The show opens with Ling entering the firm, looking for Nelle. She runs into Elaine, who wants to know who she is suing this time. Nelle then walks up, and takes Ling back to her office to discuss their latest case. Georgia walks up, and asks Elaine what's wrong. She says the "bitchy little thing" is back, and Georgia also asks who Ling is suing this time.

Georgia and Ling are in Richard's office, and Georgia is upset that Ling's case was dumped on her. Richard says it's only two depositions tops, but Georgia is still ticked off. The case is about plastic surgery- Ling is suing a nurse because her breasts are real. (more on that soon) Richard's minister has arrived, so Richard pushes everyone out of his office.

Georgia has gone into the unisex, and is complaining to Billy about Nelle. She thinks it's all Nelle's fault she gets stuck with the bad cases. Billy wants to know what Nelle's done, and Georgia can't really answer that. Georgia confesses to having a "Mirror, mirror, on the wall complex". She always felt like she was the prettiest one in the firm, until Nelle showed up. All of a sudden the toilet flushes, and out walks Ally, quite amused with Georgia's confession. Georgia explains that she wasn't talking about Ally, since she doesn't live in the same universe as everyone else.

Mark Newman (the minister) is telling Richard that he has a problem he's not sure how to deal with. He had a relationship with the music supervisor in his church, and Richard realizes he knows her, she was the one who sang "Short People" at his uncle's funeral. (Boy Meets World episode) Mark broke up with Lisa over 2 months ago, and now she is singing inappropriate songs in the church service. Mark is afraid to fire her, or demote her, but he wants her to stop singing those songs.

Ling is talking about her lawsuit with Georgia, Billy, the nurse (Jackie Silverman), and her counsel. Ling explains that she wanted to buy breast implants for her sister as a birthday present. Ling discussed with the doctor the importance of the implants feeling natural. The doctor brought out his nurse, and showed off her breasts, as an example of his work. Ling says what her sister got from the surgery was
"hard, little petrified lumps" and alot of scars. Ling found out afterwards that the nurse didn't have surgery, her breasts are real. The opposing counsel wants to know why she didn't sue the surgeon, and Ling says that he is an "empty pocket in another jurisdiction" but the nurse is "collectable".

Richard brought Ally into his church to listen to Lisa's songs. Ally also brought along Renee. The minister does his sermon, stopping intermittently for a hymn. Lisa's first song starts out with "I'm so tired of being alone" Lisa gives Mark some nasty glances throughout the hymn, making him very uneasy. Mark looks out into the congregation at Richard, as if to say, 'see what I mean?' Richard likes the song, as does Ally and Renee, and most of the congregration is dancing like crazy.

Back in the office, Mark is talking to Richard, with John present. Richard tells Mark he doesn't feel the song was inappropriate at all, nor overtly directed towards him. John says that what they need is someone to mediate. They need someone who speaks the language of loneliness. Next we see Richard approaching Ally, asking her to help them. Ally wants to know why her, and Richard says she has that "sense of futility that comes with knowing that no matter how long you live, you'll be going it alone."

Jackie is being questioned now about the implants. She says at first she didn't know that the doctor was passing her breasts off as implants, but it became clear to her after a while. Jackie didn't know that this was the case with Ling's sister, but she knows that the doctor had done so with other patients. Georgia says that they have a case- one of misrepresentation. The lawyer representing the nurse suggests that they view the two sets of breasts, so they can see the evidence themselves. Georgia is outraged, but Billy quickly agrees with the lawyer.

Georgia and Billy are talking alone, and Georgia is mad at Billy for wanting to look at the other women's breasts. Billy asks if somehow this is about Nelle too, and Georgia says no, but she has no doubt that Nelle's breasts are perfect. Nelle is standing behind Georgia and hears everything she just said.

