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The show opens tonight with Ally in her therapist's office. The therapist is once again Dr. Tracey(played by Tracey Ullman). They are discussing Ally's fears andthe fantasies that she sees such as the baby, and the deep sea diving. Tracey is telling Ally that she is a weakling, and Ally doesn't agree. Tracey feels that she needs to confront her fears. When she sees the deep sea diving she wants her to just walk, both feet on the ground. About the baby, she wants Ally to "get him, kick his little bottom". At this point, Ally is still thinking her therapist is a wacko, and is reluctant to follow her advice.

Ally and Greg are discussing her therapist as they are riding in his car on the way to get a cup of coffee. Ally is describing Tracey and Greg doesn't seem too sure about her, but Ally reassures him that John Cage wouldn't steer her wrong. Their eyes are locked on each other, and all of a sudden Ally sees a vision of a giant stop sign and hears a crash. She is telling Greg about seeing this vision, and he says they really did crash into another car. The guy gets out of his car, yelling at Greg, saying he ran a stop sign. Greg agrees, but Ally is intent on exchanging info with the other driver. The driver says "you're one of them" meaning a lawyer and Ally retorts "what are you, an accountant?" Well she hit the jackpot with that remark, and the guy shut up after that..

Back in the law office, Richard is discussing their newest client- a woman who didn't get a promotion because she didn't exchange sexual favors with the boss. Richard -always after the almighty dollar- wants to go ahead with the case while Georgia and Billy don't really feel the case has any merit. Richard says "we're pioneers" and they're going to move forward with the case. John has a new way to control his stuttering, instead of singing he says the word "Poughkeepsie" which helps him conquer the stuttering.

Ally and John are in the unisex discussing Dr. Tracey, and Ally is expressing concern about her experiences with her. John approves of her methods, and mentions that she is straightforward, and even charges him double time for "taking a moment". John is practicing his new smile and Elaine interrupts saying that Orrin Cooley's office called- the lawyer for the man Ally and Greg plowed into.

Ally and Greg are in Ally's office discussing their case against the other driver from the accident. Ally thinks that the driver just wants some quick money. Greg says to Ally that she knows he was distracted, he wasn't looking at the road. Ally says that she'll have to bring in John Cage, because she could be a witness to the case. She is hearing music, and looking at Greg, and he abruptly gets up and says he has patients to see. Ally looks surprised, but says she'll keep him posted.

Next Richard, Georgia and Billy are with their client in the courtroom. Richard is presenting his case to the judge saying he thinks his client was victimized because she didn't give the boss sexual favors. Others in the workplace did, and that's how they got promoted. Richard said the end result is the same "no sex, no advancement". The judge agrees to a short hearing..

Back in their apartment, Ally and Renee are discussing Greg Budders. Ally is talking about how Greg makes her nervous, and Renee thinks that's a good sign. Renee asks Ally "what do men go for with you" and Ally finally decides it must be her lips. Renee says if she gets nervous to just think about her lips and that will boost her esteem. Renee goes into her bedroom and Ally is practicing different motions with her lips in her compact mirror.

The next morning Ally is in the office and starts hearing the familiar music that represents the baby. Ooga chakka, ooga chakka and sees the vision of the baby in a black suit and top hat. Remembering Dr. Tracey's advice to 'go get him' she assumes a kick boxing stance and kicks the baby. Too late of course to realize that the baby isn't a vision but a real person. Ally bends down to apologize to the child, and John walks over to introduce her to Orrin Cooley, the opposing lawyer in the car accident case. John and Ally go into an office, and John explains that he is a child prodigy, a genius and he is almost 10 years old. Ally asks John if he is really real, and if other people can see him, and John assures her that he is real. Orrin wants to settle quickly and for $125,000.

Ally and Greg are having coffee and again are discussing the case. He smiles at her, and Ally tells him not to smile, because that's what got him in trouble in the first place, and he says no, it was HER smile that did it. Well something must have scared him, because he gets up abruptly again and promises to call her later.

Ally is back in Dr. Tracey's office and Tracey says she thinks that Greg is afraid of her, but Ally thinks that Greg senses her fear, which makes him uneasy around her. Tracey asks Ally if she tried the theme song, and Ally says it didn't work. She says Ally needs the Pips(back-up singers for Gladys Knight)- which she doesn't recommend to many of her clients. She thinks Ally needs the reinforcements to her theme song to make it effective.

Billy is questioning his client and she says getting ahead in the workplace is connected to sex. She says the only women who get ahead are the ones who sleep with the boss. She won't do that, although she was never asked to. She thinks the only way she will advance is to bring a lawsuit against her boss. Afterwards, Georgia and Billy are discussing the case, and Georgia thinks it's ridiculous. Billy said the ridiculous thing about it is that they just might win.

