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The show opens with Ally walking on the street, in some kind of daze. She storms into the townhouse, and Renee tries to calm her down. Renee tries to convince Ally that a kiss isnít that serious, itís not like she lied under oath or anything. Ally says there isnít any bigger betrayal than a kiss. A kiss is more emotional, more physical than even sex. Renee is about half laughing at Ally during this conversation. The doorbell buzzes, and Ally is reluctant to open the door. Itís Greg, and his face looks like a thundercloud. He is angry that he waited for Ally and she didnít show up. Ally gives him a lame excuse, and then tries to blame it on cramps. She then tries to give him the real reason, but Renee stops her confession and pulls her aside. She tells her not to say anything. She argues that all relationships start with dishonesty, it sets the stage for marriage. Renee is saying to Ally, "You cannot tell him you were kissing.... BILLY. " As Renee says the word Billy, Billy is standing at the doorway. Ally looks horrified to see him, and Greg doesnít look happy to see him. Renee covers saying that Billy is there to see her, and Billy gives Greg a lame excuse which he seems to believe. Ally tries to ditch both men, using cramps as an excuse. She starts with Greg, and asks if they can hook up later. She then tells ushers them to the door, and tells Billy, " Iíll kiss you later, uh, SEE YOU later." Both men look at her funny, and she pushes them out. Ally tells Renee to dial Dr. Tracey.

Ally has filled Tracey in on the recent events. Ally tries to stress the fact that she has committed adultery, plus betrayed a friend. Tracey doesnít seem to take Ally too seriously, and wants to talk about Greg. She wonders if theyíve slept together yet. Ally says that they havenít. Tracey activates her laughter box, which Ally snatches from her and turns off. Ally stands up, as if to leave, and Tracey pushes a remote control button, which moves the couch. The couch slides up to Ally, and she falls onto it, then the couch resumes its original spot. Tracey says that Ally is afraid of falling in love, and is reaching out to Billy as a guardrail. Tracey tells Ally that she canít know if Greg is the right guy for her unless she knows if theyíre sexually compatible. Tracey tells her to go
" Honk his horn, and call me in the morning." She also tells her if she sees a blimp along the way to ignore it.

Ally goes back home and tells Renee about her visit. Ally says sheís not sure whatís worse, her, her problems, or the people she goes to, to fix them. Renee agrees that Tracey has a point about the sexual compatibility issue. Ally says that she doesnít need to audition Greg. She can tell how a man will make love, just by the way he kisses. Ally looks up, and is startled to see Billy standing there. He says they need to talk, and they go into another room. Ally is really nervous with him, and says that there is too much swirling around in her head to think clearly now. She wants to talk about it later. She says to Billy,
"Right now I think you should leave Georgia, leave here. Here, leave here, damnit! " Billy wants to confront the truth of what happened, and why it happened. Billy said that it was either a mistake that happened in a moment of weakness, or it wasnít. Ally assures him it will all be clearer in the morning, so they say goodnight.

Ally runs into Georgia the first thing the next morning. Georgia complains to Ally about Ally dumping some interrogatories on her. Ally remembers that, and says it was only because she was the one who deposed the doctor. Georgia sees her point, and lets up on her. She then walks away, with a knife in her back. Ally sees it, and feels horrible.

Ally walks into her office, and bangs her head repeatedly on her door, saying it was only a kiss. The door opens, and crashes into Ally. Itís Elaine, who wants to know if sheís free for Billy. Ally says why does it matter, heís not free for her anyway. Ally shuts up after realizing what she just said. Elaine tells her that Billy is here, and Ally turns around, and Billy is standing there. Billy wants to know if things are any clearer. Ally doesnít answer, so Billy answers for her. He says that she must think itís wrong, and even if he did want to travel down a road, itís not open to him. Ally says that Billy just wants her to say it was wrong, so he can at least say he tried. They play each other back and forth, trying to get the other to confess their true thoughts. Ally admits that sheís only ever loved him, and Billy says that he canít imagine himself growing old with anyone else. Itís hard to tell if they really mean what they say, or are just testing each other. They continue to banter, and Billy says that they should meet at lunchtime at her place. He then utters the line that had us all in a panic last week, " I canít go another day without making love to you."