Nelle and John bump into each other, causing John to fall into the mail cart. Nelle looks amused by that. She then asks John if they are ever going to go out on a real date, not just downstairs to the bar, and she tells him he's cute. John hears Barry White again, and his heart is pounding to the beat. Nelle is tapping on a folder she's holding, and John thinks she's keeping time to the music too. Nelle says she doesn't want to pressure him, and then walks away.

Ally has gone to meet with Mark, the minister, at his church. She is watching Lisa practice for Sunday's hymns, and she finally can relate to what Mark is saying about the song content. Lisa is singing a song about nuclear bombs dropping, and wiping out entire cities.

Ling is talking with Georgia about her case. She says that she was trying to give her sister a chance to feel like the women who have shapely builds such as Georgia's. Georgia is shocked that Ling noticed, or said anything like that. Georgia tries to get Richard to jump in and side with her during the conversation, but Richard remains neutral.

Ally is speaking with Lisa after the rehearsal about her singing. She says that Mark is concerned about the content of her recent songs. Lisa says she is just expressing herself through her songs, it's the way she deals with the pain of the break-up. Lisa said that Mark "changed his heart". They were serious about each other, and talked of marriage, until Mark decided he didn't want to see her anymore. She said the breakup was like a hit and run accident. He left the scene, and didn't even check to see how she was. She says that if Mark doesn't want to listen to her songs he should just leave the room.

Ally is now talking to Mark about Lisa, and she says the only person who is bothered by the songs is him. She wants to know why he has never discussed the break-up with Lisa. She asks him why he stopped loving Lisa, and he only answers with " I just did." Ally wants to know if he ever explored the reason for not loving Lisa, did he seek counseling, etc.. Lisa walks in and asks Mark where the warning was. She wants to know why it's great with men up until the time they run?

Ally is walking out on the street, and she's thinking of the break-up with Billy. She has flashbacks of him leaving to go make law review, and hearing a song from Vonda. All of a sudden, the music screeches to a halt, and Ally realizes that Billy's leaving had nothing to do with going to Michigan, and she looks devastated.

We're now in the conference room, where Billy and the other lawyer are looking at the Jackie's and Ling's sister's breasts. Both lawyers are carefully scrutinizing the women's breasts, to Georgia's dismay. Ling says they might look the same, but they don't feel the same, and she grabs a breast in each hand to demonstrate. The other lawyer tries to feel them also, but Georgia says no, and says this lawsuit is over, she's dismissing it.

John and Richard are in the unisex, each on a side of the revolving mirror. John is talking about Nelle, while Richard is shaving. John isn't sure about dating Nelle, since he says "She frightens me." Richard thinks he should go for it. John remembers Ally going on that talk show, and saying, "you only die once". John decides that he will date Nelle.

Ally is sitting at the bar deep in thought. Georgia approaches, asking what's wrong. Ally says it's about Billy, and she can't talk about it with her. Georgia says she'll listen, and Ally starts to talk about Lisa's words. She now knows that Billy didn't break up with her to go to Michigan, he went to Michigan to get away from her. She says he didn't have to go that far away. During this, Georgia isn't saying a word. Ally then figures out that Billy met someone in Michigan, and it was Georgia. She then realizes that Billy met Georgia, while still with her. Georgia says she didn't know about Ally then. Poor Ally is just crushed, and she starts to drink her vodka.

Ling is upset about the firm, and Nelle tries to calm her down. She says something is going on with Ling, she thinks the whole world is out to get her. Nelle then offers some "armchair psychology" and says that Ling is an unpopular person and she deals with it by fighting with everyone. Ling excuses herself, and Nelle tells Richard that Ling needed to hear that. Richard goes after her, saying he likes her. He would like to take her to have dinner with him, and Ling agrees.

Georgia and Billy are arguing, and Billy can't believe that Ally knows the truth. Georgia says she didn't tell her, "her nickels just kept dropping." Georgia says women see things that men don't. Georgia says the same thing bothering Ally is now bothering her. She says Billy can be in love with someone, and see another woman and boom, he has changed his mind. Georgia is now wondering if it could happen to her, and Billy could fall for another woman and leave her. (which obviously explains Georgia's jealousy about women in previous episodes) Billy refuses to dignify that with a response, but Georgia says when Ally comes at him, to at least dignify her legitimate complaint with a response.

