Ally receives a call early in the morning from Richard Fish. He wants her to represent John Cage, who is being arraigned that morning for soliciting a prostitute. Ally is introduced to John Cage, who is also a founding member of the firm. Richard then asks Ally to dinner, he wants her to meet with a client prospect, Ronald Cheaney, from Gattam Publishing. Ally says she's not good at landing accounts, but agrees to have dinner with them. Elaine walks up and says that Happy Boyle is the judge on this one, and Richard wants Billy called in. Richard tells Ally to plead not guilty, file Billy's appearance, and ask for a conference.

Judge Boyle meets with Ally, Billy, and opposing counsel at his podium. Billy tells the judge that John is a good guy, he just got a little stupid, and can they make this go away?? Judge Boyle notices Ally and asks Billy about her. Then he asks to see Ally's teeth, and is satisfied with what he sees, so John is let go. Both John and Ally are shocked at the proceedings, and confused on what just went on.

After court, Ally is walking with Billy, and saying she's not sure what went on. Billy says that Judge Boyle doesn't have it in for consensual sex offenders. Ally realizes that Billy is friendly with the judge, and then they run into Georgia, Billy's wife. Billy says that they are picking out fabric for their living room, and Ally says her good-byes.

Richard and John are talking in the office. Richard says that they started the firm with the same dream..*money*. Richard was to be the shark, the hammer, the ass, and John was to be the pillar of dignity. Richard isn't sure how soliciting a hooker fits into the scheme. Richard thinks what happened to John will build character, and actually congratulates him.

Ally is at dinner with Richard and Ronald Cheaney. There is another woman there, and we find out that it is Richard's girlfriend- "Whipper Cone". (he likes older women) Ally thinks that Ronald is kind of cute, and likes his position on prostitution, and also on using sexuality as means to get ahead. Both Whipper and Ronald get up to visit the bathroom, and then Ally realizes that she was set up, and this is a double date. She stands up to go to the bathroom, while Richard asks her "Is that where you make all your big decisions?" Ally is angry with Richard, and on the way to the bathroom she spots Whipper and Ronald kissing near the bathroom.

The next morning Ally is talking with Renee (her roommate) about the kiss she witnessed last night, and if she should tell Richard or not. Renee tells her to stay out of it, or at least find some busybody to help do her dirty work.

Ally is talking with Elaine, and Elaine knows that Ally wants something from her. Elaine starts spilling the beans to Ally, telling her about Richard and Whipper's relationship, and also about the fact that Billy had a hooker at his bachelor party. Ally is shocked, and Elaine tells more. She says after Billy, some of the others guests indulged, and Judge Boyle was one of them. Ally gets a mental picture of the judge with the hooker and is disgusted.

Ally goes to find Billy, and she's really angry about the whole hooker business. They exchange words, and Billy explains what happened the night of the bachelor party. Ally realizes that Georgia doesn't know about the hooker. Billy says that sex for women is more mental, and that for men, sometimes it's just body parts. Ally wants to know if Billy ever cheated on her, and he says no. Richard interrupts, he's got Ronald Cheaney with him, and wants Ally to answer some questions that Ronald has about the firm. Ronald suggests drinks downstairs, and Ally tries to get out of it, but Richard motions that she should go.

Ally is upset and goes home to take a shower and get ready for the meeting with Ronald. She can't believe that she is having drinks with a client just to get ahead. She feels like she's being unfaithful to love itself, although she's not in a relationship now.

Ally is sitting at a table with Ronald and he says that he didn't have any questions about the litigation department, that was just a pretext. He would like to know about the firm as a whole though, is it moral??? He cites examples to the contrary, John's prostitution incident, and Richard Fish (enough said). Ally then brings up Ronald kissing Whipper saying "what exactly was the ethical pulse throbbing there?" He gives an explanation, and then talk turns to John Cage. He says how despicable hiring a prostitute is, it's not moral. Ally decides she likes him, and he walks her home and gives her a quick kiss.

The next morning, Richard is celebrating the fact that they landed Gattam Publishing as a client. Ally speaks to Richard, and she doesn't think they should take Ronald's business. Richard says they will take this client, it's a potential "cash cow". Ally tries to talk him out of it, and then she tells him that Ronald kissed Whipper. Richard is clearly crushed, and he says that he'll take into consideration whether or not to take on the client. John interrupts, and he'd like to hold a meeting, he feels he's lost the confidence of the office. Ally then leaves, feeling awful for hurting Richard.