Ally has gone to see Dr. Tracey again, and is telling her she thinks Billy is bluffing about his famous last line. She says that Billy wants to be able to live his life with Georgia, and at least say that he tried with Ally. Ally says that she knows Billy. She doesnít think he was serious about what he said, and that
"He wants to be able to have his cake, and not eat, IT." Tracey asks what if itís not a bluff? Ally says that definitely she wouldnít go through with making love with Billy. Tracey wants to know why sheís afraid to tell Billy that. Ally responds that if sheís going to second guess herself miserably forever, she wants Billy to do the same thing.

Ally gets on the elevator, and Georgia is already in there. Georgia apologizes to Ally for snapping at her. Ally hears a noise, which is like a loud heartbeat sound. The walls and ceiling start vibrating and closing in on Ally, while Ally looks like sheís going to hyperventilate. The elevator finally opens, and Georgia gets off, again with the knife in her back. Ally doesnít get off the elevator until Richard reminds her. Ally walks towards her office, but stops and asks Elaine if Billy is in her office. Elaine says no, so Ally goes in. Billy isnít in there, but Greg is. Greg asks if Ally is going through some crisis. Ally says she is, but wonders if she can work it out alone. Heís ok with that, but tells her heís there to help. They kiss, and agree to talk tonight. Greg goes to leave, and of course Elaine has been spying on them. She walks in, and asks Ally if sheís ok. Ally says itís like it always is,
" I donít want what I want, and I want what I donít want, and to complicate it even more right now, I donít know what I want, or donít want." Elaine suggests to Ally that maybe she needs to see a therapist, but Ally says she already is, and she said that she should sleep with Greg. Elaine canít believe that Ally hasnít slept with Greg yet. Ally wonders why thatís so hard to believe, and anyway, "Sex is sex." Richard walks in, and asks where Billy is. Elaine says she think he went to lunch, and Ally suddenly remembers her lunchtime meeting with Billy. She makes excuses, and then breaks into a run home.

Ally and Billy are at her place, and Ally says sheís imagined this scenario in her head quite often over the past two years. She says it always felt so romantic, but it doesnít now, it feels terrifying. Ally asks Billy if he really came there to make love, and he answers her question with another question.. did you? Ally says no, and says that he won, since he took her dare. Billy says that if he wanted to take a chance, he wouldnít accept no for an answer. He says he doesnít want to pretend heís certain on anything, and asks Ally how her scenario ends. Ally looks up at him, and traces his lips with her finger. They kiss for a few moments, and then Ally stops, with tears running down her face. She says the scenario would get to that moment, and then she would start to cry.

Ally has gone into Traceyís office again. She tells Tracey that she didnít make love with Billy, they only kissed, and then her pea sized brain hit panic mode. Tracey says that Ally needs to get rid of Greg, but Ally reminds her that Tracey had said that she might be using Billy as a guardrail to keep from falling in love with Greg. Tracey suddenly remembers that. Ally gets irritated at her, and wonders if she even knows about the concept of love. Tracey gets serious on Ally, and tells a story about a love that she sent away. Ally listens patiently and then tells her that was the plot on the tv movie last night. Ally tells Tracey to please take her seriously, and Tracey decides that she needs to see Ally and Billy together. She has heard Allyís side, but now needs to hear Billyís.

Elaine is waiting to greet Ally with a vase full of roses from Greg. Elaine said she opened the card to see if there were any special water instructions.(LOL) Elaine is still trying to figure out whatís up with Ally, but Ally doesnít give any hints. Ling is standing there, and she tells Ally that sheís penile psychic, and something is up in the office. Ally said itís not her, and Ling growls, but leaves. Elaine once again questions Ally, but Ally says sheís never ok, and wonders why she is making a big deal of it.

