The show opens with Ally telling Renee that she's sensing "the ick" in regards to her impending date with John Cage. Renee thinks she should just talk to John about her feelings, but Ally is afraid of hurting his feelings, and says maybe she should go out with him, but act really boring, so John loses interest in her.

The next morning, Richard has called a meeting to discuss new clients. John is annoyed, and tells Richard to "speed it up". Richard says their newest client is Seymore Little, a famous Impressionist artist. Mr. Little wants to marry his girlfriend, but his son Sam won't allow the marriage. Sam is his legal guardian, since he was declared mentally incompetent two years ago. John is still annoyed with Richard, and afterwards Richard addresses him about that issue. John apologizes, and reveals his qualms about the upcoming date with Ally, and kissing her. Richard thinks John should just kiss her, he says "women... want to be taken". Richard says that John needs to be more aggressive and dominating. John says that Richard's logic troubles him.

Ally has just met Seymore, and tells him how much she loves his work. Seymore is a gruff old man, and clearly doesn't approve of Ally's clothes. He doesn't want a woman lawyer. He says, "Men make the best lawyers". Richard decides to make Billy co-counsel. Ally runs into John Cage in the hallway. John remembers Richard's advice and firmly places his hands on Ally's shoulders, and flat out tells her that they're going out after work *tomorrow night* and gives her no option other than to agree.

Ally and Billy are talking to Seymore and his girlfriend Paula. Seymore is frustrated that his son won't consent to the marriage. All Seymore wants to do is marry Paula, and open a small art gallery. There is a huge age difference between Seymore and Paula, about 60 years.

Next, Billy and Ally talk in the unisex, and Billy is concerned that the girlfriend is after Seymore's money. Ally doesn't think they seem like a good match. With that, Billy brings up John Cage, and Billy doesn't see a good match with her and John. Ally says, "I actually like odd" and the toilet flushes at that precise moment. They're both thinking that Cage is in the stall, and Ally looks at Billy in horror. Ally gets down on the floor and looks underneath the stall door, with Billy looking on. She is relieved and yet confused to find no one in the stall. John walks in while they're both on the floor, and demonstrates his remote control toilet flusher. (This man has the funniest gadgets, he makes me laugh out loud.) John says he prefers "a fresh bowl" and that some people leave in haste without flushing.

Ally and Billy are talking with Seymore's son, Sam. He says his dad isn't insane, just incapable of running his own affairs. He doesn't think his dad is over his wife, who has been deceased for 7 years. He still talks to her. He isn't sure why his dad wants to marry Paula, but he knows he doesn't love her, and the love his dad had with his mom wasn't the kind that just goes away.

Billy and Ally are planning their defense with Mr. Little, with Paula also present. Ally says that the issue of Seymore talking to his dead wife could be an issue, and Seymore says he was married to her for 56 years, if he wants to talk to her, then he will. Billy thinks that it's going to look like Paula is after Seymore's money also.

Richard sees John still brooding, and approaches him. He asks if he's ready for the date, mentally, and we hear the bells tolling for a second, then come screeching to a halt. John says he's a poor kisser, he secretes excess saliva. Richard suggests that John seek advice from Billy since "Billy grew up kissing Ally".

Billy and Ally are in the courtroom, and Billy has approached the judge, Happy Boyle. Opposing counsel argues that Mr. Little isn't well, but Billy argues to the contrary. Judge Boyle then does what he does best, asks to see Mr. Little's teeth. Seymore removes his top teeth, and puts them up on the desk. Happy examines them, and decides he wants a full hearing.

Ally confronts Paula in the hallway, she says she's "smelling a rat in the wedding cake" and wants the truth. Paula insists she's not after Seymore's money, and is even willing to sign a prenuptial agreement to that effect. Ally still thinks something is just not right.

John has taken Richard's advice, and has gone to see Billy. John is "fraught with anxiety" about kissing Ally. Billy does nothing to comfort him, and doesn't think a senior partner should be dating an associate. Georgia walks in, and she must have seen the green eyed monster bite Billy, because she says he seems a bit miffed about John asking for advice about Ally.

Ally and Billy are meeting with Seymore's son, and Paula. Sam is willing to give Paula all of Seymore's estate, if she'll just walk away. He doesn't want his dad to go through the hearing. Paula says no, she will let him keep the money, if he'll revoke guardianship, provide living costs for Seymore, and allow them to marry. Billy and Ally still wonder what's going on, why would this woman want to marry a man so much older, and not be interested in his money. They must be missing something. Billy says that maybe they do love each other, and the thought of one love forever is just silly, someone else can always come along. Ally says "somebody did" and we realize she's speaking not of Paula, but referring to Billy moving on with Georgia. Once again, their past is brought up, and Billy won't discuss it with her. He says it's just the case that's affecting them, making them reflect on the past, and they decide to get to work on the case.

The next morning, Ally and Billy are in Happy Boyle's chambers with the opposing counsel. Opposing counsel wants to keep the proceedings private, and Ally and Billy agree. Judge Boyle says he looks up to Seymore Little, and also that "Besides Pick-a-so, he's one of my favorites". Billy says there's no reason to doubt the legitimacy of the marriage, and money has been ruled out as a motive for the marriage. Next we see Ally and Billy outside the courtroom, and Billy is telling Ally to use the "velvet glove" and to keep the questioning soft. He then says "There's something I've gotta do" and begins kissing her gently. I really couldn't believe that Billy would go as far as to kiss Ally!! However, Billy then speaks to Ally, and we realize that it is just one of her fantasies, and she tries to shrug it off and heads to the courtroom.

