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Silver Bells

The show opens with Vonda singing about dreams while Ally and Renee are sleeping. Ally has a new blow-up doll in bed with her, obviously to replace the one she destroyed. Ally’s sleep is disturbed by the phone ringing. Renee comes in to see who it was, and Ally tells her it was the hospital. One of Ally’s previous teachers (Bria Tolson) is there, and would like to see Ally. Renee realizes the doll is free, and hops into bed with him.

Ally comes into Bria’s room, and is introduced to the priest (Robert) who has been visiting her. Bria compliments Ally on her appearance, and thanks her for coming. She inquires about Billy, and Ally says that he grew up, and became a man. LOL Bria takes a little nap, while the priest fills Ally in on the fact that Bria doesn’t have too much time left. Bria starts talking in her sleep to a man named Henry. Ally recalls that Bria used to have dreams about a man named Henry Lane, she said he was real in her dreams. The priest is skeptical about this whole theory. Bria wakes up and tells Ally that she doesn’t want to be kept alive, her body is shutting down rapidly.

It’s midnight, but John and Nelle are still at the firm, talking in the unisex. John is uneasy around Nelle, and she decides that what he needs is to be shocked. She walks towards him, and John starts stuttering, and trying to think of a new NY word to calm the stuttering. Nelle says that public places excite her. She moves closer to John, and starts to unloosen his tie. He nervously activates his remote flusher, and the toilet seat starts going up and down. John says his bowl beckons and backs off from Nelle.

Ally is still in Bria’s room, and they’re laughing about something when Billy walks in. (Who called him, anyway?) Bria is glad to see Billy, and says he’s a beautiful man. She asks why didn’t they marry anyway, but Ally dodges the question. Bria wants to know if Ally ever found love, but Ally hedges, and then admits she hasn’t. Ally asks about Bria’s family, and learns that Bria doesn’t have any family left. Ally gets rid of Billy and Robert (the priest) and asks Bria about seeing Henry in her dreams. Bria says that in her dreams she married Henry, and had 3 children. Ally admits that she still dreams too, and still has fantasies. All of a sudden the medical equipment makes the flat-line noise, and medical staff comes rushing in to revive her. The doctor pushes past Ally, and gets ready to use the paddles to jumpstart Bria’s heart. Bria’s eyes open, and she screams, as does the medical staff. The nurse says it’s a miracle, but the priest said no, it’s not, it’s called HMO. He’s holding a thin wire looking thing in his hand. (Forgive my medical ignorance). Bria keeps saying that the doctor tried to kill him, and lucky she has her lawyer present. The doctor turns around to look at her lawyer, and the two lock eyes. The doctor is Dr. GREG BUTTERS (who used to date Ally, before leaving for Chicago)!!!!!! They look shocked to see each other. Ally explains that the doctor wasn’t trying to kill her, one of her wires just came loose. Greg inquires about Ally for a minute, and then turns back to his charts, while Ally imagines her tongue coming out towards him.

Ally is still in Bria’s room talking to Greg about her condition. He says she could live as long as a few months, but there’s really nothing he can do for her. Bria starts talking to Henry while sleeping, and gasps when the priest says she’s having sex with Henry. Bria says she dreamt that she was gone, and she isn’t ready to go yet. Bria tells the doctor that she would like to stay asleep, she doesn’t want to wake up. She wants to go to sleep, and join Henry. Out in the hallway, Ally asks Greg if they can induce a coma for Bria. She asks if he’s back to stay, and he hints that he didn’t like Chicago. He says he’s only been back a short time, and was going to call her. Bria calls for Ally, and she heads back into her room.

The next morning the gang is all gathered in the conference room. We learn that Ally wants to get a court order to legally induce Bria into a coma. The whole gang scoffs at the idea, but Ally stands by her convictions. Ally says she’s going to court, she thinks that Whipper will side with her. Georgia says that the case is from Mars, and Ally agrees, and says she should take a native then- John.


Ally is pleading her case to Whipper, saying that Bria is better off in coma. She would exist in her dream world, where she is happy, and married. Ally explains that Bria doesn’t have any family left, and in real life her body is failing. Ally thinks that Whipper should meet with Bria.

The familiar theme from the Wizard of Oz is playing, which can only mean one thing- Ling is approaching. Georgia tries to kill her with kindness which annoys Ling. Ling heads into Richard’s office. She explains that she is there to talk about Richard’s "
Funny little friend Cage". Ling says that Cage is "gay" . She says he must be gay, since he won’t respond sexually to Nelle. Richard says that John isn’t gay, but Ling doesn’t agree. Richard says that they haven’t either, but Ling says that’s because she doesn’t want to, sex is messy. Richard tries to understand why it’s ok for a woman to not want sex, but when a man doesn’t, he’s gay. Ling says that that opinion is not only hers, it’s a medical fact.

Whipper is in Bria’s room now, as is Ally, John, Greg, the priest, and a few other people. Bria is telling Whipper about the content of her dreams, while Whipper is determining if Bria is competent or not. Bria says to them that they must think she’s crazy to want to go to that world, but wouldn’t she be crazy to not want to go?? Ally has gone back to the firm, where she tells Richard that Bria was declared competent, but says the hospital won’t put her to sleep. Billy follows Ally into her office. She tells him that the next step is to get a court order to force the hospital to comply. Billy asks Ally if it was nice to see him, (meaning Greg) and Ally gets a little flustered and says that Greg is just a friend.

