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Love Unlimited

The show opens with Ally and Greg walking down the hallway at the hospital. Ally is still walking on air when sheís with Greg. Ally is telling Greg the reasons she never wanted to be a doctor. She said mostly itís because of the outfits, she doesnít look good in hospital green. Ling walks up to Ally, and Ally falls down from her imaginary wall. Ling explains that sheís at the hospital to get the flowers back that she gave to her now deceased friend. Ally introduces Ling to Greg, and as sheís doing so, Ally sees Ling morph into this strange alien looking creature. Ally looks scared, and calls Ling, "My very good friend, Ling." Ling turns to leave, and runs into a man in a wheelchair. Ling snaps at him, "Watch where youíre going. Itís bad enough you people get all the parking spots." Greg goes into see one of his patients, Eric, a little boy who has leukemia. Ally walks in, and Eric sees Ally, and thinks sheís an angel. Eric asks Ally if itís time to go, and Ally just looks without saying anything.

The gang has gathered in the conference room, with the exception of Ally. Elaine reports that Ally is in love, and at the hospital, probably to get "A hickey suctioned under sterile conditions." Nelle walks in and she has dark glasses drawn on her face with makeup. The area all around her eyes is blackish/brown, and she has little stars decorating the glasses. The whole gang looks speechless, but good ole Richard breaks the ice, and wants to know whatís up with the "Rocky raccoon " look. Nelle says that she just felt like doing it, since there wasnít any meeting today. She asks for opinions, but the gang is still shocked, and no one speaks. Richard says he and John will be out of the office most of the week, in trial. Billy reminds Richard that he has no criminal trial experience, and probably canít win the case. Richard admits that heís a little nervous, and has packed an extra pair of jockeys just in case.

Greg is checking up on Eric, with Ally in attendance. Ally and Eric and talking about the Red Sox, and the fact that they never win the World Series. Ericís mother Julie, walks in, and Eric introduces her to Ally. Eric tells his mother that Ally is a lawyer. He asks Ally if he wanted to sue someone, could she help him? Ally asks who he wants to sue, and he says,

John and Richard are talking with their client, Harvey Kent before court. Renee walks up, wondering where Billy is. When she learns that Richard and John are pleading the case together, she pullsJohn aside and says this case isnít fun and games. John assures her,
"I always beat you. Iíll do so here." A woman walks by, and the client looks stunned to see her. The lawyers explain that she will be there, as a witness for the prosecution.

Julie and Ally are talking about what Eric just said about suing God. Julie explains that Eric is angry at God, his dad died, and he has leukemia. Ericís insurance wonít pay for the experimental treatments which might help him, and their church said they wonít offer any financial help. Ally says that Eric canít sue
"him" but a voice interrupts saying he can. Itís Ling, whoís come to visit. Ling is introduced to Julie, then pushes through and talks to Eric. Ling says of course he can sue God. Eric says, that is if he even exists, and Ling assures Eric that he does exist. She says, who do you think the doctors go around pretending to be? Ling is then escorted out of there. Eric tells his mom that he does want to sue.

Ally and Ling are back at the office, and Ally is still angry. She tells Nelle that Ling just promised a dying little boy that he could sue God. Billy and Georgia have joined the group and are listening to Ally rant. Ling says that she never said he could win, but he does need the money to pay for his treatments. She then fills the group in on some info they didnít know about Ericís fatherís death. Lightning struck a tree, and the branches fell and killed his father. Ling says thatís an act of God, and they can go after the churchesí House of God. Ling then leaves. Georgia wants to know where Ling comes up with her ridiculous theories. Nelle says that Ling didnít make Editor of Law Review for nothing, sheís almost always right. The gang is flabbergasted, as they come to the conclusion that Ling is a
LAWYER!!!!!!!! Nelle looks surprised that the gang didnít already know this.

Renee is questioning her client, Rodney Wilcox about the case. He explains that when he was in bed with a woman, he heard a noise, and a man came crashing through the room, yelling. That man is Harvey Kent. Harvey then pulled out a pistol, and shot Rodney. Richard takes his turn, and we learn that Harvey is the womanís husband, and that Rodney was having an affair with her. Richard stresses the fact that Rodney is having adulterous sex with this woman, and even inquires about the sex.

