The show opens with Elaine demonstrating the use of her new invention to Ally. Elaine hascome up with a "face bra" which she claims helps keep the skin firm. Ally is highly skeptical, and even makes fun of it. Richard interrupts, saying he'd like to talk to Ally. Richard brings up the name of Ally's law school professor, Professor James Dawson,
a name from Ally's past. Richard tells Ally that he just passed away. Ally gets defensive, and through her flashbacks, we learn that she had an affair with her professor. Richard says that the professor's wife would like Ally to be a pallbearer, knowing that Ally was his favorite student.

Ronald Cheanie is again in this episode, played by Tate Donovan. Ronnie is trying to make plans with Ally, but she is distracted by flashbacks of her affair with Professor Dawson. Ally excuses herself and heads for Billy's office. She tells Billy that she had an affair with the Professor the 3rd year of law school, and Billy is clearly shocked. He asked if she knew he was married, and Ally's flashback tells us that she didn't know at first. She then broke off the affair, "about 5 months later." She's not sure how she can be a pallbearer at the funeral. Elaine walks in, announcing that Professor Dawson's wife is here to see Ally. Ally freaks out, she doesn't want to talk to the widow, although Ally knows she doesn't know about the affair. Billy calms Ally down, and she heads out to talk to her.

Mrs. Katherine Dawson has come to see if Ally would speak at her husband's funeral, knowing that Professor Dawson really liked her. Ally is very uncomfortable with her, and tries to make excuses, but Katherine says it is very important to her. Ally can't find a way to say no, without actually telling Katherine about the affair, so she agrees to speak at the funeral.

Ally is in her office once again having flashbacks to the affair. She remembers a time when James introduced her to his daughter Kara before they went to the zoo. Ally is feeling awful, and Billy interrupts her deep thinking. Billy can't believe that Ally would actually speak at the funeral. He says she was close to him as a student, just talk about that. Ally swears Billy to secrecy, and he agrees to keep her secret. He offers to come along for moral support, and Ally is relieved to have Billy with her.

Ally is on a date with Ronnie, and they are talking about the funeral. Ronnie wants to go with her, but she says no, Richard and Billy are going with her. Ronnie says that if their relationship is going to progress, she's going to have to let him in, and Ally agrees, but isn't so sure about it.

Ally is at the wake now, and has Richard, Billy, and Georgia in tow. Katherine approaches them, and thanks them for coming. Ally is really nervous around her, and starts babbling about what a wonderful night it is.

Ally decides she has to see Professor Dawson, and goes up to the open coffin. After viewing the body, she turns around and locks eyes with his daughter. Nothing is said, but it's clear by the girl's intense staring, that she recognizes her. Katherine notices the staring also, and a look passes between her and Ally.

The next morning Ally is brushing her teeth, and talking to Renee. You can't tell by their conversation if Ally spilled her guts to Renee or not, but they are talking about fidelity. Billy is also brushing his teeth, and talking to Georgia about her increased sex drive, which he says usually happens when she's insecure about something.

Ally is at work, and Katherine Dawson is waiting in her office. Ally is nervous, and Katherine says "It was you." She says her husband left her briefly for another woman, but she thought it was a member of the faculty. She says her daughter remembers going to the zoo with Ally and her daddy. Katherine says Ally is the kind of woman that James could fall in love with. (She's remarkably calm about this.) Ally comes clean, but not completely. She downplays it, saying they went on a few dates, but she's not sure if he loved her. She says she only loved him a little. Katherine says she's glad that she met Ally, she always wondered what had happened. Katherine is upset, but only because she's not sure if she ever knew him now, and is seeking answers from Ally. Ally gets scared, and excuses herself for a moment, to run into Billy's office. She wants to know what she should say to her, and Billy says that she cannot tell Katherine the truth. Ally wants to tell her what she wants to hear, she doesn't want to destroy Katherine's image of James. Ally goes back into her office, and starts having the flashbacks again. As she's hearing James' words, she alters the meaning to better reflect on him. She tells Katherine it was only a midlife crisis (he said it wasn't) and that he really did love his wife. Katherine is shocked, and was looking for an explanation to why he did what he did. Katherine feels that Ally shouldn't speak at the funeral, considering the circumstances.

Billy and Georgia are down at the bar, and he wants to talk about why she is " so hot by night,and so cold by day".Georgia just thinks it's odd that Ally keeps going into Billy's office every time she has a problem. Georgia wants to know what they've been talking about, but Billy says he promised Ally he wouldn't tell anyone. Georgia thinks he should tell her, she is his wife after all. She says over the course of their relationship they're bound to hit a few bumps, she's just afraid of Ally being there when they do.

Ally must have spilled her guts to Renee, as they are talking about the affair Ally had with James. Ally is upset, she says "I put pain in that house". Ally thinks she should have considered the feelings of the wife and kids, but didn't.

Ally is going into her office, and Elaine stops her, telling her that Cheanie is in her office. Ally walks in, and he wants to talk to her. He wants to know why she keeps going behind closed doors with Billy. She gives a speech about having an affair with the dead professor, and feeling conflicted about being the key note speaker at the funeral. She went into Billy's office to confess, and get advice. She finishes, and he brings up the affair first. He wants to know why she didn't come to him to confess and get advice, and Ally says she "didn't think we were quite ready for that". Ronnie has a tone in his voice, and Ally recognizes it, and we see the vision of her going into the dumpster. Ally wants a couple more days to get her life in order but Ronnie says he can't wait- he's in over his head. Ronnie says he likes being jealous and possessive and it's probably his loss but "there's just some victories I'm not equipped to handle." He gives one last look at Ally, and he leaves the room.

Richard comes into Ally's office, saying it's been a hard two days. Ally lost a professor she was close to, and he says Katherine told him how close. Richard then offers this advice: "Ally, one of the keys to life, the Fast Forward , every movie has it's lousy parts, the trick is to fast forward through them, see as time passes, you'll look back and say, oh that little adultery thing, oh that, you fast forward to then right now, and you're over it."

Everyone is now at the funeral. The pastor is speaking on behalf of James, and the words he is saying are hitting home to Ally. She continues to get nervous, and the pastor then calls Ally up, saying she would say a few words. Ally looks around, and isn't sure what to do, but heads up there anyway. As she approaches, the pastor says that Ally was supposed to be cancelled, but since she's here, she should speak. Ally gets up there, and she is terrible. She says all the wrong things, including telling an inappropriate story. She then gets back on track, saying how devoted James was to his family. Katherine approaches Ally after the service, and thanks her for her kind words.

Ally is in her office late at night, and Billy walks in. He says he just wanted to check on her, he knows she usually works through things with work. He tells her he's sorry about her break up with Cheanie, and she's says it's for the best. "There's just so many ways he wasn't you" (referring to Billy). He brings up a past time between himself and Ally, when she was upset because she thought she had flunked a class. They danced then, and he wants to dance with Ally now, nothing more. They dance and Ally sings the old Johnny Mathis song about the pyramids as the credits roll.

It is so funny we laugh hysterically, yet other parts can make you cry.

Special thanks to Wendy S.
Photographs courtesy of Fox Network

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