The show opens with Ally dancing in her apartment to the Rick James' song "Superfreak". She is really getting into the song as Renee enters the room and turns off the music. It takes Ally a minute to realize that the music isn't playing, and she tells Renee she's practicing for the dinner party. Ally says the dancing that they do at the bar isn't real dancing, and illustrates the difference to Renee. Ally wants the party to be a success, and says it won't be if people don't dance.

The next morning Ally is going into the office, and also talking on her cell phone (probably to Renee) as she runs into a man (John Ritter). Ally apologizes for getting coffee on his tie, and he introduces himself to Ally, he's George Madison, and he's her 9:00 appointment. George is suing his former employer because he was fired from his job for his religious beliefs.

Elaine is demonstrating her newest invention- customized condoms. The condoms are packaged in vibrant wrappers, with a unique saying on the wrapper. Elaine has one for each lawyer. Richard's appropriately says "Bygones", John's says, " Enjoy the moment", Georgia's says "Pay the Bill", and Elaine's says, " Come here often?". She then tells Ally that hers says, "Take a number" since Ally is on the "active side". Ally disputes that, saying she only does alot of kissing. George then enters and Elaine introduces him as the editor-in-chief of La Femme magazine. She then kisses him in front of the whole gang. Billy picks up one of the condoms, and reads the phrase, "Caution, frostbite" (LOL) and Elaine says that's Nelle's. She then turns to George and says that his says "Been There".

Ally and Georgia are talking in the unisex and they both wonder if George is Elaine's boyfriend or not. They both agree that he's cute, and Ally says he must be married. Ally goes into the stall and screams when she sees a green frog on the toilet seat. She decides it must just be a fake, until it jumps on her, and gets tangled in her hair. Luckily, John walks in, and claims the frog, calling him Stefan. John says he's a show frog, and even has the frog obey a command.

George, Ally, and Georgia are discussing the case in the conference room. George says that he was fired because of an upcoming article in a magazine about his Baptist faith. George says his boss doesn't feel his religion fits well with the ideology of the magazine, since the Baptist faith isn't too progressive about its views on women. Georgia thinks they have a good case, and says that it could be heard today, and he could possibly be reinstated in his job. Ally makes a faux pas and says,
"You've got a really great face" and corrects herself saying "case". Ally's face turns bright red at her mistake.

Richard asks John about Nelle, and how things are going. John says that he only intends on coveting Nelle from afar. Richard asks John if he'll find out from Nelle if Ling likes him or not. Richard likes her, but he's not sure if Ling likes him, since they haven't kissed after 3 dates. John says maybe she's shy, and Richard says sarcastically,
"Ling? Oh yes, the little wallflower".

Ally and Georgia are in the courtroom, again with Judge Walsh presiding. Georgia says that George was fired because of his religion, and opposing counsel tries to dispute that, but doesn't directly answer the question. The Baptist faith says that women should submit graciously to their husband's dominance in the home. Ally stands up to throw in her two cents, wearing a suit, with little or no skirt showing underneath it. The judge decides he wants an evidentiary hearing, and says he would like to see Ms. McBeal in his chambers. Ally goes into the judge's chambers, and he tells her that every courtroom has an implied dress code, and that she will not be allowed in his courtroom again in such a short skirt. This is her only warning, and will be in contempt of court if she doesn't comply.

Ally is back at the office talking with the lawyers about what the judge said. She refuses to back down on the skirt issue, although Billy tries to convince her to wear a longer skirt next time. Billy says that the objective is to get George his job back, not anger the judge and hurt the case. George says that it's ok, and he
"likes her hemlines".

John is on the upper level, looking down at Nelle. He is dreaming that they are married, and have a family and all of a sudden the music in his head stops. John falls down a flight of steps, landing right at Nelle's feet. John brushes it off as "isometrics". Ally comes up and half-heartedly invites Nelle to her party, hoping that Nelle won't come. Nelle jumps on the chance, and Ally says she can bring a date. Georgia has walked up to Ally, as Ally and Nelle are talking. Nelle says, "Great. I suppose Billy is already going?" and then says she's kidding. Ally tells Georgia to "Look at the bright side, she's bringing you and I closer together."

Georgia, Ally, and George are in the courtroom, and Ally thinks maybe she should change her skirt. George says to just stay hidden behind the table, because once the judge hears his former employer's statement, he's sure to be reinstated.

Nelle is telling Ling that all of the women lawyers hate her, and Ling says not to worry about it. Richard walks up, and wants to steal Ling away for a minute. He asks her to Ally's party, and she agrees to go with him.

Katherine Hollings is on the stand now, and says that George was fired because of his religion. She won't allow her editor-in-chief to endorse a view which doesn't coincide with the feminist views of the magazine. Ally takes a turn, and at first doesn't move from behind the desk. She says George wasn't fired for anything he did, just for what he is, and Katherine agrees. Ally then gathers her courage and approaches the stand. Ally says that Katherine gave George two choices, renounce his faith as a Baptist, or lose his job, with him choosing the latter. George doesn't subscribe to that part of the religion, believing in equality for women. The judge gives his decision,
"The discharge is contrary to law" and says that George has his job back. He then tells Ally she's in contempt of court, and she's taken into custody.

