The show opens with Elaine demonstrating her new invention to Ally. It's a new remote control flusher for John, but it has the added features of a seat lifter, and a warmer. Ally's not so sure that John will like it, since he's kind of particular about things. All of a sudden Ally gets a feeling like something isn't right. She's joined in that feeling by Georgia and Elaine. The elevator opens, and Ling arrives, looking for Nelle. They look at each other and in unison say, "She's baaaaaack".

Ling is complaining to Nelle as they talk about Ling's latest case. Ling's mud-wrestling club is in danger of being shut down from a nuisance claim by the group, M.O.P.E. (Mothers Opposed to Pornographic Entertainment) The gang has their morning meeting, and Richard decides that the women lawyers will litigate this case. They strongly oppose this, but Richard wins out, and they are stuck with the case. Nelle thinks the judge will want a hearing, and thinks that someone should check out the club, just to make sure there isn't any nudity or pornography. Nelle suggests Billy, but Georgia says he can't. Richard offers to go, and then John volunteers since he says, "I'm actually a good spy."

Elaine is showing off her new invention again, this time to John and Billy. She shows how each button works, and John looks kind of pleased with it.

Georgia runs into an old friend, Ray, in the hallway as the lawyers head for court. Georgia and Ray catch up a little, and they realize they're working opposite sides of the same case. Nelle and Ray are at the bench arguing their side of the case, and the opposing counsel's witness starts to speak. The judge decides to have a hearing later that afternoon. Afterwards, Ally grills Georgia about Ray, she thinks he's cute. Georgia said she only went on one date with him, before she met Billy. She said they didn't have much in common at all, and suggests that Ally and Ray go out. Ally says no, but she doesn't look sure of her answer. Georgia persists, and Ally says,
"If he wasn't your type, how could he be mine? You like all the men I like."

John and Richard are in the unisex, and John is planning their spy strategy. He thinks it would be better if they made separate entrances into the club since they could be recognized there. He really gets into the James Bond stuff, but Richard thinks it's no big deal, they are just going there to get the scoop on the place for Nelle.

Ms. Stokes is on the stand, naming off reasons why the club should be shut down. She's not necessarily opposed to the club itself, just the fact that the club is located in a residential area. She thinks it's degrading to women to wrestle in mud for money. Nelle takes her turn with her, but she stands up to Nelle very nicely.

The gang is taking a recess, and Ray approaches them. Georgia introduces Ray to Ally, who stumbles over her name. He asks her out, and she accepts.


(My tape died here, and I didn't realize it..Not sure how much I missed, so forgive me if I miss some stuff.)

John enters the club, in a trench coat buttoned all the way up, and the collar upturned. He's trying to look innocuous as he goes to join Richard. They watch the women, and they show their tongues hanging down to the ground. Richard ends up getting in the ring, and wrestles with the women, much to his enjoyment.

Ally has gone into the unisex stall, and has failed to notice that the toilet seat was up. She sits down, but ends up falling in, and gets stuck. The emergency squad has to come and free her, and they end up breaking down the side of the toilet to get her out. She excuses herself then, saying she's late for her date.

Ally is on her date, and they are doubling with Georgia and Billy. They start talking about their mutual case, and Georgia tells Ray they took the case on principle, the Ling principle. Ally says they shouldn't be talking about the case, and Billy agrees with her. Ray asks Ally to dance, but she says she can't as she has a sprained butt. Georgia eagerly accepts, and they go out onto the dance floor. Ling and Nelle are also there, watching the group. Ling wants to know why they are being so friendly with opposing counsel, but Nelle says, who cares?? She wants to go over her testimony again. Ally and Billy make small talk as they watch Georgia and Ray dance.


Back at the apartment, Ally and Renee talk about Ally's date. Ally thinks it's wrong for Georgia to have danced with Ray, and thinks they are still interested in each other. She says that Georgia is married, and basically shouldn't look or talk to any man, and definitely not have lunch together. Renee says maybe they're still attracted to each other, but there's no harm done if they don't act on any feelings. Ally still thinks it's wrong, just like it was wrong for Renee to have gone out with Matt, since he was married. Renee compares Georgia's situation to hers, but Ally says her relationship with Billy is different.Renee says it's not different, and maybe that's what is bugging Ally.

John has come into the unisex to view the remains of his favorite toilet seat. Nelle comes in, and asks about their spy mission. Richard is gingerly rubbing his arm while telling Nelle that there wasn't any nudity or pornography. Nelle is pleased, that's the report she was hoping for.

