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December 20-24 1999

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I am so happy with the show these days. The pacing is fantastic with all of the stories moving along with lots of surprise twists and turns. Overall, OLTL is a great mix of drama, romance, warmth, and humor. If this is due to Megan McTavish -- then welcome to Llanview and, please, stay awhile.

Madame Delphina's warning notwithstanding, no major truths were revealed this week, and no bombs went off -- but not for lack of opportunity...

R.J.ís bomb turned out to be a fake, but it came with a warning that next time the threat would be real. Naturally, Kevin again tried to play the hero by foolishly grabbing the bomb and attempting to walk outside with it. What a colossal idiot! Since when is Kevin an explosives expert? How did he know the bomb wasn't motion-sensitive -- his reckless actions could've cost -- not saved -- lives!

Asa almost found out about Max, thanks to a message from beyond the grave. Turns out Asa's package from Las Vegas had nothing to do with the Rappaports. Instead, the box contained the contents of Ester Hoffman's safety deposit box, which she had asked to be sent to Asa upon the event of her death. So typical of that wily old bird -- I miss her *sniff*. But before Asa could put two and two together, Renee quickly snatched up the intended clue: the hospital bracelet that belonged to baby boy Divine, inscribed with a blood type that doesn't match Max's. What a cruel twist of fate that Renee is now forced to play co-conspirator against her own husband. When the truth comes out (and it will), will Asa understand Renee's motivations?

Max is utterly ruthless these days, playing Renee against Blair by exploiting Renee's longstanding distrust of Blair and misdirected anger against her. As soon as Renee heard about Blair's plan to obtain power of attorney, she asked Nora over for a strategy session -- and in walked Blair. When Nora suggested that Max obtain a restraining order against Blair, Blair got pretty darn mad. She told Renee (privately), that if Renee turned Max against her, she would have no choice but to go to Asa with the truth, and wouldn't Asa wonder why Renee kept him in the dark for so long. But Max quickly turned the tables on each of them by asking to meet with Nora privately and then granting Blair power of attorney after all -- what is his game? Another test? If so, Blair failed miserably. She waited about five minutes before proceeding to loot Max's bank accounts.

As much as I adore Renee and understand her distaste for Blair, I think sheís giving her daughter-in-law a bum rap. Actually, Blair and Renee have more in common than they realize -- Max is pulling the wool over both sets of loving eyes

Roseanne cooked up a pretty clever cover story to explain all the green she's been flashing lately. She told Chris she had sold one of the paintings he wanted to throw out. Smart move, but when Cris finds out -- and he will -- he'll be doubly mad -- angry at her deceit and humiliated by the pride he felt over the sale of his work -- lies, all lies.

Just when Will and Jess decided to extend their stay at the Inn one more day, guess who else checked in: Roseanne and Cris! This ought to be good! I loved the fact that they didn't beat around the bush with a lot of near-misses, the couples discovered the coincidence almost immediately -- let the games begin. Once Jess and Cris found themselves alone together, all the old misunderstandings started getting worked out. They're almost on the same page again. And don't think Will and Roseanne aren't sweating it.

I go back-and-forth on Cris and Jess. This week, I'm in their corner again. I was touched by their stolen moments together. And oh the look on Cris's face when he saw Jessica at the Bayberry Inn, as if she was
something out of a dream.

Bo and Nora were awfully cute together when they ran into each other over at Asa's. Bo started reminiscing about the good old days and Nora blurted out that she and Sam were tying the knot on New Year's Eve. Bo
wished her well and gave her a big warm hug -- then he broke the embrace first. Looks like it's still hard for Nora to pull away.

Next, Lindsay and Nora bumped into each other at the jewelry counter, both eyeing the same fancy gold key chain. Lindsay had spotted it first, but Nora ruined her victory by telling her (with barely concealed smugness), "It's just not Bo." Ouch.

Things are heating up between Kelly and Kevin and Joey's Spider sense is tingling. I think the show is doing an excellent job with this storyline. Things are developing slowly and people's actions are believable and in character. After spotting Kelly and Kevin in yet another intimate (though innocent) embrace, Joey had had enough and exploded -- understandable perhaps, but not the smoothest move. Kelly was furious!

Kevin is finally beginning to drop the tough guy routine and reach out for help. First to Kelly, then to Bo. Even crusty old Midge was moved when Kevin agreed to help out with the kids at the Community Center. On Friday, Skye again tried to get though to Kevin -- yes, he keeps pushing her away, but I think she's making progress.

Midge doesn't save her OLTL tapes. Part of the soap-viewer mystique is the fact that each episode only airs once -- you snooze, you lose -- but I might be tempted to hang onto Thursday's show, at least for awhile, because it sure was something special.

Using the framing device of the (newly minted?) Llanview tradition of lighting the town Christmas tree, almost all the major players were gathered together. Bo played the almost-mayoral role of master of ceremonies and during his rather ponderous speechifying, various characters had a series of hilarious and moving fantasies. It was the best series of fantasy sequences since the Labines let the libidos of Carlotta, Viki, and Dorian run wild.

Viki (of course) fantasized about Ben's return and their renewed engagement at Crossroads.

Lindsay's fantasy found her in a stunning ultra-Barbie-style wedding dress with Nora in the role of frumpy seamstress as Bo swept her into his arms murmuring "Nora who?"

