The show opens in the unisex with John demonstrating to Ally how to get mentally ready for Renee's court case. He is hearing the familiar bells, and is trying to explain them to Ally, but all she hears is a little tinkle. John tells her to focus, and all of a sudden, she bumps into Georgia, who gasps and drops a pregnancy test box on the floor. Ally hands the box back to Georgia, and Georgia disappears into one of the stalls.

Vonda is premiering her video to the theme song to Ally "Searchin' My Soul" . The video takes place in the unisex, but also cuts to different parts of the office, and shows some of the more classic scenes of Ally McBeal. I like the video, and the song- very upbeat, and fitting for this show.

Ally, John, and Renee are discussing strategy for Renee's case against Michael (last name?). This is the same man she punched out in last week's show. She broke a bone in his neck, and is charged with assault and battery. Renee is really concerned about John's methods, and is afraid of losing her job. Ally then goes out in the office to grill Elaine about Georgia's pregnancy test, but runs into Georgia, who says she hasn't taken the pregnancy test yet.

Michael is being questioned on the stand, and is describing the events of his date with Renee. He is giving an accurate description, and John is hard at work with his distraction techniques. He first uses a clicker device, as a method of objection towards proceedings, because he has a throat irritation, possibly a polyp. John is next with the questions, and we hear the sound of squeaking, it's the arch supports in John's orthopedic shoes. He doesn't ask many questions, and decides he's troubled. Renee is arguing with Ally in the elevator over John's tactics, and the elevator opens, and it's Glenn- the male model who Ally dated in past shows. He informs them that he was subpoenaed to testify against Renee.

Georgia and Billy are talking about the pregnancy test, and Billy finds out that Georgia hasn't done the test yet. Georgia starts making excuses for not taking it, and Billy tells her she's being irrational, and that she reminds him of Ally- ouch.

Richard finds out that one of Ally's "concubines" is being put on the stand to testify against Renee. Richard wants to know how that is relevant, and another one of John's quirks is revealed. His stomach gurgles in times of anxiety, and he can throw his gurgle, like a ventriloquist throws his voice.

Glenn is on the stand, and it's revealed that Glenn slept with Ally, the co-counsel for Renee. His relationship with Ally is important because Ally and Renee were both involved with the "penguin" plot. Renee pretended to like Glenn, and in the pretense of a sexual advance, got him to hop around with his pants down around his ankles, and then left him there in the middle of the street. John is "throwing his gurgle" and the opposing counsel is looking around to see where it's coming from. Glenn says that Renee likes one night stands even more than Miss McBeal. John looks disturbed at that comment.

Georgia and Billy are doing the pregnancy test. The 3 minutes are up, and both are afraid to look at the test. They both finally do, and there's a pink line- Georgia is pregnant. Neither looks very excited, and all Georgia comes up with is a half smile.

Ally, John, and Renee are talking in the elevator and John tells Ally she's off the case, as she's " slept with witnesses." He thinks the jury will be concerned with her credibility. Ally is outraged, and John stops the elevator, as if to get out, and Ally steps out, and John takes a step back in and continues his conversation with Renee, while Ally is fuming outside the elevator. John thinks that they will have to bring Georgia in. Ally finally gets back on the elevator, and Glenn is there. Ally and Glenn are arguing about the "penguin" incident, and about their sexual encounters, and an older couple stands behind them looking shocked.

Georgia and Billy are talking about choices, while Elaine and Richard are listening in via one of Elaine's spying devices. Georgia doesn't want to say the 'A' word, or even consider it, but she doesn't want to stop working either.

John has called Renee to the stand. He does a little stalling technique, then decides to withdraw the witness, because he feels the state didn't make a good enough case to need Renee's testimony. He then decides to rest the defense. Renee is questioning John about his methods considering that he didn't call any witnesses to the stand . He tells her that she would make a lousy witness, and then he prepares to make his closing arguments. They exit the elevator, and Ally headed into Georgia's office. She can't resist asking Georgia if she is pregnant or not. Upon finding out that Georgia is pregnant, Ally has some fantasy, and something goes through her stomach, leaving a huge hole. She congratulates both Georgia and Billy and then leaves the room.

Ally goes into the unisex, and in a moment of anger, kick boxes the stall door, and it swings back at her, knocking her flat on her butt. Billy walks in while Ally is still on the floor. He feels like he needs to apologize to her. Ally thinks it was rude of Billy to get Georgia pregnant, and Billy says he's sorry.

Georgia and Billy are talking about the pregnancy in the unisex. Georgia is worried because neither her nor Billy is excited about the baby. Richard is listening in, and he gives a rambling speech, telling of the horrors of pregnancy and the effects of it on their lives. Elaine walks in sporting her face bra.

