Ally is passing by a crying woman on the street as the show opens. Ally stops to inquire about the woman's welfare, but is quickly brushed off by her. Ally repeatedly tries to help the woman, but obviously the woman wants none of Ally's help. The girl tells Ally to leave her alone, and as Ally turns to leave, the woman throws her bag at Ally, hitting her in the back of the head. Ally falls to the ground, but stands up and decides to play nice, or so it seems. She then catches the girl off guard, and delivers one of her infamous kick boxing moves to the woman's face. A cop then approaches asking, "Can I play?"

The next scene shows Ally and the girl being taken into a jail cell. Ally complains about being in the same cell with the girl saying,
"She assaulted me."


Richard and Billy are talking about Ally being in jail as they spot John on the stairs. He has his show frog, Stefan with him. Stefan is an expert at jumping down the stairs at John's command. Georgia walks up to say good morning, and John tells her about Stefan's contest being this weekend. Nelle joins the two, and John attempts to introduce Nelle to Stefan. Nelle screams, which scares the frog, and then Nelle swats at the frog with a folder. Stefan goes sailing across the room, but is caught by Richard. John is upset, and yells at Nelle. She apologizes, but says that "Frogs gross me out." George (John Ritter) has walked in, and he says his father is a vet, and offers to check out the frog. He pronounces him ok, and then hands him back to John.

Ally and the girl are getting acquainted as they sit in the jail cell together. Ally learns that the girl is being sued for assault, and has a court date the following day. The only bad news is that her lawyer dropped her the day before. Renee walks up, saying the two girls are free to go. Ally offers to represent the girl, if only to get her a continuance.

Elaine sees George, and is excited since she thinks he came there to see her. He explains that he's there for legal reasons, he wants to set up his corporation for the new magazine he's starting. He is intent on getting Ally to help him, but Elaine thinks that Nelle or Richard would better serve his needs. George turns to leave, and walks right into the foam on Ally's coffee as she is exiting the elevator. They both laugh and Ally helps him clean up. George tells her about the corporation, and says he would be more comfortable having Ally help him. They make a date for later that evening, as Elaine watches from a distance.



John has Stefan on his desk, and he actually has the frog standing on its hind legs. Nelle walks in and sees the frog, and screams again. The frog seeks refuge on John's forehead while Nelle attempts to apologize for scaring the frog earlier.

Ally is in the courtroom trying to get a continuance for her assault happy client. She learns through opposing counsel's remarks that the case is marked no more continuances, and that her client has a habit of firing her lawyers to postpone a trial. Ally is shocked, and tries to withdraw from the case, but the judge (Judge Maynard Snipp) says she has to try it, and it's scheduled for tomorrow.

Ally is back at the office, and is stressed out about the trial. She is impatient with Elaine, who says no one will notice if she's not prepared, she does better
"off the cuff" anyway. George walks in, and says he's here to see Ally. Elaine is surprised, but doesn't seem to think much of it. Ally starts spouting legal jargon, but George says he's really only there to see her. George says he just can't stop thinking about her. Ally says he's Elaine's boyfriend, and that's "the end of the story." She doesn't think they should talk about it anymore, and George then leaves. Obviously Elaine isn't up to her old spying habits, or she would have more of a clue about George by now.


The trial has begun, and Laura (the plaintiff) is on the stand. She is the ex-best friend of the defendant. We find out that Ally's client's name is Hannah. Laura describes how Hannah came into their place of employment, grabbed her by the hair, called her names, and then proceeded to drag her out to the trash dumpster, and threw her inside. Ally takes her turn, and we learn that Hannah's best friend slept with her boyfriend, which is the reason for Hannah's anger.

