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Making Spirits Bright

The show opens with Vonda singing Silver Bells, and Ally walking on the street, looking inside shop windows. John is looking out the window watching the snow fall when Nelle approaches him. Heís stunned, as sheís in a dark colored gown with one shoulder exposed. She explains that sheís going to a clientís Christmas party. Nelle turns to leave, and John then sees mistletoe above her and tries to sneak up to her to kiss her. John moves stealthily up to her, but she turns around and spoils his surprise. She gets ready to kiss him when Richard walks up. Billy then interrupts, saying thereís a problem with Sheldon Maxwell- he just got fired. Richard says heís the lead bond trader for Tamarak Mosely, and heís also their biggest client. Richard then calls in all the lawyers to help work on the case.

Ally walks in from the elevator and Elaine fills her in on the case. She says that Sheldon is Richardís biggest client, and the one who made starting the Fish and Associates firm possible. Ally trips over the Christmas lights that Elaine is stringing, and walks into the office to meet Sheldon. Sheldon says he was fired because his company thinks heís lost his mind- he saw a unicorn, and told people about the sighting. Billy offers to take the case, and says Ally will help him. Ally is clearly shocked that this man saw a unicorn.

Ally walks off the elevator to find Helen Gamble (Lara Flynn Boyle) standing there. You might remember seeing her and Ally interact during the Ally McBeal/The Practice Cross-over show last season. Helen stares at Allyís outfit and tells Ally, "Maybe you could eat a cookie" Ally responds with, "Maybe we could share it". Ally runs into Renee and tells her sheís got a crisis at work, and might have to miss the party. Ally runs back to the elevator, running into Matt Griffin( Richard T. Jones) as she does so. Matt has come to see Renee. Renee yells at him, she told him she didnít want to see him. (Matt was an old flame of Reneeís, who is married) John is stealthily sneaking up to Nelle, trying to sneak in a kiss, but once again, Nelle spots him first. They get ready to kiss again, and are interrupted this time by Ling. She is full of holiday cheer, and greets everyone in a very friendly tone. Of course everyone is shocked that Ling is being nice, and are wondering what sheís up to. Ally says, "Merry Christmas? Whatís the catch?", John once again notices mistletoe, and leans over to kiss Nelle, but she moves, and he ends up touching Ling, who screams. Ally and Billy are discussing the case, and Richard says that he really wants to take care of Sheldon, please work hard on this case.

Ally has gone home, and hears the TV in the apartment. She opens Reneeís bedroom door without knocking, and is shocked at what she sees. Renee and Matt are in bed together, and I can tell you, they sure werenít sleeping. Ally screams, and says sorry, and quickly leaves the room.

The next morning Ally and Renee are talking over breakfast. Ally asks what about Mattís wife, and Renee tells her that Matt said that relationship is basically over.

Billy asks Elaine where Ally is, and is told sheíll meet him at the courthouse. Elaine has on safety glasses, and is constructing a stage inside the law firm. Sheís even using power tools, and nailing wood together.

Billy and Attorney Nixon are arguing their sides of Sheldon Maxwellís case, with Whipper (Dyan Cannon) presiding. Billy argues that Sheldon seeing a unicorn in no way affects his job performance, but Attorney Nixon disagrees. Jackson Poile (John de Lancie) is the boss who fired Sheldon (DooL watchers will know him as playing Eugene, back in the good ole Days.) Ally pipes up to say that when she was in 3rd grade she was class president, and still believed in Santa Claus. Ally says that that belief didnít interfere with her role as president. Whipper calls a short evidentiary hearing, and Ally looks victorious.

John is talking to Richard about Nelle. He would like to kiss her, but have it be his move for once. Richard is full of funny lines tonight, saying
"Your move is in the yellow pages under escort services." Richard says that John is intimidated by Nelleís beauty, her long legs, the incredible hair, the porcelain face- thatís it, she reminds him of his toilet seat, and holds up the broken piece of the seat to prove the point. John asks Richard to please leave the room.