Ling is on the stand saying the activity in her club isn't degrading to women. She says that you gain a whole new perspective on men, watching them throw money at the women. She starts comparing men vs women and the hypocrisy that exists.
(my tape died here)

Later that evening Ally is telling Billy about someone being her hero. I assume she was talking about Nelle, but she didn't directly say. Ally tells Billy that Nelle might want to call in one more witness for their case. They are interrupted for a moment by John, who walks by them carrying a piece of his favorite toilet seat. Billy ends the conversation, saying he'll see Ally at dinner, since they're double-dating again. Ally remembers her conversation with Renee, and doesn't really answer Billy.

Ally has gone upstairs to talk to Georgia. Ally accuses Georgia of using her just so she can spend more time with Ray. Georgia tells Ally that she's crazy, and that it's not true. Ally doesn't believe her obviously, and gives her a look as she gets up to leave.

Nelle is telling Ling a story of a recent morning. She went out early in the morning, and ran into someone from her old firm. She worked with the man for years, but he didn't recognize her since she didn't have any makeup on. She cannot believe he didn't recognize her after all that time working together. She says that women are still viewed as objects. Nelle tells Ling that she can't do the summation, because she can't sell it. She decides who better to do it than Richard..

Georgia has gone into Ally's office, saying she could be right. Georgia says one of the things about being married is that you don't get that
"date high". Georgia says that's all it was, but Ally said it was a version of an affair. She says that when two people convey their mutual interest, that's an affair. Georgia disagrees, saying nothing is going on, and she would never cheat on Billy. Ally says that Billy going to a wrestling club is less an offense than what Georgia is doing with Ray. Georgia doesn't speak, but she definitely gets the point.

Nelle has put a male dancer on the stand. He is a dancer, but is also a lawyer. He says he loves dancing, and the money, and doesn't find it degrading at all. Nelle says she is going to find Richard to have him give the final statement. Ray comes up, and asks Ally out again. Ally doesn't want to go out with him, but doesn't tell him the real reason. Georgia is watching their exchange with great interest, and is anxious to hear what he and Ally talked about. Ally makes up something, but then says she only told him she didn't want to date him.

Nelle asks Richard to do the closing for her. She says she needs someone that speaks the same language as the judge. Mud wrestling is a guy thing, and as a woman, she doesn't get it. She tells him to speak from inside himself, with that thing that makes him a man. Richard asks, "The dumb stick??" Nelle agrees.

Georgia and Ray are talking and he says that Ally turned him down for a date. Georgia already knows, and she says that Ally figured out that Georgia was interested in him too. Not interested in pursuing something, but she says it was nice to be back in his company again. She says that Ally thought that Georgia was setting them up for her own benefit, and Georgia says she might have been, but not consciously. Ray says the problem is, they never kissed. They talk about it, and Ally sees them talking and loudly interrupts them, saying it's time for closing. Richard is there now, and is hearing his cow bells again.

The opposing counsel goes first, saying the clubs are degrading to women, and foster the notion that women are sex objects. It's that stigma which contributes to oppression against women, and violence towards women, and gender inequality as a whole. He says no community should be forced to put up with that. Richard takes his turn, and of course gets off track. He says that when men reach puberty, they get the sense that they'll always be part idiot. He says going to clubs is liberating and that men realize they aren't alone, and it's good for their mental health. The judge speaks and goes into a lengthy speech, but is interrupted by Ling She just tells him to "Cut to it, and say that I've won." The judge agrees although it pains him to say so.


Most of the gang is downstairs dancing at the bar, with the exception of Georgia. She has gone to the clerk's office to pick up some papers. Georgia is there, and I think she was hoping to run into Ray. They share an elevator ride down while talking. Ray is still thinking about the kiss they didn't have. He says it won't go anywhere, but just to know. Georgia says that all kisses are pretty much the same. They take turns turning off the elevator, and are so close to kissing. Georgia just can't do it though, and she exits the elevator without a look back.

Errant thoughts:

  • Sorry about missing parts of the show. My tape kept failing, turns out it was at the end, and wasn't taping.
  • What was with the turtlenecks tonight? Both Georgia and Ally were wearing them. Funny how Ally went home to change her underwear for her date, but not that ugly turtleneck.
  • Ling's never ending cases are starting to wear thin with me.
  • Not enough John tonight !!!!
  • I'm glad that Georgia didn't kiss Ray.
  • Richard to Ally, "Could you possibly consider somebody other than yourself? I realize that it involves using a new muscle, but..."

It is so funny we laugh hysterically, yet other parts can make you cry.

Special thanks to allyfan98
Photographs courtesy of Fox Network

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