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"The Practice" Axe Murderer

I'm going to start this off by saying this show was really fast paced, so please look after my summary for some odds and ends that pertain to the show...The case that starts out on Ally carries over to the show "The Practice" so please continue on to jmr's summary to find out the outcome of the case.

The show opens up with Ally and Georgia talking about a case that Georgia has taken.(this is a minor plot, see odds and ends for details). Billy walks in, and tells them they need to go to the crime scene, as their client Marie Hanson has been taken into custody, for allegedly killing her husband with a hatchet. The three of them go to the crime scene, and Ally sees the dead body and says "He's even more dead than I thought." The coroners are taking out the body, and they bump into Ally, causing the deceased's blood to get on her. She is shocked and says in horror "I've got blood on me, I'm a suspect." and then she promptly faints.

Richard, Billy and Georgia are talking about their newest case defending Marie Hanson. They all agree that the evidence is overwhelming against Marie, and all of the associates, with the exception of Billy, want to refer out the case. They don't have any experience in criminal law, and don't want to take on the case At the courthouse, they are holding a short hearing, and the judge denies bail, and wants a psychiatric evaluation done, and they will meet again on Tuesday.

Billy and Ally are at the jail, talking to Marie Hanson. Marie claims that she doesn't remember anything, and she suffers from blackouts. Marie said she must have killed her husband, she remembers swinging the hatchet, but nothing else. It's obvious that Ally really believes that Marie killed her husband.

Renee and Georgia are talking near the elevator, and Renee spots a guy that she would like to go out with. She's never met him before, but she knows that he does want to go out with her. (Is she psychic or what?) She bets Georgia that he will ask her out, and he does, and Georgia loses the bet.

Richard, Billy, and John are talking, and Richard has decided to "farm the case". Richard asks John for a referral on a criminal lawyer, and John gives him the name of Bobby Donnell, who is supposed to be the best. The three men head out to meet Bobby and his associates. Bobby wants to know why they don't want to handle the case, and Richard says it's bad for the image of the firm. He proceeds to make a fool of himself, and says some really dumb things. John takes a moment during the meeting, and "the big one" (Eugene) as John calls him, frightens him, he says.

Ally is watching some old movie about a murder, trying to desensitize herself to murder, she says, so she can become a better lawyer. Ally is worried about the firm taking the case, and she prefers "soft core" to murder cases.

Ally is talking to Marie, and says that another firm will be carrying the ball for the trial on this case. Marie wants Ally to meet her psychiatrist, and talk about her (Marie).

Bobby Donnell and his associates have arrived at the Fish and Cage firm to discuss strategy. Ally is nervous, and is babbling, and even borrows Richard's saying- "bygones". The psychiatrist is also present, and isn't comfortable with the content of the questions that are being asked. He doesn't want to take the stand, and says that he'll meet with Marie first, before continuing the meeting. Bobby plays hardball with the psychiatrist, and threatens to subpoena him if he doesn't testify.

Down at the bar, the gang's all there, and Renee is dancing with the lawyer she picked up in the hallway, his name is Michael. Renee takes Michael to her apartment. They're kissing, but things move along too quickly for Renee. She asks him to leave, and he mouths off, and she slaps him across the face. He retaliates, also slapping her, and they continue to hit each other. Renee uses one of her kick boxing moves on him, and he falls flat to the floor. The next scene shows the paramedics there, putting Michael's body on a stretcher. Renee tells them "he slipped".

Billy is talking with the psychiatrist, and tells him that he used hypnotherapy on Marie. He believes that Marie was Lizzie Borden in a past life. (Lizzie Borden was accused of killing her parents with an ax, over 100 years ago). Billy is skeptical, but the doctor assures him that Marie definitely didn't make the story up.

The lawyers are all in the conference room, discussing the Lizzie Borden theory. The other lawyers think it's all an act. Bobby and Eugene are now in the unisex discussing whether to take the case or not. Eugene has some funny remarks describing the Ally members so I'm going to quote him.
"These people are nuts, that Cage guy, all that moment business, I did some checking, and he pulls that in court.Open court, in the middle of trial, he takes a moment. And Fish, do we even need to discuss Fish? Now we're going in there arguing insanity, and these people here are the inmates."

Renee is down at the station, being questioned about Michael. They say that she broke a bone in his neck, and she said he deserved it.

