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The show opens with Ally demonstrating the finer points of drinking cappuccino to Georgia.The demonstration becomes almost sexual, as Ally practically makes love to her coffee cup before drinking it.Richard and Billy are watching outside the room in awe.

Richard wants Ally and Georgia to meet with Marcy Hatfield, as the firm is trying to land the case. Marcy is divorcing her very wealthy husband and hopes to cancel out the pre-nuptial agreement. Marcy says that Jason (her ex) told her he was canceling the pre-nuptial agreement, but didn't follow through, and now she's faced with living without any money, as she stayed home during the marriage to take care of the kids.

The men in the office are staring at the mail girl again, and their tongues are hanging out. Elaine presents Richard with a signed complaint, threatening to take legal action if her demands aren't met. She says the office is sexually charged, and makes for a hostile work environment. She has a list of demands, and wants them met. Richard thinks she's crazy, and calls her a fat head. She threatens to stage a "walk-out".

Elaine and Ally are talking about the case in Ally's office. Elaine says that she is asserting women's rights in the workplace, but Ally feels she is just trying to get attention. Ally mentions drawing lines and thinks Elaine is going over boundaries on this one.

Richard takes Ally into the conference room to meet with Marcy Hatfield.She is explaining that she did sign a pre-nuptial agreement but her husband promised to cancel it out.During the conversation, John's nose is whistling.He attempts to stop it with a sniff, and when that doesn't work, he blatantly picks it during the meeting.All of the members are aware of it, and hope that doesn't scare the would-be client away.

After the meeting Richard scolds John about the nose picking- hoping they will still gain the client after John's "impromptu excavation project". John knows it is a big case, and is sorry, but said he had to make a judgment call.

Billy in is the unisex, staring into the mirror. Ally walks in and knows he's upset about something personal since he's looking into the mirror. She goes into a stall, and asks Billy to turn on the water. He does, and leaves the room, but Ally continues to talk to him. Georgia obviously was in the unisex too, she is now at the sink washing her hands. She hears Ally talking about how Billy always stares into the mirror when he's upset about personal things, and wonders if there is a problem with Georgia. Ally walks out and sees Georgia and makes an excuse and goes back into the stall, clearly embarrassed.

Georgia later corners Billy, asking him if there is a problem. She tells him about her encounter with Ally in the unisex, and Billy says that Ally is just creating a little drama. He says he's probably just distracted by the case with the women employees.

Next Ally is the conference room meeting with Marcy, and John, Richard, and Georgia are also there. Marcy wants to settle, she doesn't want to go to court, but she wants money. John says he knows that she doesn't want her husband to get away with cheating on her during the marriage. She agrees to place her trust in the firm, but with Georgia and Ally instead of John. She says she is more comfortable with them.

Elaine has retained a lawyer, Carolyn Poop (Sandra Bernhard). She is meeting with John and Richard and showing them tapes of them ogling the mail girl. John tries to take a moment, but she doesn't allow it. Carolyn says that the women's demands are: $8000 compensatory for each named plaintiff, 3 extra vacation days, and the delivery girl is dismissed with prejudice. She gives them 20 minutes to think about it.

Downstairs in the bar, Richard and John are discussing Elaine's complaint. Richard thinks the employees should be happy working there, they are paid higher than other places, and already receive extra vacation. He said he created the firm to be a fun place to work. John is going to meet with Elaine, hopefully to catch her off guard, and settle it.

Billy is again in the unisex, staring into the mirror. Ally again walks in, and talks to him. He checks the stalls to be sure that no one is in there. He then tells Ally " I miss you" and she is really surprised, and unsure how to respond. She says "that's sweet" and attempts to leave. Billy is telling Ally how he felt when he saw her holding the coffee cup, like she was making love to it. He said that it reminded him of when he made love to Ally. You can tell Ally really doesn't want to 'go there' but he continues about how they always locked eyes during lovemaking.

Ally and Renee are back at the apartment, and Ally has asked Renee if ex-lovers should be honest with each other? and that sparks some debate. Renee tells Ally that "emotionally- you're an idiot". She doesn't think it's a good idea for Ally to be working in the same firm as Billy.

The next morning, John is in the unisex, preparing for hismeeting with Elaine. He sees her feet, and settles into the stall beside her, and sits down. She says she knows it's him, and knows he's up to something, as he's not a morning person. She knows he came to negotiate, and she doesn't buy into it. John just wants to find out what Elaine really wants from the complaint.Afterwards John tells Richard that Elaine is "wily".

The lawyers are in the conference room now, meeting with Marcy, her ex, and his attorney. Jason's attorney is offering $100,000 above Marcy's demands but Ally and Georgia don't feel it's enough, he is worth millions. Jason says that Marcy misunderstood, he never intended to cancel the pre-nuptial agreement Ally and Georgia try to play dirty, and bring up the children to Jason. Marcy is upset, as they weren't supposed to bring the children into the discussion. Marcy doesn't want to do this anymore, she says. Richard says to try one more meeting with her.

Richard is in the office, and wants a show of hands to determine who would be part of the "walk-out". A bunch of the women raise their hands, and Richard says thank you and leaves the room, looking upset.

Ally and Billy are talking in her office, about drawing lines, and what things should be off-limit. They discuss it, but not much comes out of the discussion.

Next Ally and Elaine are discussing Elaine's complaint. Elaine says she is using the complaint as a tool to advance her position.Ally gets really honest with her and tells her there is really something desperate about her doing this, and that she feels sorry for her.She always has to be in the center of things, and it's sad.

Well the firm has kept Marcy as a client, as Richard is discussing the case and showing Ally and Georgia the photos he got when he had Jason Hatfield followed. Jason is now cheating on his fiancée, and was seen with another woman. Ally mentions drawing lines again, and Ally and Georgia both agree.
They aren't happy with the tactics Richard used to obtain the pictures.

Jason Hatfield and his attorney are being showed the pictures of Jason's indiscretions. He calls them extortion, but says he'll settle for $200,000 and Ally and Georgia counter with $350,000, and Ally says they'll end up somewhere in the middle. The case isn't mentioned again after that, but they must have won it.

Richard is in the center of the office, and is making a brief announcement. He says that Elaine'scomplaint brings griping way too far, and tells everyone who wants to leave, to just leave. Elaine meets with Carolyn Poop and Carolyn said that she would only have a "snowball's chance" in hell of winning if the case were to go to court. Elaine then asks the women in the office if they would still like to walk out, and no one wants to. Elaine then accepts defeat gracefully and goes back to her desk.

Ally then goes up to Richard's office and tells him that everyone is staying. Richard thinks it's only because they need their jobs, and he's still upset that anyone would want to leave in the first place. Ally assures him that it is a good place to work, and that it is fun there, a party.

Downstairs in the bar, Vonda Shepherd is singing "It's my Party" and Renee is trying to wrangle a dance out of John. He tells her that "I'm an enigma" and she agrees, but says he is a cute enigma.

Ally goes back upstairs to pack up and runs into Billy. They once again talk about drawing lines. Ally tells Billy that "our friendship is the greatest thing I've got going" and doesn't want to put honesty boundaries on the friendship. She says "free fall with the truth, and hope we both survive." They say good-night and Billy goes downstairs to get Georgia and Ally heads home alone.

It is so funny we laugh hysterically, yet other parts can make you cry.

Special thanks to Wendy S.
Photographs courtesy of Fox Network

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