The show opens with a warning that there is brief nudity tonight. Ally and John are talking to a client, Chrissa Long about her case. Chrissa is a nun who broke her celibacy vow, and slept with a man. She lost her job, and is suing to win back her job. John is highly skeptical, as is Ally, that they can win the case. Ally heads to the unisex after the conference, complaining that all their cases lately are about sex. Ally thinks that John followed her into the unisex, but he didn't. She's talking aloud and saying it seems like these days that every time someone has sex a legal right has been violated. She starts doing this little dance while repeating, "Do it, sue. Do it sue".. Ally doesn't look too happy to learn that Nelle has been listening to her, and says she's late for court, and exits the unisex.

Ally and Renee are walking to court, when they are stopped by a man. His name is Matt Griffin, and Renee looks shocked to see him. Renee introduces him to Ally, and they make small talk for a minute. Matt says he's glad to see Renee, then turns to leave. After Matt leaves, Ally asks who that was, and Renee says,
"That was my Billy." Ally says she never knew about him, but Renee doesn't offer any more information.

Chrissa is on the stand, telling her side of the story. (Whipper is the judge in this case) John keeps trying to hurry her along, to get to the part where she admits to breaking her celibacy vow. Chrissa is telling the story slowly, making it sound very romantic. Ally is watching, looking sad, and blows her nose loudly. Whipper calls Ally into her chambers, berating her for her courtroom "trick". Ally says it's for real, she has a bit of sinus infection. Whipper actually gets out a flashlight and looks in Ally's nose and throat. She says that Ally looks fine, and that she can go. Whipper says that she only called Ally back to "shut down the stunts" and then inquires about Richard. Ally says that Richard is fine, but what Whipper really wants to know is if he's seeing anyone. Ally says he is,
"a little". Whipper asks Ally to tell Richard she said "Hi" and they say goodbye.

Renee is pacing outside the courtroom, trying to decide whether or not to enter. Matt then approaches, saying his case is in that courtroom (he's a lawyer too) but it hasn't started yet. Renee asks how married life is treating him, and he says it's a little bumpy lately. He then asks Renee to get a drink, saying.
"It really would be nice to catch up."

Chrissa is on the stand, being questioned by opposing counsel. She said that she confessed, sought penance, and was granted absolution for her mistake. Counsel makes her admit that she then saw the man again. John keeps objecting to counsel's line of questioning, saying the lawyer is a
"trickster". The other lawyer says that Chrissa isn't setting a good example for the other nuns, running around with men. Chrissa says that they were discreet, she's not sure how the affair even leaked out. The lawyer says that the church has to take action, or face backlash from its parrish.

Georgia is in the unisex, sitting on the toilet reading The National Law Journal. She keeps hearing a gurgling sound and she looks around. She doesn't see anything, and returns to her reading. Once again, she hears the gurgling sound. She looks into the toilet bowl, and the water starts bubbling up. Georgia leans down with her face near the bowl, and all of a sudden out jumps a green frog. It's Stefan, back from his watery grave. He jumps right onto Georgia's face, and Georgia screams in fear, and hits the frog off of her. He lands right on Nelle's head, and she screams. She throws the frog off her, and it lands back on Georgia. Georgia again throws the frog back onto Nelle. Nelle then winds up, and slams Stefan back towards Georgia, as Richard walks out from a stall. This time the frog lands right smack on the stall door, and slowly slides down the stall door. Stefan makes an awful sound sliding down that door, like fingernails on a chalkboard. The three lawyers bend down to check out the frog, as John is approaching the unisex. They are pushing on the frog's belly, trying to make him breathe. All of a sudden the toilet flushes and the gang gets nervous. It's John, and he must have a new remote flusher, because it's working, and there he is. Nelle tries to stall John and leads him out of the unisex, saying she's having an intimate dinner party. Ling walks up, angry that she wasn't invited. Nelle excuses them to talk in private. Billy and Elaine have joined the gang in the unisex, shocked that Stefan is alive. John finally escapes from Nelle, and enters the unisex. The gang pass the frog back and forth, and John is suspicious that something is up. Elaine faces backward, and puts the frog inside the front of her shirt. She turns to leave while John asks, "Why is your bosom beating?" Somehow Elaine keeps a straight face though, and responds with, "It's my heart. I'm in love. " John looks at the gang for a response, but gets none.

Renee and Matt are talking as they are drinking coffee. They reminisce about old times and how they couldn't keep their hands off each other. They talk about prom night, and how they went fishing that next morning. Matt says that right before his wedding he was looking at the guest list. He found Renee's RSVP saying she was declining the invitation, saying
"Gone fishing". They both admit they cried over that. Renee suddenly realizes she's sitting there with a married man, and common sense takes over, so she leaves. Matt wants to call her, but she says no.

Sister Helen (the head nun, I guess you'd say) is on the stand, saying that Chrissa doesn't feel remorse for her transgression. She is only doing this to get her job back. Ally says that Chrissa did stop seeing the man, and the nun agrees, but says it's only because he dumped her. Afterwards, Ally and John berate Chrissa for not telling them about her being dumped. Ally says,
"Getting dumped isn't exactly a show of penitence, if it were, I'd be Mother Superior." Chrissa is still puzzled how anyone found out about her mistake.

Richard, Georgia and Billy are talking about Stefan, who's in a coma now. They agree that if Stefan makes it through the night they'll tell John about him. Ling is also there, trying to remind the gang that they're talking about a frog. Ling continues with her insults and Georgia asks her if anything nice ever comes out of her mouth? Nelle quiets them with a nasty look.