Ally looks across the office, and sees Billy come in. Ally is hearing a song about looking out for a cheater while watching Billy get his messages. He stops to talk to Nelle for a minute, and both Georgia and Ally are watching him talk to her. Georgia looks over and sees Ally watching Billy talk with Nelle. Billy walks up to Georgia, and Ally is still watching Billy. Billy starts to leave the room, and Georgia notices that Ally is still watching Billy, and she gives her a strange look.

John is in the unisex flossing his teeth while Georgia is on the other side of the mirror. Georgia flips the mirror so they can talk, and asks if Nelle is seeing anyone. John says he doesnít think so. Ling comes out of a stall then, wiping the corner of her mouth. She doesnít say anything as she walks past them. Richard then exits the same stall, with a finger up towards his mouth. He looks at the two of them, says "Bygones" and leaves. Georgia gives John a look as if to say yuck!!!

Ally and Billy are at Traceyís office now. Tracey starts to question Billy about Georgia and he gets really defensive, and says that this has nothing to do with Georgia. Ally speaks up and says of course this is about Georgia, and asks if things are ok with them. Tracey moves ahead with her questions, and says she wants to see them kiss. Billy says that it would serve no purpose, but Tracey stresses that there is a difference between love and lust. Billy stands up and angrily says,
"IT WASNíT LUST". Ally and Tracey look taken aback at his strong reaction. Billy then decides to leave, and Tracey starts goading him, saying to go ahead and leave since it seems to work for him. Ally is nodding her head in agreement. Billy says heíll stay and face this if Tracey will tell him how sheís equipped to deal with this situation. He says if sheís never been in this situation she shouldnít judge or pretend to understand who they are. Tracey says that sheís not happy and hates to see people lose a chance at being happy by lying to themselves. Tracey says that people think sheís silly about this theme song business, and then tells them about where she got the idea. All during this, sheís very serious, and almost choked up. She starts singing the song Tainted Love (Soft Cell) and then presses a button and the music starts playing to it. Tracey shuts the blinds, giving the room a bluish hue, while putting her all into singing this song. Billy and Ally are shaking their heads in amazement and Billy turns off the music and opens the blinds. Billy says that heís glad someone is amused by the fact that he committed an act of infidelity last night. Tracey says that Billyís value system is forcing him to attach meaning to the kiss. She says that heaven forbid that Billy betrayed Georgia just because he felt like it. Tracey says that some husbands stray when loneliness and horniness collide, and there isnít a deeper meaning involved. Tracey tells Billy that he canít possibly conceive of the notion that he could kiss Ally on a whim. Billy tells Tracey he canít believe that she is trivializing this, and Tracey says thatís the problem, he canít trivialize this matter. Ally agrees that Tracey is right. Tracey says that for Billy to be unfaithful he has to believe it (the kiss) was something was more meaningful than sex. Tracey asks Billy, " Was it? Do you really love Ally? Or do you need to find some higher justification to acquit yourself of the lowest low.?" Tracey walks over to them and says if they want to find out if theyíre right for each other they canít let guilt be an issue. She takes one of each of their hands, and puts them together. She holds up their linked hands, and tells them to consider this and only this. She looks at their hands, and asks, "Is that the picture or not?" Ally and Billy look at the pair of hands, and then look away.

Ally and Billy are doing an exercise that Tracey has recommended. They are still holding hands, and they have their eyes closed imagining them at age 60. They both look happy and speak the same answers in unison to Traceyís question. Tracey asks what Ally looks like at age 60. Billy says sheís had some work done, to her face and lips. Ally protests this thought, and they argue about it. Billy says that vanity is a part of Ally, and she always has to look good. Ally asks how could he fall in love with someone so vain then, and he said it happened at age 8, and he was too young to know better. Ally says that Billy is old enough to know better now and storms out the nearest door. She realizes the door led into a closet, and she comes storming back out. Ally wants to leave, this matter has been solved. Tracey says that nothing has been solved yet, and she canít leave now, Billy is winning. Ally decides to stay, but sits on a chair on the other side of Tracey. Tracey admits that weíre all vain, and wonders what the big deal is about it anyway? Billy says it goes to the fact that Ally is never satisfied, with herself. He says this is hypocritical for him to say, but he worries that although she believes in monogamy, she wouldnít be able to stay monogamous. He says that Ally has, and always will have, esteem issues. He says that if Ally doesnít get the affirmation she needs from her husband, she could stray to look for it. Ally responds with this,
" Billy, if you had shared that little insight with me, you would have saved ourselves alot of time and alot of pain because you could have sailed to Michigan just on the wind of me blowing you off. " Tracey tells them to take a 5 minute break to think about things, and excuses herself.

