Fox had a warning at the beginning of the show about mature theme, because of the content of the dirty jokes.

The show opens with Ally and Renee watching a movie. They are talking about high school, and Ally tells Renee that she was voted " Most Likely to Become Julie Andrews". Ally thinks people think she is prudish, and in an attempt to prove she's not a prude, she pleads with Renee to tell her a dirty joke. Renee is reluctant to, she thinks Ally would faint upon hearing it.Renee finally agrees and tells this joke:

A man is walking down a beach, and spots a girl, no arms, no legs, just a torso, and she's crying.He goes up to her, and asks why she's crying.She says she's 21 years old, and never been kissed.He bends down, and gives her a gentle kiss, and she says thank you and he says you're welcome.He starts to walk away, and she starts to cry.He asks her what is wrong, and she says I'm 21 years old, I have no arms or legs, and I've never been screwed.He picks her up and throws her into the ocean and says you're screwed now.

Ally feels empathy for the girl in the joke, and tells Renee she's sick.

The next morning, Ally is talking with Richard, Billy, and Georgia about Renee's joke. She is trying to get them to see her side of it, and Billy thinks she shouldn't read so much into it. Georgia agrees with Ally though, and doesn't think the joke is funny. Elaine walks in and tells Richard to "fasten his eye sockets" - he has a delivery, and she exits the room.

The mail girl comes in with a certified delivery, and Billy and Richard are once again checking out "her assets". They joke around, and Richard opens the letter, and realizes that he is being sued. Ally says it's not because of the men, it's because of the women. The allegation is that the women are hostile because they don't like the way she dresses. Billy goes to meet with the mail girl's lawyer, who is once again played by Sandra Bernhard.

Ally and Renee are shopping, and Ally is trying to pick out the perfect dress for her date with the rabbi. Renee says that Ally should tell the rabbi her joke, and Ally says no. Ally wants Renee to tell the joke at the bar, and a bet starts. Renee will get up and tell her dirty joke, and if people laugh, then Ally will tell her 'flea joke' which is the only joke she knows.

Billy is meeting with Carolyn Poop, and she is representing Jennifer Higgin (AKA the mail girl). The meeting ends quickly, and before leaving Carolyn gives Georgia a very strange look. (the meaning comes later) Richard announces that the firm has a new policy. If Richard, or the firm is sued, all the employees will drop everything, and concentrate on ruining that person's life. He wants to cause that person "irreversible, irreparable, irrational ruin". Richard wants Georgia to handle the case, and she refuses. She says that Carolyn hit on her, with a look.

Ally is talking with Renee about the dirty joke tonight. Ally is quoting from Freud, and says a person who likes to tell dirty jokes has concealed inclinations to exhibitionism. She thinks that's why Renee can't wait to get up on stage.

Elaine is being deposed by Carolyn Poop ( mail girl's attorney). She says the women in the office only wanted the mail girl to stop walking in her slutty little way. Then Elaine confides that she, herself, dresses slutty, although moderately so.

Richard is talking to Ally, Georgia, and Billy about strategy on the case. Billy offers to do the case, but Richard thinks Ally should do it as "she's got that Julie Andrews thing going". Ally thinks someone made Richard say that, but he feigns innocence.

Ally and the gang are all in the bar, and Vonda has announced that someone is going to tell a joke. Renee goes up on stage, and she is really warming up the crowd. They are laughing, and clapping and cheering, and Ally is looking scared. Renee proceeds with the joke (see joke above). Renee gets alot of applause from the joke, even Georgia is finding it hard not to laugh.

Ally is talking to Renee and tells her she cheated. Ally is really playing on Renee's sympathies, pleading with her not to have to tell her flea joke. Renee won't go for it, and it's agreed that Ally will tell her flea joke the following evening at the bar.

The next morning Ally is questioning Jennifer- the mail girl. She is having trouble making headway, and imagines that she is Barbara Walters, and talks in this funny voice. Ally only gets the admission that Jennifer felt hostility after the lawsuit was filed. Ally doesn't get much more than that from her, and the meeting is over quickly. Afterwards, Richard is upset with Ally, but Ally says she's got it covered. He's not sure she can be objective, since she is a woman. He says women, as a rule, hate pretty women but women as a rule also sympathize with other women victims, because they're women.