Ally, John and Orrin are discussing the case, and Orrin wants a settlement. Ally says no, his client wasn't hurt and her side isn't willing to admit liability. She will only pay Orrin's client's deductible, and that's it. Orrin says that isn't fair and he starts crying, while John gets up to get Orrin's mother. Orrin is throwing a fit, while his mother is explaining how hard it is to be a child genius. The little kids won't play with him and neither will the adults. Ally takes Orrin on her lap, and tells him he's too young to be exposed to lawyers, and play with them. Orrin only wants to be a lawyer ‘til age 12 anyway he says. Then he sweetly tells asks Ally what about $ 75,000?

Richard and Billy are discussing the sexual harassment case and Georgia walks in sporting a short new hairdo. Both men look shocked, and when Georgia asks for Billy's opinion- he says only " it's a little radical." ( just my opinion, but I think I like it- Courtney has had the same hair style for a long time, this new one looks more professional)

Back in the courtroom Richard is once again pleading his case. He says that woman are victims, and therefore are disabled. The laws are in place to protect the weak individuals and that is the women. He goes on and on about how weak women are and tells the judge to protect them.

After court Georgia, Billy and Richard are riding in the elevator, and G & R are both still outraged over what Richard said. Richard stops the elevator, and asks Georgia for her shoe. He takes it, and starts talking about why would anyone want to wear something so uncomfortable and why do women spend so much time applying makeup? Well he is really talking out loud, because G & R don't answer so he continues about how men like it when women do these things and don't try to compare men and women because they aren't equal.

Back in Ally's office, Ally is talking to Greg about the child prodigy, Orrin. Greg asks Ally why is she taking Orrin(the opposing counsel) to the aquarium, and she said because he wants to, and he'll go with me, but not his mother. Greg then says I wish I could get you to take me to the aquarium. Ally takes this as an invitation, and Ally is kind of lost in her own fantasy, because she mentions taking Greg over her knee, as she is seeing the Pips and quickly says it's a joke. He looks puzzled, and says to just settle. As Greg is making yet another speedy getaway, Ally promises to get the numbers down lower and let the insurance companies take it from there..

Next Ally and Georgia are in the bar with Dr. Tracey sitting between them. She mentions that Ally invited her there, for her to see Ally's world. She is listening to Georgia and Ally tell their stories, and tells them both that they can't stand being liked for their sex appeal, and can't stand not being liked for it.. Tracey is watching Renee on the dance floor and says to look at her, she is using her sex appeal as a power to get what she wants. Billy walks up, and Dr. Tracey asks who he is, and finding out it's Billy she takes him out to dance, and of course Tracey's theme song "Tracey" by the Cufflinks is playing.

Back in the office, John and Ally are talking dollars with Orrin, and they are throwing numbers around and Orrin says "no deal Biscuit". How he knew that nickname, I'll never know- but it was funny! Orrin goes under the table and Ally follows. Ally and Orrin exchange words and threats and Orrin starts crying again.

Back to the courtroom again- the judge has decided that there needs to be a trial to decide whether or not Miss Curry has been victimized or not, he is not convinced that she hasn't been.

Orrin and Ally are in the unisex and she is talking to him about his crying spells. She says that he isn't emotionally ready to handle being a lawyer, although he is mentally ready. He says he's not willing to be a man in every way and why can't it be a child's world? Ally likes that and offers $35,000, which is what the case is worth.

Ally is now talking to Georgia and they are ranting and raving about why can't it be a women's world, instead of always being a man's world. They really are getting into it, and in walks Richard at precisely the wrong time. They both double team him, and yell at him, saying his behavior in the courtroom and towards them is not acceptable, and he had better start showing them some respect. Being the pig he is, he mentions being aroused by their words, and they both tell him to get out. He turns around and says something else, and Georgia throws her shoe at him, but it hits an incoming John Cage right in the forehead. Poor John, he always seems to be the victim of those flying shoes!! He yells to stop hitting him with shoes, but calms down and practices his smile.

Ally and Greg are talking about the $35,000 offer and agrees to accept it. Although he would like to drag it out, to be close to Ally. Ally is seeing the Pips by her now, and a song is playing. She gets brave and tells Greg that something is going on between them and they need to address it NOW. Greg looks uneasy and wants to escape. It's funny though, he can sense that the Pips are there, and asks Ally if they're there. Greg tells Ally that she scares him, maybe it's all the premature honesty, but she scares him. Ally walks over to him(major chemistry going on here) and takes his hand. He mentions that he's never kissed a girl that he hasn't at least danced with, and they start to dance..

But actually they aren't in the office, the setting has flipped to the bar, and they're dancing there. Billy and Georgia are there, and Richard walks up and asks Georgia to dance. Billy doesn't seem to mind, and he sits there talking to John. John says that he is troubled, and Billy asks why? He says that his therapist knows that they'll eventually lead(the women) . He is troubled because the therapist is telling the woman that and knows that the women will be in control. Renee walks up and takes John out onto the dance floor. The focus flips to Ally and Greg who are dancing very close. They are dancing close, and their faces are close to each other but they don't kiss.....

Ally McBeal won't be shown again ‘til April 6th, but it looks like Ally and the doctor are getting closer!!!!!!

It is so funny we laugh hysterically, yet other parts can make you cry.

Special thanks to Wendy S.
Photographs courtesy of Fox Network

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