The show opens in the unisex with Nelle fixing her hair. John walks in and admires her, once again hearing the boom boom song from last week. Nelle asks him if he's drawn to her, and John gets nervous, and tries hard to speak clearly. Before John can answer, Nelle says she already knows he is, Richard told her. She goes on to say that she has certain rules about dating someone she works with. Ally then enters the unisex. Nelle changes her tune after seeing Ally, and says something like she just makes up the rules as she goes along. Nelle then exits the unisex, and Ally tells John, "It's official. I hate her."

John goes storming into Richard's office to confront him about what he told Nelle. Richard's standard answer is, "Sorry, bygones." Richard changes the subject and tells John about their latest case, involving shock jock, Harold Wick (played by Wayne Newton). This character is no doubt modeled after Howard Stern. Nelle is representing her former client, Ling Woo- who is suing Harold Wick.

The gang is at the staff meeting, and Billy is trying to understand the merit of the new case. Ling is plant manager of a steel company, and she has never had any contact with Harold before. Nelle explains that Harold's radio program contributes to a sexually charged working environment. Georgia then asks, "We're suing a radio personality for contributing to sexual harassment at a steel plant?" Billy and Georgia laugh and Billy says she has no cause of action. Nelle then says, " Great, it's always more fun when I give a cute guy a giggle as I go about my business". She says that she could use another body on this, and would Billy be interested. Georgia answers for Billy, with a forceful NO. Ally is looking amused throughout this, but doesn't say anything. Richard then volunteers Ally to work with Nelle. Ally definitely does not look pleased.

We now meet Ling, who is a pretty Asian woman. She asks Elaine to help her find Nelle. Nelle then walks up, and Ling tells her how anxious she is about the deposition and how she doesn't like change. Elaine and Ling exchange looks, as Nelle reassures Ling that things will be ok.

John's latest case is about horses. Mr. Dailey is suing Paul's Bistro, because he was served horse meat. Mr. Dailey is on the stand being questioned by opposing counsel. He is describing his dinner at a French restaurant. The menu was in French, and they didn't press the waiter on the translation of what they ordered until after the meal. Mr. Dailey gave a compliment on the meat, only to find out it was horse meat. He felt nauseous afterwards, as did his wife. They are horse lovers, and felt sick that they were actually served horse meat.

Harold Wick and his lawyer have arrived for the deposition with Nelle and Ling. Harold runs into Elaine, who compliments him on his show. Elaine says that Harold always makes women sound as if they're cheap. Elaine says she's always been a cheap woman herself, and is glad to know she's not alone in the world.

We're now back to the trial about the horse meat. John is taking his turn, asking Mr. Dailey questions. He asks about other types of meat, and Mr.Dailey admits he's not a vegetarian, but eating a horse is different, a horse is a noble beast. He should have been told what kind of meat it was first.

The deposition is going on, without much being accomplished. Harold insults all of the women, and even asks Ling if she is Chinese. Harold tells his lawyer,
"Lucky I took some Viagra with the ibuprofen". Harold alludes to sexual acts with all the women, and says to Ally, "I just know that I'd like to take you home, and make you my nasty little whore." Afterwards, Ally talks to Nelle about the case. Ally thinks they are giving Harold just what he wants, publicity. Ally doesn't think they can possibly win, and Nelle tells her not to be so sure.

Richard and Ling are down at the bar, waiting for Nelle. Richard makes conversation with Ling, which only offends her. Nelle finally arrives, and Ling says she doesn't like Nelle's new firm, as the lawyers are crazy. She said the singer bugs her too, so Nelle suggests that they go back upstairs.

John is in his office, and upset over his horse case. This case is really getting to him, and he pulls his favorite childhood animal out of a drawer, his horse Frolly. Ally walks in, and John tells her about Frolly. Ally wants John to tell her about the case, and says, "Remember, when you're with me, it's the only time you're not the strangest person in the room. " John explains that the reference to Mr. Ed in the courtroom really bothered him, and they reminisce about the Mr. Ed show, and even sing the theme song. Ling and Nelle walk into John's office, giving Ally and John strange looks, as Ally and John look embarrassed.

