

Ally is trying to convince Elaine that she didn’t mean to hurt her by saying she was pathetic. Elaine says she doesn’t want or need Ally’s pity. She likes her job, and it allows her the freedom to do other things on the side, like dance, and invent things. Elaine
says that she’s sorry to disappoint Ally, but she likes her life. Ally goes after her, saying if it all that’s true, and Ling is willing, she should dance.

Ms. Camaro is on the stand, being first questioned by opposing counsel. She says that it’s easy to conclude that a mother can’t compete equally in terms of hours, but the question goes to the assumption that one must put in a 14 hour day to succeed in today’s workplace. She says that assumption is a form of gender bias, it’s de facto discrimination. She then goes on to say,
"It used to be, people balanced two worlds, work and home. Now we’ve seen a dramatic shift to an imbalance that works to exclude women who also want to be mothers. And that imbalance has been propagated by men. " Richard takes his turn, and asks makes a fool of himself. He compares Ms. Camaro’s appearance to a man’s, asks her if she’s a lesbian, and if she’s ever been with a man. John asks Whipper to take over for him, he feels that Richard has been driven wayward. Whipper is more than happy to comply with John’s request. John approaches Ms. Camaro, and asks a question. She gives a long, drawn out answer, and John cuts her off, saying he’s lost interest in his question. He doesn’t see how her presence is relevant, she can’t prove that Mrs. Harper should have been made partner. Ms. Camaro tells John that Mrs. Harper shouldn’t be disqualified for partner because she’s a mother.

Billy is in Ally’s office trying to convince her to attend his therapy session. Ally thinks it’s a bad idea. Billy says that he attended her session, she should attend his. He then lets out this zinger (which IMO, Ally should have slapped him for)
"You helped ruin my marriage, and you can’t be bothered to help repair it." Ally looks appropriately shocked at that last sentence. Billy says he’s trying to fix things with Georgia, and he thinks it might help to have her there. He says he’s not too sure about the therapist, she keeps saying she wants to kick his ass. Ally says it’s not smart, but Billy says they haven’t exactly been living by smart lately, which makes Ally smile. She says she’ll run it past Tracey.


The familiar Wizard of Oz music is playing, and Ling walks in the office, dressed in men’s clothing. Elaine doesn’t recognize her at first. She says she’ll do the contest, but only if they have a chance of winning. Elaine says they should practice, so they head to her place.


John and Renee are on their date at the bar, and Vonda is singing the song about
wanting a lover with a slow hand. (not sure of the actual name). Richard and Nelle are also sitting with them, and they discuss the case for a minute. Nelle tells them that they both crossed the line in court today. Richard and Nelle go out to dance, and John decides to try the
"knee pit" technique on Renee. Nelle is watching from the dance floor, wondering what John is doing to her. Richard explains about the knee pit action. Nelle is disgusted, but yet fascinated. John is quite impressed when Renee reacts strongly to his technique.



Elaine, Ling, and Ally are at the dance contest, watching the other groups perform. Ally says that she has to go to Billy’s therapy session, but will be back before Elaine goes on. Elaine really looks nervous, but says she’s fine.

Mrs. Harper’s lawyer is doing her closing, saying that Mrs. Harper was punished by the law firm by becoming a mother. Nelle does her closing, and says the bias lays in the fact
that says all women want to be mothers. Nelle says she doesn’t want to have kids, and shouldn’t be treated differently because she wants to achieve her goals the same way men do. Nelle approaches Mrs. Harper and says that she chose to have a family, but Nelle chose her career in lieu of a family. Nelle tells the jury that they could bestow upon Mrs. Harper the same rewards that she (Nelle)enjoys at work, but they can’t do that under the heading of fairness.

Ally is in Billy’s session, but it doesn’t accomplish much. Dr. Hooper mispronounces Ally’s name several times, and calls her a homewrecker and a weakling. Ally gets ticked and goes up and stomps on Dr. Hooper’s foot. The therapist keeps a straight face, says "Broken" and limps out of the room. Billy says to Ally that she broke her foot, but Ally just gives a half smile.

John, Richard, and Nelle are waiting for a jury verdict when Renee comes up to them. She tells John that she had a great time, and would like to go out again. John tells her he’ll call her, and then heads back in to hear the verdict. The three lawyers are sitting down, when Nelle asks Richard what did John do to Renee? Richard offers to show her, and Nelle accepts. Richard applies the technique, and Nelle’s tight tight hairdo comes undone and flies up in the air. The verdict is read, and it’s in favor of the plaintiff, and damages are to be paid in the amount of $642,000. Nelle and Mr. Bibliko both look upset over the verdict. Nelle apologizes for the loss.

We’re now to the dance contest, and there’s some great dancing going on. Ling and Elaine go out on the dance floor, and they’re great. They do their moves perfectly, and seem to be having a great time too.


Billy and Georgia are still at their session, waiting for Dr. Hooper to come back. Billy says that Dr. Hooper is awful, and they shouldn’t be there talking about what they should be talking about, they could do that over lunch. They leave the room, and go to lunch. They even walk hand in hand.

John comes in and tells Nelle they tried a good case, that their client basically buried himself with his testimony. John asks Nelle how old she was when her parents divorced. Nelle says that she’s not going to open up to him, but does say she had a great childhood. She had two of everything, even two favorite teddy bears. She was 6 when her parents divorced. John can tell how much the divorce affected Nelle.

Elaine announces to the office that her and Ling qualified for the competition. Ally and Richard congratulate them, and Ally says that she envied Elaine, since she has dance in her life.

Elaine and Ally are downstairs at the bar talking about how Ally broke the therapist’s toe. Elaine says that Ally doesn’t do too well in therapy. They watch Billy and Georgia dance, and can tell they’re closer now. The twins walk up to them, and they go out to dance with them. Richard and Ling are dancing together, and so are Renee and John. Nelle is at home, looking at her two favorite teddy bears and thinking about the past as the credits roll.

summary by allyfan98

It is so funny we laugh hysterically, yet other parts can make you cry.
Special thanks to allyfan98
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