Billy is asking Richard if he's in love with Ling, as they are walking into the unisex. Richard says he doesn't know, they haven't had sex yet. Georgia asks,
"You have to have sex before you know if you're in love with her?" Richard agrees, and spouts off a Fishism, "Men love any woman they want to sleep with, it's the ticket to admission." Georgia enters a stall, and lets out a little scream as she sees the frog sitting on the toilet seat. Billy and Richard walk over to see, and Richard says that the frog likes that toilet, since it probably has John's scent on it. Richard tries to pick up the frog, but it gets spooked and jumps into the toilet. The three argue over who has to get the frog out. The frog is attempting to climb out, as the three continue to argue. The toilet then flushes, and the three watch in shock as the frog is washed away into his watery grave. John then walks in with his standard greeting, " I like a fresh bowl." Billy and Georgia excuse themselves, leaving Richard to explain things. Richard can't bring himself to break John's heart, and wishes him well on the competition. Richard then goes into his office, where Billy and Georgia are waiting for him. He says he couldn't tell John, and they should just let him think the frog is missing for awhile. John opens the door, causing Georgia to scream, and explains that Stefan is missing again. He asks if anyone has seen him, but they all lie and say no.


Ally and Hannah are walking after court, and Hannah says that Ally reminds her of herself. They agree to meet at the same place tomorrow. Ally runs into George, who has 2 coffees in hand. He said he was on the way to see her to apologize. He knows he put her in an awkward situation, but
"Under the heading of life is too short, I just got a hit the first time I laid eyes on you." "Sometimes the best laid eyes can end in disaster. Elaine." Ally replies. She thinks the image of him will wash away easier if she sees him doing his "Wiggle Walk" on the street. He says that he'll have to find another lawyer to handle his legal work, and they say goodbye. George then does his "Wiggle Walk" on the street, which is just a crazy looking half-walk, half-dance thing. I think the walk has the opposite effect, I think it actually endears George to Ally. She's about half laughing as she watches him make a fool out of himself on the street.

John is blowing his frog whistle, calling for Stefan as Richard walks in. He breaks the news to John, and John is heartbroken, and is crying. Richard apologizes, and tries to comfort him, but John wants to be alone. Ally walks in and holds John, as he mourns the loss of his beloved frog.

Ally is back in the courtroom, with Hannah on the stand. She's using the excuse that her emotions just overtook her, and she was honestly in love with the man that ended up coming between them. Hannah still cares for her friend, and is on the way to forgiving her. Ally is done with her questioning when a voice pipes up, startling Ally. It's the child prodigy lawyer, Oren Koolie from
"The Playing Field." episode. Ally accuses opposing counsel of hiding him under the table. Oren questions Hannah, and he reveals that Ally kicked him also. This is obviously a ploy to get the jury to not like Ally, and therefore not like her client. Ally and Hannah go out into the hallway, and they talk to Oren, who offers them a settlement of $55,000. Ally doesn't accept the offer.


Elaine, Nelle, and Richard are inspecting the remnants of John's remote toilet flusher, which Elaine claims she found crushed on top of John's desk. John then walks in saying he'd like to have a memorial service and will circulate a memo. Nelle follows John into his office, and tells him a story about her past. She had a pet hamster when she was younger, and she loved it very much. She couldn't wait to get home from school everyday to see her pet, Millie. One day, her brother put a frog into her terrarium and it ate her hamster. She still can't forgive the frog for eating her precious hamster. John doesn't see how her story applies to him, but accepts Nelle's condolences.

Ally and Renee are at the bar, talking about the trial, and about George. Ally is looking out onto the dance floor, and sees Elaine and George dancing. George spots Ally and gives her a little wave. Ally gets flustered, and has this grin on her face. She can't stop looking out at George, and as Ally is smiling and doing her hair flipping, Elaine is looking over at her, and immediately the light bulb goes off for her. If looks could kill, Ally would be dead.


Richard has summoned everyone into his office, with the exception of Ally, who's in court. He wants to prepare everyone for the memorial service that John is holding. He knows that the Biscuit will say some things that they might find funny, so he wants everyone to get all the laughs out now, so as not to offend John. Elaine and Richard have prepared a mock eulogy of some points that they think John might cover.

