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Silver Bells


The show opens with Elaine trying to convince Ally to sing back-up for her at the office Christmas party. The party is always held downstairs at the bar. Elaine says itís a tradition that everyone sings, but Ally refuses. Elaine says that Ally is "lugubrious", and Ally sees Elaineís head getting bigger and bigger, and then it explodes.

Richard wants Ally and Richard in his office, heís got a big case for them to take. A man who is married wants to legally marry another woman. James Horton has been married to Mindy for over 8 years, but wants to marry his lover Patty. Patty has already changed her name to Horton also.. Ally says thatís not something you can
"do, legally". James is a lawyer, as is Patty, but he wants them to set a precedent in this case. Richard says the case will go up against Whipper, who has "great respect for Johnís legal mind", and to Ally, "your sense of romance." Ally says no to the case, and John is deep in thought, but Richard has them take it anyway.

Ally and John are in the conference room, talking to James and his women. James explains that he has 3 children, 2 by Mindy, and James fertilized Pattyís egg, and it was implanted in Mindy, making child #3. Ally looks appalled, and starts humming like John sometimes does.

John and Ally are talking to each other in the unisex, each in their stalls. They both go out to wash their hands, and only then does John realize that he doesnít have his trousers on. He is wearing boxers, in case you were curious. He goes back in to retrieve them while saying,

Elaine is trying to talk Renee and Georgia into singing back-up at the party. Georgia says she wonít do it, and Renee says she doesnít sing back-up for anyone. Ally walks up to tell Renee that she canít go shopping, she has to go to court. Georgia says that Richard asked her to go too for
"strength in numbers".

Richard is down at the bar, practicing his song for the party. Elaine suggests that maybe he should sing a Christmas song, since itís the 3rd year running that heís sung an
"ode to Whipper" . Richard says he pays for the party, and he can sing any song he wants. Elaine says that Whipper wants a ring, not a medley.

Ally, Georgia, and Renee are talking about Allyís case over Chinese food. Georgia is curious about the sex between the 3, and Ally explains that James only has sex with one woman at a time, itís not a threesome. She says that she guesses that
"the women take turns being too tired." John comes up to them, saying they have 2 options, either science or emotion. Science, because he says that man by nature must procreate with multiple partners. Emotion says he should follow his heart. John says,"Personally, I lean towards science."

James is on the stand explaining things. He says that his marriage with Mindy seemed dead, and then he fell in love with Patty. He loved them both, but didnít want to tear his family apart .He wanted to find a way to bring everything together, hence the idea of marriage to both women.


Mindy is on the stand now telling her side. She was devastated at first when she found out that James was having an affair. She said itís because it came at a time when she thought everything was going better than ever for them. She says that the affair somehow helped their relationship, since it seemed to make James open up more.



Georgia goes to see Billy telling him about what was said in court. She tells him that she kind of feels like that too, things have been so good with them ever since Ally has joined the firm. Georgia tells Billy that heís less repressed, and the thought that Ally is making their relationship stronger "really pisses me off", adds Georgia..

Ally and Billy are talking in the unisex, and he tells her about his talk earlier with Georgia. Billy says he thinks their friendship really makes them both stronger. Ally says that
" Well it certainly isnít my plan to break up your marriage, but I canít say Iím exactly thrilled to be the best thing that ever happened to it either".

Richard and Whipper are talking in her chambers, and he wants to know why she always goes into a funk at this time of year. Richard says that happiness can be found in one word: denial. Whipper says that
" Happiness is going to bed at night with something a little more secure than a Fishism." (LOL) Richard says that heíll marry her if thatís what she wants, but doesnít know what the big deal is about marriage. Whipper says that it must be a big deal if heís so afraid of it.

Ally and Georgia are talking, and Georgia realizes that Billy blabbed about their personal conversation. Georgia thinks itís time for the three of them to talk. She wants them all in a room together. Elaine pipes up that sheís available to take the minutes, but Georgia snaps at her. John interrupts, saying theyíre late for court.

Patty is on the stand, saying that she is the evil other woman. She didnít grow up picturing her life to be this way, but it did work out this way anyway.

