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Love Unlimited

The show opens with Ally and Greg walking at night, discussing their lives. Ally asks Greg if he dated anyone while in Chicago, he replies that the women there were saving themselves for Sammy Sosa. Ally admits that she didn’t date anyone either. Greg says that he’d like to begin this second go-around with just walking her to her door like a perfect gentleman. Ally says she likes that word, "begin" and the two look deeply into each other’s eyes. We see the "tongue" image, and both of their tongues extend towards each other’s.


The next morning Ally and Renee are discussing Ally’s date. Ally is so pleased that Greg,
"a man" wants to take the relationship slow, and we see her floating on air. Ally is still smiling when she arrives at the firm. Billy notices a change in her, and Ally is shown still on air, making her appear taller than everyone. Ling walks up, and Ally falls off her imaginary cloud. Ally questions Ling why she’s always at the firm, but Billy answers for her, saying that she’s suing the environment.


We’re now at the conference room with Nelle talking about Ling’s case of suing the environment. That’s all we hear about it though, Richard has a bigger case to deal with. Their newest client is Kimberly Goodman, whose husband wants to annul their 9 year marriage. He claims he’s a sexaholic and was under the influence of
"his dumbstick" when he tied the knot. Richard wants Ally to work on the case with him, but he wants to first-chair, since he’s on a roll lately.

Elaine rushes up to Ally after the meeting, wanting to get some scoop on Greg. She says she only wants to know because she cares, and because she doesn’t want to see her get
"squished like the last time". Of course at that point Greg is standing right there. Greg thought he would stop by instead of calling, to put her on the spot. He wants to know if she would like to go out tonight. Ally is once again floating on air, but says she needs to consult her schedule. Elaine assures her that she’s free, like every night. That brings Ally down from the cloud in a hurry. Ally says that tonight would be fine, and to pick her up at home, like a perfect gentleman. He gives her a little kiss and leaves.

Ally is standing there still reveling in her happiness (with a slight look of sickness on her face) when John walks up. Ally tells him that she needs mental help. Ally says,
"I feel happy. I’m just not equipped." John mentions that he has an appointment with Dr. Tracey at lunch, Ally could take his time slot. He then suggests that they go together.

Ally and Richard are meeting with the new client, Kimberly Goodman. Richard convinces her that although they aren’t divorce law experts, they’ll win the case. Kimberly tells them that she’s spent the last 9 years at home raising her two children, ages 7 and 9. She’s afraid of a judge ruling that their father only married their mother in an act of insanity. Ally promises her that that won’t happen.

Ally and John are waiting for the therapist to arrive and talking about Ally’s case. She says she’s glad she has a career, and that no one could pull the rug from under her, and make her life meaningless. Ally says she’s glad she’s in control of her world. John reminds her that she’s seeking treatment for happiness. The therapist has arrived, and it’s not Dr. Tracey. (It’s Bruce Willis- looking really geeky. LOL) Of course they both want to know who he is.. He says he’s Dr. Nichol, filling in for Dr. Tracey. Dr. Nichol asks who the sick one is, and they both name the other. It’s hard to describe Dr. Nichol in words, but some adjectives that come to mind are abrasive, controlling, rude, etc.. well you get the idea. Dr. Nichol asks Ally to sing her theme song, but she says no way. He then asks Spanky (John) for his song, but John also refuses. Ally decides to leave, but Dr. Nichol makes her sign a release form first, releasing him from liability in case Ally would decide to jump out of a window. Dr. Nichol then turns to John, and makes fun of his stuttering. That makes John stutter even more, and he ends up saying, "poop". John follows Ally’s lead, and they both leave.

Ling is complaining to Richard that she doesn’t feel like he takes her seriously. He then wonders if they are serious, and says that they’ve been dating for 4 months. Richard brings up the no-sex issue, and Ling is angry that men only think about sex. She reminds him that there’s more to it than sex, what about intimacy, tenderness? Richard then wants an answer to a pressing question,
"I need to know if we’re going anywhere?" Ling shows Richard that there’s more to it than intercourse, and demonstrates so by gently licking his finger. She has him going for a minute, then snaps something about men only thinking with "their dumbsticks" and leaves the room.