We now go into the courtroom as the closing arguments begin. Opposing counsel goes first, and basically says that the plaintiff found a chance at love, and should take it, regardless that it was with her best friend's boyfriend. Ally is taking her words to heart, and daydreaming as she speaks. She says that love isn't like a train, sometimes you just can't catch the next one. Ally takes her turn now, stressing the point that the plaintiff dated her best friend's boyfriend, and that Oren was only brought in to discredit Ally and her client. Oren starts bawling, saying Ally hurt his feelings.

John is playing the bagpipes as the memorial service begins. John is standing in front of the desk, which displays a picture of him and Stefan. The whole gang is there, and everyone is looking serious. John is talking about the fact that the death is his fault, since he had the toilet altered to have a "stronger flush, since I like a fresh bowl, and remnants upset me." John hopes that Stefan had a fresh bowl when he left, and the gang is giggling by now. Their laughter is contagious, and pretty soon, the whole gang is cracking up, which upsets John, and he leaves the room. Ally goes after him, saying that she thinks John was trying to make them laugh. John says that wasn't his intention, but Ally reminds him that all his friends think he's special, and that's why they're there. She convinces him to go back in and finish his speech. George has walked out into the hallway, and tells Ally "I can't walk away from you. I won't." Before Ally can say anything, she spots Elaine standing behind George, unbeknowst to him. Ally is saved by the beeper though, her verdict is in, so she says goodbye to George.

The verdict is read, and it's in favor of the plaintiff, but Hannah is ordered to pay damages in the amount of one dollar. Oren starts bawling again, but it's all an act, and his counsel tells him to turn it off. Oren and Ally shake hands. Elaine is waiting outside the courtroom for Ally, and says only,
"You can have any man you want, Ally. Please don't take mine." Elaine walks off without giving Ally a chance to say anything.

John is putting away his bagpipes, as Nelle walks in with a present for John. She has brought John an female American Tree Frog, which pleases him. John reaches into the box to touch the frog, as Nelle gasps and the frog jumps up onto John's nose. John is pleased, and asks Nelle if he can name her Millie in memory of her hamster. Nelle agrees, and John says she's a nice person, but he won't tell anyone, it's their secret.

Ally is walking into her office, and George is waiting for her. Ally denies her feelings for him, and flat out tells him she doesn't share his feelings, as they aren't right for each other. George announces that he's in love with her, but Ally says it's not going to happen. George says that if Ally tells him she doesn't feel even a little of what he feels, he'll leave. Ally denies her feelings, and says she doesn't feel anything for him. George is upset, but keeps his promise and leaves. He stops in the hallway, still in shock, as Ally watches him from her doorway as the credits roll.

Errant thoughts:
  • First of all, what was with the women's hair on the show tonight??? Nelle's hair looked positively matronly, which is definitely not becoming to her. Hannah, had that funky red streak in her hair, and those barrettes in Renee's hair..... well let's just say I won't even go there....
  • Poor John, you had to feel for the guy, he's absolutely sick over the loss of his beloved frog, and his friends can't even hold in their laughter.. I shouldn't talk though, I had my head under a blanket laughing my head off! :-)
  • No Ling tonight, but Whipper is back next week, in what context I don't know though.
  • I had a hard time believing Nelle's hamster story. She just didn't seem sincere enough to me, I almost felt like she making up the story and somehow mocking John.
  • I'm still not sure about the whole Elaine, George, Ally thing. I totally understood Elaine's hurt feelings, but Elaine just seems a little desperate to hold onto George. I think she should hold out for a man who loves her completely, not just settle for someone. And Ally with George??? Mixed feelings on that. It just seems like Ally will never be lucky in love, circumstances always seem to get in the way.
  • Ally and John seem to be the only two who can comfort each other, I wonder if DEK will ever try a pairing with them again???

It is so funny we laugh hysterically, yet other parts can make you cry.

Special thanks to allyfan98
Photographs courtesy of Fox Network

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