The show with Vonda singing of dreams, and Ally having a dream. Ally is having a dream where she sees a ray of light in the darkness, and she puts her hand up to it. She can see someone else there, but not the face of the person. She continues to touch the light with her fingertips, finally touching the hand of the other person. All of a sudden, Ally jerks awake, and goes kind of crazy looking around. She then realizes it was a dream, and Renee comes in to see what's wrong. Ally tells Renee that the dream was different this time, and so vivid.

The next morning, Richard and Billy are talking while watching a blond haired woman (Laura Jewel) talk with Elaine. They are talking about Laura, and how she is a sexual predator. Richard says how he likes to be directed in bed, and confesses to having a thing for Shari Lewis when he was younger. Georgia walks up then, and Richard says that they have a new case- wrongful termination. Laura's lawyer ditched her right before summary judgment. Richard said he would do it, if he knew the law.

Ally and John must have been given that case, because they are now meeting with Laura in the conference room. Laura was arrested for having sex with a minor. John brings Ally to the conclusion that the best defense would be an insanity defense. After all, the woman is 39, and the boy was only 16. Afterwards, Ally tries to convince Renee to accept the insanity plea, and Renee only goes down to felony battery. A young man walks up, wanting to speak to Renee. Renee introduces him to Ally, his name is Jason Treshler(?). Ally stares at him, and Renee has to bring her back to the real world.

John is in Richard'soffice, and says they'll have to go to court with the case against Laura. Richard is in another world, and John is concerned. Richard makes a great living, has great friends, and his own firm, but he wants more... MONEY. John mentions Nelle Porter, and Richard asks, "Subzero Nelle"??? John mentions she's looking for a new firm, and asked about theirs. Richard smiles at the possibility of making more money.

Jason Treshler is being questioned in the courtroom by Renee and Ally. He is asked about Laura, and he says she came in to the place where he worked, and he got to know her there. He said she always looked sad, and he asked her about it. He thought she was sad because of loneliness, but it seemed worse than that. Ally interjects with "What could be worse than being alone?" Jason said the lonely people always have a certain look. Jason's words are really hitting home to Ally, and she starts to space out, before concluding with her questioning.

After court, Ally goes to see her therapist, once again played by Tracey Ullman. Ally is telling Tracey about Jason's words in the courtroom and how it seemed like he was talking about her. Tracey is as funny as ever saying, "Ally, with you, everything is about you". Ally then says she had impure, sexual thoughts about Jason. Tracey says that the most in-love time of Ally's life was probably when she was 18, and with Billy. It's possible that the boy is triggering old feelings of Billy, which is why Ally is drawn to him. Tracey says looking at an 18 year old boy is not something to get therapy for. She says that Ally has been waiting for another love to come along, and is worried because it hasn't.

Ally is in the unisex telling Georgia about her session with Dr. Tracey. Ally asks Georgia if she's ever fantasized about a boy, and Georgia checks in the stalls before answering. She sees shoes in one, and says it's Billy. They decide to play a trick on Billy, and Ally plays along. Georgia lays it on thick, and says how she doesn't even look at any man anymore, since Billy. Georgia says she doesn't even enjoy going to the movies anymore, because the leading men don't do anything for her. Ally says
"Well now you know why it was so hard for me to get over him.. he's so, ya know"...... and Georgia says "big". Ally looks shocked at that, but they continue the charade, saying how good Billy was in bed. The feet in the stall move back, and Billy (or so they think) gets ready to exit the stall. All of a sudden, a throat clears behind them, and it's Billy. The two lawyers look shocked, and they both turn around to see who was in the stall. The toilet flushes, and out walks John, who only remarks, "That kind of frank dialogue troubles me". Georgia and Ally start laughing, and turn around to face Billy, who is wondering what's going on.

Ally is asking Elaine who the woman is with Richard. Elaine explains that it's Nelle Porter (description at end of summary) AKA Subzero Nelle. She says Richard is looking for a "rainmaker". John and Laura approach, and are ready for court. Ally asks John if they're hiring a new lawyer, but Nelle and Richard approach before he can answer. He introduces Nelle, and Ally and Nelle shake hands. He then introduces John, and Nelle says she's heard alot about him, and says
"the bunion, right"??? John looks embarrassed, and corrects her. Richard then exits, taking Nelle to see the unisex.

Laura is on the standnow, talking about a meeting she had with Jason at the boathouse. She says she's not sure if she was lonely, or exhilarated at the thought of being a 16 yr. olds fantasy, but she knew she had to make love with Jason then. She knows that he wanted her every bit as much. Laura tries to describe how beautiful the lovemaking was, and Ally sees herself kissing Jason, and makes a noise, and then she returns to the real world.

Richard is still showing Nelle around and they're discussing benefits. Richard says he can't make her partner, "too much fallout" he says, but she'd make partner there sooner than anywhere else. Richard is thrilled to know that her clients would follow her to their firm also. She asks about the firm's ideology, and Richard says it's "selfishism" . He says "everyone's looking to get ahead, everyone gets ahead." Elaine and Georgia are talking about Nelle, and Elaine says Nelle is "such the bitch". Nelle walks up, and introduces herself, and says she'd like to pick the brain of one of the female lawyers. Elaine suggests she speak to Ally, as Ally will give her "the straight dirt".. Nelle then leaves, and Elaine said end of problem, she will hate Ally.

Back at the courtroom,Renee is questioning Laura, and she's talking about Jason again. Renee is dwelling on the age factor, and Laura says that in some ways she does prefer boys because of this:
"Emotionally, I think things die in men as they get older, they lose the essence of the very thing a woman most wants- simple intimacy". Ally is again seeing herself kissing Jason.

