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The show opens with short clip showing Ally, Georgia and Renee practicing their kick boxing moves. Georgia and Renee look like they are having fun and keeping up well with the instructor, and Ally just groans and collapses to the floor.

Ally and Georgia are walking through the office talking about the kick boxing lessons. Ally is commenting that after 3 weeks of lessons, they aren't helping her stress level at all. John Cage walks up to the two of them and Ally snaps at him and then immediately blames it on the stress of the trial. John offers Ally his "smile therapist's" card but she refuses, and decides to give kick boxing " a real chance." Richard then joins the group and a battle of words ensues, as Georgia is angry that she had to take a case dumped on her that Ally was supposed to handle. Ally kind of spaces out, and there is a clip of her deep sea diving.

Ally then walks into her office and is surprised to find Dr. Greg Budders(played by Jesse L. Martin) in her office. They were supposed to meet before court to discuss the case of Goldstein vs. Budders.(the doctor is being sued for performing a animal liver transplant on Miss Goldstein) She gets flustered and falls on the floor. Dr. Budders helps her up and Ally says "Oh god, I think I have a hematoma." The doctor says it's probably a charley horse but he starts rubbing it for her. Of course, someone walks in at precisely that moment, and it is John Cage. He gives her a funny look, and she says they are talking strategy..

Ally and Renee are shown walking outside next. Ally is on her way to the courthouse. They are discussing Ally's state of mind and she is telling Renee about the deep sea diving episode. She tells Renee "I can't lose my mind right now." John walks up to the pair, and Renee tells Ally good luck and walks away. John is telling Ally about the
opposing counsel and cautions her against the use of hand motions. Ally gets annoyed at this, she says she has more important things to worry about right now. She even yells at a person on the street and really is worried about her state of mind.

Ally is in court now, and Miss Goldstein is on the stand. She is ranting and raving about the fact that a "big fat hog liver" was put into her, although she should be lucky to be alive. It was done as an emergency procedure, and she would have died without the animal liver. The animal liver had since been replaced by a human one, but she is still mad about the fact that a "big fat hog liver" was placed in her at all.

After the session in court, Ally is walking outside with Dr. Budders. As they are talking down the sidewalk, she sees the dancing baby again, although this time the baby has skates or rollerblades on, and has a hockey stick in its hand. She tries to shrug off the image, and it appears again. Dr. Budders offers her a ride home, but she decides to walk. He turns around and the big tongue is shown again tonight and is wagging towards him. He turns around quickly, but he doesn't see it. They say their good-byes, and Ally looks over and sees Richard walking into an apartment building with Janet Reno. She is really shocked to see him and you can tell that it bothers her.

The next morning Ally confronts Richard right away about seeing him with Janet Reno. Of course he tells her that it's none of her business, but she keeps questioning him(must be the lawyer in her). She then says "You know me well enough to know by now that everything is my business especially when it comes to relationships" and he tells her to get her own relationship. She gets ready for a good comeback and says I would...but again she falls down. That's twice now I think..She takes it out on her shoes, and takes one off and throws it. Of course John is just walking up to them, and she hits him squarely on the forehead knocking him into the plant. He looks amused and a little shocked and rubs his forehead and once again offers her his therapist's card. This time she says "alright" and takes the card. John looks pleased with himself.

Ally sees Billy and wants to talk to him alone, but of course there's Georgia right beside him. Well the three of them go in an office, and Ally starts telling them about seeing Richard with Janet Reno the previous night (this might just be me, but I don't think that's a woman). She thinks they should tell "Whipper" but the other two don't agree. They discuss it for a few minutes, and Ally comes to the conclusion not to tell Whipper, to let Richard have the chance to tell her first.

Next is a short courtroom scene, where once again Miss Goldstein is on the stand. She is still complaining about the fact that she had an animal liver transplant. Ally asks her a few short questions and is pleased with the way that the case is going. She feels that her side is making its case, and that the doctor did not act inappropriately, he was just doing whatever was necessary to save the woman's life.

