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October 18-22 1999

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I'm feeling much better about the show this week. Things aren't perfect -- not by a long shot -- but the stories seemed to have a bit more energy and make a bit more sense. Hey, it's a start.

Dorian and Viki discussed putting a stop to their long-standing feud (again). At first Viki was quite crusty -- accusing Dorian of paying off the judge in exchange for a light sentence (she'd overheard Tea), but ultimately she agreed to give Dorian the benefit of the doubt. Later on, Viki even broke down a bit and admitted to Dorian that she didn't know how to help Jessica through her current crisis. It was one of the best Viki scenes in a long time and made me realize that this is where Viki belongs right now -- smack dab in the middle of Jessica's life and Jessica's problems, not billing-and-cooing with Dr. Dull.

The writers need to stop treating one of daytime’s most celebrated performers like some kind of middle-aged ingenue. The show is missing a great opportunity for some top-notch domestic drama by failing to make Jessica Viki's primary focus at the moment. Wouldn't Viki be wracked with guilt not to have picked up on the warning signs of her daughter’s breakdown? She should be moving heaven and earth to overcome Jessica’s defense mechanisms and get her to open up about her feelings. Instead, Viki isn't even aware that Jess skipped her therapy session. On the surface, Jessica and Viki seem to have the ideal mother/daughter relationship, yet time and again when Jessica is in trouble, she hides the truth from her mom. Could it be that she doubts Viki's ability to handle these problems given her history of mental illness? Perhaps on some level Jessica resents her mother's singular fixation on Ben Davidson? Let's find out what's going on here! This is the type of meaty material ES could really fly with. Frankly, she can do these Blendie scenes on autopilot.

When Rae saw Kevin proposing to Grace, she really lost it. Hey, Rae -- butt out! I don't like Kevin and Grace and even I was annoyed. If Ms. Know-It-All is so convinced of Grace's duplicity, why not hire a private eye and ferret out the truth that way? And how about that rat-fink way she blabbed to Asa about Kevin and Grace's engagement? What would "good friend" Viki say about that?

Actually, good friend Viki had quite a bit to say on the subject. Queen Victoria gave Rae a royal scolding from her highest of high horses. Even though I agreed with almost everything Viki had to say, her air of lofty superiority was truly insufferable! And guess what? Ray took it, going all blubbery and apologetic in response. There's a weird subtext between Rae and Viki -- Rae is almost worshipful of Viki. And while I can understand Viki sticking up for her son, isn't she even the least bit concerned about Kevin rushing into yet another misbegotten marriage?

Hey, what's with Rae and John? Why are they dancing around their attraction for each other. I'd just assumed they were dating by now, but they're acting as coy as two teens at their first dance. Just go for it already! And what's the big Daniel secret? What does he have on Rae? Will we ever find out?

You know, Grace doesn't owe Rae anything, but she's still a big fat liar in my book. Here she's been swearing up and down that she hasn't a clue as to Daniel's whereabouts when in fact she does. Personally, I can't wait for Asa to blow her out of the water!

Of course, Asa's a liar too, but at least he's an entertaining one. I loved it when he promised Kevin he'd lay off Grace all the while busily digging up dirt on her. Actually, Asa and Will are kind of funny together. As Will begins to wise up and try to manipulate the old man, Asa is having a harder and harder time keeping his real agenda (and exasperation) hidden.

So how come Cris and Roseanne are in such dire financial straits all of a sudden. I don't get it? If Will is covering the same expenses Cris's scholarship did, why is it suddenly impossible for these two to make ends meet? And why doesn't Roseanne ask Carlotta for help? Of course, we all knew it wouldn't be too long before Roseanne wound up on that sleazy stage. What an embarrassing scene -- no wonder her dancing was so stiff with that lame music. Cris has a lot of nerve taking Roseanne to task for her dancing gig? Why doesn't he get his well-muscled moneymaker over to the local Chippendales and start dancing for dollars himself?

Jess finally got up the nerve to go see Cristian. Unfortunately, they barely had a chance to talk what with Roseanne glowering in at them from the fire escape and chanting voodoo hexes under her breath (ok, that last part didn't happen). As usual, miscommunication got in the way of romance. Jess tried to tell Cris about the Dorian stuff and Cris thought she was trying to tell him that she and Will are now am item. So when Cris said he already knew and that it was all for the best because they’ve both moved on, Jess got confused and left, her eyes brimming with tears *sniff*.

