The show opens with Ally trying to talk Renee into introducing her to Jason Roberts, who also works at the District Attorney's office. Speak of the devil, here comes Jason and Renee suggests to Ally to hold the doors open so Jason can ride with them. Well good olí Ally ends up getting hit with the elevator doors and falls on her butt.. Jason sees this and helps her up. Renee introduces them and then exits the elevator. It turns out that Jason *has* noticed her, and he asks her out, and promises to call later that afternoon.

Back at the law office, Richard gives Ally the information on her newest case- Karen Horowitz is suing her rabbi. She will be coming in later that morning to discuss the details with Ally.

Georgia is in Jerry Burrows' office- (Jerry was her boss back then) He tells her that his wife Robbie doesn't like him working "side by side" with Georgia and because of that, he is transferring her to the corporate department. Georgia tries to argue, but he simply says "I'm sorry" and Georgia leaves the office feeling angry.

Ally is meeting with Karen Horowitz to discuss the details of the case. Karen is to be married in 3 weeks, but she can't because of a condition of her Jewish faith. It requires a ghett(similar to an annulment) to be signed to be allowed to marry again. Ira (her ex) was hit by a bus and is now in a coma and therefore can't sign the ghett.

Georgia is talking things over with Billy to see if she has a case or now against her boss, Jerry. Billy suggests that "the Biscuit"- John Cage handle the case, as he is experienced in these kind of cases. The three of them meet, and John agrees to handle the case, but he wants Georgia to meet again with Jerry . That way they can establish that the goal is to work it out. Then he will meet with Jerry.

Ally is now at her meeting with Rabbi Stern... She asks him if he can just forget about the silly rule(the signing of the ghett). Her client, Miss. Horowitz wants to get married and can't because of the rule. She goes on and on about the silly rule and the rabbi gets offended that she's insulting him and his religion. He asks her "are you always such a bitchy thing?" Words fly back and forth and the rabbi asks her to leave. Ally tells him on her way out that "you are a vicious rabbi, and I am going to write a letter."

After that, Georgia has met again with Jerry. He says that his family comes first and Georgia says she has retained a lawyer and he will be in contact with him. Richard has talked to Ally about the meeting with the rabbi. During this, Elaine tells Ally that Karen Horowitz is on her way over. Jason appears to confirm his date with Ally, who hides behind the door to avoid showing her red splotchy face to him.

Karen has arrived and is not happy with Ally. She says that Ally has ruined her, and she was invited to leave the synagogue, due to Ally's encounter with the rabbi. The rabbi couldn't believe that Karen sicced( sicked) a lawyer on him, much less a man hater, and also a Jew hater. Ally is appalled at this news and promises to take care of everything. Ally then finds out that Ira died last night, therefore the business of the ghett is irrelevant.

John is now meeting with Jerry Burrows in his office. John is practicing his avoidance tactics such as looking away, and fiddling with things on the desk. John gets a bad vibe from the meeting, and tells Jerry he is "deeply troubled" and will have to reschedule. Back in the office, Georgia and Billy are discussing the events of the meeting and Georgia has concerns whether John is "all there" or not. Billy assures her he is, that he just works differently. John then walks up to them, and tells Georgia to make sure she really knows what she wants for the outcome of the case.

Ally is now on her date with Jason. She is telling him about her case against the rabbi, and then they talk about work in general.Ally is hearing music( Vonda Shepherd, of course:-) ) and then all of a sudden the music screeches to a halt when Ally discovers a fault in Jason- he has salad dressing on his face. She tells him the first time it happens, and then the second time she just looks disappointed and the evening is ruined for her.

Back at the apartment Ally is talking to Renee about the salad dressing incident and says she will forever see Jason as "salad dressing face". Renee tells her she has a knack for ruling guys out. Ally gets a bit mad, and says she has to go to the temple.

John is talking with Billy and Georgia about the case. John is giving Georgia the pros and cons for suing and Georgia decides she wants to and John says "splendid". Only John could say things like "I'm collecting an errant thought" and "...boxed in by my poor choice of syntax" and have them be funny!!! He has such a way with words!

