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The show opens with Ally and Renee walking on the street talking. Ally is saying how good she feels without Billy in her life. The guilt is getting to her though, about hurting Georgia. Ally keeps seeing people on the street, pointing, and calling her names. Renee doesn’t see the same things though. The two women stop, and Renee says it’s ok to feel a little shame. A dog comes up and urinates on Ally’s foot, and this is no fantasy, it’s real life.

Richard is holding a meeting in the conference room, discussing the current cases. Ally gets defensive on everything Richard says, making the gang wonder what’s up with her. John says the senator in his case has agreed to settle for $520,000, and they’re just working out the payment schedule. Nelle is totally shocked that the senator agreed to the settlement. Ally keeps hearing the heartbeat noise again, and sees Georgia’s head expand and contract. Ally makes an excuse to leave the room, with the gang looking surprised. Ling speaks up saying she thinks Ally is more weird than "the strange little man" (John). Elaine comes in for John and he leaves the room.


John is meeting with Mr. Benson, the senator’s attorney. Mr. Benson tells John that they’re modifying their agreement, they won’t pay anything. John argues that they had a deal, but that doesn’t seem to mean much to Mr. Benson. He says that they’ll have to go to trial, today. John realizes he was duped.

Elaine tells Ally that Greg is waiting on the phone for her, and Ally says she’ll call him back. Billy comes up, and pulls Ally into her office. Billy says they need to talk, and Ally says that the only thing they have to talk about is if they should tell Georgia or not. Billy tries to argue with her, but John interrupts, saying he needs them in the conference room- now.

John tells the other lawyers about being duped by Mr. Benson, and he formulates their strategy. He gives each lawyer something to work on. Ally is still haunted by the beating sound, and even asks Georgia,
"Could you please turn your head down?" John says that his client, Shirley Peterson, was put out of business when the senator gave some speeches against her book store, saying it was a place of disrepute. John says he’ll try to buy them some time at the courtroom, and leaves with Richard in tow.


John is arguing to the judge that he was mislead by the other attorney, but the judge refuses to continue the case. He tells John to either be ready for court today, or he will rule in favor of the defendant. John is forced to say ready for trial. Mr. Benson would like the jury sequestered, and John disagrees. The judge says he agrees with Mr. Benson. Richard speaks up, and offers this;
"If you don’t let these people watch the news, then they’ll only know what they’ll hear, and hear, what chance does the truth have then?" John is really angry at Richard for saying that, and throws him off the case. John tells Ling that she’s second chairing, despite her objections that she’s not a litigator. Ling snaps she knew this would happen if she took a job there, they’d actually make her work.

Elaine walks up to Ally, telling her Greg is waiting for her in her office. Ally walks in, and Greg is angry that she hasn’t talked to him, nor returned his calls. Greg wants to know what’s going on, and he wants the truth. Ally tells the truth, but doesn’t mention Billy. She says there was someone else for a few days, and they kissed. Ally says it was a mistake, and it’s over, but there had been someone else. Greg doesn’t say much, but bolts to the door, with Ally saying they need to talk about it. Greg says they’ll talk about it later, and he runs into Billy when going out the door. Billy wants to know what that was all about. Ally says she’s over everything, but she’s still struggling with the Georgia issue. Billy says he’s been to counselors, and they all say not to tell Georgia. Ally says that Tracey says the same thing, but wonders why it feels so wrong not to tell her. Ally is hearing the heartbeat sound again, but decides to humor it, and starts dancing to the beat. The sound comes to a screeching halt when Ally sees Nelle watching her.

Ally is on the phone trying to dig up some information for John. Georgia walks in, and Ally keeps seeing Georgia’s face pulsing. Once again, Ally’s guilt is playing on her, as she imagines all the office watching and laughing at her. Ally makes a dash for the unisex.

John is questioning his client, Ms. Peterson about her business. Shirley explains that her business (books and music) was doing well until Mr. Watkins ran for senator. He basically targeted her store for selling pornography, and the negative publicity ended up causing the store to lose business, and eventually go bankrupt. During Shirley’s speech, Ling is interrupting, obviously creating a diversion for the jury. Shirley tells the jury that Mr. Watkins used the pornography angle as a political ploy, and it destroyed her.

Ally and Greg are having lunch, and she’s trying to explain things. She says she feels alot of guilt about the kiss, but it’s something she had to go through. Greg says that they were past the stage in their relationship where she should be kissing other men, and demands an apology. Ally then apologizes to him. Greg says, " I understand you may be emotionally neurotic, I might even tolerate it, but do me a favor, don’t celebrate it."

Ally is talking to Renee in the hallway, and she tells him about her lunch. Renee asks her if she even wants to go forward with the relationship, and Ally says she doesn’t know. Ally sees a man holding a press conference talking about Ally cheating. Ally says it seems like everyone knows, and is watching. She asks Renee to go to church with her that night. Ally says she’s over the kiss, but it’s the lie that keeps getting her. She says every time she sees Georgia, the lie lives.

Mr. Benson is questioning Ms. Peterson about the books she had in her store. Ms. Peterson argues that the books are the same as in other bookstores. Mr. Benson keeps stressing moral values and saying the material in her store was pornography. Ms. Peterson argues back that her store was targeted by Mr. Watkins, and his false statements forced her business to go under.