Eric and his mom are at the law firm, and Eric asks Ally to be his lawyer. Eric then starts shooting hoops with a man while Ally and Julie talk. Julie says that this case seems to be beneficial to Eric, itís giving him some bounce. He doesnít have too much time left, and she would be grateful if Ally could help them out. Ling then walks past, and Ally calls her over. Ally wonders if thereís anything they can do for Eric. Ling thinks it might be a good idea if they do the case with Whipper presiding (actual words,
" Naked big haired blond thing who believes in unicorns. Sheíll buy anything. I think sheís senile") Ling says she would be on the team, but she has better things to do. She then tells Eric that he needs to be a fighter, and to put all of his strength into stomping on Allyís foot to see if she can feel it. Ally grimaces in pain, as Ling exits the room. Eric looks at Ally, and says that "Ling is sooo cool."

Sheila Kent is on the stand and is backing up what Rodney Wilcox said. She also says that her husband said that he was going to kill them both when he pulled out the gun. John then questions Sheila about fidelity. John asks how the affair ever happened, and Sheila says it just did, she fell in love with Rodney.

Eric and his mother are in Allyís office, talking about the case. Ally is going to talk with the church, but for now she has some questions for Eric. She wants to know what he hopes to gain by suing. Eric says that if he sues God, when he gets to heaven, heíd have an opportunity to ask God some questions, but doesnít elaborate what they are. Eric is starting to have doubts about God, so Ally tells him a story. She says that she asked for a baby sister, and then the next year she got one. She wasnít much fun at first, but when she was 4, she could do almost all of the things Ally could. Then when she was 5, she got sick, and she died, and Ally stopped believing in God that day. Her parents tried to convince her that he was real, but she wouldnít believe them. Then one fall day, Ally saw something she had never seen- a blimp. Ally didnít know what it was at the time, and her mother told her it was God. Then as she got older, her mother changed the story a little, and said that God had man make the blimp to remind people that he was still up there. She said that thatís what blimps do, just look down. She says even to this day when she sees a blimp she wonders. Eric says that heís never seen a blimp except for on tv. Ally says that sheís sure God communicates with different people in different ways, and that maybe for him, the Red Sox would win the World Series this year, just to remind him that heís up there, looking. Eric says,
"Or maybe he sent you." Ling has been at the doorway listening while this conversation took place, but left without saying anything.

Ally is trying to convince Ling to help with Ericís case. Ling gives Ally some excuses, but Ally finally convinces Ling to do the case. Ling agrees to come out of retirement for only one case.

Renee has a doctor up on the stand, testifying to Harveyís frame of mind at the time of the shooting. Dr. Burns says that Harvey definitely knew what he was doing at the time of the shooting. Richard takes his turn, and makes a fool out of himself. He rambles on and on, and finally the judge stops him after Renee makes an objection. The judge says to Richard,
"The way this goes, you ask questions, and you should appear to be drug-free while doing so." Richard gets the doctor to admit heís been wrong in the past, and alludes to the fact that he could possibly be wrong this time.

Ally is having a meeting with Julie, Eric, and Mr. Gale, a representative from St. Christopherís church. Ling tells Mr. Gale that Ericís parents contributed generously to the church, and the moral thing for the church to do is give back. She knows that theyíll settle because if news of the lawsuit hit the paper, it would create quite a stir. A little boy needs experimental treatment to save his life, and his church wonít help? It would cost the church more to fend off the negative press than to settle the lawsuit.

Harvey Kent is on the stand, saying how he flew into a rage when he saw his wife and one of his best friends in bed together. He grabbed his gun from a drawer, but doesnít remember much else. Harvey is glad that he didnít actually kill anyone. Richard takes a turn, and rambles on, and John asks permission to take over. John feels that Richard has been
"driven wayward" The judge gives permission, and John approaches Mr. Kent. John asks Harvey if he still loves his wife. Harvey says he does, and doesnít think heíll ever love anyone else.

Nelle is asking Eric what he thinks about her "fake glasses" thing. He says that it looks a little goofy, but Nelle says older guys go for it. She tells Eric to look over at that "Ken doll" (Billy), she says that he likes it. She looks over at Georgia, and says that the glasses bug Barbie (Georgia). LOL Georgia shoots Nelle a dirty look. Ally walks out to Georgia, and Georgia notices Ally looks a little strange. Ally is in shock, the church has agreed to settle the lawsuit. Eric and his mother join them, and Ally says that the oncologist can be called, and they can begin the treatment. Eric is really happy, and says heís still not sure he believes in God, but he does believe in angels. Eric says,
"When I first looked at you Ally, I knew that you were my angel. But now I know itís Ling."