Ally is back at the synagogue talking with the rabbi about the things he said about her. She is pleading Karen's case again. They start going rounds again and the rabbi said he must have pushed the "bitchy button" again. Ally asks "if common sense is pinched off by that thing on your head" and all of a sudden the rabbi stops talking and starts laughing. He was quite amused by her remark, and Ally demands to know why he laughing. He then tells Ally that Karen is welcome in the synagogue and he would be happy to do the ceremony.

John is in the unisex, preparing for his meeting with Jerry Burrows. He hears the familiar bells which signal good things are to come. They are meeting in the conference room at Richard and John's firm. John is again demonstrating his distraction techniques, slowly pouring water and sitting at the end of the table, as to suggest the room is full. He is trying to tell Jerry what their next meeting will be like. John thinks a monetary settlement would be best, and will spare Jerry the embarrassment of being questioned in front of his colleagues.

The rabbi has shown up to talk to Ally about his laughing at her at their last meeting. He is explaining that one of the things he hates about being a rabbi is the way everyone tiptoes around him, and he liked that Ally was obnoxious with him.. He wants Ally to attend Karen's wedding(which he will be performing) as his date. Ally rattles off reasons why not, and he looks upset and says that she could have just said no, and he leaves.

Ally is now walking into the unisex repeating over and over that "I don't have my mental health". She walks into a stall without looking in and sits down. All of a sudden she gets a funny look and realizes she's not alone in the stall. She has sat down - ON GEORGIA!!! Priceless!! Georgia then says something like that will teach me to lock the door and tells Ally to get up. Ally says she can't because she has lost the feeling in her feet. She gives a "Cage-ism " and tells Georgia "I apologize" and then gets up. She opens the door and says good to see you and who should be standing there but Billy! He looks at her funny and Ally says there isn't an explanation for it, and leaves.

Next Ally runs into Jason by the elevator. They share a ride and he tells her he had a good time on their date. She agrees, and he asks her for another date and Ally hesitates. He takes this as a no, and you can almost see the gears cranking in Ally's head. She mentions the salad dressing again, and tells him that she needs to wipe the slate and his face clean.. She reaches over to him, and takes his face into her hands and kisses him.

We're now at the big meeting with John, Georgia, Billy and Jerry Burrows present. They banter back and forth and Georgia and Billy get angry and start yelling at Jerry. John asks them to give him 2 minutes alone with Jerry. Must have been part of a plan, because outside they mentioned that it worked, and went well. John is baiting Jerry along, complimenting him on his strategy and presentation, especially the family aspect of it. John says he knows in the end, Jerry will lose, and it's time to do what lawyers do best- they pick a number.

Ally is now sitting in the synagogue. Rabbi Stern walks in, and Ally says she's there to ask him out on a date. She starts rambling on, how they are like mayonnaise on brisket. She has decided to make a change and stop looking for Mr. Right and start taking chances on Mr. Not Likely's on the theory of who knows.. Only Ally can be so long-winded and funny at the same time( well Richard too!)She wants to juggle,(men) and says she wants him to be one of the balls she keeps up in the air! ( too funny). Another funny thing she said during this, was how you're not supposed to be honest with men, it's detrimental to their image!

Georgia, Richard, and Billy are waiting outside the conference room waiting for the decision. Georgia can't believe her whole career depends on a "Bagpipe Biscuit" who never looks anyone in the eye. Of course, perfect timing once again for the Biscuit, who walks in and says $311,000 with the condition of being out in 2 weeks. Everyone is happy about the decision, and Richard tells Georgia she can work there until she finds another job. Billy likes the decision, and is glad Georgia will be working there.

The last scene of the show takes place in the bar downstairs. Everyone is making a toast to Georgia, and of course John Cage. Ally and Renee are talking about the Rabbi, and Ally mentions the juggling again, she'll go out with Robert on Tuesday, the Rabbi on Thursday and have Chicago Hope in between(hey, subtle David E. Kelley! hehe) She'll have a life. She'll start ruling men in. Georgia walks up and asks Ally her opinion on joining the firm. Ally likes it, and says "here's a hot flash- I like you". Everyone is dancing with someone, and Ally goes out to the dance floor with the twins. She's dancing, and saying to herself that she's got a new attitude- it's gonna last- maybe even for a week....

It is so funny we laugh hysterically, yet other parts can make you cry.

Special thanks to Wendy S.
Photographs courtesy of Fox Network

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