Ally and Billy are still arguing, and Ally has turned the tables on him. The next conversation is priceless, so here is pretty much the whole conversation.

  • Ally, "Itís you that has the problem. You say that you worry about me going some place else to find affirmation. Why would I have to Billy? Why wouldnít I be getting it from you? Why is that Billy? What youíre really worried about is that YOU wouldnít be able to give it forever. Itís YOU that has the trouble with monogamy as evidenced last night when you were sucking away on my natural lips. "
  • Billy, "Yeah, thatís me Ally. I just go around kissing people whenever."
  • Ally, "You asked Tracey if she knew love. Iím not sure YOU do. Because Iíll tell you this, love,more than anything else, is about respect. RESPECT! And the way you just described me, the way you think I am? That wasnít respect."
  • Billy, "Oh, and youíre the expert?"
  • Ally, " And it all makes sense. YOU DONíT LOVE ME! You never loved me! And that explains why you left me with one look at Georgia! ONE LOOK! And you didnít even take the time to smell her. "
  • Billy, "Weíre talking about last night."
  • Ally, "We are talking about you being unfaithful. Like you were last night, like you were to me four years ago.
  • Billy, "And what were YOU last night?"
  • Ally, "The one getting killed, as always."
  • Billy, "Oh yeah, thatís you. Always the victim. Last night just happened to you."
  • Ally, "I was stupid. Like Iíve always been stupid to think..."
  • Billy, "To think what? That I loved you? I DID love you. The problem is you couldnít recognize it."
  • Ally, "Oh, I couldnít?"
  • Billy, "No, you never did, and you never will."
  • Ally, "I knew you loved me."
  • Billy, "And didnít it just lift you up? Love is wasted on you Ally because youíll always be unhappy. Thatís why I left.!!!! I wasnít going to waste..."
  • Ally, "Love is wasted on me?" Ally has tears in her eyes now.
  • Billy, "Yes, it is. You may go through your good times, dance with your unicorns. But we both know the place youíll always go back to. And I donít want to... If we stay together, you donít give yourself credit for how strong you are. I couldnít have pulled you out of your world, you would have pulled me into yours.
  • Ally, "Do you really think that?"
  • Billy, "Yes."
  • Ally, "Then, why, last night? Why did you...?
  • Billy, "Because, I love you."
  • Ally, " You just donít want to waste it."
  • Ally gets her coat and puts it on.
  • Billy, "No, I donít know."
  • Ally, "I think you do." Youíre wrong, about one thing. Iím gaining on happiness, and I AM going to get there one day."
  • Billy, "Well I hope Iím there to see it."
  • Ally, "IF you are, itíll be from a distance. I love you! Goodbye!

Ally is shown walking out the door, the door shuts, and the credits roll.

Does the door shutting signify that this chapter in Allyís life is over?
This is the first show that didnít have a courtroom scene as far as I can remember.
Tracey, to Ally, " Youíre a baby...You probably still poop green."
Tracey, to Ally, "Youíre a slut. The way to your heart is up your fallopian tubes."
Billy, to Elaine, " Could you excuse us?"(trying to get her to leave the room) Elaine, "Why, what have you done?"
Ally, "We didnít have sex." Tracey, "What about the democratic definition?"

summary by allyfan98


It is so funny we laugh hysterically, yet other parts can make you cry.
Special thanks to allyfan98
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