Ally and Renee are watching a broadcast of the Harold Wick show the next morning as they are eating.. Harold says that anyone who has enough money to hire a lawyer, can buy themselves some fame. Renee says that she'll (Ling) probably appear on the cover of TIME magazine, and it would sell more copies than one of a doctor curing cancer. Ally and Renee talk about Ling's clothes, and Renee says that some people talk about Ally's short skirts too. Ally says she only wants them to talk about her legs, not her skirts.

John is questioning Mr. Handy, the restaurant manager about serving horse meat. Mr. Handy says that the defendant wasn't hurt by eating the meat, they are all there because of a notion- that it's unconscionable to eat a horse. The cruelty issue is brought up next. A horse has to be slaughtered for human consumption, but for pet food, or paint thinner, the horse can be euthanized.

We now flip to another courtroom, where Nelle is pleading her case to the judge. Harold's lawyer says it's ridiculous for a radio personality to be sued by a person he's never even met. Harold's broadcast is not even heard in Ling's workplace, but according to Nelle, its presence is felt anyway. Nelle makes alot of good points, but the one I'll mention is this line,
"But if it results in discrimination, or a hostile work environment, then he should simply be held accountable." Nelle says it's not a matter for the judge to decide on, it's one for the jury.

Ally is back in her office after court, and looks upset. Elaine walks in and says, "Don't tell me she's good." Ally says that Nelle is great. "And she made a completely impossible cause of action seem totally believable." Elaine can't believe the judge didn't throw the case out, and Ally thinks the bad thing is that they just might win. Elaine tells Ally how sorry she was, obviously they were both hoping Nelle would be an awful lawyer.

Ling and Richard are watching a news broadcast about Harold Wick, while waiting for Nelle. Richard then pulls a familiar move. He asked Ling,
"What is that on your neck?", and fingers her wattle while saying, "Chinese wattle". Ling slaps him, and tells him "You're a man without any nice qualities."

John is upstairs, getting mentally prepared for his first draft of his closing. He is circling the brick support, while barefoot, as he has done in the past. Nelle walks up, curious to what he's doing. John asks her if she's ever had horse meat, still thinking of his case. Nelle says no thanks, she's already eaten, but maybe another time, how about Thursday? John looks puzzled, but doesn't attempt to correct her.

The next morning, John is walking in his office, still barefoot. Georgia walks in, spots his feet, and knows he's still working on his first draft of his closing. John says he can't do the closing, will Georgia do it for him? Georgia assures him the law is on his side and he'll be fine. Ally walks in and attempts to comfort John, but Elaine comes in with Nelle and "Vicious" (her words) Ling, saying the judge has come back with a ruling.

The judge throws out the sexual harassment claim, but the negligent infliction of emotional distress claim he'll let stand and have a jury decide. Nelle, Ling, and Richard are watching a news report on TV, and Richard is impressed when they mention the firm's name. Richard asks Nelle what is next, and Nelle says
"Dismiss". Both Ling and Richard are shocked, they want money. Nelle says they wouldn't have gotten any, and it's better to get out while they're ahead. Nelle says the goal is to get even, and in victory, they have credibility. She says now they'll make the First Amendment their best friend. Nelle leaves to draft a statement, once again leaving Richard and Ling together. Ling looks at Richard, saying, " Alone again, you and me, you probably feel special." Richard replies with, "Ling, anyone with you is alone."

Opposing counsel is making their closing in the horse case, stressing the dignity of horses. It's John's turn, and he pauses, as if hearing some new voice. John says the case isn't about horses, it's about people. He talks about the decency of horse meat, and says the hamburger would be next if you attack decency. John says we, the people, eat animals and we aren't decent about it. He says you can't blame the guy who serves the meat, as long as people continue to eat it. He ends up by showing the jury a bottle of glue, saying "We're human beings. This is glue."

