The show opens with Ally fretting over what to wear on her first official date with Ronald Cheanie. Georgia walks in and tells Ally about her new case.

She is representing Barbara Cooker, a familiar face in the TV industry. Barbara was fired, and is suing her former employer for age discrimination. Georgia asks Ally to co-counsel, and Ally is glad to, knowing she will be going up against Jack Billings, her former boss. (You might remember him from the first show, Ally sued him for sexual harassment). Billy is angry about Ally taking on the case with Georgia, although he makes excuses to the contrary.

Ally is talking to Renee about possibly canceling her date with Ronnie. They start talking about dating rules, and Ally makes reference to a book called The Rules which helps women find a husband. Ally says she reads the book because she's scared, it's her first date with Ronnie. Renee suggests that Ally go to the bar for the date, that way maybe some of her friends might show up, therefore relieving some of the pressure.

Ally and Georgia are in the courtroom trying to get a document entered in evidence. Jack Billings is also there, and he argues against it, but Georgia's argument is more convincing, and the judge allows the document, and says she'll see them in court tomorrow. Georgia reminds Barbara that Ally is there to keep Jack "on the tilt".

Ally is downstairs at the bar with Ronnie, and they're dancing. Ally is having a good time, it seems. Next, Ronnie is walking Ally home, and she's talking a mile a minute, making no sense at all. They come to Ally's apartment, and they exchange small talk, and then he says goodbye and goes for the kiss. It looks like Ronnie is going for her lips, but maybe he changed his mind, because he kisses Ally on the cheek, and leaves her fuming about the little peck on the cheek.

Ally and Renee are talking about Ally's date, and Ally is still fuming about the little peck on the cheek that Ronnie gave her. Renee reminds Ally that SHE could have kissed him, but Ally is still mad because he gave her a better kiss on their "non-date".

Barbara Cooker is on the stand, and Georgia is questioning her about her job achievements. Barbara said she's received 8 awards, but her being fired has nothing to do with job performance. Georgia presents the piece of evidence (the one Jack Billings tried to suppress) , which is an inter-office memo. The memo basically says that the public doesn't find her attractive enough to sleep with her. Jack does his cross, and he determines that according to Barbara, it's ok to hire based on appearance, but it's not ok to fire someone because of age. She says the difference is that she had done the job for 11 years, and she's done it well, it's not ok to fire her just because her face shows a wrinkle or two. it's ageism.

Later, Ally, Georgia, and Renee are at the apartment. Ally and Georgia are talking about their day in court. They are both still angry about Jack's methods. The phone rings, and Ally says if it's him, she doesn't want to talk to him. Georgia wants to know who she's talking about, and she says Ronald Cheanie. The doorbell has rung at the same time as the phone, and Ally goes to answer the door. She's saying, "Cheanie, the guy's totally gay." as she opens the door, and who should be standing there but Ronald Cheanie. We see an image of Ally's face turning beet red, and steam coming out of her face. She tells him she will explain everything, but please, can it wait until tomorrow??? He's not impressed with her excuse, and turns to leave.

Georgia is again questioning Barbara in the courtroom. Barbara says it's ok to make a change based for cosmetic reasons, only if that's not solely the reason. Billings is doing his cross, and is trying to make the jury think that Barbara's lawsuit has to do with the fact that her husband left her for a younger woman. He wants the jury to believe that she's trying to project her anger over her failed marriage on the television station who fired her.

Ally and Georgia are back at the office, and still upset about Jack's methods. Ronnie comes in to talk to Ally, and she ends up talking to him outside her office. She explains that she was feeling insecure because he didn't kiss her the other night, and thought maybe he didn't want to go out again. He says that her instincts were correct, and he breaks up with her, as we see Ally, in a trash truck, being dumped into a dumpster.

Ally goes into the unisex, and is upset over the breakup. She runs into Billy, and he comforts her. She says " All I ever wanted was to be rich, and successful, and to have three kids, and a husband who's waiting home for me to tickle my feet." She wonders what went wrong.

