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The show opens with Billy confessing his sin to Richard. Richard is shocked that he kissed Ally, but of course wants the graphic details. Richard and John start commiserating on their past kissing experiences. Billy gets disgusted, and leaves the room.

Richard is updating the lawyers on their newest cases. Richard says that "Sweat Man" has a problem with the IRS, and dumps the case on Nelle. Richard says that Sweat Man's real name is George Chisholm, and he must have some kind of glandular problem which causes him to sweat so much. Nelle protests that she doesn't sweat and doesn't like people who do. Richard ignores her plea, and sticks her with the case. Richard asks Ally about the big "kiss", uh, "case" and Ally says that Georgia won't settle, and asks for backup. John decides to try the case with Ally. Richard excuses himself to speak to a wealthy client, Harry Waugh.


Harry tells Richard that his son Kevin is being sued in a civil date rape case. Richard tells Harry that they're representing Paula Hunt, the woman who is suing Harry's son. Ally walks up, and Richard says that Harry is one of their meal tickets, and she should dump her case. Ally says that she doesn't think the judge would go for that at this point, and leaves. Harry reminds Richard that he's given the firm alot of business in the past, and wants them to try the case.


The gang are arguing about the case, saying that the firm can't argue on both sides. Richard says they can, if both sides are aware of the conflict of interest. He says it will be fun, him and Georgia against Ally and John, plus fees on both sides.

Elaine comes up to Nelle with George Chisholm in tow. The man is sweating profusely, and Nelle looks totally disgusted, but eventually shakes his hand. George is dripping with perspiration while telling his story about a tax deduction that may be considered as income now. Nelle says that she would be happy to meet with the IRS agent, but he would probably want to talk to him anyway. She thinks his sweating might be construed by the agent as being guilty of the crime in question. George says that he knows it's a problem, and has even been to doctors. Nelle says she'll meet with the IRS agent alone, and will get back with him.

Ally and Richard are in front of the judge to convince him the firm can handle both sides of the date rape case. They argue with each other, and the judge says he doesn't have a problem with them on opposite sides. He won't continue the case though, and says the case begins after lunch.

Paula is unsure about the firm doing both sides of the case. Ally says the other senior partner is on their side, and they're much better anyway. Ally tries to talk Paula into settling, but she won't hear of it. Ally reminds Paula that Kevin is very good looking, and the jury might think that she wanted to sleep with him. Paula assures her that Kevin lied his way into her bed. She says that he has tons of money, and doesn't want it,she wants a trial, and public condemnation for him. Ally reluctantly agrees to go through with the trial, and will meet with her after lunch. John walks up then, and wants to make sure that he's going to play to win with the case. John assures her that he always plays to win. Ally gets a call on her cell phone and then tells John that she hasn't spoken with Greg for a week. John wants to know if that's connected to her kissing Billy. Ally can't believe he knows, and is ashamed to learn that the whole firm knows about the kiss. Ally wishes that Greg would talk to her about things, but John isn't surprised to learn that Greg is running away from the relationship.

Ally and Renee are taking their lunch into Ally's office, and Elaine informs her that Greg still hasn't called. Ally complains to Renee about Greg not calling. Renee says that he's busy, and plus she kissed Billy. Ally protests with,
"Why is it that a guy can cheat with his penis and expect forgiveness, but I can't get any slack with a lip?" Renee reminds her that Greg knows how much meaning she attaches to kisses.

Nelle is meeting with the IRS agent, and he's talking about imposing penalties on her client. He decides he would like to meet with her client before writing it off to being a mistake. Nelle is forced to agree, but clearly doesn't want to face her client again.

Paula is being questioned by Ally about the defendant. Paula describes their first meeting at a party, and how they seemed to really hit it off, as if their souls connected. They talked for hours, and after the 3rd night, they made love. A few days later, the defendant revealed that he had learned all her innermost feelings by lurking in a women's chat room. Georgia questions Paula, and tries to get her to admit that women sometimes pretend to be something they're not to impress men. Richard objects to Georgia's line of questioning. He says that Georgia normally is a docile person, but has gone through some strife in her marriage lately which explains her cruel line of questioning.

Afterwards, Ally and Georgia snap at each other and the battle gets heated. Ally warns Georgia that she'd better watch out when her client is on the stand. Georgia snaps back with,
"What are you going to do, kiss him?" Richard tells Georgia that was a low blow, and congratulates her on it.

Nelle and Ling have George in the office, and his shirt is off. They're applying some sort of liquid to his upper body with brushes. Ling says it's liniment, and will control the sweating. Nelle says they need him dry, the sweating would make him look guilty. They look hilarious with masks across their face, brushing the stuff on his body.