That evening Georgia is talking to Billy at the bar. She is upset because she's been approached by gay women, and wonders if it has something to do with her deep voice. She tells Billy that Richard touched her wattle, and she thought it was to detect if she had an Adam's apple or not.

Billy is giving Ally moral support, and now it's her turn to go up onstage. She is doing a pretty good job of warming up the crowd. She tells the audience that she was dared to tell the joke and goes on to say "one of the last vestiges of gender biases is the dirty joke". Ally begins the joke and it goes like this:

2 fleas vacation together and they meet every year at a bar in Florida. The second little flea arrives and is freezing cold. He tells the first flea, "I was just zooming down from Jersey in the mustache of some guy on a motorcycle and I am frozen." The first flea says, "That's no way to come to Florida. Here's what you do. You go to an airport bar, have a few drinks, find a pretty flight attendant, crawl up her leg, and nestle yourself right in her warm, soft.. well, you know . You get a good night's sleep, and you end up in Florida.". The next year, the two fleas meet again in Florida, and the second flea shows up freezing cold again. The first flea asks didn't you take my advice, and the second flea says, "I did exactly what you said. I went into a bar, I had a few drinks, I found a beautiful flight attendant, crawled up her leg, nestled right in and passed out all snuggled up. The next thing you know, I was zooming down the freeway in the mustache of some guy on a motorcycle."

The audience looks shocked, but no one laughs, and the room gets completely quiet. Ally does another fantasy number, and imagines that she is about 2inches tall, and she leaves the room.

The next day in the courtroom, Ally introduces herself, and the judge remembers her from the potato chip incident. She lets his remark pass right over her. Ally agrees with Carolyn Poop, that sexual harassment shouldn't be limited to opposite sex situations. She says that Miss Higgin only felt harassed as a result of a lawsuit filed by the women at the firm, and adds that a complaint can't be the basis of a sexual harassment claim. After hearing both sides, the judge dismisses the case without prejudice.

Caroline shows up at the law office, with a message for Richard. She speaks to Georgia instead, and tells her to tell Richard that her client will be returning to work. Caroline gives Georgia another strange look, and turns to leave. Georgia confronts her about the looks, and thinks they have some kind of sexual overture to them as in "let's get together and watch Ellen sometime." Caroline explains that she collected Barbie dolls as a child, and was blown away to have actually met a live, grown up one.

Billy has approached Richard about him touching Georgia's wattle. He spouts off a tongue twister, "did you fiddle with my wife's wattle?" Richard says that he might have grazed it, but doesn't think it's a big deal. Billy thinks it is, it's sexual for Richard to touch wattles.Richard assures Billy that it won't happen again and gives his famous saying, "bygones."

Richard runs into Jennifer and tells her she can still work there. Ally overhears him, and says that he needs to have counsel present. Richard opens with the statement that she "is a tall girl with enormous breasts" and he apologizes for all of the actions of the men. He says that the women in the firm were not mad at her. He thinks that she deserves much more respect than they've shown her in the past. Ally can't believe this heartfelt speech is coming out of Richard's mouth, and she gives him a kiss on the cheek.

Ally is down in the bar, talking with Billy. She thinks that the people in the bar are looking at her differently, and she likes it. She has to go meet Renee, but she says " I'm hardening up aren't I? I kicked that Poop lady's butt, I told a dirty joke on stage, I think I'm ready to be released into the real world." Billy makes a toast " here's to the hard you".

I don't normally put my comments afterwards, but I just want to say that I missed John Cage in this episode. I think his humor really adds something to the show, and I'm glad that he is in most, if not all of the newer shows. He has some of the best lines, and his mannerisms are so funny but hard to describe in words :-) Wendy S

It is so funny we laugh hysterically, yet other parts can make you cry.

Special thanks to Wendy S.
Photographs courtesy of Fox Network

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