The show opens with Ally dancing to her theme song, "Tell Him". She tries to really hear the song as she's dancing to it, but her efforts don't seem to be too successful. The song keeps screeching to a halt, and she becomes frustrated and starts kicking and throwing things. She throws a cushion in anger, and it hits an incoming Renee in the face. Renee wants to know what's going on with Ally, and Ally brushes it off as a Thanksgiving ritual. Ally breaks into this huge sarcastic speech about what she's thankful for. She looks like she's about ready to crack going through this whole speech. One look at Renee's face tells you she's probably thinking the same thing.

Richard is trying to persuade Ling to settle her latest case. Ling is listening to him, while working on a Rubik's Cube. He asks if he can call her any pet names, and she says yes, but only food related ones. Throughout the show, he calls her all kinds of food names, even pork chop. He doesn't get anywhere with the pleadings, and Ling leaves the room, handing him the solved puzzle.

Ally, Georgia, and Billy are talking loudly in the unisex when Richard arrives. He says for them to
"Hold on. Quiet. Let me ignore you one at a time." Ally complains that she shouldn't be stuck with this case, only Georgia gets saddled with the ridiculous cases, it's her niche. Billy says at some point they're going to have to draw the line, even though she *is* Nelle's friend, and someone Richard wants to sleep with. Of course Ling walks in at precisely that moment, and has heard that last statement. She asks Richard if he only takes her cases because he wants to sleep with her. Richard replies that he's been nice to her and kissed her because he wants to sleep with her. But he takes her cases because she's wealthy, and a "potential cash cow" for the firm. Ally interrupts them, and says that she doesn't really see the merit in her case. Nelle is suing one of her employees for having sexual thoughts about her, although he has never verbalized them. Ling stomps off, looking for comfort from Nelle.

Renee is trying to talk Ally into a double date with someone that Ben knows. She says they're going bowling, which Ally definitely doesn't want to do. She has disdain in her voice when she tells Renee,
"Nobody ever met anybody any good--bowling." Renee grabs Ally by the ear and tells her they're going bowling.

Georgia is prepping Ling how to behave in court. Georgia brings up Ling's psychic abilities (??) and says that might be a hurdle. Ling says she's only
"penile psychic"- she knows when a man is thinking "with his unit". Georgia obviously ticks her off as they continue talking, because Ling gets up to leave. She is still on the hunt for Nelle.


We finally see Nelle going up the stairs to talk to John. She has on a dark skirt, a white oxford looking shirt, and a red tie.(tied just like a man's.) The biggest shock in the outfit is that she has her long blond hair down and flowing over her shoulders. John looks slightly blown away, and Nelle seems pleased. Nelle explains that Ling designs clothes as a hobby, and she designed that outfit. She calls it
"the steward", as in flight attendant. She bluntly says she likes John, and would like to go out on a "real" date. Poor John, he's so nervous he doesn't even know what to say. His nose whistles, his stomach gurgles, and he can't even put a coherent sentence together. Nelle finally says for him to whistle once if he wants to go out, and his nose gives a definite whistle in agreement. Nelle says great, and smiles.

Elaine is explaining the trial folders while handing them to Ally and Georgia. They are only half listening, and are staring at Elaine's stomach. She has on a black dress, and looks pregnant. Elaine then explains her latest invention to them, the pregnancy dress. She thinks pregnant women get allowances for their condition, and she's hoping to cash in on them. It even has a built in water bottle, to make it realistic. Ally takes her into her office, knowing that something is up with Elaine. She knows something has to be wrong in her life for her to be seeking out attention. Elaine finally comes clean that George dumped her. Ally asks,
"He did?" in an overly excited voice. Elaine said she'll be fine, but she hates to be alone on Thankgiving. Ally invites her over for the holiday, and Elaine seems so thrilled. Elaine says she knows all about George falling for Ally, and Ally's refusal to go behind Elaine's back. Elaine gets all choked up when she says that on Thursday she'll be giving thanks that Ally is her friend. Ally says same here, and they hug. Elaine looks down at her stomach saying that she and Ally will never look this way in real life, but Ally says you never can tell. Elaine then excuses herself, as her "pretend" water has broken.

