The show opens with Ally and Georgia riding in an airplane. Ally is complaining about being in coach, she is cramped sitting so close to the other passengers. All of a sudden the plane hits some turbulence, and the passengers are thrown violently around. There is confusion, and alot of screaming going on now, and all of a sudden Ally screams, and we see her in her bed- she was only having a bad dream. Renee hears Ally's screams and comes in to comfort her. She says Ally is just upset about the upcoming trial. Ally describes the dream to Renee and says she lived, but Georgia had her head cut off. Renee starts laughing, and Ally tells her she's sick, it's not funny.

The next morning, Ally and Georgia are getting coffee, and Ally is telling Georgia about her dream. Georgia also laughs, and blames it on the upcoming trial. Someone bumps into Ally, and it's Glenn, the male model she had the one-night stand with in a previous episode (Cro-Magnon Man). She isn't happy to see him, as he told her he was leaving the country. We see her with a sword slashing his body to pieces, and cutting off his head. Glenn suggests another date, and Ally reluctantly agrees, so Glenn says he'll call. Ally tells Georgia that he was supposed to have left the country, and Georgia says "bastard".

Next we go to the courtroom where Ally, Georgia, and John are working on the airline case. They are representing Cynthia Pierce and Michael Lamb, whose father was killed in a flight from Transatlantic Airlines. John is introducing himself to the jury, and uses the phrase "res ipsa loquitor", which means "the thing speaks for itself". He has the jury repeat after him, and then decides the jury pleases him.

Glenn pops into Ally's office, and apologizes for not calling her. He really *was* going to leave the country, but something came up, and he didn't. He says he felt like Ally only slept with him because he was leaving the country ( Bingo, Glenn!) and when Ally denies that, he asks her out again.

After he leaves, Ally goes into the unisex, and runs into Georgia.. She can't believe that Ally is going out with Glenn again, and asks how the sex was with him. Ally tells her "You have no idea".

Mr. Everless, chief investigator of the National Transportation Safety Board is on the stand, being questioned by Georgia. He says that the reports were inconclusive, but he believes that the crash happened due to mechanical failure, although no evidence of it was found. The safety board found no one to be negligent in the crash. Afterwards, Richard is talking about the crash case, and says someone has to be to blame. Georgia says since the cause of the crash is unknown, it's hard to prove negligence. John offers only that "I'm troubled".

Ally is on her date with Glenn, and they are in her apartment, kissing on her bed. Once again we see the dancing baby outside Ally's bedroom door. Renee and the female members of the firm are down at the bar, waiting for Ally to show up. Ally arrives, with flushed cheeks, and they determine she had sex, and realized it was with Glenn. Billy walks up, and asks Ally where she's been. Elaine butts in and says, "Out climbing Jack's beanstalk". Ally says that Elaine is such a kidder, but Billy looks really ticked off.

Ally talks with John in the unisex, and he thinks they should postpone making plans for their first date for now, considering the trial and everything. Billy then enters, and questions Ally about her relationship with Glenn. He wants to know if she's sleeping with him, and Ally responds "You can't ask me that". They agree that a boundary has been set in their friendship.

John has asked Ally to "be him" during the settlement conference. As they are talking, Elaine announces that "there's a human sundial here to see you". Georgia and Ally are both shown with their tongues hanging out, staring at Glenn. Ally goes into her office to talk to him, and agrees to go to dinner that evening. Billy is not to happy to witness Ally staring at Glenn as he leaves.

Renee and Ally are talking and Ally must have told her about Billy, because she says that all ex-boyfriends get jealous sometimes. Ally isn't worried about that, she thinks that she might actually like Glenn, but isn't sure, because they don't have much to talk about.

The bells are tolling for the Biscuit as the settlement conference begins, which is a symbol of good things to come. Ally has taken her cue from John, and she perfectly mimics him. Every mannerism has been duplicated, even the famous drink of water. She explains to the defense attorney, that there had to be a reason for the crash, these things just don't happen.