Ally goes into the unisex to find Georgia there too. Ally says that she is sure that they still have their differences, but would like to handle things one on one and not in the courtroom. Georgia thinks that's probably best too, and says that she still considers her a friend. She shouldn't think of her as a friend in court though, and instead decides to think of her as the conniving backstabber who kissed her husband. They shoot some looks back and forth, and Ally goes into a stall.

John has gone into Richard's office to talk about the trial. John's afraid of the fallout, since he's sure he's going to beat Richard and is afraid of hurting their friendship. John tells Richard he knows he'll beat him, but Richard says that best man will win.

Nelle and Ling have George in the office, and he tells them that Ling's liniment worked wonders, he stayed dry all night. They try to prepare him for the meeting with the IRS agent, and Ling asks some harsh questions. They hope he won't sweat under pressure.

Kevin is on the stand and is being questioned why he told Paula the truth about being in the chat room. He says he did believe the stuff he told Paula although he didn't tell her how he learned it. He had seen her before and wanted to meet her, but he's a shy person. He thought if he learned some things about her beforehand, it might help break the ice. John keeps interrupting the procedure with all kinds of objections and crazy speeches. He throws Richard for a bit of a loop. Afterwards, John tries to get Richard to settle, since he says he's beating him anyway. The lawyers argue, and Georgia bumps into Ally. They argue about that while Richard and John argue about settling the case.


Ling, Nelle, and George are talking with the IRS agent. The agent gets tough with his questions, and George starts to sweat.


John is questioning Kevin Waugh, and is bullying him a bit. He tries to get him to admit that he deceived Paula. He wants to know if he's sorry for what he did, and Kevin says that he is.

Ling and Nelle talk to George, and they all agree the meeting didn't go so well. They agree to talk things over, and see if they can fix things. They agree to call George after doing so. Ling tells Nelle that she knows the agent likes her, and she should let her hair down for their next meeting. Nelle says she doesn't want to win that way, but sure doesn't want to lose either.

John is at Ally's apartment, preparing for his closing. Ally tells Renee that the office felt like enemy territory to John. Ally tells Renee that John and Richard really want to beat each other. The phone rings, and Ally finally answers it, thinking it's Greg. Unfortunately it's not Greg though, but a telemarketer. Ally gets a little nasty with her on the phone.

John is doing his closing, stressing values. He tells the jury that Paula has values, and was deceived. John wants the jury to attach value to what Kevin did. Richard takes his turn, and compares the sexes. He describes how different men and women are, and the things they do to get a mate. Richard says that Kevin was sincere with his words and really fell for Paula. He repeats over and over that Kevin was in this for real. His words really get Paula thinking, and she looks troubled.


Nelle is meeting with the IRS agent one last time, and of course has taken Ling's advice about her hair. She flirts with him, and gets him to go easy on him. The agent agrees not to charge a penalty, or charge interest. George even has 120 days to pay. George is ecstatic, and hugs Nelle, much to her disgust. Ling looks victorious that her advice worked.

Ally is in the unisex when Nelle walks in. They talk about Ally's case, and about men. Nelle reminds Ally that men lie, it's what they do. Ally doesn't accept that, and then Georgia walks in. The two argue, and then they start pushing each other. Nelle looks on with great interest. They start fighting and rolling around on the floor, and Nelle tries to break it up. She ends up in the middle of the brawl though. Ling walks in, and decides to jump in. Elaine walks in and captures it all with her camera. The male lawyers come in and break it up. Ally has a cut on her forehand and is taken to the hospital.

Richard and John come in to see her, and she learned that their case was settled. They argue about who won, but ended up settling for nothing. Paula and Kevin walk in, and tell Ally they reconciled. Greg walks in to attend to Ally's cut, and clears everyone out of the room. Ally tells him that she had a fight with Georgia. She tells him she's really sorry about things. Greg puts a butterfly bandage on Ally's forehead while Ally tells him about her case. She says that two people in love sued each other, but ended up reconciling during the recess. She says that people can work things out in the strangest of ways. Greg said he doesn't know what the kiss has to say about her and Billy, but it does have alot to say about their relationship. Ally says it's over, and Greg agrees. He gives her a tetanus shot and that ends their relationship. (Hopefully not for good!!!)

Ally is at home hoping the phone will ring, but it doesn't. She takes the blow-up guy and dances with him as the credits roll.

It is so funny we laugh hysterically, yet other parts can make you cry.
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