Ally is meeting with Lisa, and says she should sing her songs in the downstairs bar. She has also convinced Mark Newman to talk about the break-up with her. Ally convinces Lisa that it is a good idea to sit down and talk to Mark. Lisa decides to sing at the bar, and goes off to rehearse.

John asks Richard for his opinion on something, and shows him a pair of platform shoes. John says he feels short next to Nelle. Richard says that John should be just be himself, she must like him the way he is, to even consider dating him anyway.

Ally is in the elevator, and Billy walks in. Ally looks at Billy, as if to say 'ok tell me the truth' and Billy tries to say something, but doesn't. Ally gives him a look, and yet he doesn't say anything. She looks upset, and they end up exiting the elevator without actually saying anything.

Ally, Lisa, and Mark are now discussing the break-up. Mark finally comes clean with her, and tells her that she just wasn't the one, he loves her, but he just doesn't have any passion for her. Ally is looking out the window, no doubt comparing this exchange to her own life.

John is in the unisex, again hearing Barry White. He's singing and dancing, and Elaine walks in, and unnoticed by John, starts dancing behind him. John realizes she's there, and Elaine tells him that he was hot.

Ally is back in her office, and talking to Lisa about Mark. Lisa says it's better to know the truth, and Ally reluctantly agrees. Lisa leaves to go rehearse for her gig downstairs, and Billy walks in. He says when he was considering transferring to Michigan, he went to visit, and met Georgia. He knew within 10 minutes that she was the one he was going to marry. Ally is really upset, but Billy doesn't get it, it's not like she's suddenly lost something that she had yesterday. She said yesterday she believed in something. She's never been ashamed to admit that she wants someone to love, and once she had that, and it was everything. She's now doubting the love they shared. Billy says they did have that, but Ally isn't so sure. She's crying, and Billy is not very sympathetic, but says he wishes he would have done things differently.

Lisa is singing downstairs about fools falling in love. Richard is there with Ling, and the women lawyers are there with the exception of Nelle, who is on her date with John, and Billy is upstairs at his desk. Elaine and Renee then dance with those familiar twins. Mark is also there watching Lisa sing. Ally once again walks home alone as the credits roll.

Some "errant" thoughts......

  • So, Georgia is afraid that she got Billy from her looks alone. Quite an interesting turn of events in the Billy, Ally, Georgia triangle.
  • I think Nelle doesn't like John, she's just dating him to get in good with firm since John is a partner.
  • I think Nelle could have given Ling some constructive criticism, without being so rude about it.
  • No courtroom action tonight- only cases settled out of court.
  • Poor Ally- she had one great love, and Billy took that away from her, by disclosing the truth. But on the upside, maybe it will make it easier to get over him now.. maybe not...
  • I've heard alot of comments about Calista's weight lately, and I'm wondering if maybe she is looking like that on purpose, so her role in Ally is more believable. Then when she finds someone, or is happy about something they'll do her hair, and not make her look so haggard. Maybe not, but it would be nice to see her looking better. I know she can, her picture in TV GUIDE was proof of that. IF something is really wrong with her, I hope she gets the help she needs.


  • Ling, "I almost signed up, and my breasts are beyond reproach." (about plastic surgery)
  • Ling, "I'm deaf to condescension. Right now I could hear a pin drop." (to Georgia)
  • Richard,. "She'd floss her teeth with you inside a month." (to John, about Nelle)

Ally McBeal might possibly be pre-empted for the next week or two because of MLB play-offs.
Thanks for reading ! :-

It is so funny we laugh hysterically, yet other parts can make you cry.

Special thanks to allyfan98
Photographs courtesy of Fox Network

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