The man who fired Barbara Cooker is on the stand ( I don't think they called him by name). He is first questioned by Jack Billings. The man says the public is a bunch of idiots and have the attention span of a gnat. He says Barbara is the best journalist he's ever worked with, but since there wasn't enough buzz on the Internet about people wanting to see her naked, he reluctantly had to let her go. Ally is up now, and the man says he actually made a compromise by firing Barbara, one of a creative nature. Ally reminds him that Barbara also made compromises since she could have taken offers from other stations, but didn't because she thought she had a good job with his TV station. After court, Georgia tells Ally that the jury liked her, and she got them right back in the game. They run into Billings, and Georgia tells him he better come up with some big money fast. Georgia thinks Ally should close, she's on a roll, and the jury really likes her. Ally is feeling strong, and decides to do something she might not do at any other time. She decides to confront Ronnie about the breakup


Ally is in Ronald's office, and demands to know why he broke up with her. Ronnie says he's only been on one date with her, and could see himself falling in love with her. But he's not sure he'd like to sign up with a partner who knows she'll always be wanting, and makes reference to Ally's favorite book. He says " the day you stop wanting is the day you begin to die ". He says she goes through people, and she'd go through him. Ally unfortunately knows there's some truth to what he says.. He says that Ally will know more happiness than most, but just won't be content. He then says "you are a great lady, and I don't want to spend my life feeling overmatched". Ally is still feeling strong because she then says "If you want me, then you've got to go for it, because I'm it". Both Ally and Ronnie looked surprised at that, and Ally leaves.

Ally and Georgia are at the firm rehashing Ally's conversation with Ronnie. They are laughing about it, and really connecting, and Billy walks in. He wants to know if Georgia's working late, and then asks Ally if she's feeling better. Well the jovial mood is ruined after the exchange, and Ally and Georgia get back to preparing closing arguments. Elaine walks in, and says that she thinks the trial could be unsettling, considering they both fall into the pretty category themselves, and Georgia agrees. She says that they both get mileage from their looks, and is afraid of losing them.

Richard is on the warpath, headed to Ally's office. He talked to Ronnie last night, and Ronnie's not sure he can use the firm for his business. Ally interrupts, saying Ronnie called her this morning, and they're going on a date, to see what if. Richard is pleased then and gives her a speech about couples.

Ally is giving her closing speech in the courtroom. She reminds the jury that the guy from the TV station called the public a bunch of idiots. She points to some of the jury members, and tells them that they are the public, and to be heard. Jack is up, and says that Barbara was not fired because of her age, she was discharged because she was no longer capable of fulfilling the functions of her job- the function of being physically arresting. He gives the jury a poor me speech, saying how looks really do matter in the real world.

After court, Ally, Georgia and Barbara are talking and Jack walks up. He says the palms are getting sweaty on his side, they're willing to offer $400,000, with no admission of guilt. Ally instantly rejects the offer, then isn't sure. Barbara decides to go with Ally's first instinct and they don't accept the offer.

Ally is in her office, and can't believe she turned down the offer because of her instincts, she thinks her instincts are bad. Richard is upset with her, and wants to speak to her alone. Richard wants to know what is going on, she's personalizing this thing. Ally asks Richard if he's ever worried about ending up alone?? Richard says everyone is alone, it's just easier to take in a relationship. Ally doesn't believe that, and says that every person is a one half of a whole. Billy walks in to talk to Ally, and Richard leaves. He asks if things are back on with Cheanie, and Ally says she's not sure, he's got her so confused. Billy wants to know if she wants in, and she says yes, but still feels unfaithful to Billy by saying it. Billy offers advice, and says if he tries to kiss her, to kiss him back. He remembers kissing her, and says he might not stay forever, but he won't be running off soon. Ally's pager beeps, and the jury is back, so she heads to the courtroom.

The trio of women are awaiting the verdict. The verdict is read "We find for the plaintiff, and order the defendant to pay damages in the amount of $930,000". They are shocked, and scream in delight


Afterwards they go to the bar to celebrate, and Barbara says she didn't get her job back , but she's impressed with the amount of money she gets. The gang is all there, and Ronnie is there with Ally. Vonda is singing a song about "if you wanna know if he loves you so, it's in his kiss. " Ally is dancing with Ronnie, and is reminding herself of how healthy she's getting, she can double-date with Billy and Georgia, and her stomach doesn't hurt. Ronnie kisses Ally, and she takes Billy's advice and she kisses him back and the credits roll.....

It is so funny we laugh hysterically, yet other parts can make you cry.

Special thanks to Wendy S.
Photographs courtesy of Fox Network

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