Later that night, Ally is sitting down reflecting, and drinking a beer. Billy walks up, and Ally claims
"I think I'm meant for a boy". She said that when Jason said some people are meant to be alone, it really shocked her. She says Dr. Tracey thinks her attraction to Jason is because she isn't over Billy, but it's not that, she says. She doesn't even remember being with Billy, and Billy looks upset at that. But Ally says she can still remember him at 17, and that he's still a great guy. The part of him that she fell in love with back then, is "kinda atrophied over". Ally again says she's meant for a boy, and Billy says maybe she's meant for *that* boy. Ally looks disgusted, and gives Billy a punch on the arm.

John is doing the closing arguments on the case, and he tells the jury about a movie he had seen in his youth called Summer of 42. It's about a teenage ago boy, and a 30 something woman. In the end, the woman took the boy to bed, and John said that's the ending that the audience wanted. He says there's no shame in wanting it to end that way. John says there isn't any laws when it comes to love. Laura committed an insane act, one of passion and love. John said the insane thing would have been if she hadn't acted on her feelings. Renee takes her turn, trying to beat it into the jury that Laura broke the law regardless of their feelings for each other.

Outside the courtroom, Ally, Laura, and John are waiting for the verdict. Nelle walks up and wants to speak to Ally about the firm. She also calls John by the wrong name again. Nelle tells Ally that maybe they can get a drink later, and says she'll call. Ally is fuming, because Nelle didn't even give Ally a chance to speak, and John admits he's "drawn to her".

Ally is looking at some papers while waiting for the elevator. She doesn't notice right away that Jason is also in the elevator with her. He says that he had a dream last night, and Ally was in it. He describes the dream, and it's the exact same dream that Ally also had the previous evening.

Ally gets spooked by his confession, and heads over to Dr. Tracey's office. Tracey tells Ally to calm down, and breathe, but Ally wants answers. Ally asks for Dr. Tracey's advice and gets this: "It can't last forever.. Who made up the rule, that the best loves do?"

Ally has met Nelle downstairs at the bar. Ally is subtly trying to talk Nelle out of working there, saying that she won't make partner, and that they only hire women who want families. You can't tell what Nelle is thinking unfortunately to know if the bait is working. Elaine interrupts, and says the verdict is in, and Ally heads off to the courtroom.

The verdict is read, and Laura is found not guilty, by reason of temporary insanity.

Ally is in the elevator, and all of a sudden, Jason comes charging through the partially closed doors. He congratulates her on the win, then tells Ally that he feels they have a strange connection to each other. Jason explains that he came in to ask her out. He asks her out, and Ally accepts a date for tomorrow night.

Richard announces that Nelle has joined the law firm, and Elaine says to Georgia and Ally; "Just so we're clear, we hate her, right?" Nelle says that her little chat with Ally made her think it would be fun to work there. Afterwards, Ally goes into John's office, and asks him why they hired her. John says it's partly because he's drawn to her, and also because she "makes my heart go boom" . She makes him remind himself to feel, but he has no illusions of dating her.

Ally is at dinner with Jason, and he suggests a walk afterwards. He finds out that she's always wanted to go on the field of Fenway Park, so they go to the park.

Billy walks into the unisex, and sees Nelle in her bra. He is shocked, and so is Georgia when she walks in and sees Billy standing there. Billy leaves, and Georgia tells Nelle that they can be a tough group, but they'll warm up. Nelle then proceeds to take her hair down, and she has wonderful blonde hair with some waves in it. Georgia looks very envious of Nelle's long blond hair. John walks in and admires Nelle, who is busy looking in the mirror.

Ally and Jason are at Fenway park now, and are pretending to play baseball. They each take a turn at bat, and they are playing all positions. It's a really cute scene, and they both look like they're having a great time. Ally and Jason walk home, and he invites her in, but she declines. Jason would like to see Ally again, but Ally also declines that. Jason knew she would say that, he said she was having too much fun, "like it was some kind of reunion with fun you had before". Jason holds up his hand, like in their dream, and Ally places hers up against his, and they kiss, while Vonda is singing a song about the real world. Ally turns around and walks home, remembering the great night she had.

Some thoughts and quotes that I couldn't work into the summary follow.

  • Thumbs up to David Kelley for putting in a memorial to Phil Leeds (Judge Happy Boyle) who recently passed away.
  • Ally's skirts seem shorter than last season.
  • Ally never seemed knowledgeable about sports, but knew quite alot about the Red Sox.
  • A quick description of Nelle Porter- tall, slender, blond haired woman, wore hair in tight knot with severe looking reading glasses. She has a nice smile, but doesn't smile much. Seems to enjoy conflict, and obviously knows her effect on men.
  • John has switched from saying Poughkeepsie, to saying Coney Island.
  • Vonda Shepherd's name is included with the cast this year.
  • I'm glad to see Tracey Ullman back this year!!!!!!! :)
  • A quote from Tracey during her conversation with Ally "You think I'm a Menudo groupie because I like their music??"
  • Finally, I was glad to see Ally and Billy in a close scene, but understand that Ally does need to move on, and I look forward to seeing her with other men this season. I would love to see Greg Budders come back!

Thanks for reading this long summary, I promise it will get shorter, I just wanted to cover all bases with the season premiere!
allyfan98 :-)

It is so funny we laugh hysterically, yet other parts can make you cry.

Special thanks to Wendy S.
Photographs courtesy of Fox Network

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