One Life to Love

December 6-10 1999

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This week's theme featured that old soap classic: I've got a secret. Tantalizing tidbits were on the tip of many a tongue, but in true soap style, the lid snapped shut on Pandora's box -- for now...

Lindsay's dirty little secret just won't stay buried, make that "secrets" plural. Sam wants to marry Nora with a clear conscience and he can't do
that until he comes clean about the fact that Lindsay doctored Bo's fertility test results. And when he tried to explain that to Lindsay, she freaked, telling Sam: "If you ruin my life, I promise you, I will destroy yours."

In the heat of anger, Lindsay came very close to revealing secret number two (the fact that Matthew may be Bo's biological son). When she threatened Sam by vowing to take his son away (if he told Nora the truth), Sam assumed she meant Will. Only later did he realize she might have meant Matthew. Lindsay denied it, of course, but Sam's a smart guy and he reads Lindsay very well. This will be a real test for Sam. He wants to be honest with Nora, but can he risk losing Matthew?

I've been dying for this news to come out. Not so much that Lindsay altered Bo's sperm count results, as the fact that Matthew may be Bo's child, but I'm almost with Lindsay on this one. After all, Sam did promise to keep her secret, and since everything is going so well for the four of them, why rock the boat? Even though I believe that Nora still loves Bo, she seems happy now, and Sam has been the perfect mate and father. On the other hand, I wouldn't want to miss all the fabulous turmoil and angst in store when the truth hits the fan.

Poor Renee has a horrible secret. Keeping the truth about Max from Asa is taking a terrible toll, and Pat Elliot is doing a tremendous job of
conveying Renee's desperation and anguish. And just when she could take it no more and was about to spill the beans, Max decided to have an imaginary picnic on the scaffolding outside the hospital -- 12 stories up! By the time he was rescued (more on that later) and after Blair ripped into her for putting Max at risk in his current vulnerable condition, Reneeís resolve had crumbled.

And Max has a brand new secret: he's faking his brain damage. What a rat! If he felt guilty before about lying to Renee, doesn't he realize what
he's doing to her now? This latest stunt only compounds the cruelty of what's he's already done to both Asa and Renee -- especially Renee. And what about Blair? When Blair asked him, "Are you in there, Max?" -- he said nothing and gave her no clue. Is Max doing this to pay Blair back for supposedly selling him out (by denying her part in the scam)? Or is it all about avoiding Asa's wrath and staying out of jail?

Actually, Max is doing a pretty good fake job. He seems genuinely lost, confused, and vulnerable -- and Blair can't handle it. She's starting to come apart at her snug little seams. This week, she had a paranoid nightmare of exposure and arrest, complete with a sobbing Starr -- and when Blair's afraid, look out! Self-preservation at the most basic level kicks in with a vengeance.

But guess who does know that Max is faking? Skye! Max and Blair must've done this lady wrong in another life, because she's certainly paying them back now. (Bo also has his suspicions.) This is the third time Skye has been in the right place at the right time to learn the truth. First she weaseled the truth about Max being a fake Buchanan from Esther, then she found out about the real identity of Renee and Asa's son from Starr, and now she overheard Max (he thought he was alone), admitting that his current Forrest Gump routine is all an act.

Will's $30,000 secret is just about to blow up in his face. Asa is onto Will's little skimming operation and in his present anti-Rapa-Davidson mood, Will had better look out! I don't feel too sorry for him either. Taking (borrowing) that money was a dumb move and conspiring with Roseanne was pretty low too.

And then there's Kevin. He doesn't have a secret -- everybody knows he's on a downward spiral. This week, he went out on a limb, literally,
(well, he went out on the scaffolding) to lure Max back inside the hospital, only to wind up taking a 12-story dive (with Max) onto the inflatable rescue mat and nearly getting himself killed -- again!

Earlier in the week, Bo did a great job delivering some straight talk to Kevin about the impact his selfish grief might have on those around him (it's already happening with Kelly and Joey). Bo knows only too well what his tunnel-vision anguish over Drew's death set in motion -- and what it
ultimately cost him.

While Bo employed the tough love approach, Kevin's two dueling guardian angels engaged in a tug-of-war over who should help poor lilí Kev.
Skye thinks the problem is booze and keeps trying to get Kevin to an A.A. meeting, while Kelly just wants to smother him with love and
understanding and thatís causing conflict with Joey (Sophia was quick to notice the tension).

Ben is acting almost as childish as Kevin, and with much less reason. Instead of fighting for his reputation, Ben got fed up with Asa's jihad and
quit. Why? Yeah, Asa's got a lot of clout, but so does Viki, and Ben also has hot-shot attorney Sam in his corner. Mark Derwin was pretty good
during the scene where Ben confronted the hospital board, but Asa's right -- what kind of man cuts and runs?

Then Viki and Ben had their first real fight as Ben once again pushed Viki away, even going so far as to shout at her, "Don't try to mother me!"
whereupon Viki slapped him across the face. Not a pretty sight. Is this relationship's fantasy facade starting to crumble in the face of reality?

This week, R.J. attempted to make peace between his best friend and his best girl. I always like it when people who don't normally work together (in this case Tea and Dorian) get the chance to interact. Dorian made no bones about warning Tea not to hurt her good friend R.J.

A couple more things:

  • When it comes to Joey, Sophia needs to follow R.J.'s advice: Don't crowd the man.

  • Gina T. is so good she even breathes life into the manufactured backstory of her friendship with Grace.

  • Whenever Bo and Nora are together and really have time to talk and be honest, I still think there's hope.

  • Jeez! Were Will and Jess really getting it on in his car!! In December?! Ewww and brrr!

  • Poor Robin Strasser had to come to work even with a cold! But since she's Lindsay's only "talk to," I guess there was no choice.

  • Oh, come on! How does Skye have any credibility as a witness against Ben?

  • I am totally loving Dorian these days. She's so wise and worldly, I can't believe we're going to lose her!

  • Was R.J. taking a second look at Skye? What does that portend for the post-Tea future?

  • Looks like there's going to be a New Year's wedding for Sam and Nora.

  • I think Dorian's eaten enough crow and taken enough crap from Will Rappaport, and apparently Jessica agrees. She forced him to accept Dorian's $250,000 donation to the Megan Foundation. Go, Jess!

  • Viki talked with Nora about the situation with Ben and children. Guess what? Viki really doesn't want to have a child at this stage in her life -- good for her!

  • Who'd have thought the day would come when Blair and Asa would have a kind word for each other? I guess hell has frozen over in Llanview, PA.

  • Beyond all the bluster, Phil Carey has very impressively conveyed the strength of Asa's paternal feelings for Max.

  • When Renee asked Asa to respect her wishes and lay off Ben, did she really think there was a chance in hell Asa would agree?

  • I think Kelly takes Joey for granted and that's partly his own fault. Kelly was engaged three times (Ian, Drew, and Max) while Joey waited patiently at the sidelines. True, he did have that thing with nutty Barbara and the one-night stand with Sophia, but Kelly always came first and Kelly knows that.

  • I realize Kevin is hurting, but how infantile was it to carve "Grace" into the jailhouse wall. Suck it up, pal!

  • Already it begins: the mainstreaming of Sophia -- starting with a toned-down wardrobe and more conventional hairdo.

  • Wow, lots of screen time for Larry these days -- Veterans Day comes early this year.

  • Someone in wardrobe must be a big fan of the color purple.

  • Couldn't Ben just work at another hospital?

  • I kind of like Max this way!

  • Oh, Ben is definitely Asa and Renee's son. I'd bet good money on it.

Till next week!



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