Mr. Nixon is questioning Sheldon about the unicorn sighting. Heís trying to prove that Sheldon is mentally unstable, and asks if Sheldon was ever treated for depression. He says that yes he was, and sought medical attention. He told his doctor about seeing the unicorn, and his doctor diagnosed him as

Ally and Billy go into her office, and Billy shuts the door. Billy asks Ally if she knows why he wanted her on the case. Ally says,
"Because Iím a good lawyer?" Billy says no, thatís not it. Ally says, "Because youíre leaving Georgia?" Ally imagines that her head blows up like a balloon, and she pops it, and goes flying around the room, just like deflated balloon. Billy says he wanted Ally working with him, because " I remember" . Billy remembers Ally telling him she saw a unicorn when they were 7. Ally says that must have been one of her fantasies, and sheís learned to know that itís impossible. Billy tells her that he remembers everything about that day.

Matt and Renee are talking about his wife. Matt tells Renee that he would leave her, but heís afraid of destroying her so close to Christmas. Renee says that they have no future as long as heís living with her. She wonít do that to her, or to herself. Matt says he needs some time. He then drops a huge bombshell- his wife is 4 months pregnant. Renee is completely taken aback, and she gives him a look, and gets up and leaves. Renee stands outside the restaurant, totally in shock. Ally comes up to her on the street, but Renee blows her off, saying she needs to get back, and they can talk later.

Ally finds Renee at the courthouse, and Renee tells Ally about Mattís wife. Ally asks Renee what she needs from her. Renee says that Matt knew her before she was strong, he knew her when she was weak. Ally is afraid that Matt will hurt her. Ally has gone back to the office, and is telling Billy about Renee. Billy asks if itís the worst thing for Renee to be with him, and Ally says heís
*married*. Billy says he doesnít get her, "On the one hand, you reject the world of absolutes, on the other hand, you live by them." Ally says only on some of them, and wants to know what Billyís point is, but he doesnít know.

Jackson is on the stand, with Billy questioning him about his religion. Billyís trying to compare the Catholic faith and the seeing of Jesus as the same thing as Sheldon seeing a unicorn. Billy says that maybe Sheldon saw an apparition, but itís not grounds for termination. Ally asks Sheldon if he would be willing to take a lesser position in the company, or if he would admit that he had a hallucination. Sheldon says he needs to believe that he saw it. He asks Ally if sheís seen a unicorn too. She confides that she did see one when she was very little. He says he knew that she had, and the people who see them share some of the unicornís traits- lonely, with virtuous hearts. Ally says that she petted it, she walked right up to the unicorn.
"He was magic, and he let me pet him." Sheldon says that legend has it that only pure spirits can approach the unicorn, and Ally says that "I was lucky he showed up when I was 7." Sheldon asks if she touched his horn, since that could lead her to love. Sheldon didnít get close to the unicorn, but wonít have another chance if he stops believing in the unicorn.

Ling is still in the Christmas spirit, and even has gifts for the lawyers. Elaine and Georgia are both shocked, and say so. Nelle has overheard them, and tells them they could give Ling a break since sheís "trying to reach out to the less fortunate." Nelle then leaves, with Elaine and Georgia standing their with their mouths open. Elaine shakes her gift, and says she thinks itís ticking.

Back at the courtroom, Attorney Nixon is pleading his case. Heís arguing that Sheldonís mental health clearly would affect his clients, therefore he should be removed before he causes harm to the clientís stock portfolios. Billy takes his turn, saying that personally he believes that Sheldon hallucinated, and that Sheldon saw the unicorn as hope, and why should anyone have any say in where he looks for that hope? Billy says that all people want to be happy, they just get there in different ways.

Elaine is coaching John, as heís singing a song about wanting a hippopotamus for Christmas. He says itís really not him, and tells Elaine to get someone else. Elaine then starting singing while Billy walks by her, and Richard comes up and asks Billy how the case went. Billy says that he gave it his best shot, and Whipper is going to rule that day.

