The show opens again with a brief nudity warning, only because the scene from last week's show is repeated in the flashbacks from recent shows.

Richard is sitting down on the toilet reading a book when John appears over the top of the stall. He asks how things are with Ling, and also Whipper. John really just wants advice, since he's decided he's going to kiss Nelle. He thinks that Nelle will place the same importance on the first kiss that Ling did, and wants pointers. Richard tells John what Ling told him, about the head tilt, and not having dry lips. Meanwhile, Nelle is standing outside the stall by the sink, quite amused at their conversation. Elaine walks in, and listens to the exchange with great interest. Finally, Nelle and Elaine make their presence known, and the two men look embarrassed.

Ally walks up to Elaine's desk to retrieve her morning coffee, and is shocked when she has to fill out her time sheet before getting her precious java. Ally says, "Time sheets are for real lawyers Elaine, when do you see me actually work?" They continue to argue when all of a sudden Ally spots a man getting off the elevator carrying flowers. She gasps, and falls to the floor. Ally tells Elaine that he was a bad date from last night, and to get rid of him. He introduces himself to Elaine as Ross Fitzsimmons, and said he's a suitor of Ally's. Elaine gives him the bad news that Ally died, but he spots Ally's leg behind the desk. Then Ally and Elaine pretend to be gay, and they kiss, but Ross doesn't buy it. He says, "I'm not falling for that lesbian trick. Do you think you're the first woman I've courted who's pretended to be either dead or gay? Get in line!" Ross says that Ally is the kind of person who judges someone by appearance, and what about personality? Ally says, "Great, get one." Ally then sees herself as about 2 inches tall, down on Ross' feet saying she's sorry.

John is sitting at his desk, playing cricket music for his precious Stefan, hoping to revive him. Richard and Nelle offer sympathies, but John blows them off, saying they are callous, and (to Nelle) she assaulted Stefan. John brings a book up to demonstrate, and at that precise moment, Stefan comes back from the dead, and hops up into the air. John's movement hits Stefan, and he goes splat against the window, and slowly slides down.

Georgia and Billy are meeting with their client Miss Poole, a woman who's suing for losing her job. The woman has orange skin, and was fired because of it. She says it's a permanent condition, and no one really knows the medical reason for it. Billy and Georgia try hard to be sympathetic, but they aren't very convincing.

The elevator opens as the music from the Wizard of Oz plays. It's the music that signals the wicked witch is coming, and who should step off the elevator, but Ling. She verbally spars with Elaine for a moment. She warns Ling that Nelle is in John's office. Some of the notable zingers were these: Ling, "My therapist told me to pay no mind to those who don't matter." "Whatever my pain, I can take heart in not being you." Elaine, "Did you know that you're my favorite vicious person in life?"

Ling walks in John's office to find the gang at the window. Stefan is outside on the ledge and they are trying to coax the frog into a box they put out there. Stefan finally hops into the box, and Ling carefully brings the box in through the window. John is so happy that his frog is alive.

Ally and Renee are talking about Ross as he enters the room. Somehow Ally let herself be talked into a second date with him, and Ally tells Renee that she has to go with them.

Whipper has come to talk to Richard, and first runs into Elaine and Ling. Richard joins them, and Whipper apologizes for what happened at his apartment. (From last week's episode, Whipper was waiting for Richard in his bedroom, naked.) She repeats her apology, and returns Richard's apartment key to him. This was an emotional scene, but with few words.

Billy is pleading the case with Miss Poole, with Happy Boyle presiding as Judge. Billy says that this woman should not be discriminated against because of her skin color, and that she was fired because she's orange. Happy asks if there are more orange people, and goes off on a story about aliens. He then asks Miss Poole to approach the bench and demands of her,
"Let me see your teeth." She looks back at Billy, and he nods in agreement. She then shows him her teeth.

Elaine and Ally are talking amidst a room full of flowers, obviously from Ross. Ally wants to get out of the date, and Elaine says it's good to be nice, but she should
"Give this guy the bin" (the garbage bin).

Judge Boyle is talking about this case, saying it's not about skin color, and she is such a pretty color. He wished his own wife was that color, that way she would glow in the dark, and he could see what he was doing. He gets kind of confused, and says something about being impotent. Happy then grimaces in pain. His eyes close, and his head falls down on his podium. Billy screams with fear, and runs up to him. Georgia feels for a pulse, and gets none.

Richard, Ling, John and Nelle are on a double date at a Chinese restaurant. Richard mentions Happy, and John makes them all take a moment to honor him. John has brought Stefan on the date, and asks Ling to tell the waiter to feed Stefan, then bring him back to the table.

Ally is on her date with Ross, watching him do karaoke. Ally's beeper goes off, and she exclaims,
"Judge Boyle died." She then uses that as an excuse to ditch Ross. Ross is still on the stage as Ally and Renee leave the bar.

Billy and Georgia are still in the courtroom as EMS is taking notes on Happy's passing. Billy is really upset, and explains what happened. Whipper has joined them, and gets permission to approach Happy. She talks to him a minute, then gently kisses him.