Ally and John have made it back to the office, and John suggests that they don’t really need a therapist, maybe they could just bounce their problems off each other. Ally agrees just as Nelle walks up and quickly brushes Ally off. Nelle asks John to dinner, and he agrees. Georgia wants to know exactly what he sees in her, and John can’t answer, he’s speechless.

Mr. Goodman is on the stand, claiming that he’s a sexaholic, which makes him crazy. He thought that being married would keep him from lusting after other women. Richard tries to make the point that Mr. Goodman is trying to go for an annulment for monetary reasons, a simple divorce could cost him money, but an annulment would prevent Kimberly from getting any of his money. Mr. Goodman says he wasn’t of sound mind when he got married, therefore the marriage contract should be invalid. Richard does a good job in court for once.

Nelle and Ling are talking about sex while eating lunch. Ling wants to know if she’s strange for not wanting sex. She says that the way she says the word sex drives men (and some women) crazy. She says it twice, and Nelle just kind of nods in agreement.

The next scene is a dream, although it wasn’t revealed as such at first. Ally runs into an overbearing women who insists that Ally will be the cover girl on their next month’s magazine. Ally resists, but the women insists she has no choice in the matter. She says that they need to make some changes to Ally though, she needs some fattening up, change her attitude, and some other things. The woman tells Ally that she needs to be exactly who they want her to be, and Ally retaliates by biting her nose off, and spitting it out. Afterwards Ally and John are discussing the dream. Ally thinks she craves some kind of dependency, and that makes her feel like a failure as a woman. Ally compares her life to that of her client, Kimberly. John reminds her that she doesn’t have to stop her life or career to love someone. Ally then mentions she had a dream that she was on Time Magazine as the role model for feminism. Ally then giggles and tells John she sounds like him,
"fear of splat."

Segue to Ally’s apartment, where she is talking with Greg about love. Greg says that she must have been really hurt by Billy, and is curious if she’s loved since then. She says no. Ally says she’s making progress though, she’s picked out a new theme song. It’s now, " Ooh Ooh Child" , and then sing a few bars together. Renee butts in for a second, and then says she has a date, and leaves. Again, segue to the bar where Ally and Greg are dancing while Vonda sings Ally’s theme song. Richard looks out at Ally and Greg and says to John that it looks like someone is making progress. He then asks about him and Nelle. John says he thinks that he’s sensing an impending breakthrough. Richard says he’s not sure if Ling likes him, and John comes to the conclusion that Richard is falling for Ling. Richard will only confirm with , "maybe". John suggests that Richard do some "Barry White" with him- it loosens the romantic muscles. Richard again looks out at Ally and Greg, and says,
"Looks like someone is in love."

The next morning we’re at the courtroom where a doctor is on the stand in defense of Mr. Goodman’s condition. He claims that sex is a like a drug, which is why Mr. Goodman needs to be with more and more women to achieve the high. Ally takes her turn, and is harsh on the specialist. Ally tries to prove that Mr. Goodman knew both the quality and nature of his act when he married Kimberly. The doctor says that doesn’t mean he has control. Addicts can’t control their behavior, that’s the very symptom of their behavior.


Richard and John are in the unisex dancing to John’s Barry White song. Elaine peeks out of a stall, and joins them. Ling is standing in the shadows watching, and finally she joins in too. They dance for a minute, until Nelle walks in, and the music screeches to a halt, and the gang crashes down like a set of bowling pins.



Kimberly is on the stand now telling her side of the story. She explains that she knew her husband was cheating, but tried to work it out, for the sake of the children. They went to counseling together, but Mr. Goodman tried to make a move on the therapist. Kimberly admits that she thought that Mr. Goodman was a sexaholic, and decided to file for divorce. She doesn’t think that Mr. Goodman should be able to just nullify their 9 year marriage. It was very real to her, if not to him.