Renee is at the apartment, dancing around the Christmas tree. Ally comes in and wonders what sheís doing. Renee says that she hears Allyís theme song, "Tell Him" and they dance to it together. Renee hears the music screech and says who is she kidding? Renee, "I just need you..... to keep pounding me with common sense."Ally, "Renee, common sense is killing us. We keep saying that all we want is love, and we keep applying all these rules on how we want it to come along" Ally says that Renee doesnít open up to people, even her best friend. Renee says thatís just how she is. Ally says that "Eventually that will get you....Matt, if he gets in there, you should be with him." Ally says. Of course, Renee is shocked at hearing Ally say that.

John has once again spotted Nelle underneath the mistletoe, and tries again to get that elusive kiss. He goes for it, but ends up kissing Georgia by accident.

Renee is getting the candles lit for Mattís arrival, and asks Ally about him. Ally says part of her still thinks itís a crazy idea. Segue to the courtroom, as Whipper is saying who is she to decide crazy, and that people just seem to be more empty in these times. She says that there are alot of lonely people out there, looking for hope in strange places. She decides that those people can keep their unicorns, and says the motion is unlawful, and they are adjourned. Billy says that next time Sheldon shouldnít tell people if he sees a unicorn, and he agrees.


Elaine is doing her performance at the party, and sheís really a good singer. Sheís singing, and cracking a whip on her pretend reindeer, Richard and John, who have red noses on. During it, Ally and Billy are talking about the case. Ally said that she had thought all the whimsy had gone out of Billy, she hadnít seen it in a long time. She tells him that she misses him more at Christmas time, but leaves before he answers. He follows her into her office, and tells Ally that it was she who made him believe in things he couldnít see, and he
"so misses that." They reminisce about a past Christmas, and Ally is glad to know he still does remember everything. Billy puts a piece of mistletoe above her head, and leans over to kiss her on the lips. Billy then wishes her a Merry Christmas and goes back out to the party.

Matt has finally arrived at the apartment, saying he had problems getting out. Renee is ready to go to the party, but Matt doesnít want to go out in public with her. Renee says she knows he doesnít want to destroy his wife, but sheís not going to let him destroy her. She says it might be a mistake to end things, but itís the only mistake sheís willing to make right now. Renee tells him no hard feelings, and sees him out. They exchange presents before he goes.

Everyone is getting ready to leave the party, and Ally compliments Elaine on her performance with Elaine responding, "I gave like a little drummer girl, didnít I? John sees Nelle at the elevator, and tries for that kiss one more time. He almost makes it this time, but his nose whistle gives him away. Nelle says itís not going to be his move, itís going to be her move, is that ok with him? Nelle then kisses John, and they get onto the elevator together. Ally is getting ready to leave, when all of a sudden she sees a beautiful unicorn in front of her. She gives it a hug, and tells it not to be a stranger.

We now see Whipper, who is looking at a book with a picture of a unicorn in it. Renee is hanging up her stocking, Ally is slowly walking home, Billy and Georgia are talking animatedly while walking and Elaine is enjoying the snow as the credits roll.

Errant thoughts:
  • Glad to see that Renee came to her senses, before she got in too deep with Matt.
  • Allyís hair looked better tonight, not as stringy as in past episodes.
  • Nelle still annoys me with her "Itís going to be my move, not yours"- to John. I still think she has an agenda, and will end up hurting John.
  • I miss Whipper and Richard together, but he and Ling together is slowly growing on me.
  • Ling didnít have center stage tonight, finally no lawsuits from her.
  • I think DEK addressed the thin issue tonight, showing his two thinnest actresses in a scene together.
  • I donít think Billy is having feelings for Ally, although I did think that near the beginning of the episode.
  • Jane is a great singer!

It is so funny we laugh hysterically, yet other parts can make you cry.
Special thanks to allyfan98
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