The show opens with Ally, Elaine, and Georgia looking at Ally's hair in the unisex. Ally swears that some of her follicles are green, and during their hair inspection, who should walk in but Bobby Donnell (Dylan McDermott) who was previously on the cross-over episode, The Inmates. He asks Ally to assist him in a case involving heart transplants. One man, a custodian, wants to give his good heart to his CEO friend, who has a congenital disease. Bobby asks "Will you do it with me"? meaning share the case, and of course Ally thinks something else. Elaine and Georgia both share Ally's thought, and their tongues fall to the floor in lust for Bobby.

The lawyers are in the conference room discussing the case load, and Ally talks about her heart case. John says that he has had a case brought to him at the last minute. It's his second cousin, Allen Farmer, who was arrested for assaulting happy people. He apologizes, and says that court starts today.

Ally, Bobby, and their 2 clients are in the courtroom. Bobby is arguing that the two men, Bernie Gilson and Mr. Michaelson, want to exchange hearts, and he needs the judge to order the hospital to allow the operation. Opposing counsel throws in his two cents, and the judge decides that he wants to meet with Mr. Gilson (the donor) in his chambers tomorrow.

John is talking with his client, Allen Farmer on the way to the courtroom. John doesn't think that he will be able to escape jail, but Allen says no, he won't go to jail. The judge in the case is the familiar Judge Boyle, who is famous for asking to see a person's teeth. Renee questions her first witness, a woman who said that Allen hit her with a "sawed off paddle" in the subway. John crosses with something totally irrelevant.

Bobby and Ally are talking about the heart transplant case. Ally wants to know why Mr. Gilson would give his heart away, and Bobby replies, and Ally sees a vision of her tongue extending out, and wrapping around Bobby's neck and spinning him around. Bobby thanks Ally for taking the case, and he mentions that he has visited "her bar". They talk about dancing, and after finding out that Bobby hasn't danced in awhile, Ally says "you're due". Ally and Bobby dance to the song Ally hears in her head.

The next morning Ally and Georgia are talking in the unisex about Ally's dance and kiss with Bobby. Billy walks in and gets all defensive when he thinks Bobby "does it for " Georgia. He hears Georgia say something about how she would kiss Bobby, and he overreacts and gets angry with Georgia.

John and Renee are in the courtroom arguing the "happy assault" case. The second victim is on trial, and during John's cross, he alerts Judge Boyle to the victim's teeth. The judge inspects his teeth, and a dental hygiene lecture follows, distracting everyone from the actual case.

Ally is running interference between her two clients while waiting to go into court. Ally is questioning the custodian, Bernie Gilson. Mr. Gilson is talking about his friendship with Mr. Michaelson, and says that they have been friends for over 5 years. He says that Mr. Michaelson didn't offer him money, he's doing it because of friendship, his friend is a CEO, has a family, and alot of things to live for. After court, Bobby tells his CEO client that he would like to see his family there tomorrow, mainly the children, as it would help the defense. Bobby then offers to take Ally home, but she nixes that, and then she leans up and kisses Bobby. She says she has a great imaginary world, but sometimes needs to make it real. They're kissing as Vonda is singing about fools falling in love and giving their hearts too soon.

Georgia is inspecting her hair, and Elaine is helping out while Billy storms in, and demands to talk to Georgia. He is angry with Georgia about Ally and Georgia's conversation that morning. He thinks that Georgia wants to kiss Bobby, and storms out saying that he "deserves more respect than that."

John and Renee are sharing an elevator, and John wants Renee to suspend the time, and they'll plead guilty. Renee offers 6 months. John goes on and says that every time she's up against him, she loses, and cites examples. She says you're "not going to work your biscuit magic" and in response, John's stomach gurgles.

Ally is describing the kiss to Renee in their apartment the next morning. Renee wants details, and Ally gives them. Ally tells Renee that if she brings Bobby to the bar, Renee had better not sing to him and Renee throws a pillow at Ally. At the same time, Georgia is throwing a pillow at Billy in their apartment. She is bringing up yesterday's argument and says that Billy is projecting his jealousy about Ally onto her. Billy thinks it's ridiculous and they argue loudly.

Mr. Michaelson is on the stand, and is describing his friendship with Mr. Gilson. He says that Bernie has never asked him for anything, except for the heart transplant.. He only agrees to take Bernie's heart because of his children. He doesn't want them to grow up without a father. He thinks Bernie really wants to give him his heart.

John is questioning his client, and Allen says that he assaults happy people to "accelerate love". He thinks nothing brings two people closer than a little conflict. He sees himself as a Cupid, and cites examples of the couples he's brought together. The judge once again wants to see teeth, this time it's Allen's.

Ally is talking with Bernie Gilson and he thinks this is his first chance to do something important. He wants to "die giving life to a person I love." He says "imagine thinking, when you go, it'll have mattered that you've left, and then consider the alternative."