Richard and John are talking about Whipper, and John confides that heís drawn to Ally. He would like to ask her to the Christmas party, and Richard says,
" The timing couldnít be better, she seems to be saying yes to everybody."

Ally, Georgia, and Billy are having the discussion Georgia wanted. Ally first of all protests that sheís brought into the middle of this. Georgia goes on and on about what sheís angry about, while Ally pretty much just listens. Georgia is angry because she likes Billy more now that Allyís in the picture, and sheís not sure that she would want Ally out of the picture. Sheís also angry because she likes Ally too. Georgia thinks that having Ally around has made Billy more accessible. Ally quickly gets out of the difficult situation, but trips on the way out.

Elaine is practicing her song on the stage, and Vonda says that Elaine isnít bad. Renee tells her that theyíll be better.


Ally and Renee are back at the apartment talking about the case. Ally wants to know why women always feel the need to be married. Renee says that society drills it into people that women should get married. Ally says that if women really wanted to change society, they could do it. Ally says she plans to change it, but
" I just want to get married first."

Whipper has arrived at the Hortonís house, and says she just wants to get a peek at their home. I think she was really just wanting to see all of the family, and see how the whole thing was working with her own eyes. She doesnít stay too long, and then excuses herself.

Billy and Georgia are still rehashing their last conversation with Ally. Billy says that he will cut back on his friendship with Ally if thatís what Georgia wants. Georgia says all she wants is to completely trust him. Georgia doesnít like when he shares their conversations with Ally. Georgia says she needs to feel that whatever their successes or failures are, that Ally has no part in them. Billy says that he gets that.

John is in the unisex trying to get mentally ready to ask Ally out. He looks calm and cool as he struts into her office. He mentions the Christmas party to Ally. He keeps his resolve and hears the bells as he asks Ally, " Will you be interested in coming with me, as my date?" Ally says sheís been thinking about it, and after all he is her boss. John immediately understands what Ally is saying, nodding while saying he understands, and leaves looking distraught.


The gang is down at the bar, watching Elaine singing "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus". The gang is amused at the way Elaine is doing the song, and Ally says itís like
"70ís Slut Rock". Richard receives a page, itís John saying that Whipper has a verdict on the case.

Whipper starts by saying she was married twice, and both marriages failed miserably. When she went into the Horton house last night, she saw something that she never had, something she still wants. She says thereís no good reason for the commonwealth not to recognize a union of three. She knows that the institution of marriage is changing, but she considers it a sanctity. She doesnít want to contribute to this erosion of values. She says the timing might be right on, but they picked the wrong judge. She denies the motion. Patty tells Ally afterward that Whipper made the right decision.

Richard goes into Whipperís office to tell her about the party. Richard tells Whipper a story about his parentís marriage. He used to use headphones to block out the noise of their fighting. He also thinks that the age difference is so great that it could never lead to a permanent relationship. He loves her and he suggests that maybe he could get some counseling to overcome his fears. They agree to at least get through Christmas together.

Vonda and Renee are doing a duet of "Santa Claus is Coming To Town" . They are really good together. Georgia and Ally are listening to them while talking about the case. Georgia really thought that they would win, but Ally says that marriages should be in pairs of two. Georgia apologizes for coming off as a lunatic, but Ally says itís ok. Ally says that she knows she uses Billy to steady her, and Georgia as well. That really surprises Georgia.

Ally must have had second thoughts about her words to John since she went upstairs to talk to him. She wants John to come downstairs to the party, and be her date, but John says that her first instinct was correct. John says that noise troubles him, and suggests a glass of wine upstairs. Ally asks him to dance, but he says heís not rhythmic. She convinces him to a slow dance finally.

Downstairs the gang are all dancing with partners, and Richard is singing his ballad to Whipper.

Back upstairs Ally and John discuss Christmas, and their different beliefs about it. The show cuts back and forth between the gang downstairs dancing, and Ally and John dancing as the credits roll.

It is so funny we laugh hysterically, yet other parts can make you cry.
Special thanks to allyfan98
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