John tells Richard that Happy Boyle never struck him as being happy, but Richard says he was happy, he just didn't look it. People thought he was a grump, so he nicknamed himself Happy to compensate. John asks Ling to speak to the waiter about returning Stefan to the table. Ling speaks to the waiter in her native language and she doesn't let on what they're saying. She then says,
" The bad news is Stefan is back. The good news is he's delicious." They are all in total shock, with the exception of Ling, who says that Stefan sort of tastes like chicken.

Ally, Billy, and Georgia are talking about Happy Boyle. Ally says that she really misses him. They fondly share their first encounters with Happy while Georgia is struggling to understand why Billy is so upset. (Some good flashbacks here).

Ally has walked away from them, and sees "Fitzy" talking to Elaine. Ally goes up to explain her speedy exit last night, but Elaine takes Fitzy aside to dump him for Ally. She says he's out of his league with Ally, and he needs to take a big bite out of reality. He leaves after Elaine's speech, with Ally wondering if they did the right thing.

Whipper is in her office, thinking about Happy. (more good flashbacks here-my all-time favorite one is where Happy keeps walking into her office, while taking off his clothes). Whipper has a picture of Happy in her office. Richard walks in and Whipper apologizes to him once again, and they reminisce about Happy. Whipper asks to borrow Richard's clergy friend Mark's chapel since she's in charge of the service. I think Richard is thinking of Happy when he says, "People come, people go." They are both looking sad, and I think Whipper read more into it than that.

John is dancing in his office, but is interrupted by Nelle. Nelle tells John to sit, and then gives him a speech about Stefan. She says it was his time to go, and recounts Stefan's recent brushes with death. John tells Nelle that he'd like to be alone, but Nelle has one more thing to add. She tells him that for the record she just wants him to know she didn't enjoy eating Stefan at all, he was a little tough. Ally walks in as John is cracking up, and recounting the recent events with Stefan. John gets Ally laughing along with him, but all of a sudden his mood changes. He says that Stefan was lucky to be gone, he was too good for this world.

Ally is talking with Renee about strange people. Ally wonders if she was too quick to judge Fitzy. She says that we're brainwashed into believing that the only good people are attractive and normal, and it just isn't so. She says that they just might be missing out on someone good by not giving the strange people a chance.

Billy and Georgia are talking the next morning, once again about Happy Boyle. Billy is upset that he always postponed having lunch with Happy. Georgia tries to psycho-analyze Billy, and thinks that he's really upset because his own father is dead, and that Billy saw Happy as a father figure.

Ling is upset with Richard since he's going to the funeral that the "naked big haired woman" is doing the eulogy. John comes in, still stressing about his date with Nelle. He wants to know if his B-U-T-T looks big in these pants.

Ally walks into her office and is startled to find Ross there. He'd like a moment of her time, and apologizes to her. Elaine keeps telling Ally to show Ross "the bin". Ally sees the trash bin, and goes for the dump. She says he might be a great guy, but she doesn't want to take the time to find out, and she never wants to see him again. He says it's too bad, he thought Ally might be "the one". Ally says not everyone gets "the one".

Whipper is doing the eulogy, saying such nice things about Happy, and relating stories about him. Whipper gets teary eyed, she remembers once asking Happy what he would like to legacy to be. Happy replied with he just hoped that when he died, it will just have mattered that he lived. Whipper starts crying, so Billy takes over. Billy thinks that they should have all taken more time to have gotten to know Happy. Billy says there are 3 things to do that would make Happy, happy.
"First, go home today and give a call to somebody you should have called yesterday, tell them how you feel about them. Second, go to lunch with somebody you'd like to know a little more than you do. And third, the man lying there, show him your teeth. " The crowd agrees and everyone shows their teeth, including those with false teeth. Lisa Knowles (Jennifer Holiday) is singing once again (Boy to the World, and Fool's Night Out) about Happy's life. She gets the whole crowd involved and even Ling and Nelle join in. Everyone is looking happier, while they all dance to the song.

Afterwards, John is walking Nelle home, and says that was the best funeral he's ever been to. John says that Nelle just never got his thing with Stefan. She says she understood that he was important to her, and John can't understand why no one understands him being
"drawn to" a frog. Nelle says sometimes people just don't understand attractions. She invites John in, but he takes a rain check. John is really nervous about the impending kiss, and Nelle just decides she's not going to wait for John to kiss her, she's just going to kiss him. "Call me a tramp" she says. She must have liked it, because she asks if they can do that again sometime. John also must have liked it, because he's hearing Barry White and dancing on the street as he walks home. Cut back to the bar, where Ling and Richard are having a good time dancing, as are Ally, Renee, and Elaine. John is still dancing down the street as the credits roll.

Errant thoughts:

  • Great memorial to Happy Boyle, who really did pass away. He will be greatly missed.


  • Elaine to Ross, "I'm a person who throws herself at men, figuring once in a while something's gotta stick. "
  • Richard to Ling, "The least we can do is honor the dead since we don't the living."

It is so funny we laugh hysterically, yet other parts can make you cry.

Special thanks to allyfan98
Photographs courtesy of Fox Network

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