The show opens with Ally decorating the Christmas tree. During a voice-over we learn how much she likes Christmas. "I love Christmas. All the things that bug me during the year, don't bug me at Christmas." Ally is reminiscing, and all of a sudden she leans too far into the tree and the tree and Ally fall back against the wall. Renee just happens to walk in then, and rescues her from the tree. Renee says that Ally is putting the tree up way too early, but Ally says she likes to enjoy Christmas for a full month. They talk about Ally's date tomorrow night with "Thousand Island Face" . Ally wants Renee to go with her, since the "ick" is setting in. Renee says she'll go if Ally can get "the Biscuit" (John Cage) to come.

The next morning Richard is conducting a meeting in the conference room. He mentions that his uncle Kevin Hanson passed away, and he's having some problems with the church regarding the memorial service. Mr. Hanson was an eccentric, and he hated short people. The church is refusing to let Richard memorialize that aspect of his uncle. John is taking a moment when Ally walks in,so Billy fills her in. Richard wants Billy to meet with the minister, and Billy agrees.

Ally is in the courtroom talking to Renee, and Judge Cone (Whipper) calls Ally up to the stand. She needs a public defender, and Ally has been drafted for the position. The defendant is Stephanie Grant, and she's been arrested for solicitation. Renee says it's "his" 3rd offense, the DA is going to be asking for him to serve some time. Renee fills Ally in on the fact that Stephanie is actually Stephen- she's a he. Ally looks shocked at that and just says "oh".

Richard and Billy are at the church talking with the minister, (Mark) who is adamant that Richard not be allowed to "unload on small people", he says it's bigotry.

Ally is meeting with Stephanie, and discussing her options. Ally says they can plea, or plead not guilty, and try to win on the elements. Either way, she'll be looking at jail time, Ally says. The problem is that with the 3rd arrest, she solicited an undercover cop.

Ally and Renee are talking at the apartment about Stephanie. Ally feels for her, but she doesn't want to try the case. Ally realizes that Stephanie isn't well, and realizes she has another option in the case, and heads to Stephanie's apartment. Stephanie is busy designing dresses when Ally comes in. Ally really likes the dresses, and tells Stephanie so. Ally tells her that she wants to try for an insanity plea, only as a legal defense. Stephanie says she isn't sick, and left home because everyone thought she was. Ally says the goal is to avoid jail, and Stephanie agrees to think about it.

Billy and Richard are in the courtroom still trying to get Richard to be allowed to speak his piece at the funeral. Billy does a great job on Richard's behalf, and makes some good points. He says that Kevin Hanson was a good man in some ways, not so good in others, but his nephew should be allowed to get up and say that.

Next we go to the unisex where we see feet in two different stalls. Ally is in one stall, and John is in the other. John stands on the toilet, and surprises Ally, who gets mad about the invasion of her privacy. John was worried about her, and Ally asks him questions about her latest case. Ally wants to plead gender identity as a form of insanity, and John suggests that she get Stephanie to a psychologist. John thinks she might have a chance with the reports from a doctor.

Stephanie is all decked out in a pretty red dress, and back on the streets. Instead of finding a date, she finds Ally. Ally says "You'll die this way". She says they need to meet with the psychologist tonight- she's meeting them at Ally's apartment. Stephanie wants to know why Ally is spending time with her- none of her previous lawyers spent more than a few minutes on her. Ally says it's because she wants that wedding dress Stephanie designed.

Back at the apartment, the doctor is finished speaking with Stephanie, and now wants to speak with Ally. She says she can support the fetishism, she thinks he also suffers from gender dysphoria. The one sure diagnosis she can give is that he's hugely confused. She can't say that there is any legal insanity, Stephanie knows what she was doing out on the street. Stephanie is admiring Renee's bone structure, and talking about her past. Stephanie says she's always liked make-up, and wants to "go to my grave pretty."

Stephanie is in Ally's office, and she has changed her mind about the insanity plea. She doesn't want to go out there and say she's a freak. Ally says she's helping her because she's a great kid, she just needs some help. And if she'll trust her, she'll keep her out of jail.

Ally and Stephanie are in Whipper's chambers, as is opposing counsel. Ally wants Stephanie to avoid jail, they will plea. She knows that no one wants to go to trial. Whipper argues that jail might be better, he's safer there. Ally says he's a great kid, he just needs direction, and a job. She says that she will employ Stephanie at the law firm. Whipper thinks long and hard, and decides to continue it for a year, with no finding, and conditioned on the fact that Stephanie stays employed. Ally thanks her and goes out to tell Stephanie the good news.

Richard and Billy are in the courtroom, and the judge is ruling on Richard's case. He says "Part of living in a free country, people should be free. And no laws should exist to prevent discrimination, and though they should exist to prevent people from acting on prejudice, nevertheless, people are entitled to their bigotries". Richard is allowed to speak about his uncle's prejudices at his funeral.

The gang is down at the bar, and Vonda is singing Jingle Bell Rock. Richard wants to know who the guy is with Ally, but Georgia thinks it can't be a guy with those legs. Ally wants Richard to dance with her, and asks him if it's ok that Stephanie works at the firm. Richard says it's ok.

Ally has gone upstairs and senses someone is there. It's John, and he's reflecting on Richard's motion. He's concerned about being short, and wonders if Ally would consider him, since he thinks of himself as short. She says no, but only because he's her boss, and they work together. She would consider it otherwise.

Elaine has introduced herself to Stephanie and gives her the lowdown on the office. Stephanie is so excited to have the job, and have insurance. She is holding a black dress, and says it's for someone.

Richard is giving his speech at the funeral. He says his uncle said "don't paint me a saint, and don't let them cry". Richard doesn't mention the fact that he hated short people, strange since he fought so hard to be allowed to say those things. He says that his uncle said something about if you're loved in the end, then you win. The choir starts singing and the lead girl sings the song about "Short people got no reason to live".I liked the phrases, "They walk around telling great big lies" and "they wear platform shoes on their nasty little feet". It's such a hilarious song, and not offensive at all Richard looks so pleased with the song, and everyone starts singing along. John looks very uncomfortable and tries to leave, but gets stuck in the crowd.

Ally goes back to the office, and Stephanie shows Ally the dress she made her. Ally is excited, and they go to the unisex to try it on. Ally excuses herself to go talk to John, and suggests that they have dinner together. John agrees to think about it. Ally kisses John on the cheek, and shows him the mistletoe above him.

Ally goes back to the apartment and she tells Renee about the kiss. The phone rings, and Renee gets a serious look on her face. Ally and Renee have gone to a crime scene. They find Stephanie murdered- by a john who was angry that the "she' was really a "he". Ally gets down on the ground with tears in her eyes, and starts rocking back and forth holding Stephanie. Ally is back at the apartment and her friends are all there to offer support. Ally can't believe that Stephanie went back out on the streets. Renee reminds Ally that Stephanie wasn't alone in the end, she had Ally. Ally wonders if it's possible to love someone after two days, and Renee assures her that it is. This scene was so heartbreaking to me, Calista did a great job here.

Vonda is singing "Let It Snow" as Richard places flowers on his uncle's grave, Billy and Georgia are walking home, and Ally is at the morgue with Renee. Ally has honored Stephanie's wish, and is applying make-up to her, making her pretty, which is how she wanted to look when she died.

It is so funny we laugh hysterically, yet other parts can make you cry.

Special thanks to Wendy S.
Photographs courtesy of Fox Network

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