We go next to the unisex, where John is preparing himself mentally for his date with Ally. Imagine, if you will, the presence of John Cage in front of the unisex mirror. He is hearing, and lip synching to, the song "Can't Get Enough of Your Love, Babe" by Barry White. He now starts dancing and singing, and it's really believable that he does hear the song. All of a sudden the music screeches to a halt. John sees Richard's reflection in the mirror, just standing there with his mouth open. Richard wants to know what he's doing, and John says "preparing himself rhythmically". He tells Richard he's decided not to kiss Ally. Elaine walks in, and Richard asks for her kissing advice. She decides to demonstrate her kissing techniques on John, and shows him how to kiss, while swallowing the saliva, that way he doesn't slobber all over Ally. Elaine kisses him hard, and afterwards John asks for ice.

Seymore Little is on the stand, being questioned by Ally. He is still outraged that he has to come into court to ask permission to be married. He's sure his son has good intentions, but he feels victimized by him. Judge Boyle has allowed the son to question his father, and he asks why he wants to marry Paula, he knows that his dad isn't over his mother. Seymore breaks down, sobbing, and says that he wants his gallery, and to be able to marry whoever he wants. Afterwards, Ally takes Paula into her office, and demands the truth. Paula admits that it's about the art gallery, and that she's marrying Seymore so that in time, she can be named his legal guardian, and let he can then open the art gallery he dreams of. Ally then says she can't let the sham of a marriage happen, and heads off to talk to Seymore's son.

Sam says he still won't allow his dad to open an art gallery. He would paint pictures of Gail all day, and he's afraid that some of the pictures would make it into society. Sam knows that they aren't nearly as good as his dad's earlier ones, and is afraid his dad would be ridiculed. Then the legacy of Seymore Little would be ruined, and he won't let that happen. He won't let his dad's reputation in the art world be destroyed.

John has arrived to pick up Ally for their date, and she starts her boring routine. She talks about her makeup routine, and rambles on and on. They go to the bar where the gang normally hangs out. Ally and John are dancing, and Vonda is singing "Can't Get Enough of Your Love, Babe", and John is perfecting his dancing moves from earlier. Ally claims she's in "70's hell and can't get out". She sees John, complete in 70's clothes, and hair, and notices that he's having a great time, while Ally isn't.

John is walking her home, and Ally is still rambling on and on about her makeup preferences. John wants to know why she's talking so fast, and she blames her actions on her latest case. She says it's really getting to her, and talks about Seymore and his dead wife. John says " I have unrelenting impulses" and hears the bells tolling for him. Ally suddenly realizes what John is about to do, and he goes for it. He kisses Ally just like Elaine kissed him earlier, complete with the saliva sucking technique. He continues kissing her quite forcefully, and when he's done, he quickly turns his head away, and Ally, still attached, falls to the ground. Ally says "John, you knocked me off my feet with that one". John apologizes, but is so embarrassed. Ally lies, and says she had a great time, and that they would talk tomorrow. She ends with "night, buddy" and the Biscuit knows it's the kiss of death for the relationship.

John is relating the events of the date to Richard, and is still upset about the kiss. Elaine wants to know if he sucked Ally's tongue, and he says that he may have drawn blood. Richard says it's no big deal, Whipper called the cops on him on their first date.

Ally has gone to see Seymore, and she admires his paintings. She needs something to go into final arguments with, and they don't have anything. Ally says that Sam is just concerned that Seymore's name stays protected in the art world. Ally wants to know what Seymore really wants, and he says he just wants to be able to paint what he feels, and share it.

Ally has her fingers on the bridge of her nose, clearly distressed, and runs into John, who is doing the same thing. They collide, and John falls to the floor. Ally apologizes, and John says it's ok, they are even now. John tells Ally that he knows that her "cosmetic babbling was designed to incur my disinterest". Ally knows he's right on the money, and is momentarily speechless. He says she's a sensitive person, and Ally just knows that sometimes right off, it's not a match. She offers some reasons why not, that they work together..etc..John once again has so much insight, and says she's still in love with someone else. Ally says that she's not seeing anymore, it couldn't be that. She asks him again if he's ok, and he says yes, but discovers his remote flusher is jammed. He turns to leave, and says that "something tells me that he's still in love too". Ally looks shocked as she leaves for court.

Closing arguments are going on now, and Sam's lawyer says the court order should stand, Seymore isn't competent, and his name in the art world should stay as is. Ally once again throws her own life into her closing argument, and says "We should all be so lucky to end up with somebody who has a little bit of that insanity, somebody who never lets you go. Somebody who cherishes you, forever. Loving somebody forever, that's a legacy". All during this speech, Billy is looking upset, Ally's words are hitting home to him. The judge says he's not sure of the logistics, but he's sure he can construe a guardianship which would allow Seymore to set up shop. Seymore brightens up at that prospect.

Ally goes up to her office after court, and Billy is right behind her. He asks her, "Will you ever forgive my letting go?" to which Ally replies "I forgive it. But I'm still not sure I'll ever understand it".

Vonda is singing "The End of The World" as Ally is walking home, Billy and Georgia are dancing down at the bar, Seymore is standing in his gallery, looking at his paintings of Gail, and John is reflecting as the credits roll.

It is so funny we laugh hysterically, yet other parts can make you cry.

Special thanks to Wendy S.
Photographs courtesy of Fox Network

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