Ally is on her date with Glenn, and he explains that he still feels like a sexual object to her. He doesn't feel that they have any future together, and he has a complex with successful working women. Ally tries to pretend that it doesn't bother her, but it's obvious it does.

Ally is back at the apartment, complaining to Renee about Glenn. Ally decides a little revenge is in order though, and suggests the penguin, an old college trick. Renee agrees to perform the trick on him, and corners him after sculpting class to put the plan into action.

Back at the office, Ally is telling Georgia about "the penguin" when Billy walks up, and of course wants to know what they were talkingabout. Georgia tells Billy that she's having girls night out tonight, and throughout the exchange, Ally is cracking up, and Billy is wondering what's up. After Georgia leaves, Billy has some words for Ally- he's upset about her "thing" with the model. He thinks she is making the firm look bad, but Ally tells him to butt out- it's none of his business. He goes to leave, and calls her a "bitch", and she calls him a "lawyer".

John Cage is doing the closing arguments, and says that the defendants have money- and he needs the jury to make the airline give it to them. He says "If you spank Transatlantic hard enough, you can make it in their economic interest not to ever, ever, ever, let another plane come down."

Renee and Glenn are driving around, and Renee tells him to pull over. After getting out of the jeep, he complains about the cold, and she says she's experimental. She wants to know if he's ever had a penguin, and as they're talking, Georgia and Ally are watching from the bushes through infrared binoculars. Renee pulls down Glenn's pants, and Georgia comments on his Speedo's. Ally says no, they're an Italian knock-off and are wintergreen scented. Glenn now has his pants down around his ankles, and Renee keeps moving farther back while Glenn is coming towards her. Renee continues to move further back and Glenn is really hopping now, and Renee says to him that he's doing the penguin. Ally and Georgia jump into their vehicle, and pull around the corner and Renee jumps in and leaves Glenn in the road with his pants down. The girls take off and laugh at the trick they pulled.

The next morning Billy walks into Ally's office and apologizes for being an ass. He tells Ally that part of who he is, his esteem- is that she used to be with him, and it's diluted if she's been with everyone. They end up arguing, and Billy stomps off saying "bitch" but this time Ally calls him "man".

The defense attorney is doing his closing arguments and some of his words hit home to Ally. He says "Pain doesn't just happen, there's got to be somebody to blame."

During recess, Ally asks Renee if she blames other people for her problems. Twice Renee quickly says yes.

Ally goes back to her office while the jury is out, and runs into Richard who wants to talk about the case. Ally finally puts him off with one word- "cramps". She goes into her office, and Glenn is there waiting for her. Billy comes in too, and Ally says "go", then changes her mind and says "stay". She is in a hurry, so she apologizes to both men at once. Ally admits that she slept with Glenn only because he was leaving the country, and it was hard to admit in front of Billy, considering she slept with him forever. She says (to Glenn) "You stung a little because I looked at you as a could be, and (to Billy) and you still sting without even trying because you were a meant to be". She admits she was wrong, and is sorry, and loses her train of thought, but Elaine comes in, and says that Ally is needed in the conference room. Ally leaves her office with both men still standing there.

Now in the conference room, the lawyers are discussing the amount the airline wants to settle for. Mr. Lamb and Mrs. Pierce want a judgment against the airline, they're sorry for springing it on the lawyers at the late date. They decide not to take the offer, and go to verdict. The verdict is read, and they find in favor of the plaintiff, and the airline is required to pay $1.1 million to them.

Downstairs at the bar, Ally and Billy are talking when Georgia comes up, and they decide to dance before the rest of the gang arrives. Billy offers to round up a twin for Ally, but she declines that offer, and several others.

Later, Billy and Ally talk upstairs, and Billy admits he still gets jealous when Ally is with someone else. And Ally admits she feels guilty when she's with someone else too. Billy says one of these days she's going to meet someone, for real, and he's worried about that prospect. Billy says goodnight to Ally and she looks deep in thought as the credits roll.

It is so funny we laugh hysterically, yet other parts can make you cry.

Special thanks to Wendy S.
Photographs courtesy of Fox Network

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