Well now we're back to kick boxing class and Ally and Georgia are doing their kick boxing moves.. After class is done, the instructor walks up and suggests that Ally and Georgia fight each other. The two woman are not really sure about the idea, but decide to give it a try.

Richard and Whipper are talking in her chambers, it looks like, and he is babbling away, clearly he is nervous. She catches a whiff of perfume on his hand and asks to smell his hand. She remembers that smell, and next thing you know- he gets busted for fingering Janet Reno's wattle. This is the second time it's happened and Whipper isn't going to forgive him this time. She tells him to get out.

Ally is with the therapist now and she's trying to describe the baby that she sees. She described the music she hears and the baby throwing spears last week and playing hockey this week.. The therapist is played by Tracey Ullman. She gives Ally a test to see if she trusts her, and says she must for performing the test. She tells Ally "you're a cracker." but that why you're here. I'm going to fix you. Then she wants to discuss Billy.

The gang is in the unisex now, and Richard is trying to figure out how to get Whipper back, he thinks she is the one for him. He wonders what he can say to her, and wants everyone's opinions on the matter. He wonders if he should lie and Georgia said lying got him in trouble in the first place.

Back in court, Ally is questioning the doctor about the transplant. They are talking about liver compatibility and the fact that the pig liver was the only option at the time. He took desperate measures because his patient would have died without the transplant. The opposing counsel comes up to cross examine him and starts asking questions. One of the questions is about federal funding, and is it true that he had to
do a pig liver transplant in 1997 or lose his federal funding? and the doctor answers yes. Ally is clearly upset and can't believe that her client failed to tell her something so important to the case. She yells at him after court, saying she should have known about it. He tells her his only motive was to save the woman's life.

Ally is at Dr. Tracey's office again and describing the case. Tracey clearly doesn't want to talk about it. Ally says something about not believing that a doctor would do an unnecessary operation just to advance his career and Tracey is cracking up and she turns on a tape recording of people laughing..She says "sometimes when a patient says something so naive, I find that my own laughter just isn't enough." Ally looks upset and can't believe her own therapist is laughing at her. The therapist again wants to discuss Billy- she thinks Billy is part of Ally's problem, and also Georgia. Ally tells her about the kick boxing match, and Tracey tells her that it's ok to smack Georgia, it might even be good for her. Tracey says Ally needs a theme song- something she can play in her head to make her feel better. Tracey says that her song is "Tracey" by the Cufflinks and turns on the song. She starts dancing around the room singing her theme song. Ally is uncomfortable and makes an excuse to leave, while Tracey is still dancing. Tracey calls out to come back tomorrow and to have a theme song.

Billy, Georgia, and Elaine are in the unisex discussing the upcoming match between Ally and Georgia. You get the impression that they are talking about Ally when all of a sudden the toilet flushes (as it always does, at just the right time). They look at each other and look around and here comes Ally strolling into the bathroom looking victorious. She says that John loaned her his automatic toilet flusher. Ally and Georgia downplay the match to Billy saying there's not much contact and it's really just a thigh burner thing. He doesn't look too sure though.

Ally is meeting with Dr. Budders and telling him that opposing counsel will settle for $125,000. Ally said the jury could think that he had political motive for doing the transplant. The doctor doesn't want to settle, and looks upset. She mentions that John Cage will be doing the closing, and the Dr. takes this as proof that she doesn't believe in him. He thinks she doesn't believe his story, but she explains how she isn't the most focused person right now and she has a match and needs to pick a theme song. She then says she believes him, but John is the better one to do final arguments, he will win for them.

Ally is back at her therapist's, and she is trying again to discuss the case. Dr. Tracey only wants to know if she has picked out a theme song. Ally finally says she has one and starts singing a verse of it. Dr. Tracey doesn't like that one, and asks her what else she has. Ally gives her another one, but says that she hears it slow. Dr. Tracey says that in order for it to work she's got to hear it fast. Ally decides on "Tell Him" and the therapist likes it and tells Ally they are making progress.