Ally and Greg are talking downstairs at the bar about Eric. Ally wants to know if the drug will really work. Greg says that it might work, and should be available in a few days. Ally crosses her fingers, hoping that it does. Ally and Greg give each other some looks, and Ally tells Greg that she needs to act on one of her New Yearís resolutions, less fantasy, more reality. She gets up on Gregís lap, and they start to kiss.

John is doing his closing, telling a story from his past. He had liked this girl in high school, and he could never work up the nerve to talk to her. He finally did, and asked her to to the prom, and she accepted. He knew right then that love could produce mind altering chemicals. He knows now that that was only puppy love, but imagine committing your whole life to someone, and walking in on them with someone else. He says to the jury that they canít possibly relate to it, unless theyíve been through it. If they have been through it, imagine
not experiencing a little insanity. He says of course it was wrong for Harvey to pick up that gun. John stresses that Harvey is a peaceful, law abiding person, and that thereís really no other explanation than he was just insane at the time of the shooting. John says that love can cause you to do destructive things sometimes. Richard tries to add something on, but John wonít let him. Renee gets up and stresses the cold hard facts, that Harvey tried to kill someone, and knew what he was doing. She even makes fun of the case that John and Richard tried to present.

Elaine answers a phone call, itís someone for Ally.. Sheís not there, but says that sheíll page her right away. Ally is running through the hospital hallway, and meets up with Julie. She says that Eric is really fatigued, she could hardly get him to open his eyes. Greg and another doctor walk up and say the news isnít good. Eric isnít in any pain, but is suffering from fatigue, and he is dying. Ally starts crying, wanting to know what happened. Julie goes into see Eric, and Ally stays outside with Greg. Ling comes down the hallway, and she can tell the news isnít good. Julie walks out, and says that Eric would like to see Ally and Ling. They both walk in, and sit down on his bed. Ally sits in front of Ling. Eric tells Ally that they say that you always see your angel right before you go. Ling then sits in front of Ally, and talks to Eric. He says that when Ling talks to him, he doesnít feel like heís sick, but he is. He then asks for Ally again, and he tells her he had a dream that he was
her angel. Ally says sheís sure that he is. Eric thinks that she should get a new angel, but Ally says sheís sticking with the one sheís got. Eric gets a little uneasy, and asks his mom to sing his favorite song. Julie sings Eric his song, itís about chasing rainbows. Itís the same song that Vonda sang when the show opened.

The jury is back, and it is read. The defendant, Harvey Kent is found not guilty by reason of temporary insanity. Harvey thanks the lawyers, then walks over to give apologies to his wife, Sheila. Harvey learns that Sheila is still with Rodney.

Ling and Ally are waiting out in the hallway, as Greg approaches, saying,
"Heís gone." Julie comes out of his room, and thanks them for being there for Eric his last few days. Ally looks really upset, but Ling is still keeping her poker face on.Ally tells Greg that there canít be a God, God wouldnít have let this happen. Ling then snaps at Ally that Ericís death isnít the biggest shock, he had leukemia, and to get over it. Ling then leaves the room. We see Ling doing her best not to cry as she leaves the hospital. She finally breaks down and cries after she makes it outside.

Richard, John and Harvey are sitting at the bar, deep in thought. We see Harvey at the hospital, as an angel walking down the hallway. He has the light all around him, and someone is walking with him, holding his hand, maybe God??

Billy has gone upstairs to talk Ally into going to the bar. He tells her heís sorry about her loss, and asks if thereís anything he can do to help. Ally tells Billy she should be feeling lucky since she was able to meet Eric before he died. She said itís not everyday that you get to go face to face with your angel. Billy offers to walk Ally home, but she says that she wants to go it solo, so Billy leaves.

Richard is sitting down at the bar, and Nelle comes up to him asking about Ling. Sheís wondering if Ling is ok, and Richard says he thinks she is. He picks up his cell phone to call her again to check on her.

Ally is walking home and hears a noise in the sky above her. She looks up and sees a Goodyear Blimp up in the sky. There is a scrolling message going across the blimp that says
"Just Looking".. Ling is standing nearby at a newspaper stand watching Ally as she looks up at the blimp in amazement. Ally stands in the street looking up at the blimp as the credits roll.

summary by allyfan98

It is so funny we laugh hysterically, yet other parts can make you cry.
Special thanks to allyfan98
Photographs courtesy of Fox Network

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