Bobby is at the jail now, trying to talk Marie out of using Cage and Fish for representation. He is trying to convince her that it's in her best interest to use his firm only. She says that she's used them before, with great success. Bobby is back at the office now, and Billy, Ally, Richard and John are very upset that Bobby went behind their backs with their client. Words fly, and Bobby says (looking at John) that "he won't free her by taking a moment." . Elaine interrupts, saying the police would like to talk to Ally about Renee. Ally runs after Bobby, as does Billy. Billy says that they need to start working as a team.

Renee and Ally are at the apartment discussing Bobby's strategy, and are interrupted by the doorbell. The police are there, and they attempt to read Renee her rights. The other cop (obviously someone that Renee is familiar with) says that they have to book Renee for assault. She is a trained kick boxer, and did break a bone in his neck. They explain that the arraignment will take place in chambers.

Billy, Richard, John and Georgia are talking about Georgia's case. Billy is disgusted with his associates and spouts out a hilarious piece that goes like this:
"This firm is a joke. We do stupid cases, we look like clowns, we get a big case, and look how we act. Ally faints at the crime scene, and calls our client a killer, (to Richard) you go on TV and say it's the wifely thing to pick up a hatchet, (to John) and you, you keep blurting out Poughkeepsie, and flushing toilets by remote. We're a joke, and I'm embarrassed to be here." Billy storms out, and Georgia follows him. He's upset that they had to seek outside counsel, and is upset because the other lawyers were laughing at them.

Renee is at her arraignment, and Renee wants a probable cause hearing. Ally is her counsel. Ally wants to get through this fast, and Renee calls the proceedings "a joke."

The lawyers are back questioning the psychiatrist, and he's giving them history into Lizzie Borden. He says that Marie knew everything about it. The psychiatrist is willing to take the stand, but not on the Lizzie Borden aspect. He is worried about his reputation, thinking he'll be ruined if it all comes out. He agrees to think about it, and leaves. Bobby has everything organized and starts delegating tasks. Billy is getting all caught up in the criminal law proceedings.

Ally is once again watching the old murder movie. She is freaking out when Bobby walks in, and scares her. He wants Ally to hand-hold the doctor. Ally says to Bobby, "you think we're all from Mars here." and Bobby (straight faced) says " I never said which planet." . Ally says that different firms have different ways. She describes their firm's policies, and tells him that they go dancing after work.

Renee is talking to Ally, and she is tempted to just plead guilty and go to jail. She says that it's all Michael's fault, and Ally thinks some of the blame lies with Renee. Ally says that "the Biscuit" is going to defend her. Renee concedes that she didn't mean to hurt him, and they head out for a bite to eat.

The gang are all at the bar, and Renee and Ally are dancing with the twins, Georgia and Billy are dancing, and John and Richard are talking. John asks Richard if the firm is a joke to the outside world, and Richard says the outside world just doesn't get the joke. Elaine approaches, and Richard dances with her. Bobby has arrived to see Ally's kind of life, and smiles as he watches her dance.

Odds and Ends

This show went so fast, and the scenes went by much faster than usual.

Georgia took on a case defending Mr. King, a man who pretended to be gay, to get a job as a waiter in a French restaurant. He was then fired, after they found out he wasn't gay. Richard went into court with Georgia, and made a complete fool of himself.

This show was really good, and had alot of great dialogue. The one thing I was surprised at was how the firm's members were portrayed. All of their quirks were brought out, and used against them. It was still funny though, but kind of embarrassing to watch at times. They did seem like a joke at times, just like Billy said.

Another funny thing is when John was in the conference room, using some kind of stick thing with a hand on the end. The hand was over his nose, and his doctor said that he should use the thing as an aid when taking a moment since he pulled a tricep.

During the first meeting, Ally had a fantasy moment, and turned into a dog, panting, as she was looking at Bobby.

Some of the best lines....

Ally talking to Marie at the jail about Bobby Donnell:"He gets guilty murderers off all the time."

Marie telling Ally to talk to her psychiatrist:
"No thank you. I have Pips and I have a theme song. The last thing I need to do is see your shrink, look how you turned out."

Ally telling Renee about Michael:
"You can lead a man by his penis, but it's the wrong way to tame him."

Elaine talking to Georgia about Bobby:
" I would just like to take my thighs and squeeze his head."

It is so funny we laugh hysterically, yet other parts can make you cry.

Special thanks to Wendy S.
Photographs courtesy of Fox Network

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