Richard is talking to John about Ling’s visit to his office. Richard wants to know if what Ling says is true, but John won’t discuss it with him. Richard advises John to sleep with this woman- NOW. Of course Nelle is standing behind them when Richard said that. Richard leaves the two to talk. John wants to know if Nelle really told Ling that she was frustrated with his
"lack of sexual aggressiveness". Nelle admits that yes, she did say that. Nelle says she thinks she’s been honest with them. She says that whenever she’s too direct "You either stutter, blurt out something to do with New York, whistle with your nose, or jump into a stall." She thinks she has been patient with his quirks, but she doesn’t get the world that he lives in.



Greg is examining Bria, while she questions him about being single. Greg doesn’t say much, since he knows Ally is behind him. Ally imagines her tongue reaching out towards him again, but this time it extends all the way up to, and around Greg. Greg turns around to look at Ally, and the tongue quickly retracts, crashing back into Ally. Ally tells Greg that she’s going to stay with Bria for awhile.


The gang is all downstairs at the bar, with the exception of Ally. No one is doing much, they are all pretty much lost in their own thoughts. Back at the hospital, Bria is dreaming of dancing with Henry and Ally is dreaming of kissing Greg.

The next morning Ally is back in the courtroom in front of Whipper. One of the hospital’s staff is on the stand. He doesn’t think that Bria should be put into a coma, it’s not right. He argues the reasons why she shouldn’t be put under. Ally is hard on him, and is quite convincing in her speech.

Nelle is upset with Ling for breaking her confidence. Ling says she was just trying to help her. John walks in and Ling turns to leave, while muttering,
"There must be somebody to sue." John starts off by saying he’s afraid of accelerating their relationship into extinction. He’s really just afraid of a commitment with Nelle, and he ends up confusing her with his speech. Nelle goes after him to analyze some of his phrases. John asks Nelle if she’s ever felt truly alone. She doesn’t answer, but wants to know what he’s talking about. John tells her that he cherishes the smallest things, holding her hand and just being with her. He says it’s almost like a dream. John says his inner world is larger than his outer world, which isn’t true for Nelle. He says that he thinks part of him wants to move slowly for fear of reaching the end with her. Nelle says she wants to take a try at this inner world thing. She starts to see an image, it’s a familiar one to regular viewers. It’s the dumpster, and Nelle sees John going into it. John asks Nelle if she’s seeing anything, and she says yes, "The end." "We’re done."

Ally is at the hospital, and she’s decided to take Bria into the courtroom with her. She convinces Greg and Robert to come also.

Nelle and Ling are in a steam room, talking about sex. Ling says she doesn’t like it very much, but Nelle says that she likes sex. Ling says that it’s different for her, she’s emotionally inept. Ling says,
" You like sex because you can mistake it for passion, convince yourself you have a heart." Nelle tries to argue that she isn’t a cold person. Ling disagrees, "Compared to you, the Titanic struck heat." Ling says that Nelle likes John because he won’t force her to up her thermostat. Nelle gets Ling to admit that she does like Richard a little.

We’re back in court now, where the hospital is arguing that a person shouldn’t be allowed to be to transported into a dream state where the world is prettier. Whipper wants to know what exactly Bria sees in her dreams. Bria explains what her life is like with her three children. She says that she sometimes has bad dreams within the dreams, and sometimes thinks her dream world is the real world, and vice versa. Whipper admits to doing some medical research on this subject, and says there’s risk involved. Whipper decides to grant Bria’s request for one week, to see how things go. Whipper advises Bria to go over all the medical consequences beforehand with her doctor, and wishes her sweet dreams.

Nelle is sitting at her desk, hearing John’s favorite Barry White tune. She looks up to find John standing in front of her. He admits to being a coward, and wants to go for it, at
"the risk of being crushed like a small bug." He also admits to being troubled by being dumped. Nelle tells him that Ling thinks she is attracted to him because he’ll never find her defrost button. John says that he’d like to go in search of it. Nelle doesn’t say anything at first, but it seems like she’s going to blow him off. Instead, she tells him that would be nice.

Ally is in Bria’s room while Greg is administering the medicine to make Bria sleep. She has one request, she would like Greg to take Ally out for dinner. Ally tells Bria she’ll see her in a week. Bria then falls asleep, and Greg says that Bria is out. Ally has tears in her eyes when she leaves the room. Ally thanks the priest for being there, and then quickly thanks Greg. She tries to make a speedy exit, but Greg asks her if she would like to go to dinner, it would make Bria happy. Ally says she’s already happy, just look at her. They both look over, and Bria is smiling in her sleep.

Downstairs, Vonda is singing of sweet dreams while the whole gang is dancing. Ally is dancing with Greg :) , while Renee has brought the blow up doll for her date. Whipper is at the hospital in Bria’s room, where Bria’s foot is tapping, as if she’s hearing music in her sleep, as the credits roll.

Memorable quotes and a few errant thoughts:
  • Ally to Renee, about the blow-up doll, "I’ll trust you not to let the air out of my social life."
  • Richard to John, "You’re not who you are, you’re only what other people think of you."

  • Ally actually had a long skirt on towards the end of the show, it was almost knee length.
  • Looks like Ally got a hair cut, it looked better!
  • I loved the steam room scene, I was laughing out loud at the words being exchanged between Ling and Nelle.
  • Missed seeing Elaine tonight, she only had about 10 words to say.
  • Greg is back in next week’s show, read on Dana’s page that Ally and Greg will re-kindle their romance! :) As you can tell, I’m a huge fan of that pairing!

It is so funny we laugh hysterically, yet other parts can make you cry.
Special thanks to allyfan98
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