As the show begins, Ally and Renee are in their sculpting class. The nude model they have been sculpting takes a break, and a new model, Glenn, takes his place. Renee says he's "cute," and Ally tells her she's not supposed to look at the models like that. Glenn takes off his robe, and Ally and Renee stare at his penis in astonishment. The audience can't see what they see, however; Ally's head cleverly blocks our view. The instructor asks Ally and Renee if everything is okay, and Renee, without taking her eyes off of Glenn, says, "I might need a touch more clay."

The next morning, Ally tells Georgia about the well-endowed Glenn. Georgia asks her if it was real, and Ally tells her that she's "seen almost enough to know" if it's real. Billy comes up to them and asks Georgia if she wants to join him and the guys at McCall’s to watch boxing on Friday night. Georgia says yes, and tells him that she's thinking of taking up sculpting.

Richard introduces Ally to a new client, Clint Gill, and his father, Austin. Austin is angry because he doesn't think Clint should enter a guilty plea. He wonders what will happen when his son goes to apply for medical school and they find out he has a criminal record. Richard jokes that they will tell him to apply for law school. Ally tells Austin that the only option they have if they want to avoid a record is to try the case and win, which could be difficult since six people saw Clint punch another guy. Austin tells Ally that it was only a fight at a party, but Ally reminds him that Clint broke the other guy's cheekbone.

Ally walks into her office and is startled to find John there, crouched behind her desk. He rises and tells her he dropped his Papermate. He then tells her that he's not there on a work-related matter, and asks her out to dinner. She accepts. Richard comes in and asks John to assist Ally on Clint Gill's case.

Later that evening, still at the office, Georgia has changed into an old pair of jeans and a slightly revealing sweater. Billy asks her if that's what she's wearing to the sculpting class, and she tells him that she doesn't want to get clay on her suit. Billy says he thinks he knows why she is suddenly interested in sculpting--because there are naked men in the class. Elaine tells him, "It's one naked man, and he's got a trunk like Dumbo's." Billy tells Georgia she can't go to the class, and tells her he can't believe they are taking a sculpting class just because the model has a big penis. Ally reminds him that she signed up for the class before she ever saw Glenn. Suddenly, Ally hears a strange chanting, "Oooga chucka, oooga oooga, oooga chucka," and hears the song "Hooked on a Feeling." She looks over and sees a little baby, dancing. When she looks back up, everyone wonders if she's okay.

At the class, Ally, Renee and Georgia are all staring at Glenn. Georgia tells Ally that if she were single, she would ask him out. Ally tells her that "married, off-the-market people are the bravest." She hears the chanting again and looks around. Renee attempts to attach a clay penis to her sculpture, but it falls off. Frustrated, she exclaims, "I cannot do this guy according to scale! Gravity keeps screwing it up!" Ally leaves to prepare for the Gill case.

Ally is sitting in bed working on some papers, and starts to fall asleep. She is awakened by the chanting and the song, and sees the dancing baby again, this time dancing beside her bed.

The next day, Clint tells Ally that he understands the risks involved with going with a not guilty plea. Ally imagines herself kissing him, then asks herself, "He's 19! What's wrong with me?"

Wayne, the guy Clint punched, is the first to take the stand. The District Attorney asks him if he challenged the defendant, and he says no. Wayne says he told Clint it was between himself and Clint's date, Lisa Ryan, who just happened to be Wayne's ex-girlfriend. Wayne says they had only broken up two days before the party, and he was upset that she was there, kissing another guy. He said that he and Clint had words, and when he didn't back off, Clint hit him.

Ally asks Wayne if he called Lisa a slut, and he admits that he did. When Ally asks him what he would have done if he were in Clint's position, he says he would have walked away. Ally says she is single, and would have appreciated Clint's chivalrous act. The DA objects, and Ally says she is "troubled." She takes a moment, ala John Cage.

Ally and Renee are getting coffee, and Glenn walks up to them. He asks Ally if she's in theclass, and Ally, surprised to see him, burns her tongue on her coffee. Glenn introduces himself as one of the models. Ally introduces him to Renee, who asks him, "How's it hangin'?" (LOL) Ally tells Glenn he looks a little different, and he says, "With clothes on?" After Ally burns her tongue a second time, Glenn asks to see it. She sticks it out a little, and he says it looks a little scalded. He offers to take her out for a cold gimlet that evening to "cool it off."

Back at the office, Georgia is shocked to find out that Ally is going out with Glenn. She tells Ally, "Just don't get hurt," and she, Ally, Elaine and Renee all giggle. Billy comes in and asks what's going on, and Elaine tells him that Ally has a date with "Long John Silver." Billy asks the women if size really matters. Ally, Georgia and Elaine all say no. Renee holds up her pinky finger and says, "All I need." Billy calls them a "bunch of schoolgirls" and walks out, and the women giggle again.