Ally is in the courtroom now, and she has approached the judge, as has opposing counsel. Ally is trying some ploy, and is giving opposing counsel some looks without saying any words. She's trying to make a point, and it obviously worked since she won in summary judgment. Richard congratulates Ally on her win and tells Georgia that "From now on, Georgia, I see you naked without a saddle." Georgia says thanks, but Ally did it. They ask where Ling is, and Nelle interrupts, saying she's in Ally's office with Elaine. She then leaves, with her hair bouncing. The whole gang stares at Nelle's outit and the men admire her as Georgia and Ally smack them. Ally and Georgia enter Ally's office as Elaine is putting a neck brace on Ling. She's trying to make her look sympathetic for the jury. Ally makes her remove it, since it's stupid.

Billy walks into John's office to give him a file, and finds him sitting on the floor. Billy closes the door so they can talk in private. John confides Nelle wants to go out on a real date. He had wanted to covet her from afar, but he does have
"glandular pulls". He doesn't think he sees himself with Nelle for the long run, and admits a short term thing does draw him. He's afraid he could fall in love with her. Billy says worse things could happen. John weighs the pros and cons of dating Nelle. John asks Billy honestly if he thinks it could work out with Nelle. Billy says no.

Ling is on the stand, explicitly describing the looks that Mr. Whitten was giving her at work. She says she couldn't even go into the plant for fear of "sexual ooglement" Ally questions her about the looks, saying she likes it when men look at her. Ling says you only like it when it's the right man, and if it's the wrong man, it sickens you.


Billy walks into the unisex and sees Nelle there. He tries to give her advice about dating John, and really just warns her about hurting him. All of a sudden the toilet flushes, and Billy looks nervously under the stall. Nelle shows him that she was the one who flushed, John gave her a remote flusher. Nelle says,
"If you were so afraid that he might have overheard what you were just saying, then chances are, you weren't being loyal to him by saying it." and then she left the room.

Ling is still on the stand, and talking about Mr. Whitten's looks. The judge has to warn Ling more than once to stick to yes or no answers.



John is in his office dancing to a song when Nelle opens the door and bumps into him. He is still nervous and says he'd feel more comfortable just going to the bar downstairs.


Ally is at the bowling alley, and is being introduced to her date, Wally. He is a small man with glasses, and a very sour looking face. Ally is complaining about the bowling balls, and she leaves with Renee to find one that has smaller holes.

Downstairs at the bar, Ling and Richard are dancing. Richard says that maybe after this case is over, she could take some time off from suing people. Ling says,
"In which case, how would you milk me?" Richard congratulates Ling on making a joke, and she gives a rare smile. Nelle and John are at the bar too, and they aren't talking much. They both look uncomfortable, and John is worried that Nelle isn't having a good time. She says she is, but hopes to get him out of his cocoon sometime soon. A man then approaches, and introduces himself to Nelle. Nelle is friendly to him, and then introduces the man to John, who gets the hint and leaves. Nelle asks John to dance, but he wants to cut the date short, and they leave the bar. They take a taxi home together, and Nelle gives him a quick kiss on the cheek.

Ally is still complaining about the bowling ball holes at the alley. An older man comes up to them, and says he couldn't help but notice that she's using too big of a ball. He explains that he's a widow, but his wife loved to bowl, and he still brings her ball with him. He tells Ally she can use it, and she tries it out. Ally exclaims,
"Finally, a snug fit." Ally gears up to throw the ball, but it must have been too snug of a fit, because she ends up going down the alley with the ball.

Ally has been taken to the ER to have the bowling ball removed from her hand. Wally asks Ally if she's menstruating, that could make her hands swell up. Renee tells Wally that
"You're just a walking HBO special." Ben cracks up after hearing that. The doctor says that Ally could wait until the swelling goes down, but it could swell more, and she could face circulation problems. Renee says to cut it off, but the kind man who lent her the ball doesn't want to hear of that. It's the only thing he has to remember his deceased wife by. Ally says she has court tomorrow, she can't go with a bowling ball on her hand.