Tea's so-called evidence against R.J. amounted to little more than a series of suspicious circumstances. So what? And why was tattletale Tea so "scared" to tell Hank her suspicions about R.J.? Is Hank going to be devastated that his brother (gasp) bribed a judge? That's one of the mildest crimes R.J.'s been accused of. And why did she give R.J. the inside scoop on the Peterson investigation? Did she think he was going to confess on the spot? In fact, the information she let slip (that Peterson had made a deal in exchange for naming names) allowed R.J. to get the upper hand. Go, R.J.!

Max called in his marker with R.J. to get some dirt on Ben Davidson. JDP looked livelier in these scenes than I've seen him in weeks. Finally, Max was scheming again -- and enjoying it! That R.J. is a regular miracle worker -- wiseguy Jackie McNaughton showed up at Llanview hospital to taunt Ben while R.J. was still chatting with Blair and Max -- fast work! Long-time viewers will remember Jackie as the Atlantic City sharpster who bedeviled Andy Harrison and Antonio Vega. But why would a guy like Jackie help break up someone's romantic relationship? I can see him leaning on Ben for his own reasons, but why do it for Max and R.J.? Hey, I’ve seen The Sopranos -- even for a healthy slice of dough, since when has the mob added relationship breakups to their repertoire of dire deeds? Seems pretty lightweight.

There was an unexpected and interesting scene between Kevin and Dorian that leads me to believe something may be on the horizon involving Cassie. Why else would Dorian ask Kevin to look after her daughter if something should happen to her? I would welcome Cassie’s return to Llanview. Since Dorian seems to be sincere about turning over a new leaf, wouldn't it be great if Cassie came back to town as a kind of Dorian Junior. She’s certainly endured enough to be bitter about. During the Barbara Graham story Laura Koffman proved she's more than up to the challenge, but if that's not possible, then a recast Cassie is better than no Cassie at all.

The most powerful scene this week took place between Bo and Nora in their former home, the dream house where they shared so much -- so many memories, so many good times. It's becoming increasingly clear that Nora carries a major torch for Bo. But Bo's either too damned obtuse to pick up on her signals or he doesn't want to. It couldn't have been more obvious that Nora still has strong feelings for Bo, so what's his problem? Is he in denial over his own feelings for Nora? Is he too hurt to admit he still cares? Too afraid she'll hurt him again? Or is he really and truly over Nora? The show has an emotional goldmine in Bo and Nora’s conflicted feelings for each other, and all I can say is "Milk it baby, milk it!"

Sam got hit with the marriage fever that's been sweeping Llanview and proposed to Nora, even though it was patently obvious she wasn't anywhere near ready to make such a major decision. Nora quickly employed her famous stall tactics and told Sam she needed time. Actually, Nora needs to be honest with Sam and honest with herself. If she's not ready for marriage right now, that's one thing. If she's not ready for marriage because of her feelings for Bo, she owes it to Sam admit the truth. Even more so, she owes it to herself.

Bits and pieces...

  • Dorian shouldn't say two words to Tea without an attorney present!
  • Can the rumors about the fate of Grace's character be true? It it too harsh of me to say that's good news?
  • What's up with Lindsay's health? Don't tell me she's allergic to shellfish too.
  • Has Asa really been married 10 times? Let's count 'em down: Olympia, Pamela, Samantha, Delilah, Becky Lee, Renee (twice), Blair, and Alex. That's only nine. Was Alex twice too or am I forgetting someone?
  • I just love all the recent Nigel exposure.
  • I'd like a better look at Dorian's renovations. Seems to me that the remodeling is a touch less opulent, a touch more homey.
  • Bo referred to his new digs as Patrick's old place -- don't forget that Dorothy Hayes inhabited that space for all of a nanosecond.
  • It's almost Halloween and in honor of the approaching holiday Rae has apparently donned a fright wig. She needs to run a comb through that stiff horror -- and fast!
  • Skye and Blair seem to be on the road to a catfight. Ho hum.
  • Max calling in that bomb threat to the LPD really seemed to lift his spirits.
  • Why, pray tell, is Bo reading to Lindsay? Is this going to be one of their signature activities? I guess, old movies and junk food were out...

Till next week!



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