Billy and Georgia are still arguing in his office, and Billy admits that he wanted to fight, and Georgia agrees. Billy thinks that they are in a rut, and Georgia agrees again, and Billy says we " can't even fight without agreeing." He thinks they need to act their age more.

John is doing his closing, and is talking about love. He is telling about his dating difficulties, and says his mother accompanied him on dates, so she could alert him by hitting him on the head, if he finds love. He then says his mom died of a brain aneurysm but she is watching over him, hoping he'll find love. He says it's a case not of malice or violence, but of love, and makes the jury repeat "love" after him.

Ally and Bobby are talking about their case, and Ally thinks Mr. Gilson should undergo a psychiatric evaluation. Bobby brings up last night's kiss, and to keep it light, Ally says that she kisses everyone. In fact, she kisses guys to get rid of them, after kissing her they're gone. Opposing counsel comes out, and tells them that the judge is back, and Bobby says they'd better go in. Bobby is still trying to make his case, and says that the two men are making a private, informed choice, and he thinks the judge should allow it. The judge accepts his argument, and then he addresses Ally. He says that she certainly knows Mr. Gilson better than he does and he deems her both lawyer and judge. He wants her to make a decision in the best interest of her client. She tries to talk the judge out of it, saying she's not equipped to make decisions about hearts. She takes a long look at Mr. Gilson, and says "plaintiff's motion denied." and the judge accepts that.

After court, Ally and Bobby are talking to Mr. Gilson about Ally's decision. Ally says that Mr. Gilson measures himself by what he does, not what he is. Mr. Michaelson says that he knows that the judge wouldn't rule in their favor, but he thought that Bernie needed to see this through, for his sake. He says that he's always measured a man by his friends, that way when he dies, he's not judged by his will or job title. Mr. Gilson and Mr. Michaelson start arguing about if Mr. Michaelson would have taken the heart or not, and they're trading insults, but are still great friends.

The verdict is read in the case against Allen Farmer. "We the jury, find the defendant, say it with me, GUILTY. " Allen wants to know what's going to happen, now, now, now, and John replies jail, jail, jail. John wants to know if the 6 month bargain is still available, and Renee considers it. Allen says to Renee, " I was an apostle of love" to which Renee responds "spank me."

Georgia walks in to tell Billy it's time to go. She bought a new pair of shoes, and wants to show them to Billy. She walks in and the only thing you can see is the black shoes at first. Then we get a full view of her backside. Of course, she's cleverly concealed behind the office equipment so that's all we see. She wants to go in the conference room with Billy and tells him to come on.

Ally and Bobby are talking after court, and Ally wonders if she botched the case. Bobby doesn't think so. He tells her he can't go out with her right now, as he has baggage, and needs some time. To which Ally replies, "what, to deal with your old bags? "Baggage." John and Allen Farmer are walking by, and Allen bops Bobby on the head with his paddle. Ally starts laughing, and then Bobby asks "where were we?" Ally says " You were putting me in layaway." and Bobby disagrees, saying he was just asking for a little time. Vonda Shepherd is now singing her song about the fools falling in love.

Elaine and Richard are dancing at the bar, and she asks about his relationship with Whipper. He says it looks "possible." Elaine once again offers herself to him, saying in high school she was nicknamed the "human window of opportunity." Ally is dancing with John and says "it's like a time share dump, he might be back." "Whenever I get depressed, I raise my hemlines. If things don't change, I'm bound to be arrested." She asked John if he's ever wanted to erase a day or year, and John says how could she even think that? He offers these pearls of wisdom from his mother "If you think back, and replay your year, if it doesn't bring you tears, either joy or sadness, consider the year wasted."

Georgia and Billy are on the conference room table making out, and they hear the elevator open. Ally senses someone is in the office, and she stealthily walks over to the light switch and turns it on. She sees Billy laying there on top of Georgia, and of course she's shocked, as is Billy and Georgia. Billy very calmly says "Hey Ally." Ally turns off the light, and walks away, trying to shrug off the image of Billy and Georgia. She goes into her office, and calls Renee to make a supper date. Ally hears John's words in her head "If you think back, and replay your year, if it doesn't bring you tears, either joy or sadness, consider the year wasted." She starts replaying back her year, starting with her first day at the firm. There are some really great flashbacks here, touching moments with her and Billy, her successes in court, and her failures in her love life. Her therapist is in one of the moments, as is Dr. Greg Budders, Glenn, and several kissing scenes with John, and the "salad dressing face" guy, and finally Bobby. Ally is crying and also laughing as the credits roll.

It is so funny we laugh hysterically, yet other parts can make you cry.

Special thanks to Wendy S.
Photographs courtesy of Fox Network

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