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The show opens with Ally trying out her new piano. She starts playing one of her favorite songs "Good Night, My Someone". Renee knows the song and she joins in and they find themselves relating to the song. They realize it's a really sad song, and it compares to their own lives.

The next morning Ally is in the office and is getting advice about her latest case between 2 ice cream chains. She is warned about Harry Pippin, who is the opposing counsel. It seems that because of his large size he gets special grace for it, and if she wants to win, she needs to get there early. Richard also makes Ally second chair to John on another case defending Sandra Winchell, who is a friend of Whipper's. She was arrested on prostitution charges, and this is her 3rd offense. Richard thinks it will affect his relationship with Whipper if she doesn't win the case. Sandra fired her lawyer the night before, so Ally and John are going straight to court. During this exchange, Richard is once again gawking at the mail girl and Ally tries to bring him back to reality. He finally snaps back, and tells Ally to "free that hooker".

Ally is talking to Renee and all of a sudden realizes that Harry Pippin has arrived, and she has missed her window of opportunity. He spits out some legal jargon, and the judge denies the plaintiff's motion. Ally follows after Harry and tries to reason with him, and all of a sudden Harry grabs his chest, and falls to the floor. Ally screams and tries to revive him, bouncing on his chest, then giving him mouth-to-mouth. After about the third try, he starts breathing, and Ally is relieved.

Ally is now in the courtroom trying for a continuance on the Sandra Winchell case. The judge doesn't go for it and tells her to either say ready for trial, or he will continue the case for a year, and revoke bail. Ally is forced to say ready for trial. Ally talks to John after court, and asks him if he has any ideas about their strategy. John thinks for a minute, and tells her to proceed with the trial.

Angela Tharp( Harry Pippin's fiancée) is now in Ally's office thanking her for saving Harry's life. She expresses her gratitude and gives Ally a hug, causing Ally's back to crack loudly. Angela hears the crack and says "oh god, I've broken you". Ally is in pain but assures Angela not to worry about it. Angela invites Ally to the wedding, saying it's Friday at 6:00.

Richard and Ally are talking about the prostitution case. Ally isn't sure how to defend it, and asks Richard but he's too busy gawking at the mail girl again.

Renee is questioning Dr. Carpenter about his experience with Sandra Winchell. She determines that he definitely exchanged sex for money, and he agrees. Now it's John's turn and he's practicing his stalling techniques as always. He pours water, takes a drink, stands up, buttons his jacket, and approaches the stand. He introduces himself to the doctor and says he doesn't have any questions for him.

Next Ally and Georgia are talking down at the bar, and are talking about John Cage and his tactics in the courtroom. Renee walks up and agrees that John is "a kook". Harry Pippin walks up and asks Ally if they can talk in private, suggesting Ally's office.

Ally and Harry are talking in her office and he looks really nervous. He says "you can't win a raffle if you don't buy a ticket" and asks Ally if she could ever be interested in him. Ally reminds him of Angela, and he says he loves Angela, but he's never had a kiss like that. (referring to Ally's CPR I guess) He loves Angela, but it isn't a romantic love. He wonders if there's even a "scintilla of a chance" that Ally would go out with him, but she says there isn't a possibility of that. He looks crestfallen and leaves the room.

Ally and Renee are in their apartment talking about Harry. Renee wants to know why Ally ruled him out, thinking she did it because of his looks. She says that "in a movie, we'd both be rooting for the guy to date the girl" and Ally nods.

The next morning court is in session, and John is questioning Sandra on what he refers to as "her career change". She used to be a lawyer, before starting her escort business. She says that she couldn't meet a good man who wasn't interested in having sex, and because she does need to make a living, she just combined the two. Also, she has become disillusioned with relationships, thinking men aren't capable of sustaining them for a period of time.

John comes upon Ally and Renee eating lunch and reprimands her for talking with the opposing counsel, not knowing they are roommates. Elaine comes in and warns Ally that Harry Pippin is approaching. Harry says that his client is willing to change the name of the ice cream chain and Ally thinks the terms of the agreement could be met. Harry has also come to apologize for putting her on the spot, and asks her for romantic advice. He tells Ally that he loves Angela, but she doesn't make his heart bounce. He wants to know if "it's wrong to marry someone, not because she's the one, but because she's the only one". Ally tells a story about finding someone that makes your heart bounce, but in the same breath, tells Harry to keep his promise to Angela.

Elaine comes into Billy's office because he is the "designated sensitive male". She wants him to talk to Richard about the "gawkfest" with the mail girl. The women in the office feel that it contributes to a hostile work environment and want the mail girl to be let go.

Renee is giving her closing arguments on the prostitution case, and reminds the jury that sex for money is a crime. Now it's John's turn, and he once again is practicing his stalling techniques. His closing argument starts with "hypocrisy troubles me greatly". He goes on to say that women use sex as a currency to get what they want, and gives examples. He says his client was honest and told the doctor and the jury the truth. He asks the jury to "take a moment" and they all do, including the judge. This is a classic Cage moment!

Ally is talking with John in her office, and wants to know if he believes all the statements he made in his closing argument. He tells Ally that he was paid to say it, being that it is his job.

Angela is now in Ally's office and she tells Ally that Harry has called off the wedding. Harry has decided to hold out for the woman of his dreams. Ally thinks Harry should marry someone he really loves, and Angela deserves someone who really loves her. Angela says that with people like them, they don't have alot of choices. She tells Ally "sometimes when you hold out for everything, you walk away with nothing". Angela looks upset with Ally, and leaves the room.

Ally and Georgia are talking about Harry and Angela, and Ally is agonizing whether she gave the right advice to Harry or not. Georgia thinks she did, and they both agree on Ally's advice.

Ally is waiting for the verdict and sees Harry chatting with Sandra in the hallway and asks Sandra if she is quoting Harry "off season rates". She berates Harry for talking to Sandra and for calling off the wedding. She tells him he *should* marry Angela. He says what about my heart, and Ally replies that the worst thing for someone's heart is loneliness. He asks if he should settle for Angela, and she doesn't think he should call it that. Sometimes we have to look at our choices and make the right one she says.

The jury has reached a verdict, and the defendant is found not guilty. Sandra thanks John and also Ally for their help. Ally and Sandra agree that they have different views on prostitution, and Sandra envies Ally for her views of it.

Ally is back in her office, and John has followed her in. Elaine butts in and tells her that Harry and Angela's wedding is back on, and they want her to attend. Ally then shuts the door in Elaine's face. Ally gives her views on the mess the world is in. John starts humming (as he has throughout the show) and Ally demands to know why he is doing that. He explained that as a child, he learned to control his stuttering by singing songs to himself, and every once in a while, the refrain pops out. John says he isn't there to hear her views, or to apologize, he wants to give her *his* views. He says " the world is no longer a romantic place, some of its people still are however, and therein lies the promise. Don't let the world win, Ally McBeal ". Ally looks shocked as if he has discovered some hidden truth or something. This is another classic Cage moment.

Ally is at Harry and Angela's wedding and everyone is watching them walk down the stairs of the church into the limo. Harry looks up and catches Ally's eye and she puts two fingers up as if to say peace and Harry nods, and the limo pulls away......

It is so funny we laugh hysterically, yet other parts can make you cry.

Special thanks to Wendy S.
Photographs courtesy of Fox Network

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