Afterwards Ally and Richard are discussing their strategy, when Ling walks up, announcing it’s the time of the month for her to have... fun. Richard suggests they all go down to the bar, but Ally stops to talk to John first. John explains that he cancelled his date with Nelle, but he has a plan to "Don Juan " her. John is outlining his plan while Nelle is standing there listening, unknown to him. Nelle interrupts, saying she’s excited, and will go get herself ready. John now moans about the pressure.

Ally is at home tonight, working on the closing for the case. She talks with Renee about love, and about the timing of the case in her life. Ally isn’t sure about trusting love, or if she even had it. Renee assures her that she definitely had love with Billy.


John is making his move into Nelle’s office, hearing Barry White in his head. No words are exchanged as Nelle strips down to her undergarments. John watches her, while fidgeting with his tie. John touches Nelle’s face, and she takes off her bra and John just stares at her. The music screeches, and John says, "I can’t. " and leaves the room.


John leaves the office in a panic, and heads over to Ally’s. John is frantic while they raid Ally’s refrigerator. He decides on a Popsicle, and he begins to tell Ally his story. John says that it just felt wrong. Ally commends him on not going through with the act, but says that he has got to talk to Nelle.

The closing arguments begin, and the other side still claims the insanity issue. Ally says that it’s dumb. Ally goes off on a tangent, and gets very passionate about the institution of marriage. Greg has quietly slipped in while Ally is speaking. Ally turns to Mr. Goodman and pretty much blames him for everything. She says how dare he subject his wife to the embarrassment of this case, how dare he subject his kids to it,.etc.. She concludes by saying,
"How dare you live. You giant ass!" The whole courtroom begins clapping, and even Richard looks pleased. Greg looks moved by Ally’s words.

John has gone into Nelle’s office, trying to both explain and apologize. John says that he thought he was holding back because he was afraid of falling in love with her. Now he’s afraid that he would never fall in love. She represents to him the girl he could never get in high school. He is living his fantasy, but that’s all it is, a fantasy. He knows that Nelle doesn’t really get him, nor does he get her. He tries to explain, but Nelle says he’s met someone else. John says no, he hasn’t. Nelle asks him if there is anyone that he connects with, anyone that gets his inner world. She wants to know if there’s anyone that he instinctively runs to with his problems. John looks deep in thought, but doesn’t say anything. Nelle then says,
"There is somebody, John. But judging by the look I see on her face lately, you may have waited too long." She is of course referring to Ally, but John doesn’t respond to Nelle, he’s still absorbing what Nelle just said. Nelle excuses herself, and goes to the unisex. She’s crying when Billy walks in. She asks him, "How’s Georgette?" Billy corrects her, and Nelle assures him she’s fine.

The judge is making her ruling. She says in this case the law could go either way. She says that she shares Ally’s disgust on this case, and rules in Kimberly’s favor, denies the annulment, and makes Mr. Goodman pay her legal expenses.

Later on, the gang is downstairs at the bar dancing. Ally is with Greg. They talk afterwards, and Greg wants to know if her closings are all so passionate. He says he believes in marriage, but only wants to do it once. Ally tells him of a song that she liked in high school. Segue back into the bar, where Vonda is singing that very song. Billy and Georgia are dancing. John is still upstairs, just looking out the window, and Nelle is walking on the street alone. Ally and Greg dance outside her apartment as the credits roll.

Some errant thoughts and quotes:
  • Richard, to Ally about sex, " Sex for men, when it’s right, it’s right. When it’s wrong, it’s still right."
  • I’m not sure on this, but the judge looks like the lady in the Pine-sol commercial.
  • Once again, a show with very little of Elaine, Billy and Georgia, and Renee.
  • Poor John. Nelle sure dumped a bombshell on him, about Ally. I’m not sure how he feels about Ally, but I’m sure Nelle’s words brought some unspoken feelings to the surface. Ally is the only one who understands his inner world, although I don’t see the two together as a couple.
  • I’m still loving Ally and Greg together.
  • I finally think that Richard is falling for Ling. He has never been concerned with the idea if there is really a future or not with someone. I think they’ll drag this one out for awhile, but I can see them together for quite awhile.

Summary by allyfan98

It is so funny we laugh hysterically, yet other parts can make you cry.
Special thanks to allyfan98
Photographs courtesy of Fox Network

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