Nora's fantasy involved an idyllic home life with Sam and Matthew, but funny thing, Bo kept intruding. She finally showed him the door -- supposedly for good. Closure? Midge knows better!

In John's fantasy, Rae returned to Llanview, told him that the search for Daniel was over because she'd found what was really important, and then she laid a big smooch on him.

In Roseanne's fantasy, she was the center of Cris's universe and finally had his undivided attention.

Cris's fantasy was an instant replay of Roseanne's with one crucial difference -- the woman in his life was Jessica!

Will had a hilarious fantasy vision of he and Jess in a Town and Country setting enjoying the good life assisted by their devoted servants: Cris and Roseanne.

Dorian's fantasy was the saddest of all as she imagined receiving the "Humanitarian of the Millennium" award while all of Llanview cheered and she basked in a sea of approval and acceptance, smiling graciously when
Viki assured her that the "best woman" had won. Dream on, Dorian.

Kelly's fantasy found her in the sticky position of having two identical dates vying for her attention: Joey and Kevin!

In Blair's fantasy, Max's aneurysm diagnosis was all a mistake and she and Max were free to scam Asa and Renee with impunity.

My second favorite fantasy was Asa's. First Blair was sent packing (off-camera); then Bo arrested all the Rappa-Davidsons; Nora and Viki returned to the fold; Bo, Max, and Asa all donned their Stetsons; and everyone was towing the Asa Buchanan line.

But best of all was R.J.'s fantasy which found him in the role of Police Commissioner R.J. Gannon out to arrest Bo Buchanan for abuse of power, stopping only for a torrid office quickie with ADA Delgado (wearing a scantily saucy bustier). A perfect vision, except for that nagging ticking sound...

If Thursday's show was filled with humor, Friday's Christmas episode was all heart.

Sure there were a few ill-winds blowing: Renee's anger with Blair, (telling her daughter-in-law, "You're the lump of coal in my stocking."); a spiteful Skye showing up a Viki's claiming to have been with Ben; a royally pissed Max admitting to R.J. that his "condition" is a fake and that Blair has failed his test of loyalty -- but for the most part, it was a time of reunion and happiness.

Bo stopped by Nora's with a present for Matthew and to tell her that perhaps their breakup was all for this best, since she was happy with Sam and he was happy with Lindsay. (Though Nora seemed to take his comments pretty well, Midge was devastated!). Of course, their innocent hug was seen (and misinterpreted) by Lindsay, but Bo soon cleared things up. Question: Won't Bo eventually tire of having to constantly reassure Lindsay of his feelings -- it must be exhausting!

Dorian stopped by Viki's to assure her that Skye had not seen Ben and that her "friendship" with Skye is a sham to help Blair. Then she comforted Viki about Ben. Dorian is so big-hearted lately with such a glowing generosity of spirit. In so many of her scenes, and especially with Viki and her "girls," it's almost as if Robin Strasser herself is bidding a fond farewell to her cherished castmates. If she truly must go, then I want Dorian to leave on a high note, a grace note -- and with the door wide open for her eventual return.

Sam managed to make it back in time for Matthew's first Christmas -- complete with Santa suit, and even though I'm not this couple's biggest fan. Viki and Ben's shared a very touching reunion.

But perhaps my favorite Christmas moment of all was this one:

Asa: (handing an envelope to Nigel) "Don't open this in front of me and don't thank me."
Nigel: "I know the drill, sir."


  • Boy, they sure have short memories in Llanview. How come no one wondered if Todd was behind the bomb scare? After all, he's got to be Llanview's most notorious fake bomber. And he may not be too happy with his ex-wife's new romance.
  • I had to laugh during the montage of lonely lovers when the shot went from a pensive Cris to a shot of Joey (I'd been expecting Jess!)
  • It was kind of fun watching Roseanne get her just deserts, even if it was only her paranoid dream.
  • Is R.J. growing back the facial fuzz -- say it ainít so!
  • LOL at Sophia's blatant eavesdropping on Kelly and Joey!
  • Wally is such a cute pup!
  • One of the best parts of Tea and R.J.'s romance is watching Sykes's slow burn every time he seems them together.
  • Diehard TnTers (if they're still watching) must've felt a rush of nostalgia seeing the Bayberry Inn again -- it was the scene of one of Todd and Tea's many "almost" moments.
  • Here's what's different in the updated opening montage: New shots of Renee, Bo, Hank, R.J. (with his moustache -- boo!), and Viki, plus Sophia and Skye crack the big time -- cool! Did I miss anyone?
  • How can Roseanne continue to flaunt an exposed midriff in the dead of winter?
  • The show is full of clever touches these days, like when Bo was about to respond to the news of Nora's impending wedding and Renee burst in saying "Nora, You're making a huge mistake." (referring to her role in drafting the power of attorney for Max.)
  • Max has truly been a Mad Hatter of late, first his gauze turban, then the sweatband-style bandage, the backwards baseball cap, the Dr. Zhivago-style hat, and now his Santa stocking hat.
  • Itís pretty amazing to see Asa siding with Blair over Renee.
  • When Max brought out a special present for the "woman I love unconditionally," he walked right past Blair and presented the gift to Renee!

Till next week!



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