Ally goes into the office the next morning, still attached to the bowling ball. She obviously decided to honor the man's wishes. The whole gang says she can't go into court like that, but Billy says maybe she could use it to her advantage in court. Wally has come in to see Ally, bearing flowers. Ally thanks him, then seeks refuge in her office with Elaine.. Ally tries to convince Elaine to get rid of Wally for her. Wally is outside Ally's office serenading her with
"You are my sunshine". All of a sudden the bowling ball falls off of Ally's hand, and right smack on her foot- OUCH..

Richard and Billy are asking John about his date the previous evening. Billy mentions the guy who came up to Nelle. John gets ready to tell the guys about it, and but stops short since Nelle has come into the office. She says she doesn't care if he tells the guys what's going on, but she would appreciate if he would at some point tell her what's going on. John then excuses himself, saying he'd like to be alone.

Ling comes into Richard's office, upset that she lost her case. Richard said these things are bound to happen, since Ling is ahead of her time. Ling must have not liked his speech, because she then leaves.


John goes into Nelle's office to explain his behavior last night. He's afraid of getting hurt. He says that she is beautiful and smart, and could have any man she wanted. He says that the things that draw her to him could be found in other men, and in more attractive packages. Nelle says if that's so, she hasn't met them yet. She says she suspects that all of his friends are telling him to play it safe, and he should do that, if it works for him.

Billy and John talk in the unisex, and Billy references their previous conversation about Nelle. He says part of his negative attitude toward the idea of John and Nelle could be because there is so much partner-associate things already. Billy says that John knows her better than he does, is she a good person, underneath the shell? John says she is, and also she's standing right behind you. Billy turns around, and asks her,
" Do you just sneak up on people?" Nelle says that everyone around here knows everyone else's business. All of a sudden John is hearing Barry White, and Nelle seems to too. She looks around, and asks John if he hears Barry too. John says yes, and is so surprised that she could be know what he's thinking. Nelle walks over to a stall, opens the door, and finds Elaine sitting on the toilet with a boom box on her lap. She has Barry White playing, and John immediately tells her that it's unacceptable. Elaine defends himself by saying she was only trying to set the mood for him. Nelle stomps out of the unisex. Elaine tells him to pull her arm, hard. He pulls it, and Elaine twirls around. She tells John to take her, ask her to dance. She says that's what women want. John practices the pulling motion for awhile.

Nelle goes into Billy's office to confront him about talking to John. She says that John doesn't need him to feel sorry for him. She says it's bad enough that Billy judges people by looks, he shouldn't presume that she does the same. She starts to leave, and says believe it or not, she actually likes John.

Elaine announces to Ally that she's gotten more flowers from Wally. He is also on the elevator coming into their office. Ally thinks fast, and tells Georgia to come into her office.


Ling and Nelle are commiserating over a drink. Ling says it's hard being beautiful, because only the handsome men ask them out, because they're the only ones who think they have a chance. Nelle says handsome men are dolts. Ling says the only true happiness can be found in one thing- shopping.

Wally has made it up into the office, once again bearing flowers. Wally goes into Ally's office to find Georgia and Ally kissing. This isn't some little peck, they are really kissing. Wally looks disgusted, and leaves the room. Elaine says the plan was a success, and
"Ding dong, the bore is gone." Georgia walks in and tells Ally she owes her big time. Ally says she doesn't know, what was with the tongue??? Ally says that Georgia definitely gave her tongue, and they argue about it while Elaine looks on.

Ally is in her office, and Wally has come in to see her. He wants to know why she went out with him if she likes women. Ally says it's denial, and calls for Georgia. He takes it all wrong, and thinks that she would like to change to men, that's why she went out with him. He offers her some scripture about how lesbians can change. He doesn't believe in homosexuality, so that's the end of their relationship. He tells her he will pray for her though.

The gang is all down at the bar, and this time everyone has a dancing partner. Ling and Richard are dancing, and Renee comments that Ling looks happy. Ally, Renee, and Elaine all dance together, Billy and Georgia are dancing, and John and Nelle are dancing. John tries out his move on Nelle and causes her to fall to the floor. Neither makes much of it, and they continue dancing. Everyone is dancing and having fun as the credits roll.

It is so funny we laugh hysterically, yet other parts can make you cry.

Special thanks to allyfan98
Photographs courtesy of Fox Network

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