Ling is telling the public about her decision to dismiss the claim. She doesn't go into details. She then says this,
"It appears that certain physical or psychological dysfunctions may be the root of Mr. Wick's compulsion to fixate on sexual content. I feel it would be wrong for me to exploit any of his medical inadequacies or conditions." The gang has now gathered in Richard's office, where Richard is thanking Nelle for the conference. Ally is upset because Nelle implied that Harold was impotent, and they don't even know that's true. Nelle makes reference to the Viagra comment, and Ally said that was meant as a joke. Ally doesn't like the way Nelle handled things at all, and tells her so, saying she was dishonest. Ally then leaves the room to go into the unisex, where she is struck by John, once again practicing his dismount from the stall. Ally falls back into the toilet, and gets her backside all wet. She says she was just thinking how this place is going down the toilet, and boom, she's down the toilet too. Ally is concerned with John dating Nelle, and is worried that the firm will become a different place.

Elaine walks in and says the producer of the Harold Wick show called, and wants Ally on the show. Elaine asks if she wants to do it, or should she pass it to Nelle. Ally agrees to do the show.

Ally is at the studio to do the program. Harold is questioning Ally, and she's holding her own against him. All of the gang are watching from different places as the program continues. Billy is shocked and angry, saying this isn't Ally, while Renee is cheering her on.

Georgia has come to let John know the jury is back, and says,
"Let's gallop" The verdict is read, and the jury has ruled in favor of the defendant. Mr. Handy thanks John reluctantly, and John says "Sometimes sentiment is just that." Mr. Handy replies, "But a kook is always a kook." John opens his briefcase, and looks at Frolly.

Harold thanks Ally after the broadcast for coming on the show. Ally says she came because she thought the press conference was below the belt, and maybe because it took some air out of their show.

Richard, Nelle and Ling are talking about Ally being on Harold's show. Ling is angry, and says she won't pay. Ally walks in, and Nelle confronts her. Ally said what they did was disgusting, but hey, it extended the firm's 15 minutes of fame. Someone knocks on Ally's door, and she says, "Go to hell." without looking out. It's John, who looks confused. He tells Ally he shares her concern about the firm, but, " But as long as we have you, I know we'll keep what we have." Ally says that might be the best thing anyone has ever said to her. Ally gets teary eyed, and Elaine walks in with a big vase of flowers from Harold Wick. The card reads, " To one classy broad, Love, Harold."

Downstairs at the bar, John and Nelle are dancing together. Ally walks up to Georgia and Billy, and then talk about Ally's time on Harold's show. Ally says,
"It didn't hurt." Ally looks out on the dance floor, and sees John and Nelle dancing. Nelle tells John she didn't think he could dance, and John replies, that he's an "enigma." Nelle then takes her hair down from its familiar knot, and shakes her hair, also dancing a little more wild. Ally, Georgia and John are just staring at Nelle in disbelief as the credits roll.

Some of my thoughts about tonight's show..

  • First, Nelle was annoying as she continued to flaunt her influence over John in front of Ally. I feel that she is trying to make Ally jealous, which I don't like.
  • Where were Billy and Renee tonight?? They were hardly on at all.
  • Thumbs up to Ally, for standing up to Nelle.
  • Obviously Harold Wick was modeled after Howard Stern, I think Wayne Newton did a great job portraying this part.
  • I felt sorry for John, for losing his case. The whole horse reference thing, was very emotional for him.
  • Thumbs up to Georgia also, for standing up to Nelle.
  • Nelle is really pushing the buttons of the lawyers, it will be interesting to see how they handle that.
  • I guess that's all, thanks for reading- see you back here next week for another episode of the best show on TV- Ally McBeal.allyfan98 :-)

It is so funny we laugh hysterically, yet other parts can make you cry.

Special thanks to Wendy S.
Photographs courtesy of Fox Network

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