Ally is on the phone with Dr. Tracy, and they're talking about theme songs again. John walks in and says by picking a silly theme song, it helps trivialize the pain, and Ally says that everything isn't solved by turning things into big jokes. She's worried that Renee's career will be ended by John's strange tactics, and if so, she will hate him. She apologizes to him, and John looks upset, and leaves the room.

Michael's lawyer is doing his closing, and says that Cage's defense is simply "she's a girl." John says that Renee was assaulted in her own home, she should be allowed to defend herself, and that she doesn't forfeit the right to say stop. He concedes that yes, she might have gotten him worked up, but doesn't feel she should be on trial for it. He keeps saying "please" and makes the jury repeat "please" after him. He tells the jury he is an odd man, he " uses clickers to spare his throat, stands corrected in orthopedic shoes, and stands here steep in absurdity."

Ally is looking for a theme song to "trivialize the pain" . She is looking at Billy, and we hear Vonda, singing a song about Billy. John is looking at Ally, and you get the impression that he hears her song too. Only Ally can see what happens next as the whole office breaks into a dance. They are dancing everywhere, even in the unisex stalls, and Ally joins them, and they are kicking their legs out the unisex stalls ( reminds me of the Rockettes).

Billy walks in and sees Ally's leg kicking back and forth, and Ally's music screeches to a halt. He wants to know if she's ok. He mentions the pregnancy, and Ally wants to know if "there's any chance that it's not hers" (meaning Georgia). She says that she's really happy for him, and wants to know if he's happy for him. He says that he's scared. John walks in and says the jury is back, and they have questions. The jury wants to know if they need to find if Renee hit him on purpose, not if she hurt him on purpose. John is troubled.

Renee says "I'm dead". She is scared now that her life hangs in the balance, and says that Ally's law firm is a "big ship of fools". Ally counters with the fact that Renee definitely hit Michael in anger, not self defense. She says that Renee tries to intimidate men with her sexual aggressiveness. Then she ends up with the kind of men she doesn't want. Ally says that Renee has a problem, and she doesn't get it. Ally is playing tough with Renee, and it's a refreshing change, as it's usually the other way around. She says that John also knows that Renee doesn't get it, which is why he didn't put her on the stand.

John is back at the office, practicing his closing, with his shoes off, and his pant legs rolled up, walking around a brick support. Ally walks in, and apologizes for venting on him. He understands that she's concerned about her friend, and says that Renee is a "fortunate person" to have such a good friend as Ally.

Ally is getting ready for work, and Renee has called off work to wait for the verdict. Ally invites Renee to a sleep-over tonight. Renee says that Ally was right about her speech last night. She says that when she was younger, she was the first to develop breasts. The boys would grab her, and say things. She went into the boy's bathroom to read the things that were written about her on the walls. She ran home, and cried. Her mother said the boys only teased her because they liked her and she clung onto that one. She says that she's gone to Harvard, and yet she can't bear it when guys don't grab her a little, but when they do, she's back on that playground again. She says that she's been waiting her whole life for what happened with Rivers (finally, Jason's last name). She just thanks god that at least she's ashamed of it.

Elaine is demonstrating her newest invention, called the "cool cup". It looks like a pair of underwear, but it has a cord attached to it, but is working on a power pack for it. John is being the guinea pig, and he looks so funny with this thing on. The cord is attached to some kind of power source. Elaine says that heat kills the sperm, but with refrigeration, men can be more virile.. She says she was inspired by Georgia and Billy. Ally walks in, and John says the jury is back.

Georgia and Billy go into her office, and she says the blood test was negative- she's not pregnant. They agree it's all a matter of timing, and both of them seem relieved. ( I knew she couldn't really be pregnant).

The verdict is being announced- Renee is found not guilty of assault and battery. Renee thanks John and Ally.

After court, Ally is back at the office, in the unisex, and she hears some sniffling. She stands on her toilet seat, to look over the stall, and of course, knowing Ally's luck, she falls off the toilet seat. Ally and Renee come out of the stalls to talk, but Billy walks in, and asks Ally to excuse them. Georgia is upset about not being pregnant, and Billy agrees that it is a loss, and they can try to have a baby if, and when, they want to. Georgia wants to tell everyone that she's not pregnant, and Billy doesn't think it's necessary, as he told Elaine.

The ending scenes show what everyone's up to- Ally and Renee are playing cards, John is looking out a window, and Billy and Georgia are walking down the street talking. Vonda is singing the song "I'll be there". Renee is sleeping over in Ally's room as the show ends.

It is so funny we laugh hysterically, yet other parts can make you cry.

Special thanks to Wendy S.
Photographs courtesy of Fox Network

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