Well, now it's time for the match. Ally and Georgia are both in the ring with their gloves on and ready to go. They kind of tiptoe around each other for a little bit, and finally they each throw a punch. Georgia knocks Ally down and she apologizes and asks if she's ok. Ally says yeah, and catches Georgia by surprise, knocking her down. Georgia looks quite surprised that Ally has punched her so hard. Ally also apologizes to Georgia and the fighting continues. The bell rings to signal that the match is over, but they continue punching each other. Georgia punches Ally and she falls down, and then Georgia falls down, and they are both laying there. It's almost like they are proud of themselves, and maybe relieved to release some of their tension. Billy rushes into the ring to see if they are both ok.

Ally is sore the next morning and she's using some kind of handheld vibrator on her sore spots. She is having a conversation with Renee. Renee asks her if it felt good to hit Georgia and Ally says yeah, a little and then asks if that is bad. Renee agrees, saying "awful" . Ally is heading to court and then leaves, while Renee is holding the vibrating thing and has a grin on her face.

Whipper and Richard are once again talking about wattles, and Richard is trying to stress to Whipper how important it was for him to touch the wattle of someone like Janet Reno since she is the attorney general . You can tell he's glad he touched Janet Reno's wattle and says its something he can tell the grandkids when he's old. He just wanted to reach out and touch greatness. Whipper tells Richard that he is sick, and by the time he's well she'll be dead.. She teases him a little bit, and it looks like she's forgiven him, inviting him to touch her wattle. He gets excited and is pleased that she's forgiven him.. She asks if he likes that, and he says yes. She says to remember it then, because it's the last time. Richard looks crushed and confused and Whipper tells him goodbye.

Ally is walking to court hearing her theme song in her head. It takes a few tries, but she hears it fast, and it energizes her. She is stopped at the crosswalk and is really getting into her theme song "Tell Him". She starts moving to the beat and then breaks into kind of a dance. Other people are standing beside her now, and her dancing is contagious and they are starting to also move to the sound of the beat- although Ally is the only one who can hear the song. The signal changes and the crowd begins to cross the street still moving to the beat of the song.

Now Ally and John are in court for the closing arguments. John is listening intently, and accidentally blows his pig call whistle. The whole courtroom is staring at him, and he apologizes. He explains that he was trying to decide whether to use it, if it even worked, and then in that special manner of his says simply "I misblew." John starts his closing arguments and he says Miss Golstein should be grateful that Dr. Budders saved her life. He goes on to explain that the pig gave his life for her, and she should appreciate it. He says the pig's name was Michael, and makes the jury repeat the pig's name. He also says that instead of being grateful for being alive after the surgery, what did she do, she called a lawyer. He felt she should have at least said thank you for saving my life and said her actions troubled him. He kept repeating that she was complaining about the "big fat hog" that gave her the liver instead of being grateful for the liver. The jury is headed back to chambers to make their decision and Ally and John go back to the office.

Ally and Richard are in the unisex talking about his problems with Whipper. Elaine walks in, and Ally says they will talk later. Richard is trying to figure out how to get Whipper back, and Elaine, tactless as always, said she's there for him physically should he have the urge. She understands that men need sex, in times of sexual frustration. Richard looks amused that she's offered herself to him and then says hmm.. and walks out of the bathroom. Ally and Georgia are talking about the match, and both admit that they are still sore from the previous day. They make plans to get a beer after court. They both say they are ok, and then John walks in saying the jury has reached a verdict.

Back in the courtroom, the spokesperson for the jury reads the verdict. " In the matter of Goldstein vs. Budders in the count of intentional and negligent infliction of emotional distress..we find in favor of the defendant." Whipper dismisses the jury and everyone leaves the courtroom but Ally and Dr. Greg Budders.. They remain in the courtroom just looking at each other, and slowly shaking hands. You get the impression that something deep has passed between them and he asks her out for dinner and this time she accepts. He gives her a gentle kiss on the cheek, and she looks really pleased. The song "If You're Young at Heart " by Vonda Shepherd is playing in the background as they continue to look deep into each other's eyes....

It is so funny we laugh hysterically, yet other parts can make you cry.

Special thanks to Wendy S.
Photographs courtesy of Fox Network

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