Renee is back at the apartment, looking through an old box of pictures of her and Matt. She's looking at all different shots of them together, and Renee cries while remembering the past with Matt. The next morning Ally and Renee are talking about Matt, and Ally is trying to talk her out of having dinner with him. Ally doesn't think that Renee can *just* have dinner with him, and not end up having sex.

Ally talks to Richard about Stefan's condition, and learns that he's on a respirator. The next 24 hrs. are touch and go, and Richard is going to the hospital to visit Stefan. Ally wants to talk to Richard about something personal, and Richard says
"Personal questions don't bother me Ally, I just lie." She then inquires about his relationship with Ling, and he says he's not sure about that since they haven't slept together yet. She says she was asking because of Whipper, and that Whipper misses him. He tells Ally that it's over between them, but doesn't look too convinced. Ally then walks away, with a plan in mind.

John is doing his closing argument, and says that all Chrissa needs is forgiveness from the church. Opposing counsel reminds the jury that
"Taking responsibility for it is more than just saying sorry." During a recess Ally and Renee talk in the hallway. Renee says that she decided not to have dinner with Matt, they're just having drinks at the bar, and she wants Ally to chaperone. Ally thinks she made a smart decision. Allysees Whipper in the hallway and talks to her for a minute about Richard. She says that Richard misses her too, and that the relationship with the other girl isn't serious. She says it's not too late for her. Whipper pretends that she doesn't care about what Ally's saying, but she's still listening intently.


Richard is telling John that Stefan is alive, but in a coma. John can't believe it, and they head over to the vet to visit him.

Sister Helen and Ally are talking about Chrissa. She says that Chrissa joined the convent after a bad break-up in college. She thinks that she's coming back to them on the rebound again, and can't forgive her. Ally sees the confessional booth empty, and decides to go inside. She sits down, and starts talking about marriage and sex and life in general. Ally sits there for a long time, telling all about her life, and details about her sex life. She mentions Glenn (Cro-Magnon episode) and describes the sex and his physical attributes in great detail.

Ally is down at the bar doing her chaperone duty, as Renee and Matt are dancing. Elaine is there too, and is curious who the guy with Renee is.

John is visiting with Stefan in his office apparently, and has Millie (his new frog) with him. He is singing to Stefan as Nelle enters the room. He is still puzzled over the fact that Stefan came up from the sewer in a coma. (He didn't, but that's what he was told) .

Richard and Ling are back at his place, and she isn't pleased with his apartment. She looks around a little, and opens his bedroom door. She screams, and says,
"There's a naked nude woman lighting a fire". There stands Whipper in the nude, lighting some candles. She is also screaming. Richard looks shocked, and shuts the bedroom door.

The next morning Richard is telling Billy about what happened the previous night. Ally walks up, and Billy fills her in. She says,
"Oh my god" and realizes she's at least partly to blame. She explains that she didn't tell Whipper to show up there naked, she only said something like not to wait too long. Ling comes off the elevator, and refuses to talk to Richard. She goes up to see Nelle, and she wants to sue Richard for emotional distress. Nelle says that it's her understanding that it was just an old girlfriend trying to get back with him. Ling is upset that Nelle isn't on her side on this one, and stomps off, saying she needs to shop.

Renee answers her apartment door to find Matt standing there. He says he called her office to tell her what a good time he had last night, and found out she had taken the morning off. Renee reminds him that he's married, and shouldn't have come. He turns to leave, but somehow they end up kissing.

Ally goes to see Whipper to apologize for her part in the fiasco. Whipper says she wanted to surprise Richard, and it's no one's fault but her own. She is humiliated though. The opposing counsel and the head nun enter the office, saying they'd like to make a deal and give Chrissa her job back. It's come to light that the priest has been involved in videotaping people in the confessional. Chrissa went there to confess, and the priest videotaped her confessions. That's how everyone found out about Chrissa's transgression. It turns out that the priest wants to leave the priesthood, and become a movie producer. He's going to air all the tapes he's made. You can see Ally physically panic, and almost hyperventilate, realizing that he must have taped all of her confession too. She turns a pretty shade of gray or green while trying to understand what's going on. Sister Helen tells Ally to tell Chrissa she's re-instated.

John is talking with Georgia and Billy about Stefan. He notices that Georgia's face has a slight rash and wonders if she had direct contact with the frog. Georgia makes up a story, but Nelle interrupts, telling John the whole truth, sparing no details. John excuses himself, as he needs to " take a moment"

Chrissa is excitedly telling Ally that she got her job back, and thanks her. Ally wonders if being a nun is really right for her, and Chrissa assures her it is. Renee comes up, and tells Ally that she kissed Matt. She tries to justify her actions to Ally, but her excuses fall flat. Renee doesn't answer when Ally asks if she's going to see him again.

Vonda is singing about "Worlds Without Love", as the closing scenes are happening. Ally and Renee are playing a game while Chrissa is sitting alone in the chapel with a tear running down her cheek. Whipper is thinking of Richard while sitting alone in her office, and Ling is showing Nelle her clothes from her shopping spree. John is looking out his office window, and Renee is looking out the window, while thinking of Matt as the credits roll.

Some errant thoughts:
  • WOW, I'd love to look like Whipper! (not just someday, NOW)
  • I don't think Richard and Whipper are over each other, despite their protests that they were.
  • Poor John, just when he thinks he might get over Stefan, he comes back, and is now in a coma.
  • I was laughing my butt off when Elaine put that frog in her shirt- I can't imagine how the cast managed to not laugh during that scene.
  • Ally to John, about their recent cases.."Is it me, or do we just seem to be a magnet for strange cases?"

It is so funny we laugh hysterically, yet other parts can make you cry.

Special thanks to allyfan98
Photographs courtesy of Fox Network

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