The show opens with Ally and John talking to another lawyer- Michael Huddle- about their mutual client Vincent Robbins. Mr. Huddle is filling them in while taking them back to meet with Mr. Robbins. Vincent robbed a bank 18 years ago, and a month prior to his release, was arrested for trying to escape. Mr. Huddle says to John, "Pinch your nose, get it to whistle, take a moment, make your feet squeak, my client needs somebody to pull a rabbit out of a hat, and I'm told you can do it." He sure is clued in on John's mannerisms!!!
Back at the firm, Elaine is filling Richard in on John's new case. She says Mr. Huddle doesn't have any defense and who better to go to court with nothing, than John Cage. Richard dumps a new case in Georgia's lap, Mary (Richard calls her Marsha though) Halladay is suing her ex-fiancé for emotional distress, for leaving her at the altar.

John and Ally are still at the jail, talking with the prison escapee, Vincent Robbins. They want to know why he tried to escape with only a month left to go in his term. The conversation turns to John's quirks, blinking, Poughkeepsie, and Ally tries to explain them to Mr. Robbins. Mr. Robbins tells his lawyer that John is peculiar.

John and Ally are talking with Michael Huddle, and John doesn't think that Michael should be at the trial, he wants them to appear as underdogs, and 3 lawyers would be overkill, but Michael disagrees. A woman appears in front of John, and it's his old classmate, and friend, Haley Chissom.

She is so excited to see him, and explains that she is DA on the Robbins case. They reminisce on old times, including "their hop". Ally is watching their exchange, no doubt planning her Cupid strategy.

Georgia is meeting with her client, Mary Halladay. She's not sure they really have a case, as the law doesn't really enter into broken relationship cases. Richard walks in, and offers his pearls of wisdom, including "he needs to suffer", referring to her ex-fiancé.

Haley is questioning a man, obviously a prison employee. He describes seeing Vincent jumping on his man-made trampoline and going over the wall. They then went over to retrieve him, as he sprained his ankle in the fall. After questioning him, she looks over at John and does their "little hop" on the way back to the table, and John smiles. John comes up to do his cross-examination, introduces himself, and then sits back down. Haley looks on with disbelief, as does Vincent Robbins. After court, John and Haley catch up with each other in the hallway. They compliment each other's strategies, and Haley wants Vincent to serve a 12 year term for his escape, citing office politics. They continue catching up on the past, and John discovers that Haley and Fred have divorced. Ally is watching their exchange again, and asks John if Haley knew he was in love with her.. John tries to deny it, but Ally knows differently.

Elaine is demonstrating her "Husband CD" to Mary Halladay. She says she shares her pangs of loneliness with her, and plays the CD. It is different sounds that she would hear, should she have a husband, such as the car door opening, sounds from a baseball game, and him snoring. Mary just looks really puzzled, probably wondering where Elaine gets her crazy ideas.

John is questioning Vincent Robbins about his trampoline jump over the wall. Vincent tells of collecting rubber bands, in order to build a trampoline, and says it took 18 years to collect enough. Vincent says after 18 years, he just had to try to go over, even if he actually didn't go through with it. He jumped and jumped and actually made it over, much to his surprise. He thought he had broken all his bones, but says he never felt so free as in that moment going over the wall.

Haley is getting all emotional talking with Ally and John, and John calls her bluff. He says that Haley "likes to lull defense attorneys with false sympathy." Haley tells Ally that John knows all her courtroom secrets. Haley pulls "a Cage" as she uses a remote control device to close her briefcase. Ally spots a matchmaking opportunity, and invites Haley to have dinner with her and her associates. Haley agrees, and Ally looks victoriously at John.

Back at the office, John wants to know why she invited Haley to eat with them, and Ally cites the reasons, "she hopped, she has a briefcase remote" and she's a "little kooky." John is so shocked that Ally knew he had been interested in Haley, and Ally says it's the same way he knows what she's seeing. John was afraid of spoiling his friendship with Haley, so he never asked her out. Ally tells John that he really never took a chance on Haley. She says that she's 99.60% over Billy, and someday she'll be completely over him, but what she will never get over is the idea that when Billy left, she just let him. Ally tells John that he just *has* to take a chance.

Richard and Georgia are in the courtroom, and the judge walks out, and it's Whipper- the love of Richard's life. Georgia thinks that she should recuse herself, but she says the case has no merit, which makes her unbiased. Richard wants to speak, and she lets him. They fight with each other, through legal jargon, and Whipper wants to see counsel in her chambers.

Haley is questioning Vincent Robbins, and says that Vincent intended to escape, while trying out his trampoline. John objects, and they continue verbally sparring with each other, and finally both stop at the same time, ending with the simultaneous word "unacceptable". Haley and John are talking after court, and with this exchange, it's so easy to see that they have a special connection. They are complimenting each other's strategies again, and Haley agrees to come down to 4 years for Mr. Robbins, instead of 12.