In Ally's office, John tells Ally that when she took a moment, he felt like she was ridiculing him. She tries to explain that it was a form of flattery. Suddenly, Ally sees the baby again, running out of her office. John tells Ally that he has heard a rumor that she has a date with a "man of prowess," and tells her that if she has relations with another man, he doesn't want to be briefed. She tells him, "Ditto."

In the unisex, Richard tells Billy not to worry about size, since women don't want any part of a man's penis after they marry and have kids. Billy asks him if he has ever measured himself, and they both admit that they have. Billy then asks him if he thinks he's good in bed. Richard says he knows he is, because he's always satisfied.

At home, Ally has told Renee about the dancing baby. Renee says she is hearing the "tick, tick, tick" of her biological clock.

In court the next day, Clint is on the stand. He tells John that Wayne accused Lisa of cheating on him while they were dating, and asked her how many men she planned to sleep with that night. Clint tells the DA that he hit Wayne because he wanted to stick up for Lisa. The DA gets Clint to admit that Wayne never got physical with him.

In the unisex, Billy asks Georgia if he satisfies her in bed. Georgia looks under all the stalls to make sure they are alone, then tells him that she is a very satisfied woman.

Back in court, a clinical psychologist takes the stand. John stands in front of him and doesn't say anything for a long time. When the judge finally speaks up, John says he has no questions. Austin is angry at John, but Ally assures him that he knows what he is doing.

That evening, Ally and Glenn are at the bar having a drink. Glenn has told her that he is a professional snowboarder, which requires a lot of traveling. He says that he models to pay a few bills. Later, at home, Ally tells Renee that she would have slept with Glenn, and says he's leaving the country on Sunday.

At Georgia and Billy's house, they are in bed, side-by-side, on their backs. Billy apologizes to Georgia, and she tells him it's okay. She says she's surprised it hasn't happened before, because it happens to all men. She tells him that the idea of him being insecure with her, instead of her being insecure with him, makes her feel good.

Ally is awakened that night by what sounds like a beating drum. She getsup and starts yelling at the baby, saying she doesn't "tick." She only hears the baby running back and forth. Renee comes in, and Ally tells her she is trying to catch the baby. Renee tells Ally to "go with Glenn, go with life, and go to sleep."

In court the next morning, John, in his closing argument, asks the jury what Clint was supposed to do. He says he didn't ask the clinical psychologist any questions because he didn't think the jury needed someone to tell them about human nature. "Man, any man, is part warrior," he says. Ally hears the chanting again. John tells the jury about an incident that occurred when he was 13. He was in line at the movies, and a bigger boy cut in front of him. He didn't do anything about it. He says it always haunted him that he was a kid who was afraid to stick up for himself. Then, three years ago, John says he was in a bar, and a man heading for the men's room bumped his shoulder. The other man, who was at fault, was bigger than him. He called John an idiot. Words were exchanged, and the man pushed John. In that moment, John says, that man became the boy at the movies. John pushed him back, and when the man came forward to hit him, John punched him in the jaw. John tells the jury that as a man, the punch was the most satisfying moment of his life. He then tells them to admit to themselves that they are glad Clint threw that punch.

Back at the office, Ally tells everyone that John's closing speech was his best ever. Elaine comes up and tells them that the verdict is in, and John and Ally go into the elevator. As the door is closing, the dancing baby tries to get in the elevator with them.

John asks Ally what she sees, and she tells him. He tells her that he had a therapist who told him to confront his hallucinations. He says he had an ongoing hallucination for two years, in which his dead aunt kept wanting him to have tea with her. He stopped the hallucination, he says, by having tea with her. Ally just looks at him funny.

In court, Clint is found not guilty on the charge of misdemeanor battery.

At the bar, Ally and Glenn are dancing. Ally says to herself that maybe Renee is right, that she should just "go with it." The show cuts back and forth between their date, and the gang watching the fight at McCall's. Ally and Glenn go back to her apartment. (Renee is out skiing that evening) They play "Heart and Soul" on the piano, then look into each other's eyes and start kissing. They fall onto the floor kissing, in front of the fireplace. Everything goes into slow-motion, as we see the fight, and then Ally and Glenn having sex on the floor.

After Glenn leaves, Ally is in the shower. She tells herself that she never imagined ever wanting to sleep with someone and not wanting to wake up with him in the morning. "He knew it, too. He knew it from the start," she tells herself.

As Ally comes out of the shower, she hears the chanting once again. She tells the baby to come on out and dance with her, because she might as well confront her hallucination. The baby runs into the room, and they dance together, as Vonda sings "Hooked on a Feeling."

It is so funny we laugh hysterically, yet other parts can make you cry.

Special thanks to Wendy S.
Photographs courtesy of Fox Network

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