Billy, Georgia, and Richard are talking about Ally, and Georgia says that the judge will let Ally out if she'll apologize. Richard wants to know what's up with Ally, and Georgia says it's because of the dinner party. Billy says he'll go talk to Ally, but he wants her to sit there for an hour first. George comes in to visit Ally in her cell, and they share a few laughs. He wants her to apologize and she says,
" I don't even say I'm sorry when I am". George says he came to thank her, and to help her break out. Ally wants to know how he met Elaine, and he said they met at the patent office. Billy comes up, so George has to leave, but says he'll see her tomorrow at her party. Billy wants Ally to apologize, but she won't do it.

Elaine and George are having dinner, and it's obvious that George is thinking of something, or should I say someone else. Elaine wants to celebrate George's reinstatement, and gives him a gift, a
"Reinstate me" condom.

The gang is gathered in the unisex talking about Ally spending the night in jail. Nelle would like to help since she's argued other gender biased cases. Richard wants all the lawyers to be in the courtroom to show support for Ally. The gang is now at the courtroom, and Ally is led in an orange jumpsuit. He wants only Ally to address him, and she does, saying he's a pig. Nelle does a great job disputing the whole gender issue. She says the judge heard Ally argue, and win her case, yet he's still judging her on hemlines. The judge considers Nelle's words, and lets Ally go.

The scene shifts to Ally and Renee's party. The women are singing, using a light bulb on a pole as a microphone. Dinner is served, and Richard makes a double toast to George, and also Ally. The conversation continues to center on the biases against men and women, and Billy gets annoyed and makes a speech, in turn offending Ally. The room goes completely silent, and an attempt is made to change the conversation. George throws in his two cents, and says that there's alot of
"stuff" in this room, and it can't be about Ally's skirts. He says there's enough truth in what Nelle said to tap into some frustration over discrimination. Richard interrupts with this, "Is that the two cents? I'd be looking for change." Richard says, "men, women=friction."

Billy goes off on Ally in the kitchen, starting with the skirt issue. He doesn't care about the skirts, but does care about the fact that the whole firm took the day to address them in court. He's upset that the whole firm rallied in her defense, and Ally marched in there and called the judge a pig. He said that Ally isn't concerned if her friends have fun at the party, just if she's successful as a host. He said he would like it if once, it wasn't always her party. His words really hit Ally hard, probably because in all honesty, they're true. Ally looks upset, and stays in the kitchen, preparing the melon balls. Ling tells Nelle that she works in a strange place, and Nelle says that she likes the lawyers. Billy returns to the kitchen to have another go at Ally. He says that Ally is always complaining that she has no life, but she does have friends in her life, and she should be enjoying the night with them. Ally says that she cherishes all of them, with the exception of Ling, George, Ben (Renee's date), and maybe Nelle.

Ally joins her friends, and the song "Superfreak" is playing once again. Richard takes Ling into a quiet place, and is curious why she won't allow him to kiss her. She says she wants him to, but she attaches too much importance to the first kiss. If it's not perfect, it kills the whole thing for her. Richard accepts the challenge, and Ling demonstrates the art of kissing on him, saying he's never been kissed like this before. She slowly licks his lips, and starts with the kiss. It's not a short one, and when she's done, Richard is in total awe of her. He just stands there with his mouth open, unable to speak. Ling tells Richard, "you're wonderful", which is good news to Richard. Ling walks back to sit by Nelle, who wants to know if she kissed him. Ling says, yeah, and he's still recovering. Ally is in the kitchen and George walks in. The two make small talk, and something passes between them, and Ally becomes nervous, and starts praising Elaine. They go back into the living room, and Ally switches the music to something slower. Ally is dancing with Ben, since Renee won't, and George is dancing with Elaine while staring at Ally. Ally and George can't keep their eyes off each other. Nelle dances with John, and they agree that it's better for him to covet her from afar. The credits roll as the gang continue dancing to slow songs.

Errant thoughts:

    • Finally a new show!!! I'm tired of baseball.. (call it sour grapes since the Indians didn't advance :-( )
    • I liked Ally's hair at the dinner party, it looked great pulled up.
    • I really like John Ritter, should be interesting to see if anything develops between him and Ally, and if so, Elaine's reaction to that. He will be on for a few shows.
    • Looks like the romance is over between John and Nelle. Thank goodness, she got way too much pleasure out of knowing how much he liked her.
    • Ling and Richard continue to date. Should be interesting when Whipper returns to the show in a few weeks.
    • Vonda's new video for the song "Maryland" followed the show. The song is on the Ally McBeal soundtrack, which is pretty good, I have it myself.
    • The interaction between the lawyers at the party was great! It was so nice to see them all together having fun.
    • Nelle realizes the women lawyers don't like her. I wonder if she'll be able to win them over or not.

LOL= Laughing Out Loud

    • Elaine (about Ally) : "It will be weird associating her with fun".

It is so funny we laugh hysterically, yet other parts can make you cry.

Special thanks to allyfan98
Photographs courtesy of Fox Network

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