Billy is having a crisis, so he’s decided to go into the unisex to seek answers from the mirror. Richard walks in and asks if he’s having sex with Ally. Billy looks shocked, but Richard says Ally is looking guilty, and Billy is closing doors, it’s a logical explanation. Richard offers his shoulder as a cushion, but Billy walks out on him. He runs into Elaine, who is snooping at the door. Elaine asks Richard if he found out anything, and Richard says no. Elaine says Georgia thinks that Billy is up to something with Nelle. Richard shrugs that off, but Elaine says not to believe that subzero stuff, Nelle’s a tramp. Richard says in response,
" The only thing we know for sure about Nelle, Elaine, is when you talk about her, she’s behind you." Elaine struggles for something to say, and tells Nelle she meant it in a good way.


John and Ling are talking strategy, and he tells Ling the jury is watching the movie, Music Man tonight. He says that’s perfect for his next line of questioning.


Ally and Renee are at church, and the ceremony is focusing on the commandments, and about coveting someone’s spouse,and committing adultery. Ally is feeling horribly guilty, and then Lisa Knowles (Jennifer Holliday) and her choir start singing a song about cheating. Ally is convinced that they’re singing about her. Afterwards, Ally is talking to the minister, Mark and he’s telling her she didn’t commit adultery. He says she didn’t commit the deed, it doesn’t matter what was in her heart or mind. She shouldn’t tell Georgia, it would serve no purpose other than to ease her guilt. If Billy wants to tell her, then fine, but she needs to get on with her life. Mark says that Georgia isn’t really her friend, because if she was, she wouldn’t have kissed her husband.

Senator Watkins is on the stand and keeps reiterating that Shirley sold lewd books in her store, and is trying to protect the public from them. He goes off on this high and mighty speech, and while doing so, John accidentally (or so it seems) lets off his blow torch. He apologizes, and says it must have gone off from the gas in the air. The judge gets mad, and takes away his blow torch.

Ally has called Dr. Ruth to ask her if she thinks she should tell Georgia (hypothetically speaking of course). Ally freaks out when Dr. Ruth says that she’s not really a friend then for doing that. Ally opens her door to leave her office, and runs into Billy. Billy says all the counselors tell him he shouldn’t tell Georgia. Ally tells Billy they should think of Georgia, and not tell her.

John is questioning Mr. Watkins about the movie, Music Man. (I’ve never seen it, so it went over my head, sorry). John keeps bringing up different plots in the movie, and relating them to the case. John keeps breaking into song, singing parts from the movie. He gets the jury singing with him. Ling looks pleased with the way things are going.


Ling and Nelle talk after court, and Ling says that she likes working with John, he’s fun. Nelle looks a bit jealous over that remark.


Billy goes in to ask Georgia out for lunch, and blurts out that he kissed Ally. He even thought he was in love with her for a few days. He says he just couldn’t not tell her anymore, although he was advised not to tell her. Georgia is still repeating, ‘You kissed Ally?’ when who should come walking in but Ally. They both give her a look which sends her scurrying out of the room.

Billy is going into the unisex, with Ally right behind him. He goes into a stall, and Ally goes right in after him. The door shuts, and then Ally realizes where she is, and as she’s coming out of the stall, Georgia is standing there, giving her the evil eye. Ally leaves, and Georgia tells Billy they should split for awhile.

Ling is doing her closing now and arguing that the defendant found an easy mark and exploited her. Ling says it’s not right for the senator to defame someone. Ling says the senator isn’t even sorry for putting her client out of business. Ling recites an old expression in China now. She isn’t really saying anything, but her tone is trying to get the jury to feel sorry for her. She even fakes a cry to gain sympathy. Mr. Benson takes a turn, and says the opposing counsel used the courtroom antics to divert attention from the case. He says that they are trying to sue a senator just for having an opinion on the matter. John stands up and says that if they think the senator singled out the one bookstore, they should find in favor of his client.

Ally has come into Georgia’s office to apologize. She says there is no excuse for the kiss, but wants to give an explanation. She says that after Billy left her for Georgia all those years ago, it left her questioning love. She says that kissing Billy somehow made her realize that what they had back then was real. She says she’ll always love Billy, but they aren’t meant to be together. She tells Georgia how Billy says she’ll always be unhappy, and that he knew they would never be happy together. Ally says she hopes to repair their friendship, it matters more to her than she even knew. Georgia asks Ally to leave, but Ally has one more thing to say. Ally tells Georgia she’s deeply sorry and then she leaves.

John and Ling are awaiting the verdict, and when it’s read the foreman makes a mistake. He says the verdict is in favor of the defendant, but corrects it, and says in favor of the plaintiff, and says the damages are 1.2 million dollars. Ling is so proud, and heads off to answer the press questions.

The gang is watching the newscast back at the firm, and they’re celebrating with champagne.

Ally is working late, and Billy walks in and thanks Ally for talking to Georgia. She gives Billy some tips on what to say to Georgia, then he leaves. He walks downstairs, and outside, and finds Georgia drinking, alone. He stands outside and watches her for a minute, then goes inside to talk to her. She doesn’t look to thrilled to see him, and starts crying. Ally is walking on the street alone, and is stopped by some kids on the street playing card tricks. Ally stands there for a minute and plays, but Renee joins her, and the two friends walk home together as the credits roll.

It is so funny we laugh hysterically, yet other parts can make you cry.
Special thanks to allyfan98
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