Ally is talking to Billy in his office, and Billy thinks she did the right thing telling Richard about Whipper. He wonders if he should tell Georgia about the hooker at his bachelor party, and Ally said no. She said telling Richard saves him future hurt, by it would destroy Georgia to tell her. She says there's no point in the truth, if all it will cause is pain. Ally says one person that needs to hear some things is Whipper, and asks where she could find her. Billy says that she works over at Suffolk, she's a judge and Ally about dies from shock. Ally heads over to see her and told her she told Richard the truth. Whipper says that the truth isn't always the best thing...not if it will just cause pain. (Where have we heard that before?)

Ally walks into her office, and Ronald is waiting for her. She says that things aren't going to work out and he wants to know what is going on, since Richard turned away his business. She just says it won't work out, and asks him to leave, and he looks puzzled.

Ally runs into Georgia in the hall, and Georgia asks her to lunch. John is ready to give his speech, and calls for attention. He wants everyone to know how sorry he is. He describes the reasons he has for using a prostitute. He says it's hard to meet women since he works 14 hour days, and he's sorry for the embarrassment he's caused the firm. He thinks it's more honest to solicit a prostitute, then to just pick someone up in a bar, and seduce her. It goes against his grain to deceive a woman regardless of the gratification. He thinks it's ironic that he was arrested for having too much respect for a woman. He says he could never be ashamed for that. The audience claps, and Billy takes this moment to come clean with Georgia. He takes her into his office. Ally interrupts and stops Billy, she thinks it would just destroy her, and Billy doesn't end up telling her. Billy then goes into the unisex as does Ally. As he's thanking Ally, the toilet flushes, and out walks Elaine. They decide it doesn't matter, she already knew anyway.

Ally and Georgia are down at the bar and talking about men and women. They both agree that sex for women is more mental. Georgia shows Ally an example and tries to pick up a man at the bar. She says that men will do anything for sex. Ally then does the same thing, but it turns out the guy knows her, he was her brother's roommate.

John comes into Ally's office to drop off a questionnaire, he wants to get feedback about his speech. Elaine announces that Whipper is there to see Ally, she wants to know if she can help find Richard. Ally leads her into the unisex, where Richard is hiding. Whipper and Richard start talking, and she gives some reasons why she kissed Ronald. Ally realizes that the two really love each other, and that everything is all her fault.

Ally heads into Richard's office to talk to him. On the way she runs into Ronald, and tells him she doesn't have time to talk to him. She also passes by John, and tells him she hated his speech. She gets to Richard's office, and tells him to give Whipper a second chance. She says that whoever said that plenty of fish in the sea thing, was lying. Sometimes there's just one fish. He's not sure if he loves her for her, or for her wattle. Ally is confused, and he says that he goes for the loose piece of skin on a woman's neck. Ally says that even if there's a possibility that he could love her, it's a chance he has to take. He heads off to the bathroom to talk to Whipper again.

Ronald once again tries to talk to Ally, he's says he'd like to see her again. She says maybe next week. John then bursts in, and questions her about the score she gave him on the questionnaire. She says that she was offended by his speech, and only gave him an overall score of 2. John then asks Ally a question "how often do you have sexual relations?" and Ally says he doesn't know her well enough to ask that. He says that he works all the time, and sometime goes years without sex. Ally then asks "do men just have to have it?" and John replies "on occasion, yes." He says that he picked up a nickname that still haunts him "the little biscuit". Ally understands and says that she was called "the Popsicle".

Richard and Whipper are yelling at each other in the unisex. He doesn't want to forgive her, and she tries to seduce him and he says that she just can't undo everything with sex. She then teases him with her wattle, and Richard caves in, and they begin kissing.

Billy walks into Ally's office, and he wants to know why she cares so much about Richard and Whipper. She says "I need to believe that it works." She's talking about love, and partnerships, and the idea that when people come together, they stay together. "

Ally is down at the bar, and she is reflecting on love. She says to herself "maybe it's because they say that love is about learning to compromise, and that's why they all get themselves into compromising positions, they can call it research." She says whatever the secret is, she's not buying into it. She's got friends, and then the twins walk up and ask her to dance. She's dancing with them as the credits roll.......

It is so funny we laugh hysterically, yet other parts can make you cry.

Special thanks to Wendy S.
Photographs courtesy of Fox Network

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