We're now in Whipper's chambers, and Richard is doing most of the talking. He says that courts do get involved with marriage. His examples are child support, alimony, prenuptial agreements. He says it all comes down to fairness. The duty of the court is to spot a wrong, and right it. He says that she is a good judge, and to behave like one.

Ally, John, and Michael Huddle are meeting with Vincent at the jail and tell him the best they can do for him is 4 years in prison. They think he should agree to it, and he says no. Vincent says that going over that wall is the first time he's followed through with something, and it was fun taking that chance, and it's time to take another.

Billy and Renee are sitting downstairs at the bar with Ally. Billy is telling Ally that Richard actually made effective arguments in court, and Ally is really shocked. Ally is gushing over John and Haley, saying she's never seen John so happy. John and Haley are dancing, and they are so perfectly in sync. Ally is so happy for John, her face is just glowing watching them dance.

Back upstairs, Richard and Georgia are meeting with Mr. Pullman, counsel for the ex-fiancé of Mary Halladay. They are talking about money, and Mr. Pullman agrees to restitution of the wedding costs, but won't buy into the emotional distress aspect. Whipper interrupts, and tells Richard that the case does have merit, and recuses herself.

We're hopping back and forth, and are now back downstairs, and John and Haley are talking. She says that now she's back, "there's no reason they can't return to their old glory". She has thought all these years that her and John stopped talking because John didn't like her husband Fred, and John assures her that's not the case. She heads out to get a cab, and John wants to accompany her, but she knows that he would distract her from planning her closing. She turns to leave, and says "see you in court, doughboy." Ally walks up, and John tells her that it's not there, Haley doesn't feel the same and he leaves.

Ally and Renee are talking in their apartment and Renee wonders if they should try a dating service. Ally laughs at the idea, and Renee says she got a tape about clients from a dating service from a friend of hers. She puts the tape in, and a man is talking about sniffing a woman's food, and they both look disgusted.

Haley is doing her closing arguments, and says that no matter how cute the old man was jumping on the trampoline, he broke a law, and should go to jail.
John comes up, and starts his closing arguments. He starts out applauding all of Vincent's efforts, and thinks he should have seized the moment. He then tells a story, about a man who was secretly in love with his best friend, but was afraid to tell her for fear of ruining the friendship. He then tells about courage, and says that man would salute Vincent for having the courage to do what he did. Haley has realized that John is talking about the two of them and looks shaken.

Richard and Georgia are talking to Mary now and she has decided to drop the case. She says she doesn't feel sorry for herself anymore, and that she feels sorry for Richard instead.

John is getting a drink from the water fountain, and Haley walks up to him. She wonders if the man he was talking about in his closing was him, and he says yes. She can't believe that he has been in love with her all this time, and she says she loved him, too. A glimmer of hope shines in John's eyes, but she says it's not the same kind of love as what he feels. She tries to explain it, but John says it's ok. He then says "It was a closing argument, I'm trying to win an acquittal for my client, don't read too much into it." She then looks upset, and Ally comes up saying that the jury has a verdict. They all file back into the courtroom, and Ally is seated beside Vincent. He says that if he gets a guilty verdict, he's going to make a run for it. The verdict is read, it is a unanimous not guilty verdict. Haley goes up to John and congratulates him on the verdict, and she asks him to lunch, but he's unsure, and says he'll have to check his book.

Ally and John are back at the firm, and are telling Billy, Georgia, and Elaine of the not guilty verdict. Ally says it's all because of John, he was fabulous. John heads straight to the unisex, and Ally follows. At the same time, Mary has arrived, and Elaine is going to help her with the paperwork for dropping her lawsuit. John yells at Ally, telling her he wants to be alone. He really is yelling at her, but she understands, and wants to talk. He wants to be alone, and Ally turns to leave, and he thanks her. He knows that she's the one who pushed him along to tell Haley his feelings, and doesn't blame her for the unfortunate outcome of that.

Richard has come into Whipper's office, and he talks about the case, and tells her he misses her. She listens carefully, then says "I'd like to take all of that under advisement." Richard nods, and leaves the room. I hope this is foreshadowing for bringing Dyan Cannon back on the show, she's a great supporting character.

The show ends much like last weeks- with small clips showing what the cast is doing...John is packing up his things for the evening, and is deep in thought, Elaine finishes up with Mary's paperwork, and is cleaning up to leave, Renee and Ally are downstairs at the bar, Richard is playing video games, Whipper is also deep in thought, and ready to leave her office, and John is walking home- all while the song "Alone Again" is playing, by Vonda Shepherd.

It is so funny we laugh hysterically, yet other parts can make you cry.

Special thanks to Wendy S.
Photographs courtesy of Fox Network

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